Irish Girl Names for Your Lovely Baby Girl with Interesting Meanings

Irish Girl NamesWe found a list of unusual Irish girl names inspired by myth and legend. Here are our favorites! Find out the meanings behind the names.

If you are searching for a special name for your baby girl, we have an ultimate list of Irish names that are perfect for your unique little girl.

The Irish culture is dominant, with stories that date back many years. Moreover, Celtic mythology and folklore play a major part in the Irish names we hear today.

We found a list of unusual Irish girl names inspired by myth and legend. Here are our favorites! Find out the meanings behind the names.

How to Pronounce Irish Girl Names?

The Irish language is beautiful, with several pretty Irish names, but it can be a struggle to pronounce them correctly.

Most of these names are written in one way but pronounced in a completely different way. This can become very confusing when you pick a name for your baby girl.

Nevertheless, once you learn the different sounds that combinations of letters make, the process gets easier. Check out how these vowel combinations are pronounced:

ao is pronounced ay

aoi is pronounced ee

eo is pronounced oh

ea is pronounced awe

io is pronounced ih

ia is pronounced ee

Top 20 Irish Names for Girls

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The Irish language is full of names that have a deeper meaning. If you are one of those parents who give importance to the meaning of names, you will enjoy the list we’ve put together.

Here are the Top 20!



This name means “beautiful” or “joyful.” In Irish mythology, Aoife is one of the greatest woman warriors in the world.



Pronounced kwee-va or kee-wa, the name means “gentle,” “beautiful,” or “precious.”



The feminine version of Ciaran, it means “dark.” It is pronounced kee-ra.



This name means “liberty” or “freedom.”



Pronounced neev or nee-iv, Niamh means “lustre,” “radiance,” or “brightness.”



In Irish, the word means “a friend.”



This Irish name means “little rose”, and it was used in patriotic poetry in Ireland.



The name means “vision” or “dream” and is pronounced ash-ling.



Pronounced cloh-da, this name is associated with a female deity.



The Irish form of Eve, Eabha means “life” but is also known as “the mother of all the living.”



The name is associated with prosperity and fruitfulness. It comes from the noun aine, which means “brilliance” or “splendor.”



Pronounced ee-van or ay-veen, the name means “pleasant.” Or “radiant beauty.”



This name can either mean “wise” or “sweet”, and it is pronounced sive.



Derived from the Gaelic word aoibh, this word means “beauty.”



Pronounced fee-a, Fiadh is an old name meaning “wild” as in a wild animal.



This name means “radiant girl” and is pronounced lee-sha.



Known as the “golden princess” or “golden sovereign” in Irish, it is also spelled as Orlaith.



Eimear was the name of an Irish warrior, Cuchulainn’s wife, and she was known to possess six gifts: sweet words, a gentle voice, wisdom, beauty, chastity, and needlework. The name means “swift.”



The feminine version of the Irish boy’s name Sean, Shauna means “God is gracious.”


Irish names have gained immense popularity over the years.

Parents love Irish names because they are unique and have rich meanings. Furthermore, it is a great way of staying rooted in traditions.

Here is our list of popular Irish girl names that you are sure to love!



This name comes from Gaelic and is the female version of the Irish name, Fionn. It translates to “being bright and fair.”



With Irish, Hawaiian, Hebrew, and German origins, the name means “beauty,” “serenity,” or “little rock.”



It means “pledge” or “devotion.” Arlene is the name of a female cat who appears in the Garfield comics.



The name translates to “torch” or “glowing sword.” This popular name is also shared by actress Brenda Blethyn and singer Brenda Lee.



With Irish, Celtic, and English origins, this name means “from the high hill” or “noble and strong.”



A popular character from the comedy novel-turned-movie Bridget Jones’s Diary, this name means “powerful,” “virtuous”, or “of high status.”



The meaning of this name is “pure”, and it has various spelling variations, including Caitlyn, Kaitlin, Catelyn, etc.



This name means “vigilant,” “watchful,” and “brave.” Famous namesakes include actress Casey Wilson and Casey Burke.



Perfect name for a girl with curly hair, this name literally means “having curly hair” or “clever.”



With Irish and Gaelic origins, the meaning of this name is “sorrowful” or “fear.”



This popular name means “child” or “dark defiance.” Some alternate spellings include Delanie, Dalaney, and Delane.



This name has Irish, Gaelic, French, German, and Latin origins, and it literally means “light.”



This unisex name means “fair,” “hero,” or “holy.” Interestingly, Finley is also the name of Elvis Presley’s granddaughter.



With Irish, Gaelic, and Greek origins, this name means “little dark one.”



It means “bitter,” “of the sea,” or “wished for.” Famous namesakes include comedian and actress Molly Shannon and Molly Ringwald.


Unique Irish Girl Names

While all Irish names are unique, some are more uncommon than the rest.

All parents want to select a name that stands out and makes their child outshine the others. Have a look at these unique girl names for your little bundle of joy!



Pronounced ah-frick, this name means “pleasant.”



It means “shining light” and is pronounced ay-leen.



This name means “beautiful” and is pronounced k-eye-la or k-ay-la.



Meaning “true desire,” this name is pronounced dur-vlah.



Derived from the word eireann, Erin means “Ireland.”



This unique name is pronounced lee-ah, and it means “grey.”



Pronounced molly, the name means “star of the sea.”



This name means “pearl” or “happiness” and is pronounced mayve.



Riona is pronounced ree-ohna, and the name means “queen.”



Pronounced show-na, this name means “God is gracious.”



The name means “brightness” and is pronounced sur-kah.



It is the name of an Irish goddess and is pronounced ban-va.



This mythological name was shared by the Goddess of the River Boyne.



Pronounced cluh-roo, this Irish name is related to the Princess of Connacht.



It is the ancient Celtic name for the country Ireland.



The name of an ancient pagan goddess, it means “grain.”



The meaning of Maoliosa is “follower of God”, and it is pronounced may-leesa.



Pronounced nya-sah, this name means “gentle” and “nice.” It’s also the name of a legendary Queen Mother of Ulster.



The unique Irish name means “free-born princess.”


Traditional Irish Baby Girl Names

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We love traditional Irish names because they remind us of our original Irish roots. These names were popular years ago, but the meaning and beauty behind them are timeless.

You can choose a name that’s sweet and more vintage instead of modern Irish names. Here is our list of traditional Irish names for girls that are unique and meaningful.



Pronounced ay-deen, this name is a variation of Etain. This name means “little fire” in the old Irish language.



Ailbe is pronounced al-vah, and it means “white.”



This name is the Irish version of Elizabeth and Alice and is pronounced ay-lish.



This name is derived from leanbh which is the Irish word for child – it is often translated to “darling child.”



Pronounced bay-thah, it comes from the Irish word for “life.”



This traditional name is derived from bronach, which means “sorrowful” or “sad” in Irish.



The name is another Irish variant of Katherine and is pronounced cat-rio-nah.



The name means “befitted” and is pronounced dav-net. According to legend, St Damhnait was the daughter of a pagan king who fled to Europe after converting to Christianity.



This is a very old Irish name which is hardly used now. Pronounced duv-eesa, the name means “dark beauty.”



An Irish version of Helen, the name is pronounced ell-anne.



It means “little enviable one.” According to Irish legend, Etain was a married woman who fell for a fairy man Midir. The man turned both of them into swans so they could escape her husband.



Pronounced finn-ola, Fionn means “white”, and the name means “white shoulders.”



The name of Goddess of harvest and fruitfulness in Celtic lore.


Iseult / Isolde

Iseult was an Irish princess who married the king of Cornwall. The name is pronounced ee-sol / uh-zowl-duh.


Celtic Girl Names

Do you want a name that reflects the Celtic heritage? These names come from Ireland, Wales, England, Scotland, and areas of northern Spain.

The pronunciation of Celtic names can be challenging and tricky, but once you understand how different sounds are produced, the process gets easier.

Some Celtic names are more common, like Erin, while others are more exotic. Here is our list of Celtic names for girls that you’re sure to like.



It means “noble” and “dependable.” Alternate spellings include Alis (Welsh), Aileas (Scottish), and Ailis (Irish).



With Welsh origins, this name means “apple.” Some Famous namesakes are DJ Avalon Emerson and model Avalon Dawn.



An ancient Celtic name meaning “victory.” This is a rare name in the U.S.



This Celtic name means “pure heart” or “fair and blessed.” In Welsh stories, Branwen is the daughter of the sea God, Llyr.



Pronounced keh-rid-wehn, the name means “poetry” combined with “fair” or “woman.”



This Celtic unisex name means “soul” or “life.” It was a popular name in the U.S during the 1920s.



With Welsh origins, this name means “holy” or “clean.” It is also spelled as Glynis, Glennis, or Glynnis.



The meaning of this name is “white,” “fair”, or “blessed.” Some famous namesakes include actress Gwyneth Paltrow and singer Gwen Stefani.



This name means “white ring”, and it was the most popular name in the U.S during the 1950s.



Derived from Scottish Gaelic origins, Iona means “island.” This name is more common in England and Wales.



This Irish name means “slender”, and it is also the name of a town in Northern Ireland.



The Greek name means “torchbearer” and is pronounced layn.



The meaning of this name is “star of the sea.” It is also spelled as Mairenn, Maurine, and Moirean.



This Greek name means “remembrance”, and it is pronounced ni-moo, nee-moo-eh or nim-way.


Common Celtic Names for Girls

The Celts were European tribes that lived around the north of the Alps in the Iron Age and occupied the British Isles in the first to second centuries B.C and the Celtic languages have survived several invasions, including the Romans, Anglo-Saxons, and Germanic tribes.

Have a look at these Celtic names for girls that have survived through the years.



Originating from ancient Celtic, the name means “victory.”



The meaning of this name is “the exalted one.” The popular version of this name is Bridget.



This Gaelic name means “sorrow” and “longing.” Another meaning for this name is “young girl.”



This Celtic name means “black.” It was popular in the U.S in the 2000s, and Ciara ranked around 149 in 2005.



With Gaelic origins, this name means “strait.” This name was very popular in 2004 when it reached a high point at 49.



Pronounced at mayv, this Gaelic name means “entrancing.” Maeve is a popular name in Ireland, but it is climbing charts in the U.S too.



A Gaelic name that means “born of the sea.” Some famous people who share this unisex name include soccer player Morgan Brian and actress Morgan Fairchild.



This Irish name means “old” or “ancient.” Shannon was the most popular name in the 1970s and 1980s, which is why you will find many people with this name today.



It is the name of an Irish goddess according to myth, and the word macha means “plain”, like a flat area of grass.



The origin of this Irish name is unknown, but it is similar to the name Noirin.



Pronounced maw-rah, this is an Irish version of Mary.



This popular name means “peace”, and it is pronounced eye-reen.


Gaelic Girl Names

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Check out our list of Gaelic names that are perfect for your little girl.



Pronounced orl-ah, this Gaelic name means “golden princess.”



A girl’s name of Irish Gaelic origins, the name means “God’s gracious gift. The name is pronounced shin-aid.



The name means “from the strong place.” It is pronounced eye-luh or ay-luh.



A Gaelic name that means “bright one” or “light.” Allie is a modern version of Eileen and Helen.



This name is a religious choice among Gaelic names, and it means “follower of the Christ.”



Cameron is one of the Gaelic names that were initially used for boys but have now become unisex over time.



This Gaelic female name means “hazelnut”, and it is derived from the French Norman name Aveline.



It means “freedom of spirit.” The name was initially masculine but has become a unisex name over time. It is pronounced ay-na.



This is a strong choice for Gaelic female names. It means “leader.”



Pronounced ee-da, this Gaelic name means “thirst.” Ide was the name of a female Irish saint who promoted knowledge.



Innes is a Gaelic name that means “one choice” or “from the river island.”



Kerrie is a popular unisex name that means “Ciar’s people.” While Kerrie is still considered masculine, Keri is a great option for girls.



A Gaelic name that means “holly-garden.” It was a top pick in the U.S during the 60s and 70s.



The meaning of this name is “smooth brow.” Unlike other names on this list, this name was invented by the 18th-century poet James Macpherson as a character in his poems.



An ancient name that means “great.” Several medieval queens have shared the same name.



A Gaelic name for girls that means “not-gentle one.” Nessa is an attractive name by itself but can also be used for Vanessa.



This English and Gaelic name means “rye clearing” or “descendant of Raghallach.”


Gorgeous Gaelic Names for Girls

Everyone wants a beautiful name that’s befitting their precious daughter – here are a few gorgeous Gaelic names that should inspire you.



This Gaelic name means “little beloved” or “little friend.”



A popular name that means “light.”



A Gaelic woman’s name that has two potential meanings “constant” or “beauty.”



The Gaelic form of Isabel means “God is my oath.”



This unisex name means “born of fire” or “handsome.”



It is the female version of a Gaelic boy’s name, Kyne. Kyna is derived from cadhan which means “wild goose.”



It is an English Gaelic and Chinese name which means “song” or “poem.” The name is also linked to the Old English Lea, meaning “wood.”



Pronounced mawr-aid or mur-aid, this Gaelic name means “pearl.”



A girl’s name meaning “sea.” It is derived from the Irish Mara and is pronounced meer-a.



A unisex name meaning “sea warrior.” Murphy is among the most common surnames in Ireland.



It is one of many unisex names that are derived from a surname. This name means “the king’s child.”



A Hebrew and Gaelic name for “stately” or “gift.” The name is a popular unisex one which is also shared by Canadian actress Shay.



Sile means “heavenly” in the Gaelic language. A perfect name if you are looking for a unique option.



It is a Gaelic place-name that’s derived from the Isle of Skye, a picturesque island in Scotland.



A unisex name meaning “beautiful.”



Ireland has rich Gaelic and Celtic roots with many different stories and legends. Many Irish girl names are also inspired by their mythology, making it a powerful name for your child.

In this article, we have listed over one hundred Irish names along with their meanings in hopes that you can find some inspiration for naming your baby girl.

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