46 Princess Names: For Graceful Girls and Badass Warrior Princesses

Princess Names
Ball dresses, singing, and even magic may come to mind when you’re thinking about princesses. You’d be correct when it comes to Disney princesses, but real-life princesses are just as cool!

If you’re expecting a girl, this list of baby names inspired by real and fictitious princesses might be just what you’re looking for.

In history classes, we’ve learned about princesses like Charlotte, Anastasia, and Princess Diana. Disney has popularized the stories of princesses like Ariel, Aurora, and Mulan, an many others.

We can assist you with baby names if you’re expecting a baby girl soon and want to name her after one of these princesses.

This list is for you if you’re looking for the best collection of princess names. We’ve also included names inspired by Disney princesses, as well as some historical superwomen.

Everything You Need to Know About Princesses

Princess is a regal title and the female counterpart to a prince, however, most kingdoms forbade women from inheriting the throne, so there have been fewer reigning princesses than princes.

Princesses in the middle ages were usually educated in a variety of subjects that might benefit them later in life: this covered household management and socially acceptable methods of distributing charity. Princesses’ education also might include lessons in public affairs, politics, and history.

Princesses generally have to follow some surprisingly strict rules:

  1. Learn as many languages as possible.
  2. Give up your right to vote.
  3. Don’t let your wild side get the best of you.
  4. Prepare for a life of formalities.
  5. Maintain a professional appearance.
  6. Follow the household rules of the queen.
  7. Attend the most prestigious schools and events.
  8. Give up all other options for a career.

According to historians, medieval princesses learned embroidery, spinning, music, and how to manage big houses because once married, they would be expected to cope with the royal courts of hundreds of people. They were frequently literate and numerate as well.

Fortunately, it’s likely your little princess will have a simpler life, but she can still have a royal name!

The 16 Best Princess Names

Beautiful Princess Baby Girl



In the early twentieth century, Anastasia was a real princess from the Russian royal family, and many people know her as the Princess from the popular 1997 animated film. The word resurrect has Greek origins, and we’re confident that your newborn bundle of joy will give you a fresh life.



“Bringer of Joy, Blessings”

Queen Elizabeth’s fifth grandchild is Princess Beatrice. She is known as the first royal family member to run the London Marathon in 2010, and she’s one cool Princess. Beatrice means “she who provides happiness,” and your baby girl will definitely do the same.




You’re probably aware of our admiration for the Duchess of Cambridge. Her elegant and refined manner is a perfect match for her name’s meaning: “pure.”

Play around with the spelling of this one — there is a slew of possibilities, including Katherine, Katharine, Cathryn, and others. It is also very versatile and shortens nicely to any of the following: Cat, Cate, Catey, Cath, Cathy, Catie, Cayte, Cit, and many more!




Cecilia of Sweden was a princess of Sweden born in 1807, but her name is becoming more well-known these days. This Latin name means “blind.”

With such a lovely Princess name and even prettier nickname (Cece), your little princess will grow up to appreciate her uniqueness; Cecilia is the name of one out of every 949 newborn girls born in 2020.



“Free Girl”

Princess Charlotte of Cambridge is, without a doubt, one of the cutest little princesses on the planet. Charlotte is a French name that means “free” and is one of the most popular girl names.



“Glory of Her Father”

The name Cleopatra means “her father’s fame; the glory of her father” in Greek. She was an incredibly powerful and influential Egyptian Princess who presented herself as a Goddess.

She was well educated too, being fluent in a dozen languages, and had studied arithmetic, philosophy, oratory, and astronomy. When your child learns about the legend behind her name, it may drive her to aspire for similar success!




Whether it was for her flawless elegance or her down-to-earth and for-the-people character, we all remember Princess Diana. This Latin-based name, which means “heavenly” or “divine,” will bestow great elegance and beauty on your children.



“Good, Well”

Eugenie is the name of the newlywed royal Princess Eugenie of York, which comes from the Greek word for “wellborn.” There are many conflicts about how to say this one — the most common approach is [YOO-zhuh-nee], a bit like “use your knee.”



“Gift from God”

Joan is a Hebrew name that means “God’s Gift.” A medieval Princess of Wales, Joan was regarded as England’s most beautiful woman.




Even though there is no fact and proof that the 19th-century Princess ever lived beyond a single historical chronicle, Gisela of France possessed the world’s most charming name. Someone needs to get it back as soon as possible! We pledge to cherish baby Gisela’s name, which means “pledge” in German.




Old-fashioned, classic names are making a comeback! Princess Eleanora of Ligne, a Brazilian princess, was given this Italian title which means “light.”




If you’re of Japanese descent, why not name your daughter after the Princess who chose genuine love above royalty — as a symbol that you’d do anything for your daughter?

Mako is a girl’s name that means “sincerity.” Mako is a name used in Japan for both genders, most famously for the emperor’s granddaughter who decided to marry a commoner rather than stay in the royal family.




Like Princess Mia, the Princess Diaries’ Genovia is made-up. Still, it doesn’t change the fact that she could navigate the monarchy after realizing she was the successor to the kingdom. The name’s meaning is “moon” and has the potential to inspire your lovely girl to be strong, bold, and even influence the metaphorical tides.



“Small Girl”

This Spanish word, niña means “small girl,” which is excellent for your tiny baby girl. In the early 1900s, there was a Russian princess named Nina. Princess Nina was an artist, so who knows, maybe your little one will be as well.



“Fairy Queen”

Princess Tatiana of Greece and Denmark looks stunning in any tiara and gown, particularly when she wedded her husband on a Greek island. This Latin-derived feminine name can be abbreviated to cute nicknames like Tati, or simply Ana.




Tiana is a Christian female name with numerous meanings that English originated. The meaning of Tiana’s name is “believer” or “daylight.” She is a fictional princess who appears in Disney’s The Princess and the Frog and is the first African-American Disney princess.

With a penchant for cooking, this Princess is so cool and charming that she might wish to lend a hand in the kitchen one day when your little one is watching the movie that inspired her name.


Disney Princess Names For Your Baby Girl

Princess Tiana and Prince Naveen
This list of Disney princesses is more than just a list of their names. It’s also jam-packed with intriguing facts about the princesses. Here’s the list of Disney Princess names to choose from for your baby girl.


“Lion of God”

This Hebrew name, which means “God’s lion,” was originally a boy’s name. When Disney brought Princess Ariel to life in The Little Mermaid, it became popular among girls.

Like their mermaid namesake, children with this name will be independent, headstrong, and resolute.




If you’re a parent, then you’ve heard of Disney’s Frozen and, while Elsa is officially the Queen of Arendelle, she was once a princess!

This brief yet sweet moniker which was once a nickname for Elizabeth and means “noble” in German, may inspire great character in your girl as she grows.



“Father’s Joy”

In The Aristocats, Abigail Gabble is one of the geese. “Father’s joy” is the meaning of the name, which is interestingly also the name of Walt Disney’s great-niece, a nice little factoid!




This is an alternative spelling of Beauty and the Beast’s Belle, which means “beautiful.” In Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, there was also a puppy named Bella.




Ella is the name of the main character in the live-action Cinderella film.

Depending on which roots you look at and which other names you identify it with, this name can be a short form of Elizabeth, Eleanor, Helen, and various other names. A few of the name’s connotations are “Goddess, other, fairy maiden.”




This is a variant of Leila or Layla, the latter a heroic adolescent in the Disney film Sky High.

This name means “night” or “dark,” regardless of how it’s spelled, and it’s especially fitting for a girl born at night.




In the Disney universe, there are several characters named Lily or Lilly; Tiger Lily from Peter Pan and Lilly Moscovitz from The Princess Diaries are two examples. This name is derived from the flower, which is thought to represent purity and rebirth.




Mary Poppins, the magical nanny, is one of Disney’s most well-known characters. Cinderella, Hocus Pocus, Peter Pan, The Muppets, and WALL-E all have their own Mary.

This name may mean “lady of the sea,” “a drop of the sea,” “bitter,” or “beloved,” and has its roots in the name Mariam.




Aurora is also known as Briar Rose in Sleeping Beauty, and Rose Tico is a member of the Resistance in the Star Wars films, now part of the Disney franchise.

The name Rose, like many other names derived from nature, relates to the flower, symbolizing romance, love, beauty, and courage.




Stella is the name of the beignet-loving basset hound in The Princess and the Frog. The meaning of this name is “star,” and it has Latin and Italian roots.




Zoe is the name of a teen character in the Disney film The Pacifier, and Zooey is the name of one of the princesses in Sofia the First. This name means “life” with either spelling.


Baby Girl Names That Mean Princesses

Gorgeous Baby Girl Princess



Alysa’s origins are claimed to be from Germany. Among the princess names, this is one of the most popular and adored. Alysa embodies the word “noble.” It’s a spin-off of the more common name Alice. Alyssa is another popular variant.




The name Amira is a fantastic choice if you’re seeking a girl’s name that means princess and have a lovely exotic character to them. This name is claimed to have been given to newborn girls during the Shavuot Harvest Festival. Ameerah is an even more exotic variant of this name.



“Princess of Athens”

Because of its charming tone, Aricica has a feminine charm and is a great choice. It comes from the Greek language, is pronounced [ă-rĭ-sĭ-kah], and means “princess of Athens.”




The name Azmik is one of the few names that are uncommon and plain in their royal nature. The name Azmik comes from the Arabic language and means “princess.”



“Mythical Princess of Munster”

Deoch is a fascinating and enchanting name that makes an impression with its meaning among all the names that signify a princess. Deoch is a Celtic name that roughly translates to “mythical princess of Munster” in English.



“Princess, Royalty, Sword”

Gladys is a lovely name with a beautiful ring to it. This name is considered to be a female version of the Welsh nickname Gwaldus.

Gladys is a name that means “princess” or “royalty.” Some think the name is derived from a Latin moniker that means “little sword.”



“Princess, Divine”

Kiana is a beautiful princess name that you might want to consider for your young one. The Irish Gaelic nickname “Kian” is a version of this name, while kiana is a Greek word that means “princess.” It also means “divine.”



“Princess, Goddess of Power”

Quille is a name with a delicate charm and a magical aura about it. The meaning of this princess girl’s name is considered to be “the princess,” and it has English roots. Quille is also known as “the Goddess of Feminine Powers,” and it has a fun second meaning of “pop star.”



“A Queenly Woman”

The name Regina is another name that sticks out among names that indicates a Princess. This is a fairly popular name, particularly among the English.

Regina is of Latin origin, and it is considered to imply “a queenly woman” and, because of the film Mean Girls, came soaring back into popularity.




Sabrina is a name that has a lot of attraction and charm. This well-known nickname is, according to legend, the Latin name for the River Severn. It’s also the name of a Celtic deity who was thought to be mythical and the Spanish word that means “princess.” To similar names are Sabina and Serena.




When it comes to princess names, Victoria is one of the most elegant and majestic options. The name Victoria exudes an obvious air of royalty being the feminine form of the Latin name Victor – the word victoria stems from Latin, meaning “victory.”


Crowned Girl with Wand


“God Will Increase”

The feminine form of Joseph is Josephine, which is taken from the Hebrew yosef, which means “Jehovah increases.”

It has an accent above the first E in French, absent in English, German, and Dutch translations. Empress Joséphine du Beauharnais was born Marie-Josephe-Rose, but her husband, Napolean Bonaparte, referred to her as Josephine.



“Goddess of wisdom”

The name Athena was taken from the unknown origins of the city name Athens. In Greek mythology, Athena was Zeus’s daughter and the goddess of wisdom, warfare, craftsmanship, mathematics, and bravery, among other things.

She was the city of Athens’ renowned patroness goddess – Homer refers to her as “sparkling-eyed Athena” in his Odyssey.




Emma began as a diminutive for Germanic names that began with the root ermen.

Through many centuries, Emma has been a long-standing name of royalty — for one, King Ethelred the Unready married Queen Emma in the 11th Century — and has also been linked to Lady Hamilton, Lord Nelson’s mistress, and the muse of painter George Romney.



“Pledged to God”

Isabella is a Latinized version of Isabel, a variant of Elizabeth derived from the Hebrew name Elisheba. Isabelle and Isabel are also popular variations, with Isobel (a Scottish spelling) being another option. Sabella and Isabetta are two more modern options.


Warrior Princess Names

Princess Knight with Sword


“Famous Warrior”

For decades, Louise, a warrior princess name, has been associated with intelligence, studiousness, and efficiency — all desirable, if not dramatic, attributes.

But today, like a slew of other L names and the related Eloise, Louise is being rediscovered as sleek and fashionable, stylish in Paris, and on the rise in the United States. Louisa is more in touch with the times than Louisa, but Louise has a bit more edge.

Louise has been on the upswing recently, and in 2016 it reentered the US Top 1000 Baby Names for the first time in 25 years. Type “Louise” in the box to see.



“Ice ruler”

Isolde is a strong warrior princess name, whose namesake was an Irish princess married to King Mark of Cornwall, very much loved by Tristram and the daughter of King of Brittany and wife of Tristram. The name Isolde is a Welsh girl’s name that means “ice ruler.”




“Defending Women”

Alexandra is the feminine of Alexander, which is derived from the Greek words alexein, which means “to defend,” and aner, which means “man.”

Alexandra was the Goddess Hera’s epithet in Greek mythology. Alessandra and Alejandra are two international versions.



“Princess Warrior”

Camilla is one of the most popular and well-liked name of them all. This is a feminine variant of the Roman Latin male name Camillus.

According to mythology, Camilla was a warrior maiden’s name, which means “princess warrior.”


The Takeaway

We’ve compiled a list of the most uncommon and beautifully regal names, and these baby girl names exude elegance. These lovely names will infuse your bundle of joy with regal charm and grace; ideal for the tiny Princess that reigns supreme in your heart.

Our female princess names are sure to add a touch of royalty to your little one’s life.


Royal Princess in Grand Hall

What is the most beautiful princess name?

Alice, Amelia, Ariana, Charlotte, Isabella, Josephine, Lily, and Sophie are among the US Top 100, and Elizabeth, Aurora, Fabiola, Sadie, Leonore, and Ulrike are beautiful royal names from Morocco, Sweden, and Austria.

What are cute queen names?

Berenice – It means “Bearer of Victory” and is a traditional name with Greek roots. This name has a fascinating history; it was the name of one of Egypt’s queens.

Juno – This Latin name means “Wolf Queen” or “Queen of the Heavens.” Juno is an old name with a fresh ring to it, the name of a prominent Roman deity as well.

Ketevan – A lovely Georgian term that means “queen of the house.” Katie Melua, a British-Georgian singer, was given this name as a child.

What name means Princess?

Additional to the names above, here are 3 more names that mean princess.

Erendira is a delicate and charming name with a lovely feminine feel. This name, which means Princess, is thought to have originated in Spain.

Eadlin is a name with a princess, meaning that it is both unique and remarkable. This name has Anglo-Saxon origins and is thought to imply “princess.”

Diahann is a captivating name with a sense of refinement. This name comes from France and is said to be quite popular, meaning “divine.”

What are the royal princess names?

The names of current princesses are:

  1. Princess Charlotte of Cambridge
  2. Princess Beatrice
  3. Princess Eugenie
  4. Lady Louise Windsor
  5. Anne, Princess Royal
  6. Princess Alexandra

Who is the most iconic Princess?

Lady Diana holds the world record for most iconic and beloved Princess. “The People’s Princess,” “The Queen of Hearts,” and “England’s Rose” were some of her nicknames. Lady Diana was a world-renowned figure known for her sense of elegance, charisma, wit, and high-profile charity work.

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