Witchy Names the Easy Way: Witch One Will You Choose?

500+ Witchy Names for Witchy BabesThink you can’t come up with different witchy names? Think again! There are plenty of simple ways to help a name just pop into your head.

What’s in a name? A lot, actually. Your name is the first thing people learn about you, and it can say a lot about who you are. Some people might choose a traditional name, while others might want to choose something a little more unique – our names often play a part in who we are and shape what others think of us.

This is especially true for witches, who often take on new names when they begin their practice so, if you’re looking for a witchy name, then look no further! We’ve gathered some of the best names for witches out there.

Sort through this list of witchy names and choose the perfect one for yourself. Beware, though – some of these names are quite powerful! Choose wisely… or else!

Top 50 Witchy Names

The stories, folklore, and history have been filled with evil and exciting witches’ adventures for centuries that appeal to many people.

So, we have compiled an enormous list of witch names that you’ll find classy and meaningful.

  • Wednesday
  • Lucius Lionheart
  • Runa Deepthirst
  • Ursula Cersei
  • Aliya Griffon
  • Moonie Day
  • Quinn Lilith
  • Brendan Grant
  • Elsa Rivera
  • Elwin Schmidt
  • Tritan Pureblood
  • Marketta Hag
  • Devin Borges
  • Zanami Kane
  • Spirit Wanderer
  • Cornelius Stone
  • McKenna Borewood
  • Keenan Matthews
  • Orlando Norwood
  • Sibley Tiana
  • Marina Waite
  • Saffron Vickers
  • Mona Olden
  • Celeste Moonlight
  • Silver Queen
  • Glenda Goodheart
  • Jasmine Clayton
  • Merlin Grande
  • Daisy Flores
  • Maya Rose
  • Sidonia Winx
  • Narcissa
  • Moonie Daye
  • Ramona Tess
  • Ingrid West
  • Lady Brave
  • Michael Weathers
  • Blair Anjelica
  • Faerie Flores
  • Alma Faith
  • Sian Owllight
  • Queenie Heartful
  • Rose Purewater
  • Bellatrix Swoop
  • Nyzette Clea
  • Rae Oakwood
  • Drakin Shaw
  • Cora Deepwater
  • Lydia Petros
  • Forrest Keeper


If you’re looking to name your black feline companion, look no further than this article on black cat names!

Names That Mean Witch

Here are some names that mean “witch” in different languages. So, check them out and choose your favorite one right away.

Name Meaning
Bruha In Sanskrit, it means “colossal, gigantic.”
Bruija Another name for “sorceress, witch.”
Cadi A Greek name that means “pure.”
Hexe A synonym for a witch.
Magissa “Sorceress”
Noita A Finnish word for “witch.”
Andromeda “Leader of men”
Circe “Bird”
Elspeth “Chosen by God”
Flora “Flower”
Gaia “Earth”
Selene “The moon”
Morgan le Fay “Morgan the fairy.”
Tirsa A Middle Eastern name, Tirsa means “pleasant, delight, joy of life, sight of happiness.”
Tiferet “Beautiful, pleasant”
Abarrane “Father of many”


Funny Witch Names

Witch Apple Wolves
There are plenty of traditional and popular picks like Amelia and Owen, but why not shake things up a bit with a unique name?

Check out this list of witchy baby names—which one will you choose for your little one?

Name Meaning
Efa A word of Welsh origin. The name means “alive.”
Gavira “Queen, Lady”
Isabelle It comes of Italian origin; the name means “consecrated, pledged to God.”
Maria It comes from a Latin origin. Maria means “of the sea, bitter, beloved, rebellious.”
Agatha “Good, honorable”
Amelia “Work”
Allegra “Lively, happy”
Aurora “Dawn”
Agnes “Chaste”
Cassandra “The one who shines”
Cora “Maiden”
Anya The meaning behind this name is “Jehovah’s cloud.”
Dalia The name has a Hebrew as well as Arabic origin, and it means “flower, branch, gift.”
Dodie A name originated from Hebrew, meaning “Gift of God, and Well-loved gift.”
Iva “Gift from God”
Avea “Birdlike,” or “God is my father”



  • Celeste Burns
  • Kesia lobal
  • Jinx Wolfborn
  • Luna Halfmoon
  • Hagatha
  • Lucinda Kipling
  • Ella Kat
  • Kip Wyatt
  • Juniper Tempest
  • Minerva Gloom
  • Luwanda Bella
  • Bianca
  • Antonella
  • Evangeline Peyton
  • Ravana Diabolos
  • Orenda Morgan
  • Viper Scarheart
  • Gwendolyn
  • Kane Killer
  • Tasmin Crescent
  • Georgiana
  • Callum Sharp
  • Magnus Darkheart
  • Fairlie Earthwalker
  • Edna Newborn
  • Lily Shaw
  • Esmerelda Alluda
  • Cassandra Youngblood
  • Aura Starlight
  • Sage Gina
  • Ravenna Zelda
  • Destiny Hallows
  • Romeo Lovelace
  • Enchantra
  • Wildblood
  • Ursula Deepsea
  • Olden Grimm
  • Marnie Thomas
  • Marsden Runes
  • Trinity Whisper
  • Michael Young
  • Rose Rainwater
  • Ophelia Airstone
  • Henry Grimson
  • Ridley Vande
  • Violet Shivers
  • Proserpina Redmoon
  • Angelus Knight
  • Kali Stone
  • Sarabeth Nimue
  • Rosalin Hunt
  • Octavia Silvas
  • Sweetie Madam
  • Opal Moonfall
  • Amritta Sniperhood
  • Decree Lovelong
  • Jasper Youngblood
  • Broom Hilda
  • Esme Shadows
  • Leonard Victus
  • Ariel Seadevil
  • Willa Layla
  • Phia Hilda
  • Apollo Spirit
  • Cornelius Blood
  • CarrierAmelia
  • Aurora Heartly
  • Luna Nightwolf
  • Delvin Curse
  • JadisFaye
  • Jasmine Young
  • Hera Ripper
  • Sabina Treacherous
  • Rigby Cecily
  • Octavia Snipers
  • Kali Nightstalker
  • Aubrey
  • Selene Iceheart
  • Jasmine Lightheart
  • Cleo Flores


Famous Witch Names

Naming your witchy persona is not as easy as you’d think. Do you want something exotic, dark, and mysterious? Or maybe something cute and bubbly?

There are so many names to choose from, but which one is right for you? Here’s a list of all the famous witch names.

Name Meaning
Eve A name of English origin. The meaning behind the name is “life, animal.”
Bethany It comes from Bethany’s Greek word that means “house of figs.”
Aby Diminutive of Abigail, Aby means “true, gathers joy.”
Abigael “My father rejoices, source of my happiness”
Annalise “Grace, devoted to God”
Danielle “God is my judge”
Elizabeth “My God is abundance, My God is an oath”
Gabriella “God is my strength”
Hannah “Grace, favor”
Rinna “Joyous song”
Iman “God is with us”
Jane “God is gracious”
Jordan “To flow downward”
Leah It has an English and Hebrew origin. Leah means “weary.”
Willow “Freedom, willow tree”
Zara “Radiance”
Winter A name of American origin that signifies a season.



  • Glinda Prue
  • Moon Myst
  • Wanda Olivia
  • Lulu Starley
  • Venus Heartbreaker
  • Aurora Darkwaters
  • Trent Borges
  • Sophillia Heartstrong
  • Adina Malin
  • Hemenway
  • Aria Avery
  • Triss Vivienne
  • Ankh Aura
  • Darkus Mucus
  • Abigail Samara
  • Cybelle Serpent
  • Fae Ley
  • Wanda Zelena
  • Lilith Darkcurse
  • Jasmine Lilly
  • Roland Sorin
  • Gunnar Wilde
  • Trey Michaels
  • Cassandra Pure
  • Sabine ShadowWing
  • Tori Tornheart
  • Mary Jade
  • Amulet Athame
  • Tabitha Miriam
  • Astrid Loveheart
  • Beatrix Meller
  • Kenzie Tovah
  • Star Vale
  • Dantes Chaos
  • Eula Tatiana
  • Syria Carrow
  • Allegra Elphaba
  • Onyx Bloodwolf
  • Thurlow Circe
  • Moira Villanus
  • Calypso Elvyra
  • Litha Magik
  • Forrest Blake
  • Maria Snow heart
  • Xander Carson
  • Conan Lawson
  • Vivienne Griselda
  • Mildred Wagner
  • Cairne Dittany
  • Gabriella Bloodthirst
  • Peraden Fang
  • Isolde Wolfbane
  • Sweetie Madam
  • Opal Moonfall
  • Amritta Sniperhood
  • Decree Lovelong
  • Jasper Youngblood
  • Broom Hilda
  • Esme Shadows
  • Leonard Victus
  • Ariel Seadevil
  • Willa Layla
  • Phia Hilda
  • Apollo Spirit
  • Cornelius Blood
  • CarrierAmelia
  • Aurora Heartly
  • Luna Nightwolf
  • Delvin Curse
  • JadisFaye
  • Jasmine Young
  • Hera Ripper
  • Sabina Treacherous
  • Rigby Cecily
  • Octavia Snipers
  • Kali Nightstalker
  • Aubrey
  • Selene Iceheart
  • Jasmine Lightheart
  • Cleo Flores


Witchy Baby Names

Young Girl in Witch's Costume
Witchy baby names have been growing in popularity for the past few years, and there’s no sign of them stopping anytime soon!

If you’re looking for a unique name for your little one, consider one of these witchy options.

Witchy Girl Names

Witchy names are perfect for any little girl who loves all things spooky and magical.

Whether you’re looking for a unique name that will stand out from the crowd or a whimsical name with a bit of edge, there’s sure to be a perfect witchy name for your daughter here.

Name Meaning
Sahira An Arabic name that means “wakeful.”
Sorciere “A woman who is supposed to have powers of magic”
Sorgina “Pagan priestesses”
Viedma “Decisive, generous”
Witika “Strive to accomplish”
Afsoun A Persian word that symbolizes “spell, charm.”
Fusun A Turkish word for “charm.”
Mohana In Hindi, it means “bewitching.”
Naenia The Latin word for “incarnation.”
Ruqayyah An Arabic name that means “charm, spell.”
Taika A Finnish word for “magic.”
Zoraida A Spanish name that stands for “enchanting.”
Alse “Stable nature, practical, responsible.”
Bridget An Irish name that means “exalted one.”
Endor “Fountain, eye of generation, of habitation.”
Grace A Latin name that means “goodness, generosity, charm.”
Malin An old English name that stands for a “little strong warrior.”
Merga A Kurdish name that means “a star in the constellation.”
Sarah A Biblical name that means “princess, noblewoman.”
Tituba In Spanish, Tituba symbolizes “to stammer.” And in South America, it means “to atone.”
Ursulaa A Latin name that means “bear.”
Beryl A Greek word that means “light green semi-precious gemstone.”
Cassie A name originated from Greece that means “shining over the moon.”
Koume A name of Japanese origin that stands for the meaning “small plum.”
Fiji “Place name”
Galina A Slavic name that means “clay.”
Hermoine A Greek name has the meaning of “earthy, messenger.”
Jadis A French word that means “long ago, yore.”
Marina A Latin name that means “from the sea.”
Marnie “Shinning, sparkling”
Melisandre A name of American origin that means “labor strength.”
Mildred “Gentle strength”
Prue “Sensible, prudent”
Sabrina “Legendary princess”
Samantha “God has heard”


Witchy Boy Names

If you’re looking for a unique name that still has deep roots, why not choose a witchy boy name?

There are tons of amazing names to choose from, so take your time and find the perfect one for your little boy. He’ll be sure to stand out in a crowd with a cool witchy boy name from this list.

Name Meaning
Achak A Native American name that means “spirit.”
Adonis A Greek name stands for “one who is extremely good looking.”
Aiden A Celtic name that symbolizes “little fire.”
Ailill A Gaelic name meaning “elf.”
Albus It means “white” in Latin.
Alchem It is the abbreviated form of “alchemy.”
Alun In Welsh, it means “harmony.”
Angus A name of the Celtic god of wisdom. The name has the meaning “unique, special.”
Astro A name of Greek origin means “of the stars.”
Bearach A Gaelic name that means “sharp.”
Blade A name that means “sharp, cunning.”
Brenin A Welsh name that means “king.”
Brion A Gaelic name that symbolizes “noble.”
Cadmun A name of Anglo-Saxon origin means “warrior.”
Caradoc A Welsh name that means “dearly loved.”
Caron “Loving”
Castor “Gemini constellation”
Cedric A Celtic name meaning “bounty.”
Cenunnos “God of life”
Chatan A Native American name that has the meaning of “hawk.”
Cormac “Son of a charioteer”
Desmond “A knowledgeable man”
Dragomir “Something precious, peaceful”
Emrick “Immortal”
Evander “Goodman”
Ferges “Strong, manly”
Fial “Honorable”
Finn “White, fair”
Fox “Sleek, cunning”
Gawain “Defender of the weak”
Gwydion “Born of trees”
Herne “God of the hunt”
Huritt “Handsome”
Janus Roman god of doorways
Kegan “Descendant of the fiery one”
Khonsu “Traveler”
Lazarus “God is my help”
Leaf “Sweet”
Leigh “Wood dweller”
Llyr “God of the sea”
Lumin “The light”
Lysander “Liberator”
Neptune Roman god of the seas
Nikan “My friend”
Oberon “King of the faeries”
Omen “Prophecies at the ready”
Pagan “From the country”
Pan “Shepherd”
Percival “Piercing the valley”
Pollux “Crown”
Roane “Red-haired”
Rowan “A lush tree”
Sahele “Falcon”
Stone Conveys “strength.”


Nicknames for Witches

Spooky Spellcaster
What’s your witch name? Will you choose a name that sounds sinister and dark, or will you opt for a more whimsical option?

Whether you’re just starting on your witchcraft journey or looking for a new moniker to add to your list, these names will help you find the perfect witchy names.

Witches have some weird yet funny nicknames, so scroll down the list to choose your favorite one.

  • Nala Helena
  • Beatrix Orlando
  • Hale Priscilla
  • Palsgrave
  • Conrad Silva
  • Elric Serita
  • Henrietta
  • Delphine
  • Blood Countess
  • Camille Jenkins
  • McKenna Burwood
  • Marsden Hoffman
  • Millicent Brianna
  • Jade Knight
  • Jasper Bradley
  • Drusilla Yuki
  • Lillian Palmer
  • Devereux
  • Finn Cunningham
  • Tori Blackweather
  • Maddie Montero
  • Juno Simmons
  • Mist of the Desert
  • Draco Race
  • Sea Witch
  • Sarah Aggie
  • Lyle Juniper
  • Calliope Ariana
  • Sulo Dorothy
  • Isabelle Graeme
  • Dani Lorraine
  • Blackroot
  • Mother of Screams
  • Teen Witch
  • Anna, the Witch
  • Matilda Brita
  • Freya Ester
  • Wendigo Rex
  • Queen of the Lower Realms
  • Angelica Grimm
  • Martins Viola
  • Grace Edwards
  • Anastasia Perkins
  • Clayton Simms
  • Mallory Greta
  • Dawn Rosenberg
  • Olivia Waters
  • Heather Thorn
  • Ballard Isla
  • Gerard Hansen
  • Gunnar Hicks
  • Witch Queen of Ohio
  • Jayden Ian
  • Darcy Zatanna
  • Catalina
  • Grey Evilian
  • Cedric Abella
  • Lincoln Caldwell
  • Adam Meyer
  • Jane Agnes
  • Belinda Tempest
  • Good Witch of the Ice Lands
  • Summer Littlewood
  • She-Beast of the Black Hills
  • Alastair Black
  • Anita Boyd
  • Merriam Lorelai
  • Aphrodesia
  • Candace Edith
  • Angelique Susannah
  • Sukie Zoe
  • Victoria Delgado
  • Deirdra Hex
  • Fabian OZ
  • Succubus of Salem
  • Edwina Lillian
  • Witch queen
  • Desdemona
  • Briella Luna
  • Morgan Hall
  • Tate Gardner
  • Lenora
  • Lucius Stanley
  • Maleficent
  • Hecate Shaula
  • Cordelia Payne
  • Keanu Snyder
  • Cordelia Morda
  • Green witch
  • Kendra Anya
  • Harley Sansa
  • Edward Wagner
  • Madeline Lexi
  • Bee Witch
  • Rupert Vanessa
  • Elspeth Ganon
  • Sabrina Black
  • Serena
  • Katrina Cutler
  • Celeste Nerissa
  • Mind Bender
  • Death Mentor
  • Grace Rochelle
  • Emma Bronwyn
  • Elsa Bodhi
  • Agatha Luiza
  • Cassandra Lunetta
  • Enchantress of the Moors
  • Erik Webb
  • Synn Sophie
  • Lady of the Green
  • Rain Raven
  • Spellbinder
  • Wayde Cloven
  • Allisa Newcomb
  • Witch of the Wood
  • Cavendish Salina
  • Adalyn Thornton
  • Issac Rivers
  • Miranda Queenie
  • Violet Laurens
  • Amaverick Dawson
  • Lucas Enid
  • Royce Merlin
  • Fiona Cruella
  • Hades Greystone
  • Aidan Howell
  • Kaiser McKinney
  • Willow Creighton
  • Lyra Williams
  • Endora Macy
  • Marcus Fuller
  • Gabriel Samantha
  • White Witch
  • Kitchen Witch
  • Old Blood
  • Rowena Winifred
  • Gwyneth Freeman
  • Cooper Magnus
  • Moll Ganondorf
  • Alexandra
  • Dark Queen
  • Clover Shannon
  • Alwina Eleanor
  • Piper Zara
  • Sharik Neville
  • Darius Longwood
  • Ravencroft
  • Grand High Witch
  • Sorana Ruby
  • Helena Foster
  • Sea Hag
  • Dirt Witch
  • Kayden Dean
  • Thessaly
  • Hazel Mcentye



Thanks to modern pop culture, witchy names are no longer considered evil and taboo. They are now among the most exciting and unique names people choose for their children.

We have kept every facet of witchy characteristics for choosing all the names in this blog. All these names are inspired by history and old stories and they have a magical and mystical air about them.

Whether you’re looking for unique and exciting nicknames for witches or simply want to pay homage to the witchy women of history, these names are sure to enchant.

Take a look and see which one is right for your little one. Maybe they’ll end up being the next famous witch!

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