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Here you will find not only the best mage name generator around but also the most fitting, hand-selected mage names for your magic practitioner – a well-chosen name will make your character more tangible.

You can choose a name for all types of mage – wizards, magicians, sorcerers, enchanters/warlocks, and witches. Even Star Wars‘ Jedi could be considered mages.

Similar to druids, the term mage covers both male and female practitioners of magic, drawing their powers from abstract sources of nature. Which source exactly depends on which fantasy universe you delve into.

These devotees of magic will spend arduous years applying themselves to their discipline to master the arcane. The result of their dedication is an elite and powerful force in the world, be they good, neutral… or evil.

Onward, to drawing a name out of a (magic) hat! There are many name generators throughout the page, so make sure you scroll all the way through, or use the contents to skip ahead.

Next up are the most famous witches, wizards, mages, enchantresses, and sorcerers from two of the most fascinating sources; human history, and human imagination.

Or, skip ahead to the Mage Names!

Famous Wizards and Mages

When choosing the name of any character, certain conventions apply, whether you’re aware of them or not!

It’s not likely that you would find an orc with the name Aenwë, or a legendary archmage called Charles.

Looking at the names of the most famous magic users (that have shaped people’s expectations) will help when it comes to choosing your own character’s name.


Morgan Le Fay Sorceress
Through the centuries, many people have worked their way into the annals of history as mages, or users of magic.

This was achieved either by convincing those around them, performing supernatural acts, or a general lack of understanding of the public during or after the person’s life.

Sadly, the rise in Christianity and fear held by the church lead to persecution for many people. During the 16th and 17th centuries up to 80,000 people were persecuted as witches across Europe. Roughly 80 percent of them were women thought to have joined the Devil, and were lust-filled.

On a more sincere note though, here are the names of the most famous wizards and mages throughout history.

Historical Mage A Little Bit About Them
Nicolas Flamel Not just a figment of J.K.Rowling’s Harry Potter books, in the 14th to 15th Century, the bookseller Nicolas Flamel claimed to have created the philosopher’s stone after decyphering an ancient alchemy text.
Morgan Le Fay In the Arthurian legend Morgan is King Arthur’s half-sister and a powerful enchantress (female wizard). She learned to use magic as Merlin’s apprentice, and later uses it to foil Arthur’s efforts.
Grigori Rasputin A Russian peasant who was originally described as a strannik (wanderer or pilgrim), Rasputin was a self-proclaimed holy man who later acted as the court healer in late Tsarist Russia.
Abe no Seimei The Japanese onmyoji or wizard from around the 9th Century, is as steeped in legend as Merlin from the Arthurian Legend. He served and protected six emperors.
Michael Scot Featuring in Dante’s Inferno, personal astrologer of the Holy Roman Emperor and tutor to the Pope, he reputedly divided the Eildon Hills in three and redirected the river Tweed.
John Domingo A self-proclaimed necromancer and Voodoo practitioner from Charleston, South Carolina. Amongst other supernatural feats, he was most famed for raising the dead +D7:F8as law-enforcers of sorts.
Marie Laveau A 19th Century Voodoo sorceress who offered divination to clients in New Orleans. Her resting place is thought to be a place of strong magic, often visited by people to make a wish.
John Dee In 16th Century England, Dee’s occultist pursuits combined science and magic, through which he served Queen Elizabeth I as court astrologer.
Aleister Crowley Crowned the “wickedest man in the world in the first half of the 20th century“, Crowley was a devoted occultist and practitioner of ceremonial magic. A member of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, and later his own group and religion, Thelema.
Merlin Need we say more? Arguably the most famous sorcerer in the western world, where fact has become so ensconced in myth as to be indiscernible from any historical truth!


Other famous historical mages and wizards:

  • Rabbi Judah Loew ben Bezalel
  • John Of Nottingham
  • Roger Bolingbroke
  • Edward Kelly
  • Circé Lethem
  • Apollonius of Tyana
  • Apuleius
  • Edward John Dimond
  • Taliesin
  • Hermes Trismegistus
  • Se-Osiris
  • Roger Bacon

With the magical deeds of many of these people being well-documented, one can’t help but ask the question, was Jesus a mage?


Harry Potter Hedwig Fictional Wizard
J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter is rife with witches and wizards names ranging from the downright plain, like Lavender Brown, to the outright eccentric, like Kingsley Shacklebolt. However, Rowling’s enchanting world is far from the only fictional world that mages make their home.

Here are the Top 30 Good or Neutral Fictional Wizards Names:

  • Tolkien’s Legendarium:
    • Gandalf
    • Radagast the Brown
  • Andrzej Sapkowski’s The Witcher series:
    • Artaud Terranova
    • Assire var Anahid
    • Francesca Findabair
    • Fringilla Vigo
    • Istredd
    • Keira Metz
    • Lara Dorren
    • Lydia van Bredevoort
    • Lytta Neyd
    • Margarita Laux-Antille
    • Marti Sodergren
    • Philippa Eilhart
    • Sabrina Glevissig
    • Sheala de Tancarville
    • Stregobor
    • Tissaia de Vries
    • Triss Merigold
    • Visenna
    • Xarthisius
    • Yennefer
  • J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter series:
    • Professor Albus Dumbledore
    • Professor Severus Snape
    • Sirius Black
    • Harry Potter
    • Remus Lupin
    • Ronald Weasley
    • Katie Bell
    • Neville Longbottom
    • Hannah Abbott
    • Bathilda Bagshot
    • Cedric Diggory
  • Wizards of Waverly Place
    • Alex Russo
    • Justin Russo
    • Max Russo
  • DC Extended Universe
    • John Constantine
    • Zatanna
    • The Wizard
  • Aslan – C.S. Lewis’ Narnia collection
  • Raistlin Majere – Dragonlance
  • Harry Dresden – The Dresden Files
  • Sabrina Spellman – Sabrina the Teenage Witch
  • Howl Jenkins Pendragon – Howl’s Moving Castle
  • Sparrowhawk – Tales from Earthsea
  • Rincewind – Terry Pratchet’s Discworld
  • The Wizard – The Wizard of Oz
  • Shazam A.K.A. Captain Marvel – Marvel Universe


The names of the most notable evil wizards and mages across the worlds of fiction are:

  • Tolkien’s Legendarium:
    • Sauron
    • Saruman the White
  • Sleeping Beauty:
    • Maleficent
    • Rumplestiltskin
  • J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter series:
    • Voldemort
    • Bellatrix Lestrange
    • Lucius Malfoy
    • Draco Malfoy
    • Dolores Umbridge
  • Andrzej Sapkowski’s The Witcher series:
    • Vilgefortz of Roggeveen
    • Sorel Degerlund
    • Rience
  • Jadis, the White Witch – C.S.Lewis’ Narnia collection.
  • Jafar – Aladin.
  • The Wicked Witch of the West – The Wizard of Oz.
  • Madam Mim – The Sword in the Stone.

Right, enough of names that already exist! We know what you’re really looking for.

Evil Mage Names

Necromancer Evil Wizard
The temptation that comes with great ability is too much for some sorcerers, pulling the wielder of magic to pursue power for personal gain. As the saying goes, “Power corrupts. Absolute power corrupts absolutely.”

Evil comes in many forms and mages are no different.

  • The mages known as Necromancers are those that practice necromancy, magic involving the dead. The most recognizable sign of an evil mage is the breaking of nature’s most fundamental law – death.
  • The Goetist practices the evocation of demons from other elemental planes, the result of which is almost guaranteed to be destructive.
  • Just plain evil, usually called a sorcerer or sorceress. Their evil doesn’t come from the kind of magic that they practice, but the choices they make and their moral alignment.

Every great chronicle has a dark side to throw the light into contrast. Every great narrative has an antagonist with a fitting name.

Make your story great by giving your antagonist a moniker from our Top 20 Evil Mage Names!

Female Neutral Male
1. Lilith Zorander 1. Thorne Fade 1. Chadli Drabek
2. Katia Scarletwound 2. Finch Razor 2. Asema Fade
3. Estella Jones 3. Draven Zorander 3. Franz Dred
4. Lusha Diablos 4. Pandora Magnus 4. Link Digby
5. Eldon Grail 5. Dominique Breedlove 5. Virion Ebonywood
6. Max Norwood 6. Drace Le Rouge 6. Vaughn Sephiran
7. Jude Monroe 7. Crowley Devonshire 7. Vexacion Carpathia
8. Mace Shade 8. Amaranth Delarosa 8. Prince Le Doux
9. Carmilla Natas 9. Freed Delacroix 9. Caesar Autumn
10. Gnash Hart 10. Sax Strain 10. Desmond Victor
11. Belladonna Wright 11. Ike Roseberg 11. Lennix Whitmore
12. Elza Hook 12. Rogue Digby 12. Shayde Aura
13. Zola Orlando 13. Vail Wolfmoon 13. Semias Sanguine
14. Severina Moonfall 14. Umbri Lestat 14. Vorkalth Lovelace
15. Weiss Morgan 15. Kindle Morgan 15. Zeddicus Barclay
16. Valaine Duke 16. Arch Caligari 16. Mathian Cromwell
17. Wendell Zul 17. Eldon Jinx 17. Granger Vigil
18. Autumn Christian 18. Blight Hart 18. Scias Zayne
19. Grimina Helion 19. Avanth Addington 19. Labyrinth Woods
20. Sabre Onyx 20. Alex Bloodgood 20. Law Chalice


Did you find the perfect, wicked name? If not, there are many more options in this evil name generator.

Valaine Soulton
Selena Latimer
Brie Victor
Lament Fadington
Mace Payne


Good Mage Names

Female Mage Purple Sky Comet
The majority of mages pursue their mastery of magic for the betterment of the world as it stands – no mean feat – and one that requires extraordinary natural and supernatural powers.

More pertinent to a good mage than their powers, abilities, or anything silly like that, is a good name.

Okay, powers and abilities are important too… but these good mage names are even better! Underneath this list you’ll find the name generator for good mages.

Female Neutral Male
1. Ayla Caskcut 1. Jules Gatlin 1. Toshiaki Lanza
2. Alana Hendrix 2. Hero Bardot 2. Eadelmarr St
3. Lita Yearwood 3. Nimai Monroe 3. Kamilah West
4. Kikyo Bardot 4. Kelly Taft 4. Pradeep Lundy
5. Elaine Poverly 5. Kerry Sagespark 5. Naim Seyfried
6. Zariya Snakeleaf 6. Lonnie Hydrafist 6. Chandler Hendrix
7. Ziv West 7. James Daughtler 7. Bhaskara Solace
8. Alina Marley 8. Roux Marblemaw 8. Benjamin Adams
9. Uriela Wilson 9. Alexis Vespertine 9. Truesdale Beckett
10. Anora St 10. Marley Wilson 10. Akris Gabel
11. Phoebe Adams 11. Devon Callas 11. Kai Kendrick
12. Sachin Gannon 12. Rory Mahan 12. Cedric Mouse
13. Felise Ellis 13. Wallis Oatrun 13. Amal Sagespark
14. Afroze Alterio 14. Kadin Mouse 14. Daggett Strongblossom
15. Felicity Gasper 15. Angel Adams 15. Kedrick Ashley
16. Leta Oberman 16. Merri Oberman 16. Oron Hydrafist
17. Noor Marblemaw 17. Phoenix Gray 17. Raiden Windward
18. Joy Gonzales 18. Ashley Caskcut 18. Elior Elsher
19. Aonani Dustfinger 19. Taylor Pierce 19. Caron Gasper
20. Thea Keller 20. Nevada Jenkins 20. Renjiro Homa


Leora Riggs
Naomi Huxley
Cleanth Marley
Dawn Cassidy
Astraea Oatrun


Funny Mage Names

Funny Mage
Not all mages need to be serious and heavy-hearted. Magicians can bring great joy, especially with one of our funny mage names to match their comedic character!

Here are the 30 Funniest Mage Names that we could find or come up with. If you have any more, do share the joy in the comments at the end!

  • Alec Azzam
  • Warren Peace
  • Hal Apenyo – Fire mage
  • Artie Phishal
  • Cleric Apton
  • Rick Axely – Will never let you down
  • Eric the Generic Cleric
  • Derek the Cleric
  • Rigger Mortis
  • Duncan Sinners – for priestly mages
  • Justin de Niko Time – A wizard is never late
  • Nev’ron Thyme – Until they are
  • Reed A’buk
  • Aryu Sirius
  • Gnome Chomsky
  • Sir Cumfrence
  • Sexington Hardcastle
  • Nev’ron Thyme
  • Phillim Tudabrim
  • Sir Osis of Liver
  • Amper Sand
  • Jon Rivers
  • Yela Snow
  • Harta Stone
  • Moe Skeeto
  • Khonsta Payt
  • Takeda Monienrun
  • Jenna Cyde
  • Amir Mortal
  • Christoff Walkenstaff – More cowbell

Male and Female Mage Names

Mage Levitating Witchy
The word mage is actually a blanket term that covers all of the other magic users: witch, wizard, warlock, sorcerer/sorceress, enchanter/enchantress, etc.

Here are our 20 favorite mage names for male, female and gender-neutral characters; you’ll find the mage name generator below this.

Female Neutral Male
1. Shuvia Commonseeker 1. Odizor Ogolavone 1. Straneus Smartreaper
2. Amnuwixe Grove 2. Udullaes Grindelwald 2. Usim Ashbluff
3. Ikora Mountainbane 3. Urollaes Hackshield 3. Paveus Gorelight
4. Ohatarish Men 4. Ohekonn Delacour 4. Rakron Tiza
5. Rhunilorh Crelthendellal 5. Thezahl Filch 5. Otorn Crabbe
6. Unnanelle Aphelion 6. Rhedall Larmalart 6. Olzemorn Danamark
7. Ilyn Lamoth 7. Arimorith Vassezac 7. Dakalis Muldimzilze
8. Isomorith Yllanan 8. Ohodali Ilaleztice 8. Thixeor Sharpvigor
9. Iffaeh Sternguard 9. Olashann Marblewhisper 9. Draldor Yokas
10. Frerune Neridithas 10. Ironin Wildforce 10. Duvras Fern
11. Zuqora Terraspear 11. Rhofarih Ironcut 11. Daqiohr Lamreth
12. Eratrixi Sharp 12. Meqor Crowstrike 12. Odowyn Bluebleeder
13. Cefyne Fieryfall 13. Eqiohn Deadblade 13. Esior Malkin
14. Collaes Ankle 14. Unyll Chaemaer 14. Inapius Deepgrain
15. Novira Obsidia 15. Khudarin Featherdreamer 15. Grikron Hendrix
16. Mizahne Kreldencieth 16. Idetrix Priestley 16. Adizahr Treeshaper
17. Amari Asteria 17. Ullabarin Lomadieu 17. Orehagan Goldstein
18. Shizohra Steamsparker 18. Oqinn Abednego 18. Agestrum Mirthcleaver
19. Onumonora Despate 19. Erihann Xilcaryn 19. Iphiar Zauett
20. Etoqiohne Roughdust 20. Zonoran Heliot 20. Obin Benjamin


Sotarish Marvolo
Onnavile Brightdoom
Hizyni Desai
Iqille Synthalar
Ozaless Excalibus


Male and Female Wizard Names

When a mage is called a wizard, they are most often male and of a neutral-to-good moral inclination. This isn’t always the case, but sticking to this unwritten convention can be helpful to your reader.

Featuring in this list are our hand-selected, 20 Best Names for Wizards for female, male, and gender-neutral characters. Below that you will find the wizard name generator.

Female Neutral Male
1. Ilorish Radcliff 1. Anivior Zudalmath 1. Owyss Chauveron
2. Ukely Kolakolake 2. Qradus Moltenore 2. Ennarhan Treeforest
3. Izimaev Oattaker 3. Ebus Featherdreamer 3. Omonar Mournrock
4. Usenyll Sevenson 4. Stuveus Hardshout 4. Onihaen Pyldrir
5. Febaris Lovegood 5. Odus Obzalar 5. Elarihann Genrieth
6. Ellorihann Slytherin 6. Emonar Warmane 6. Irruldor Enkitellor
7. Osidelis Sharpvigor 7. Dheras Clanwing 7. Uneth Terramaul
8. Ubis Kistan 8. Erizor Silverweaver 8. Arugorin Cherith
9. Mohione Godfrey 9. Egaxon Myelthesendad 9. Hakaron Firelick
10. Imaxis Evaneszar 10. Wahagan Mortem 10. Amivys Bruki
11. Ovira Diosilrag 11. Qrukore Zaphruil 11. Allithall Yokas
12. Lagreth Longshard 12. Arledor Voortham 12. Orish Dabella
13. Fahith Despate 13. Edukalis Cragore 13. Ameneas Hallowswift
14. Urikey Cosmakar 14. Zabras Elfscribe 14. Ehuwyss Godfrey
15. Emutrixi Hallowedsorrow 15. Alvomonar Festus 15. Anigorin Albion
16. Refora T’sach 16. Uhagan Gul 16. Phodel Despate
17. Effea Kettleburn 17. Orisim Mildbreath 17. Dokonn Crestbreeze
18. Omnevile Uloryn 18. Orehone Nimblemind 18. Gokaron Gaignory
19. Laganis Talfen 19. Oqium Mystazalio 19. Elore Tonks
20. Zideis Stillblade 20. Arukalis Fizzlar 20. Odishan Meadowbrace


Mivys Zabini
Qizith Lamreth
Nekon Baenre
Uwyn Sierra
Uraweahl Amazario


Male and Female Sorcerer Names

A sorcerer is a mage who generally has a moral inclination somewhere between neutral and evil. But what’s in a name, really?

We’ve chosen the Best 20 Sorcerer Names around for this list, beneath which you will find the sorcerer name generator.

Female Neutral Male
1. Elassaem Malkin 1. Inukalis Ankle 1. Ixeor Deepwoods
2. Isedeis Montalli 2. Horhan Thugglelba 2. Etior Delacour
3. Owyss Voltror 3. Zorin Dilion’lyr 3. Ifeus Shieldtrap
4. Uphudeis Graygut 4. Aharith Kulanageane 4. Egebarin Shattermast
5. Ihalleas Podmore 5. Ennegorin Greengrass 5. Uruneus Synthalar
6. Offaeh Rambumoux 6. Odoharith Karjualath 6. Inovior Sternguard
7. Shuphiane Nilus 7. Enneshann Echethier 7. Thedus Suteuil
8. Haro Grub 8. Edel Beam 8. Anvedel Pekkan
9. Sitarish Bertillon 9. Ahukaron Vathunavone 9. Ozohagan Leafslayer
10. Cexis Warmane 10. Sotarish Neredras 10. Xulin Bruki
11. Chetazz Pyldrir 11. Okore Desai 11. Elozin Skysnow
12. Qolyna Quentin 12. Olanorim Clanwing 12. Onvavior Woodlight
13. Unnewaelle Massouchanteau 13. Illawyss Oobiansor 13. Ageor Stonebender
14. Vezohra Myirthiakmender 14. Ulugorin Parkinson 14. Orokron Abracadabrus
15. Ariphior Clampaseargek 15. Kirihann Jouvempes 15. Orumazz Treeforest
16. Ophetrixi Enzymar 16. Vuwyn Duskstalker 16. Stuhith Cloven
17. Onnoxone Riverlander 17. Urihann Bruki 17. Iqirax Addington
18. Ellinora Furi 18. Avero Swiftbrew 18. Arliwix Radcliff
19. Ezistrea Bram 19. Khuqinn Ronchegnac 19. Rhegorim Genrieth
20. Vahione Erslice 20. Osabaris Sophonodos 20. Karonin Serphent


Uhutrixi Perplexio
Umnozohra Ahronath
Frulune Magmapike
Unnelyna Anlow
Idagreth Bram


6 Top Tips for Choosing a Great Name for Your Mage

Typewriter Writing Fiction Novel
If you have a strong idea of who your character is but the name hasn’t arrived yet, here are six tips for choosing a great name.

If you just want to get back to it, head back up to the name generators!


  1. Location, Location, Location!

A character’s origin plays a big part in who they are – or who they were – including how they’re named. If your story is set in a particular location, then you should select your characters’ names to at least be partially respectful of that place’s cultural conventions.

To illustrate, if your story evolves in Japan, names such as Itō Midori and Sakai Mako are more akin to names of that locale than contemporary English names like John Davies or Robert Wilson. Alternatively, if you’re trying to think of the last name for a heroine from Eastern Europe, African names like Sizwe or Mlongo wouldn’t make sense.

So, not only is it location, location, location… but also research, research, research!


  1. The Age of Your Character – Their M-age!

Popular and common names change significantly over the years. The suitability of a character’s name will depend heavily on the story’s period.

Take as an example, a mage from England in the Dark Ages, a period ripe for fictitious exploration. Them having the modern English last name “Rogers” sticks out like a sore thumb.

Likewise, the aforementioned Itō Midori could be the name of a Japanese, female mage born pre-19th century, whereas a modern mage would more likely be called Midori Itō!

It pays off to research names and naming conventions during your character’s time period to lend credence to your character so that not only will your reader be more deeply immersed, but the story’s setting also carries more credibility.


  1. Keep It Unique

When choosing your mage’s names, ensure they are suitably distinct from other famous mages, and any other characters in your story. Two or more names that are similar in sound or spelling can lead to your reader’s confusion.

You may wish to pick names that are similar in their background or implications of personality, but don’t fall into the trap of monotony. Replace Ashford and Asteria with distinct names like Caddel or Roquenet.


  1. Stay Genre Specific

Every genre has a different feeling and comes with its own set of expectations from a reader, for example, romantic stories favor traditional names like Emily and David.

The realms of fantasy are no different. You still have a broad scope with which to work, ranging from stepping outside of the norm with a name like The Witcher’s Yennefer (akin to Jennifer) or bringing in a more complex name such as Daenerys Targaryen from Game of Thrones.


  1. Characteristics Shape a Name… Or Is It the Other Way?!

We’ll keep this as simple as possible.

Heroic character’s names should conjure a feeling of wellbeing and safety. Evil character’s names should invoke a subtle fear and unease. Silly character’s names should be of a whimsical nature – take “Nearly Headless Nick” from Harry Potter whose real name is Sir Nicholas de Mimsy-Porpington!

This is a general guideline to follow unless, of course, you’re throwing an ironic angle in there by giving the town drunkard the moniker Wulfric Ironheart.


  1. Finally, Be Interesting!

Consider the difference between two female characters: In the blue corner we have Amy Jones and in the red corner stands Silyna Aphelion.

Without being told any more about either of them, who do you want to find out more about?

People who delve into fantasy are doing so to experience more than the banality of life, so… give them something to experience!

The Takeaway (No, Not Pizza!)

Mage names, wizard names, sorcerer names, enchanter names… the difference between the terms is subtle, but worth paying attention to:

  • Mage – A blanket term for a magic practicioner.
  • Wizard or Warlock – A male magic practitioner.
  • Sorcerer / Sorceress – Male / female mage who has a moral inclination somewhere between evil and neutral.
  • Enchanter / Enchantress – Male / female mage with a good to neutral moral alignment.

And then there’s the hag, occultist, thaumaturgist, theurgist, wonder-worker, medicine man, shaman, druid, witch doctor, crystal gazer, diviner, foreseer, fortune-teller, prognosticator, prophesier, prophet, seer, soothsayer, medium, an exorcist… the list goes on.

We hope you enjoyed our names and found either the perfect name or the inspirational spark to light your imaginative fire!

Please, let us know in the comments how you did and what name you landed on in the end.

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