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Not only do you get more bardic names than you can shake your lute at, but we’ll also take you through the process of choosing an inspiring name that can travel the land before you, as well as the considerations you must take before deciding.

If you don’t find what you’re looking for here, which we highly doubt, then have a look at these druid names, you may find one that better suits your bard character – druids are often bards too.

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Bard Names Generators

We’ve got a few name generators at your disposal, one for humans, one for half-elves, and one for surnames.

If you’re looking for halfling, gnomish, or tiefling bard names, you might get lucky while flicking through each of these generators.

Human Bard Names Generator

Bard with Lute in Green
Okay, we’re going to kick off this naming journey with the human male and female bard names generator.

Although they are human names, you’re sure to find some excellent names for other races too.

Sing gently into the generator below to magically summon a host of names. Or just use the buttons.

Barra La
Vatoth Jiao
Lincoln Mokesk
Alvar Rolid
Bo Doylei


Half-Elf Bard Names Generator

Half-Elf Female Bard Names
If you’re looking specifically for half-elf bard names, then you’re in the right section.

Magic and music – these two abilities are innate for elvish folk, amongst a few others, so you can make yourself a great half-elf bard character!

Part of the fun of making a character comes from the mystery and intrigue of their history. Plus, elves are natural travelers and live for many times the life span of humans, which resonates with the bardic way of life.

Tybtar Petthyra
Dorlaith Herfiel
Rainridan Zinmaris
Rainrauth Adralei
Jorlando Wysanelis


Bardic Surnames Generator

Male Bard Flute
Already got a spot-on first name for your bard, just not happy with their last name?

If you’re opting for a two-part name, you just need to find a matching last name! Make sure that the names sound good together when spoken, look appealing, and aren’t so long as to be easily forgotten.


Lists of Names: The Top 100s

Don’t fancy using the generators above and would use pre-chosen lists?

Not a problem!

Here are collections of our favorite 100 male and female bard names for humans, with meanings.

The Top 100 Human Female Names

Female Bard with Instrument

  • Aadny – “God”
  • Ailish – “Noble”
  • Aingeal – “Angel, messenger”
  • Aislinn – “Dream, vision”
  • Aithne – “Kernel”
  • Alfhild – “Elf-battle”
  • Annveig – “Eagle-protection”
  • Asa – “God”
  • Asdis – “God and goddess”
  • Aslaug – “God”
  • Astridr – “Beloved God”
  • Audgunn – “Wealth; war”
  • Berghild – “Rescue-light”
  • Bergljot – “Protection, help”
  • Bergunn – “Protection”
  • Bjorg – “Help; rescue”
  • Bodil – “Remedy”
  • Borghild – “Fortification; battle”
  • Bríd – “Exalted one”
  • Brynja – “Armour”
  • Cailín – “Girl”
  • Caitrín – “Pure”
  • Caitríona – “Pure”
  • Caoilinn – “Fair and slender”
  • Catrìona – “Pure”
  • Ceanag – “Diminutive of Ceana”
  • Ciannait – “Ancient, distant”
  • Clodagh – “Muddy”
  • Curstaidh – “Believer”
  • Dagmar – “Day-maid”
  • Dagrun – “Secret knowledge”
  • Doileag – “World ruler”
  • Dolag – “World ruler”
  • Dolidh – “Diminutive of Dearbhail”
  • Donnag – “World ruler”
  • Ealasaid – “God is my oath”
  • Eidunn – “Happiness, gift; alert”
  • Eilish – “God is my oath”
  • Eimhir – “Ready, swift”
  • Eldrid – “Beautiful fire”
  • Elspeth – “God is my oath”
  • Embla – “Feminine form of Eirik”
  • Erica – “Heather”
  • Erna – “Brisk, vigorous”
  • Eydis – “Happiness”
  • Fionnaghal – “White shoulders”
  • Fionnuala – “White shoulder”
  • Frangag – “French”
  • Freya – “Lady”
  • Frida – “Beautiful”
  • Gerd – “Enclosure”
  • Groa – “To grow”
  • Gudlaug – “Betrothed woman”
  • Gudridr – “Beautiful God”
  • Gudrun – “God’s secret lore”
  • Gunborg – “War; rescue”
  • Gunhild – “War, battle”
  • Heidrun – “Bright, clear”
  • Hel – “To conceal; to cover”
  • Hjordis – “Sword goddess”
  • Hulda – “Hiding, secrecy”
  • Idonea – “Suitable”
  • Ingeborg – “Help, save, rescue”
  • Inghild – “From the Old Norse god Ing”
  • Ingrid – “Beautiful”
  • Ingvild – “Battle”
  • Jorlaug – “Boar; love”
  • Kara – “Curly, curved”
  • Kjellaug – “Feminine form of Kjetil”
  • Magnhild – “Mighty, strong; battle”
  • Mallaidh – “Rebellion”
  • Muadhnait – “Good noble”
  • Muirgen – “Born of the sea”
  • Muiríol – “Sea-bright”
  • Nanna – “Daring, brave”
  • Nerthus – “Goddess of fertility”
  • Nuala – “White shoulder”
  • Oda – “Spear-secret”
  • Ragna – “Advice, counsel”
  • Ragnhild – “Battle; advice, counsel”
  • Reidun – “Nest, home”
  • Ríonach – “Queen”
  • Saoirse – “Freedom”
  • Sidheag – “Wolf”
  • Sif – “Friendship”
  • Signy – “Victory”
  • Sigrid – “Victory; beautiful, fair”
  • Sigurda – “Bride”
  • Sìle – “Blind”
  • Sinéad – “God is gracious”
  • Siv – “Bride”
  • Skuld – “Goddesses of destiny”
  • Solfrid – “Sun; beautiful”
  • Sollaug – “House; war, battle”
  • Thora – “Feminine form of Thor”
  • Torhild – “Thor’s battle”
  • Torny – “New”
  • Urd – “Goddess of destiny”
  • Vigdis – “Goddess of war”
  • Ylva – “Wolf”


The Top 100 Human Male Names for Bards

  • Arne – “Eagle”
  • Arnfinn – “Eagle”
  • Art – “Diminutive of Artair”
  • Artair – “Bear; or stone”
  • Arvid – “Eagle; tree”
  • Balder – “Prince”
  • Barra – “Fair head”
  • Beathan – “Child of life”
  • Bjarne – “Bright”
  • Bo – “To live”
  • Bran – “Raven”
  • Brandubh – “Black raven”
  • Breandan – “Form of Breannan”
  • Brock – “Badger”
  • Cairbre – “Charioteer, or bearer”
  • Camran – “Bent nose”
  • Catan – “Small cat”
  • Cathalan – “Diminutive of Cathal”
  • Cesan – “Spear”
  • Chadwick – “Settlement belonging to Chad”
  • Ciaran – “Dark, shadowy”
  • Coll – “Form of Colla”
  • Còmhan – “Twin”
  • Conan – “Wee doggie”
  • Corc – “Heart; crimson”
  • Cynesige – “Royal”
  • Duarte – “Guard of his wealth”
  • Dubh – “Black”
  • Eachann – “Horse lord”
  • Earc – “Speckled”
  • Eindride – “One, alone”
  • Eircheard – “Expert craftsman”
  • Emerson – “Son of Emery”
  • Eric – “Ruler; ever”
  • Erling – “Chieftain”
  • Faolan – “Wolf”
  • Fìonan – “Form of Fionn”
  • Fionn – “White, fair”
  • Fionnghal – “White stranger”
  • Folke – “People”
  • Garbhan – “Rough”
  • Geir – “Spear”
  • Gillechriosd – “Servant of Christ”
  • Gleb – “God-heir”
  • Graeme – “Grey house”
  • Guaire – “Proud; noble”
  • Gudbrand – “God’s sword”
  • Haldor – “Thor’s rock”
  • Halvard – “Rock guardian”
  • Harold – “Army”
  • Heath – “Heath”
  • Hemming – “Shape”
  • Hroarr – “Famous spear”
  • Ingolf – “Wolf”
  • Ingvar – “Warrior”
  • Kendall – “Valley of the river Kent”
  • Lachlainn – “Land of lochs”
  • Landan – “Long hill”
  • Loki – “To break”
  • Macbeatha – “Son of life”
  • Macrath – “Son of prosperity”
  • Manachan – “A monk”
  • Maoilios – “Servant of Jesus”
  • Maolsneachta – “Servant of snow”
  • Marshal – “Marshall”
  • Milton – “Mill town”
  • Moireach – “Sea-settlement”
  • Muireach – “Lord”
  • Murchadh – “Sea-warrior”
  • Naoghas – “Form of Aonghas”
  • Naomhan – “Saint”
  • Odd – “Point of a sword”
  • Oddmund – “Point of a sword; protection”
  • Odhran – “Dun-colored”
  • Oisean – “Form of oisian”
  • Oisian – “Deer”
  • Oscar – “Deer friend”
  • Radcliff – “Red cliff”
  • Ragnvald – “Counsel; ruler”
  • Reidar – “Home of a warrior
  • Rodaidh – “Diminutive of Ruairidh”
  • Ròidh – “Reddish”
  • Rònan – “Seal”
  • Ros – “Promontory”
  • Ruairidh – “Reddish-brown”
  • Rune – “Secret lore”
  • Sawyer – “Sawer of wood”
  • Selby – “Willow farm”
  • Sigge – “Victory”
  • Sionn – “Fox”
  • Slade – “Valley”
  • Stigr – “Path”
  • Suibhne – “Well-going”
  • Sverre – “Wild, swinging”
  • Tollak – “Thor’s play”
  • Torgny – “Thor’s noise”
  • Torleif – “Thor’s descendant”
  • Torsten – “Thor’s stone”
  • Viggo – “War”
  • Wulfsige – “Wolf”


The Top 100 Half-Elf Female Names

Here are the 100 best female half-elf bard names.

  • Aalbwynn
  • Aallurie
  • Adezee
  • Aellivren
  • Aibhilín
  • Aignéis
  • Alelica
  • Amelniya
  • Ammanda
  • Arpisys
  • Arriani
  • Athezael
  • Athmaya
  • Avbrae
  • Avemaya
  • Avilmicca
  • Aviluth
  • Biqwyn
  • Bláthnaid
  • Branlantha
  • Bynlais
  • Carrika
  • Chrishere
  • Darrika
  • Deòiridh
  • Éabha
  • Ébha
  • Edellila
  • Edepisys
  • Eileanóra
  • Eilís
  • Éirinn
  • Elyslanna
  • Emiltrana
  • Emlendra
  • Emtrine
  • Étaín
  • Ezamara
  • Fhanalue
  • Gabellis
  • Gaentihne
  • Giserila
  • Gisshara
  • Grenalore
  • Halylaya
  • Hawrae
  • Hegevis
  • Herhava
  • Hostihne
  • Ilevis
  • Iohlei
  • Irotala
  • Isphenee
  • Ivehava
  • Ivelin
  • Jeanlanae
  • Jehlenas
  • Jehlynor
  • Jesrika
  • Jessilyn
  • Jingwynn
  • Joyfaen
  • Julsario
  • Kriwana
  • Linhera
  • Lislayna
  • Lorarith
  • Mahcaiah
  • Mairéad
  • Mallana
  • Maridanna
  • Maudrithe
  • Mirlee
  • Mùirne
  • Nanbwynn
  • Narneg
  • Nerilora
  • Olnesra
  • Ophimae
  • Phayelendra
  • Qinora
  • Rellara
  • Reslei
  • Rosacharis
  • Saelstine
  • Sellon
  • Selthana
  • Seònaid
  • Seramia
  • Slàine
  • Sylsia
  • Tariara
  • Unnr
  • Venhala
  • Windue
  • Wollaena
  • Yesranthae
  • Yvlaena
  • Zinniel
  • Zinnoa


The Top 100 Half-Elf Male Names for Bards

Here are the 100 best male half-elf bard names.

  • Adenall
  • Ælfsige
  • Alladon
  • Alruil
  • Arrynnon
  • Arsin
  • Audvalor
  • Bellando
  • Belovar
  • Charneak
  • Chrisqarim
  • Clerenas
  • Cormorn
  • Cranik
  • Crisverel
  • Davlanann
  • Dorlaith
  • Dunlèibhe
  • Eddar
  • Emmeron
  • Eochagan
  • Eoforwine
  • Eògan
  • Eòghnaidh
  • Eòran
  • Ertien
  • Failbhe
  • Frednor
  • Fredrym
  • Fulphar
  • Gabnaith
  • Galthorn
  • Gartumil
  • Gaverel
  • Geofcoril
  • Gerarat
  • Halion
  • Halmede
  • Hemros
  • Henmitar
  • Henruil
  • Hentelar
  • Henyeras
  • Hilluar
  • Hurune
  • Izparin
  • Jamdyr
  • Jamelathan
  • Jamemorn
  • Jarlaer
  • Jarqarim
  • Jerparin
  • Jerryn
  • Jorlando
  • Jorlith
  • Josemer
  • Lamfalen
  • Leofyr
  • Maldar
  • Malneak
  • Merlanann
  • Michhomin
  • Michrel
  • Micrynnon
  • Nigeesin
  • Nigenian
  • Nilmus
  • Orihomin
  • Pierrath
  • Piersin
  • Raflen
  • Rainrauth
  • Rainridan
  • Raintorin
  • Ranphon
  • Rodlamir
  • Rogneak
  • Stephmede
  • Teàrlach
  • Teàrlaidh
  • Tedred
  • Teoddil
  • Terlisar
  • Thomreak
  • Tibrynnon
  • Tybthor
  • Tybtumil
  • Uanamar
  • Valmer
  • Vicdal
  • Viclamir
  • Vicmede
  • Vicmitar
  • Vilryn
  • Walnall
  • Watfyndar
  • Wisnall
  • Xankas
  • Xavdryn
  • Yorlumin


Perfect Surnames for Bards by Race

Next up are the over 100 of the best bard surnames available for dwarves, half-elves, and humans!

Dwarven Half-Elf Human
Autumnhunter Adbalar Andases
Bladeslayer Adnala Berdosk
Bluesong Aethana Bhuneim
Bonecrag Aewarin Binomus
Bonewound Arajeon Bushe
Boulderflayer Ararona Cenele
Breakenbrack Balra Cheshiree
Cinderwhisper Beijyre Chez
Clanforge Biharice Chokrotsk
Clangrip Bijeon Cooke
Clanridge Bilamin Dehra
Clawbrew Bryxalim Devzolze
Clawdust Bryxina Dezorsk
Clearcall Cargeiros Dig
Clearfall Carlar Digulbo
Cliffnote Carro Dikhad
Cloudjump Chaekian Dirnore
Covencrag Daena Dokursk
Cragfeather Daezorwyn Doylei
Crestwound Dalana Duanei
Dimbuckle Dasatra Duncansons
Dragonsong Dayarus Dunne
Dragonwhisper Eilfiel Ellise
Drumster Elaquinal Emzudze
Duskdrum Enphyra Ermatter
Duskwood Enxina Fannoni
Dustleaf Erna Fergusoni
Dustshout Faenelis Fescudrer
Fasttalker Fathana Fillydook
Featherspear Fenfina Findazrum
Fistsong Fenjor Finnini
Flagshout Genceran Fuprandak
Flatsteel Genmys Gegolzo
Flatsworn Genxisys Gilerus
Fuseglory Gilceran Glag
Gloomfist Gilven Hammo
Gloomward Helelana Hasho
Gloryclaw Helemenor Hathewaye
Goldscream Herfiel Hayes
Gorebrand Hermyar Heavyrun
Graysprinter Ianstina Heing
Greatpike Iargella Henness
Greenbottle Keaharice Hollinse
Grumblethane Kelnorin Huzukret
Havenspire Keyfina Hyland
Heavywillow Keyfir Jassi
Honorbuckle Keylar Keefei
Honorsteam Keyleth Keegan
Humblegrain Leoharice Kendrick
Hydrapelt Leovyre Khussom
Innspyre Liatris Lindone
Ironstone Loranan Maccances
Irontoe Magcan Macclellan
Keenflame Magneiros Mackays
Keensong Miapeiros Magees
Laughingblossom Miraxalim Mahoneyi
Lightsong Naecaryn Mcarthurs
Lightspell Naesalor Mcclellandi
Lightvoice Naeyarus Mccracken
Lutewhisp Normaer Mckays
Merrywhisper Norneiros Mcmahoni
Mildmantle Norsatra Mcnaughtoni
Moondance Olaleth Mcqueen
Moonfinger Olazeiros Meilin
Moonshield Omajor Metsk
Moonsky Omaxisys Mevuni
Mossbeam Pastina Mialee
Mossbinder Perzorwyn Misthell
Mossblossom Petdan Mohani
Mountainblood Pettumal Morganw
Mountscribe Phithyra Ó Bradáin
Mournclaw Presra Ó Broin
Mournleaf Prestoris Ó Caisidei
Mournspire Qibalar Ó Coileáini
Nickleplenty Qinnala Ó Conailli
Nightscribe Qinrona Ó Seanáini
Nightstring Qinven Obrester
Noblecoat Qinydark O’Brian
Noblestring Qiwraek Pao
Oatshield Quiran Pugasu
Oceanscribe Quivaris Puldere
Oceantone Ralojor Qao
Peacetalon Ralowynn Ran
Peaceward Shajyre Retsk
Pipesbag Sylfir Rikeg
Plaintrack Sylmenor Riprihr
Prettyhead Thefiel Rirnelbe
Rapidscribe Tordan Rolid
Riverblight Toryra Rurdersk
Rockbreath Tragwyn Saing
Rumblebelly Trisneiros Sasciscor
Runeshine Ulaberos Shamotsk
Runesinger Ulacyne Sloanei
Runetoe Ulaqen Smuch
Runewind Ularalei Softforce
Runninggoat Umeqen Sokrosk
Sacredshaper Umequinal Stedz
Sailworth Uripeiros Stirnadu
Seasinger Varoris Storrie
Seatune Vatoris Susk
Silverhide Virkas Thatchere
Sixfinger Waesqirelle Tobunolda
Smartwound Wranphine Trevekivo
Soothingale Wynkian Unadu
Steelmore Xyrbella Vankram
Summerstream Xyrvaris Velas
Thunderflaw Yelhice Vrebargyaka
Treeforest Yelna Vryalmivya
Truestring Yelro Vuultuld
Tunebringer Yesnorin Weekese
Warsinger Yinqirelle Whitneye
Waterdoom Yllatoris Yargirolbu
Wildsnout Zinlamin Zala
Windflower Zinmaris Zehleim
Wisethorn Zinxalim Zeziza
Woodensplitter Zumqirelle Zicosti
Wordsmith Zumwenys Zuvintetve


4 Top Tips: How to Choose Good Bard Names

The essence of good bard names depends largely on who they are, where they are from, and what kind of influence they aim to have.

Ultimately, you know your character best and what name would be most suitable – these are only tips and guidelines, so feel free to follow them or color outside the lines:

  • Try to avoid the names of already well-known bards<./li>
  • If your character seeks fame, consider a one-word name. Beyonce and Prince knew what they were doing!
  • Make sure it can be easily pronounced; chances are you’ll say it a lot.
  • Unless you are specifically creating a jester type character, avoid joke names.

Famous Bards From History, Mythology, and Fiction

Admittedly, not all of the people featured in this list were not bards, but poets.

Still, bards and poets are of a similar vein so we say you’re allowed to take inspiration from a famous poet!

Bard’s Name Who They Were
Afan Ferddig Poet of Cadwallon.
Alexander Pope The Bard of Twickenham’
Aneirin or Neirin Early Medieval Brythonic war poet
Arofan The poet of Selyf ap Cynan Garwyn
Banjo Paterson  Australian bush poet, or ‘bush bard’
Blwchbardd One of the five early bards (cynfeirdd), listed alongside Taliesin. Nothing is known about him
Cian’ or Gwenith Gwawd One of the five early bards (cynfeirdd), listed alongside Taliesin. Nothing is known about him
Dafydd ap Gwilym 14th century Welsh poet who was regarded as one of the greatest Welsh poets of all time
Dygynnelw Poet of Owain
Henry Lawson Australian bush poet, or ‘bush bard’
Iolo Goch Famous for “The Labourer” and known as the master of the [[Cywydd – a Welsh verse form
John Cooper Clarke ‘The Bard of Salford’
Martin Hearty ‘The Bard of Armagh’
Myrddin Wyllt or Merlin Born in about 540 AD, mythically a magician, but truly a bard
Rabindranath Tagore ‘The Bard of Bengal’
Robert Burns ‘The Bard of Ayrshire’ (or in Scotland, simply ‘The Bard’)
Talhearn Tad Awen One of the five early bards (cynfeirdd), listed alongside Taliesin. Nothing is known about him
Taliesin A 6th century Welsh bard known for writing the book of Taliesin, believed to have lived between 534 and 599 AD
Tristfardd Poet of Urien.
William Cowper ‘The Bard of Olney’
William Shakespeare ‘The Bard of Avon,’ ‘The Immortal Bard’ or (in England) simply ‘The Bard’
William Wordsworth ‘The Bard of Rydal Mount’
Mythological and Fictional
Bard’s Name Who They Were
Abcan Mac Bicelmois Danann harper
Alan-a-dale A mistrel in the tale of Robin Hood
Amairgin or ‘Amergin’ Also Amhairghin Glúngheal, or Glúnmar (big knee), is a bard, [[druid and judge for the Milesians in the Irish Mythological Cycle
Aneirin One of the five early bards (cynfeirdd), listed alongside Taliesin. Was said to have written Y Goddinn
Cnu Deireóil The dwarf fairy harper of Fionn mac Cumhaill in the Fenian Cycle
Coirpre Mac Etaíne or ‘Cairbre’ Legendary poet and satirist of the Túatha Dé Danann
Cridenbél or ‘Crichinpél’ Danann satirist
Dandelion Full name: Viscount Julian Alfred Pankratz de Lettenhove, Troubador and friend of Geralt the Witcher
Eochaid Éigeas A cheif poet of Fiachna Mac Baetain of Ulster. A rival of Mongan
Esras of Gorias Danann druid and poet of the Tuatha De Danann
Ferches Poet-warrior of Ailill Aulomm, slayer of Eogabal, father of Aine
Forgoll A poet and rival of Mongan
Harpermaster Robinton From Anne McCaffrey’s Pern novels
Heinen Fardd Chief poet in the court of Maelgwn Gwynedd
Kvothe  From Name of the Wind
Loch Lethglas Fomorian poet of King Indech
Mintipper Moonsilver A bard from Forgotten Realms
Morfesa of Falias Danann druid and poet of the Tuatha De Danann
Orpheus  The mythological Greek son of a Muse
Semias of Murias Danann druid and poet of the Tuatha De Danann
Sencha Mac Ailella A character from the Ulster Cycle of Irish mythology
Thom Merillin From The Wheel of Time series
Uiscias of Findias Danann druid and poet of the Tuatha De Danann

Bards: A (Very) Brief History

Bards are historically tribal poet-singers, with natural gifts in lyrical composition, originating from Celtic origins.

Bards were later referred to as the national minstrels or poets of Britain and Gaul (now France and Belgium, and some of Switzerland, Germany, Italy, and the Netherlands).

In Dungeons and Dragons, or D&D, bards are musical characters that weave words and music into magic.

They are possibly the most magically versatile character class, using their musical magic to fortify or encourage allies, dishearten enemies, heal the wounded, manipulate the mind and reinforce their weapons.

That’s All For Bard Names

Guitar Blue Flowers
Thank you for taking this naming journey with us, we hope you enjoyed finding the best bard names around!

If you have any other fantasy characters that you need a great name for, have a look at our paladin names and druid names.

Let us know which bard name you decided on in the end, or maybe you can add a great name that we missed. Just comment below!

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