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African Baby NamesAfrican names have beautiful meanings unique to the languages spoken on the continent. They are becoming more and more popular over the years.

Due to the nature of the diverse African peoples, many languages contribute to this list.

After all, the continent has a rich culture with many tribes spread across its 50 countries.

They bring a plethora of diverse names.

Some make a regular appearance, such as the name Kofi, given to baby boy’s born on a Friday in Ghana!

We bring you the common and the rare, the strong and the meaningful, for both your warriors and princesses.


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Strong African Baby Names

Do you want your child’s name to inspire steadfastness and an underlying strength?

Look no further!

Here are a handful of solid African names for your little one that mean strong.

Male Names


This name with Ibibio origins (a people of South-Eastern Nigeria) means “firstborn son.”

Since the first son was the heir in many cultures, Akpan is a responsible son who looks after his family.

Pronounce the name ekpun.



This name means “God is strength.”

Africa has a variety of meaningful gods. If you are religious, this is an excellent choice for your son.

The Nigerian footballer John Chibuike is a notable namesake.



It is an Amharic name, the official language of Ethiopia. Its meaning is “foundation” or “support.”

The name Dejen inspires strength and confidence.

In Ethiopia, there is also a district named Dejen known for its many restaurants.



It is a name with Oromo origins, an ethnic group in Ethiopia. It means “growth” or “advancement.” Names influence character, so this is perfect for your child.

A notable person with the name was the theologian Gudina Tumsa.


Female Names


A West African name, Ada, means “firstborn daughter.”

As the first son becomes the pillar of the house, so the first daughter is a source of comfort and strength.



This Nigerian name means “my God will not fail me.” It is a powerful sentiment to have, enough to keep you going in hard times.

The name came to the mass media through Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, the Nigerian writer and historian, experiencing a significant popularity boost.



Another option with religious connotations, the name means “work of God.”

It is the perfect choice for the apple of your eye.

What is more impressive than a creation of the divine?!



Pronounced shar-day, a name with a special meaning; “honor bestows a crown.”

Those familiar with the British music scene through the 80s and 90s will know of the singer Sade Adu.


Perfect Baby Names

With so many African names, you have a choice of meanings, from straightforward to unique.

Here is a list of baby names with meanings and pronunciations to make your choice easier.

African Mother and Baby Girl

African Baby Boy Names


Pronounced am-aar-ay. A popular choice for boys in Africa, it means “handsome.” Isn’t it the perfect choice for your adorable little one?



Spoken as you read it, ba-car-ee, this name is perfect if you have high hopes for your child.

Popular all over the continent, this Swahili name means “one with great promise.”

He’ll indeed have a bright future ahead of him!



This East African name ensures your child has an air of authority surrounding him when he grows up.

The name means “owner” or “lord.”



If you want a gentler name for a quiet child, then Omari, meaning “flourishing,” is suitable.

It stems from Swahili and implies growth and prosperity.



This name was the sixth most popular name for boys in South Africa in 2015, and we can understand why.

The name Siyabonga means “thanks” or “thank you,” so you give appreciation every time you say your son’s name.

It was shared by some notable people. Amongst them is cricketer Siyabonga Booi and politician Siyabonga Cwele.


African Baby Girl Names


A name with one of the most beautiful meanings means “we begged to have this one to lift” or “this child was desired.”

It is a beautiful sentiment and explains a parent’s feelings better than any other name.



One of the most famous names in South Africa, this name has a meaning as pretty as its bearer.

Pronounced ama-hle (with a guttural hiss on the h), this Zulu name means “the beautiful one.”



The female counterpart of Bakari means “successful” or “blooming.”

If you’re hoping for your daughter to be a girl boss when she grows up, this is the name!



Pronounced zee-ko, it encompasses all the love you have for your little girl in one word – “the world.”



This beautiful girl’s name means “this one will not die,” a sentiment all parents can relate to, wishing their child a long and healthy life.


Regal Names from Africa

Who doesn’t want a majestic and regal name for their child?

There is a satisfaction in naming your little one after a great ruler of the people.

Sleeping Baby African Princess

Names of African Kings


The name means “noble” or “honorable,” and the king of Ashanti was deserving of his namesake.

Osei is a popular name in Africa.



While the name might not mean anything significant to you, being “born of Ra” is desirable.

The mighty Egyptian Sun god, pharaoh Ramesses the Great, is definitely a figure for your son to embody.



Pronounced shah-ka, Shaka was the founder of the Zulu kingdom.

As a deadly warrior and king of a warring people, he made marked advancements in military tactics.



He was a great king beloved by his people, known for listening to their problems.

The name is thought to translate to “King of Ghana.”



While not actually a king, he was a genius of his time, thought to be the architect of Djoser’s step pyramid.

This name means “one who comes in peace.”


African Queen Names


While not the proper name, it was a middle given to the most prominent queen in Swaziland’s history.

Labotsibeni Gwamile Mdluli – known for her wisdom as a ruler.

It means “indomitable one.”



She was a queen from Tanzanian, Ugandan, and Rwandan history whose name means “one who brings peace.”

This name suits a child who may grow up to be gentle and elegant.



One of the most recognizable names, she was an Egyptian queen whose name meant “the beautiful one has come.”



It means “beloved person who came from the river.”

The name of a legendary ruler called the “Warrior Queen of Matamba,” it is perfect for a powerful soul.

She spent 37 years as a ruler and resisted several attempts by the Portuguese to invade.



The name of the formidable Ethiopian empress means “the Sun.”

She was an important political figure who held off attempts by Italians to invade her nation.



Native African names are beautiful; there is no denying that.

Those in America may prefer names that represent their home and heritage.

So, here is a list of African-American names for your baby.

African-American Parents Hold Baby Feet

Boy Names


A great name of Arabic origins, it means “possessing goodness.”

A beautiful wish for your child.



Another name with Arabic origins popular among African-American boys is “wise.”



Many African-American names tend to have Hebrew or Arabic origins, with Jamal having the latter.

It means “beauty” or “handsome,” so it is a perfect name for your gorgeous boy.



This firm name means “justice,” so if you wish for an upholder of fairness and equality, consider this one.

Names hold power, after all.



It has become less common in recent years but is popular nonetheless.

A Biblical name and the citadel at the center of Juraselum.


Girl Names


One of the most popular African-American names for girls, meaning “exalted, sublime, noble.”

Since ladies of high standing used it, the name is perfect for your little princess.



It has Swahili and Arabic origins and means “faith.”

It implies steadfastness and strength and is every elegant name for your child.



With Persian and Arabic origins, it is perfect for a delicate lady as it means “flower” and is one!



This name would suit a bright and delightful girl, meaning “light.” It is a rarer name that exudes grace.



The name has Biblical origins and is the female version of Mikhail, meaning “gift from God.”

The name has several spelling variations, including Michaela, Mikaella, and Mikaela.


African Names that Mean Warrior

Coming to our last category for today, let’s focus on fierce names meaning warrior.

They imply great strength and a fighting spirit for your children.

Fierce Baby Boy Warrior

For Men


With African-Ghanian origins, it is a name that means “warrior.”



Another name of African origin means “strong soldier” – a popular warrior name in tribes.



It means “quiet warrior.”

The name has a generally African and Kikuyu (a region of Kenya) origin.



It is a very regal name and means “destined to rule” and sounds princely when spoken aloud.



While this is a warrior’s name, it is also a lovely name for parents hoping for success for their children.

Its literal meaning is “victorious.”


For Women


A name that many might recognize because of the Namibian model Behati Prinsloo.

It means “warrior,” “strong,” or “soldier.”

While there are few names for girls meaning warrior, Behati is most popular due to the model’s fame.



This name is usually unisex, meaning that both boys and girls can wear it with pride.

Having Swahili origin, it means “brave,” “powerful one,” or “leader.”

Bless them with this name, and your baby will be at the helm of all the group projects in school!



Pronounced aahs-eg-gi, it is a name for warrior women meaning “woman of strength.”

It is neither familiar nor famous but has sublime meaning if you hope your daughter will be an independent woman.



This name for a feisty lady means “strong” or “fierce,” and has Swahili origins.

Say the name with a slight /m/ sound and a drawn-out Kaa-li rather than the shorter American name Callie.



This is an acquired taste, as the name of African origins means “one who is indifferent to pleasure or pain.”

The name is pronounced nae-ja and sounds very sweet.


In Conclusion

We hope that our list helped you select the name for your precious little bundle of joy!

Whether you are African-American and want to connect to your roots or are fascinated with African culture and history, African names are meaningful and unique!

They have a long history since names hold importance in many areas.

Giving your child an African name will set them apart and make them memorable.

Putting thought into the name means that they can take pride in what his parents chose for him.

Every name has its unique constitution and effect, from meanings that tug at the heartstrings to those that wish luck to the child’s future.

Since it can affect personality, it may affect how he will fit in society later on; so be careful!

Take your time and put thought into your baby’s name; after all, you only get to name them once.

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