Hebrew Girl Names and Their Meaning for Religious Parents

Hebrew Girl NamesAre you looking for a Hebrew name for your baby girl? Here we list some popular options and their meanings.

These names are perfect for religious parents who want to give their child a name with Hebrew roots.

Hebrew names are religious and significant to Jewish culture.

They also have beautiful meanings that any parent would be proud to give their daughter. Most of these names have a biblical origin – the vast majority of the Old Testament began in Hebrew.

There are world-famous Hebrew names, although the origin behind many is not known.

Choosing the right name is always an exhilarating yet daunting experience.

Giving your baby girl a unique and fascinating name is a beautiful way to foster a robust connection to your roots.

Each one has a special meaning that will be significant to your family.

Choose the perfect one for your little girl.

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Hebrew girls have some of the most famous names in the western world.

The meaning behind the names is adorable and unique, highlighting the strong character of women.

Here are some of the best Hebrew girl names for your baby.

Name Meaning
Anya The meaning behind this name is “Jehovah’s cloud.”
Dalia The name has a Hebrew as well as Arabic origin, and it means “Flower,” “Branch,” and “Gift.”
Dodie A name originated from Hebrew, meaning “Gift of God” and “Well-loved gift.”
Iva “Gift from God.”
Avea “Birdlike” or “God is my father.”
Eve A name of English origin. The meaning behind the name is “Life” and “Animal.”
Bethany It means “House of figs.”
Aby Diminutive of Abigail. Aby means “True” and “Father’s joy.”
Tirsa A middle east name Tirsa means “Pleasant,” “Delight,” Joy of life,” and “Sight of happiness.”
Tiferet “Beautiful” and “Pleasant.”
Abarrane “Father of many”
Anna It has a Latin origin. The word Anna means “Grace.”
Efa A name from Welsh origin that means “Alive.”
Gavira “Queen” and “Lady.”
Isabelle It has an Italian origin. The name means “Consecrated” and “Pledge to God.”
Maria It originates from the Latin word Mariam and means “Of the sea,” “Bitter,” “Beloved,” and “Rebellious.”


Girl’s Jewish Names

Jewish women have a rich history and traditions.

Are you looking for a beautiful Jewish name for your baby girl?

Look no further!

This section will discuss some of the most popular Hebrew girl names and their meanings.

Whether you are a religious parent or not, these names will charm you.

So, without further ado, let’s get started.

Name Meaning
Nizana “Flower bud”
lilac “Flower”
Tahlia A name with Hebrew and Greek origin. Tahlia means “To blossom” and “Dew from God.”
Jael It could also be written as Yael, and the meaning behind this name is “Ives-mountain goat.”
Jemima “Dove”
Orpah “Neck,” and “Fawn”
Zera “Seeds,” and “Beginning”
Aviva “Dewy,” “Fresh,” and “Springlike”
Janina A name of a famous musician and actress. It means “Gift from God.”
Elsa It comes from German, Scandanavian, and Hebrew origin. Its meaning is “God is my oath.”
Abiah “God is my father.”
Ronia “Pleasant,” and “My joy”
Alya Arabic and Hebrew origin. The name Alya means “Sky,” “Heaven,” and “Loftiness.”
Abigael “My father rejoices,” and “Souce of my happiness.”
Annalise “Grace,” and “Devoted to God.”
Danielle “God is my judge.”
Elizabeth “My God is abundance,” and “My God is an oath.”
Gabriella “God is my strength.”
Hannah “Grace,” and “Favor”
Rinna “Joyous song”
Iman “God is with us.”
Eris Greek and Hebrew background. It means “Flower” and “Rainbow.”
Jaquelin “Supplanter”
Jane “God is gracious.”
Jordan “To flow downward”
Leah It has an English and Hebrew origin. Leah means “Weary.”


Jewish Girl Names

Jewish people have an electrifying history.

It stands to reason then that the names of girls in Jewish history are charming and fascinating.

We have mentioned some of those Hebrew girl names below in the list.

You will love them all – choosing only one name may be your biggest challenge.

Name Meaning
Deborah This name is derived from D’vorah, a Hebrew word from the Old Testament. It means “Bee.”
Janis It is a gender-neutral name that means “God is gracious.”
Joka “Gift from God.”
Joyce Derived from Old French, Joyce means “Lord.”
Esther In Persian, the name Esther means “Star.”
Naamah A biblical name that means “Agreeable” and “Beautiful.”
Diza “Joyous”
Madelaine “From the tower”
Nanette It has Hebrew and French origins. Nanette means “Favor” and “Grace.”
Naomi “Pleasant”
Odelia It has a German, Hebrew, Greek, and French origin. Odelia means “Wealthy,” “Prosperous,” “Praising God,” and “Melody.”
Rachael Comes from a Hebrew and German background. Rachael means “Ewe” and “One with purity.”
Sarah “Princess”
Sharon “Area in old Palestine, where roses grow in large number,” and “A plain.”
Tamara It has a Russian and Hebrew origin, and the name means “Palm tree.”
Zinnia “To be praised,” and “Worthy”
Adi “Ornament,” and “Jewel”
Alona “Oaktree”
Amit “Faithful,” and “Friendly”
Adva “Ripple,” and “Small wave”
Aliza “Joyous one,” and “Joy”
Adiya “God’s ornament,” and “God’s treasure”
Bat “Daughter”
Batsheva King David’s wife’s name means “Daughter of oath.”
Bat-shir “Daughter of song,” and “Inspiration”
Behira “Clear,” “Light,” and “Brilliant”
Bilha Bashful,” and “Timid”
Carmela “Orchard,” “Garden,” and “Vineyard”
Chagit “Celebration,” and “Festive”
Chaya “Living,” and “Alive”
Chana “Merciful,” “Gracious,” and “Grace”
Dalit “Branch,” and “To draw water”
Dinah “Judgement”


Hebrew Names for Girls

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When naming your baby girl, choose the moniker that gives her special meaning and significance throughout life.

If you want Hebrew girl names, these great options have beautiful meanings.

Here are our favorites.

Name Meaning
Mika Coming from Japanese and Hebrew origin, the work Mika means “Frangrance” and “Beautiful.”
Ilana Arabic and Hebrew origin. It means “Tree,” “Sunshine,” and “To soften.”
Gahl “Father of exaltation”
Shai A name of Aramaic and Hebrew origin, Shai means “Gift.”
Zemel “Joyous Melody”
Gaby A French and Jewish name means “Woman of God.”
Mordechai “Warrior”
Adiela “Ornament of God”
Adina “Gentle,” and “Pleasant”
Adira “Strong,” and “Mighty”
Adiva “Pleasant,” and “Gracious”
Bat-Ami “Daughter of my people”
Berura “Clean” and “Pure”
Bina “Wisdom,” “Intelligence,” and “Understanding”
Carniya “Horn of God”
Chemda “Charming” and “Desirable”
Dafna “Laurel”
Davida Female form of David that means “Courageous” and “Beloved”
Debra “Swarm of bees,” and “To speak kind words.”
Eden “The name of the garden.”
Eliraz “My God is my secret.”
Eitana “Strong”
Eila “Oaktree”
Galya “Wave of God”
Gefen “Vine.”
Ganit “Garden.”
Gayora “Valley of light.”
Hadar “Beautiful,” “Ornamented,” and “Splendid”
Hallel “Praise”
Hila “Halo”
Irit “Daffodil”
Ilanit “Tree”
Yaakova “Supplant,” and “Proetct”
Yasmina A Persian and Jewish name means “Flower” and “Olive tree.”
Yedida “Friend”
Yaffa or Jaffa “Beautiful”
Kalanit “Flower”
Kitra In Aramaic and Hebrew, it means “Crown.”
Kevuda “Respected,” and “Precious”
Leila “Night”
Liora “My light”


Good Girl Names From the Bible

Hebrew people have a high affinity for religion and the sacred – a particular closeness with biblical names.

There are many options when finding the perfect name for your little girl from the Bible.

These beautiful names stood the test of time.

Your daughter will know she’s unique with one of these names.

If you’re looking for a name with strong meaning and history, consider one of these good girl names.

Name Meaning
Yana “God is gracious.”
Joelle It has a French origin that means “God Will Be Willing.”
Gayle “A father’s joy,” “Father in rejoicing,” and “Happy God”
Zohal “Moon of another planet”
Gazah “Having great strength”
Ozzie “God’s power,” and “Bear god”
Lonni “Lion,” and “Oaktree”
Ariela “Lioness of God”
Arnona “Roaring stream”
Ashira “Wealthy”
Bat-Tziyon “Daughter of Zion,” and “Daughter of excellence”
Bat-Yam “Daughter of the sea”
Chagiya “Festive of God”
Chemada “Charming” and “Desirable”
Devira “Sanctuary”
Dikla “Palm tree”
Dorit “Of this era,” and “Generation”
Dorona “Gift”
Elisheva “God is my oath”
Emuuna “Faithful”
Ezrieala “God is my help”
Gamleila “God is my reward”
Ganya “Garden of Eden”
Gavriela “God is my strength”
Gershona “Exile”
Geuela “Redempation”
Giboorah “Strength” and “Courage”
Gilada “The hill is my witness”
Gitit “Winepress”
Giva “High place,” and “Hill”
Hallela “Praise”
Harela “Mountain of God”
Hedya “Echo of God”
Ataara “Crown”
Avigail “My father’s joy”
Avishag “Father’s biggest joy”
Ayala “Swift deer”
Fruma It means “Pious” in Yiddish
Golda The meaning of this name is “Gold” in Yiddish.
Gilaa “To reveal God”
Avital “Father of dew”
Dassa “Myrtle tree”
Hindha It means “Deer.”
Hodhaya “To praise God”
Keaila A name derived from the Hebrew word Keli which means “A vessel.”


Hebrew Israelite Names

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There are so many beautiful Hebrew Israelite girl names to choose from.

Which one is perfect for your little bundle of joy?

We’ve gathered a list of some of our favorite names and their meanings to help you decide.

Whether traditional or modern, there’s a name here to fit your needs!

So, take a look and see which one strikes your fancy.

You may well find the perfect name for your daughter!

Name Meaning
Anat “To sing”
Geela “Joy”
Uzziye “God’s strength”
Eliora “God is my light”
Liora “Light to me”
Noya “The beauty of God”
Aneta “Grace”
Arella “Messenger,” and “Angel
Ariela “Lioness of God”
Avital “Father of dew”
Bracha “Blessing”
Chaviva “Beloved”
Dana “To judge”
Danya “Judgement of God”
Derora “Freedom,” “Liberty,” and “Bird”
Efrat “Distinguished,” and “Honored”
Ayla “Oaktree”
Aylona “Oaktree”
Eliana “God has answered me”
Emuna “Faithful,” and “Faith”
Gamliela “God is my reward”
Ganit “Garden”
Gayora “Valley of light”
Hadas “Myrtle”
Harela “Mountain of God”
Hodiya “Praise God”
Itiya “God is with me”
Jael or Yael “Mountain goat”
Yehudit or Judith “Praise”
Yedida or Jedida “Friend”
Yoela or Joela “God is willing”
Kaspit “Silver”
Kerem “Vineyard”
Keren “Ray of sunshine,” and “Horn”
Keshet “Rainbow” and “Bow”
Liat “You are for me”
Liba In Yiddish, it means “Loved one.”
Lital “Dew or rain is mine”
Liraz “My secret”
Maayan “Oasis,” and “Spring”
Maya “Water”
Maytal “Dew water”
Mehira “Energetic,” and “Swift”
Na’ama “Pleasant”
Neta “A plant”
Nili “The glory of Israel will not lie”
Nurit “Buttercup flower”
Odeleya “I will praise God”
Ofra “Deer”
Ofira “Gold”
Pazit “Gold”
Puah “Cry out,” and “To groan”
Raanana “Beautiful,” “Luscious,” and “Fresh”
Rani “My song”
Ranit “Joy,” and “Song”
Ranya “Song of God”
Reut “Friendship”
Sapir “Sapphire”
Shani “Scarlet color”
Sarida “Leftover,” and “Refugee”
Tal “Dew”
Talma “Hill,” and “Mound”


What name in the Bible means brave?

Girl’s Hebrew names that come from the Bible and mean brave and courageous are Avi, Gaby, Ozzie, Lonni, Ariel, and Gazah.

Jewish Female Names

What’s in a name?

Quite a bit according to Jewish tradition.

A person’s name reflects their personality and character. There are many popular Jewish female names, each with its unique meaning.

If you’re looking for a meaningful name for your baby girl, consider one of these beautiful options.

Name Meaning
Mariah A name with an English, modern American, and Jewish origin. It means “Beloved,” “A child you wished for,” and “Bitter.”
Gilal “Eternal joy”
Gayora “Valley Of Sun”
Hadag “The Fish-Snake”
Hedva “Joy”
Naomi “Pleasantness”
Hadassas “Myrtle tree”
Ayelet “Musical instrument”
Bat Sheva “Daughter of seven”
Bruriah “Clarity of God”
Carmel “Vineyard,” “Orchard,” and “Garden”
Emunah “Faith”
Faige It means “Bird” in Yiddish. The name comes from the word fig.
Freida It means “Joy” in Yiddish.
Karen “Ray of sunlight”
Kinneret The second name of Lake Tiberias and the Sea of Galilee.
Levana In Yiddish, it means “Moon” and “White.”
Levona A name of spice is used in the Holy Temple of Jerusalem. It means “Frankincense.”
Liora A variation of Lior, the name Liora means “I have light.”
Machlla The name of the daughter of Txelofchad, Machla, means “Affliction.”
Malka “Queen”
Mayain “Oasis,” and “Spring”
Mazal The name means “Luck” and “Constellation in the Hebrew language.”
Meira “The one who gives/provides light.”
Meirav The name of the daughter of King Saul, Meirav. It means “To maximize.”
Raizal It means “Rose.”
Rivkha It is a biblical name that means “To tie.”
Saraih A name mentioned in Genesis, Saraih means “My princess.”
Serach A biblical name that means “Free of restraint.”
Shifrah “Improved”


Hebrew Baby Girl Names

There are many wonderful Hebrew girl names from which to choose.

There are many beautiful options if you want a name with spiritual significance.

But, if you want a more contemporary moniker, there are also many trendy choices.

Whatever your preference, you’re sure to find the perfect Hebrew baby girl name for your little lady here.

Name Meaning
Ruth “Compassionate friend,” “Friendship,” and “Friend”
Rebecca “Bind,” and “To tie”
Ghila “Eternal joy”
Hagia “Festival”
Jessy “God’s gift”
Liron “My song,” and “My joy”
Rona “My joy”
Menucha “Rest,” and “Peaceful”
Michal “Who resembles/is like God”
Miriam “Star of the sea”
Moriah “God is my teacher”
Netanya “God has given,” and “God has provided”
Navai In Yiddish, it means “Night.”
Naoma In Yirdishh, it means “Pleasant.”
Penina “Pearl,” and “Precious stone”
Sheera It comes from Aramaic origin, meaning “Brightness.”
Shoshana “Lily”
Shlomit “Peaceful,” “Pleasant,” and “Tranquil”
Tirzah “Cypress tree,” “Pleasantness,” and “Delight”
Tova “Right,” and “Good”
Tzipporah “Bird”
Tziona “Excellent”
Vered In Aramaic, the name Vered means “Rose.”
Yakova “Held by the heel”
Yardhena “To flow down”
Yiskah “To gaze”
Yocheved It is the name of the mother of Miria, Aaron, and Moses. It means “God’s honor.”
Zhava “Gold.” A variation of Zehava and Zahavit.
Zissel In Yiddish, it means “Sweet.”
Nooya “Divine beauty”
Neeta “A plant”
Netanioa “Gift of the God”
Ashrat “Happiness”
Pehlia “A wonder” and “A miracle”


Jewish Names for Girls

Parents today have endless options when it comes to names for girls. From traditional names to unique ones, there’s something for everyone.

We’ve got you covered if you’re looking for a unique moniker with Jewish origins.

Here are some of our favorite Jewish girl names.

Name Meaning
Hagit “Festival of the God,” and “Celebration”
Ron This name has a Scottish and Hebrew origin. It means “Ruler’s counselor” and “Mountain of strength.”
Hanna “Grace,” and “Favour”
Rinnah “Rejoicing,” and “Singing”
Yaer “Light up”
Orit In the Yiddish language, this name means “Light.”
Yaffa Having a Hebrew origin, the name Yaffa means “Lovely.”
Shulamit “Tranquil”
Sigalit “Purple flower”
Simcha “Joy” and “Gladness”
Techiya “Revival,” and “Rebirth”
Tehilla “Glory,” and “Praise”
Tikwa “Hope”
Tzivia “Doe”
Romema “Exalted,” “Lofty,” and “Heights”
tzofiyaa A variation of the name Sofia that means “Watching.”
Uriella A gender-neutral name that means “God’s light.”
Idit “Choicest”
Peri In Yiddish, the name Peri means “the fruit.”
Rania “Song of God”
Razialla “God has my secret,” or “My secret is God”
Reuti “Friendship”
Reviv “A lot of rain,” “Dew”
Yithra “Riches,” and “Wealthy”
Kevudah “Precious,” and “Respected”
Marganit It is the name of a plant that has blue, red, and gold flowers.
Mathana “Present from God,” and “Gift”
Mehera “Energetic,” and “Quick”
Morasha In Yiddish, it means “Legacy.”
Moriah A holy site in Israel. It is the name of a mountain.
Tzion “Sunny mountain”


Hebrew Girl Names FAQ

What girl name means warrior in Hebrew?

Many Hebrew names have gutsy meanings like “fighter” or “warrior” that will inspire your baby girl.

The girl names that mean “warrior” in Hebrew are:

  • Aaren
  • Ariel
  • Briah
  • Gazah
  • Hezir


What is the Hebrew name for beauty?

Beauty comes from within the soul.

To be called beautiful should mean having a good soul and heart.

The Hebrew names for “beautiful” are Na’ava, Noya, Tiferet, Yaffa, and Raanana.

What name means like God?

Jewish names that mean “Like God” are:

  • Abi
  • Jo
  • Ann
  • Els
  • Gia


What name means God’s daughter?

The name that means “God’s daughter” is Bithiah, also written as Batya.

It is of Hebrew origin and a pretty popular name among western Jewish people.

What does Ahava mean?

The Hebrew name Ahava means “friendship” and “love.”

It is a well-known and typical name for Hebrew girls.

The name of a Biblical river Ahava is mentioned in the Hebrew Book of Ezra.

What name means strong woman?

The Hebrew names highlighting women’s courageous and strong character are:

  • Lonni
  • Uzziye
  • Mordechai
  • Gazah
  • Avi


What girl name means Light of God?

The Hebrew names for girls that mean light of God are Liora, Orli, Gayora, Eliora, and Yeir.

What girl name means loved by God?

The 12 most popular Jewish girl names that mean “loved by God” are:

  • Eva
  • Mia
  • Noa
  • Dava
  • Davy
  • Dina
  • Mir
  • Dody
  • Leba
  • Kama
  • Emie
  • Manna

    What Hebrew name means gift from God?

    It is excellent to choose a name for your baby girl that means “Gift of God,” like:

    • Anya
    • Iva
    • Joka
    • Micah
    • Joyce
    • Janis
    • Janina


    What Hebrew name means strength?

    The Celtic and Hebrew name that means “strength” is Abria.

    What name in the Bible means brave?

    Hebrew names in the Bible that mean brave are Avi, Gaby, Ozzie, Lonni, Ariel, and Gazah.


    Choosing a name for your child is one of the most important decisions you will ever make.

    You’ll want a name that sounds good and has a special meaning to reflect your child’s personality and character.

    When naming a child, religious parents often look to Hebrew names for inspiration.

    Such names are significant to the Jewish faith and offer solid foundations for spiritual life. Biblical Jewish female monikers are unique, beautiful, and steeped in religious tradition.

    Each has a remarkable story and message behind it that will stay with the child throughout her life.

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