White Dog Names: 175+ Names For White Dogs

White Dog Names

If you are anything like us, and you love a white fluffy coat, then you will also love this list of over 175 white dog names!

Dog’s come in all shapes and sizes, from a pocket-sized puppy to a massive mutt, with big ears or small paws and a whole range of colors: red, black, blue, or golden.

This week, we have chosen to pick out the best names for white dogs.

We have taken inspiration from precious gemstones, minerals, and crystals for your prized white puppy that is perfect come rain or shine!

White Dog Names

White Samoyed Puppy

These names are all related to gemstones and mineral rocks, which are perfect for any white dog because of their associations with delicacy and exquisiteness.

Let everyone know how fantastic your dog is with these graceful names.

Although these gemstones and crystals can be worth a lot of money – your precious white dog friend is priceless:

  • Pearl – this pale shiny object is supposed to symbolise wisdom that is gained through experience
  • Porcelain – a ceramic substance made by heating other materials
  • Alabaster – a pale mineral that’s soft enough for carving
  • Opal – an opal showcases a number of beautiful colors in different lights, with white serving as the background
  • Marble – a metamorphic rock, or a small spherical toy
  • Diamond – a solid form of carbon
  • Ivory – a hard white material that traditionally comes from the tusks of elephants
  • Moonstone – this sacred stone is mostly white with tinges of blue. Moonstones have been used in Roman jewelry for nearly two thousand years
  • Crystal – the word for crystal derives from Ancient Greek and it means ‘ice’ and ‘frost’, which are other white-themed elements
  • Topaz – though topaz is usually blue, white Topaz is a colorless variety of this precious stone
  • Swarovski – these crystals typically come in shades of white or silver
  • Zirconia – classified as a member of the titanium family

Cute Names for White Dogs

Dog Standing

This list of cute names for any white dog center around the theme of weather.

The soft fluffy coat of a white dog often resembles snow, and so all sorts of names are perfect for these adorable puppies.

For a sweet-tempered, small, and sleepy white Bichon Frise then a name like ‘Dew’ is fitting.

However, for a huge, domineering stark white Husky, a name like ‘Blizzard’ is much better.

Feel free to breeze through this list of weather-related white dog names for your cloud-like dog:

  • Moon – hopefully, this name is the only thing that connects your dog to the moon. The last thing you want your pup to display is werewolf tendencies!
  • Glacier – a large accumulation of crystalline ice
  • Breeze – think of dogs sticking their head out of car windows and this name will seem appropriate
  • Tornado – a rapidly rotating column of air
  • (Snow) Angel – your white dog doesn’t even need to roll in the frost to be a snow angel
  • Rain – this pup will love the cloudy weather!
  • Lightning – perfect for a dog who isn’t afraid of anything, and who’s faster than the speed of light
  • Daisy – perhaps the most common white flower in any garden
  • Sage – white sage is sacred to the Native Americans and it’s used in rituals and ceremonies
  • Vapor – the gaseous phase of water
  • Avalanche – when a weak layer of snow fractures and slides down a steep slope. (Possibly how it feels when your little white fluffball jumps on the bed to greet you in the morning!)
  • Gale – a strong wind, especially when out at sea
  • Blizzard – a severe snowstorm characterised by strong, sustained winds
  • Jasmine – a small, delicate white flower
  • Ice – water that has frozen into a solid state
  • Angelica – a white flower commonly found in tea and herbal remedies
  • Twister – another word for a tornado
  • Cloud – the perfect name for your white fluffball
  • Cyclone – inward spiralling winds that rotate around an area of low pressure
  • Magnolia – a beautiful white flower that is named after the French botanist Pier Magnol
  • Icicle – a spike of ice that forms when falling water freezes
  • Anemone – the most common color of an anemone is white. It’s also quite the tongue-twister…it may take you a while to call your white dog in from the garden if this is his or her name!
  • Lily – the white lily is one of the most important flower symbols in Christianity
  • Hail – pellets of frozen rain
  • Monsoon – a seasonal shift that usually brings a different kind of weather
  • Hurricane – a type of storm that is otherwise called a tropical cyclone
  • Misty – small droplets of water suspended in air
  • Snowdrop – these have two sword-like leaves and a bell-like drooping flower; they’re also, quite clearly, the color of snow!
  • Dew – water droplets that appear on objects in the morning or evening due to condensation

Best White Dog Names

Best Names for White Dogs

If you want to find the best name for your white dog then we have made a list of some of the coolest, grooviest, cutest, and most popular names for white dogs.

An original, unique, and downright cool way to name your white pooch is to give it a ‘white’ name from a different language!

Just make sure you know what the word actually means, of course.

Think of how impressed your neighbors will be when they hear you calling your white four-legged friend ‘Elurra’ or ‘Schnee’!

These names are all words related to the color white, but not in your mother tongue:

  • Bijela – ‘white’ in Croatian
  • Bianca – ‘white’ in Italian
  • Blanche – ‘white’ in French
  • Branco – ‘white’ in Portuguese
  • Bela – ‘white’ in Slovenian
  • Funfun – ‘white’ in Yoruba
  • Blanka – ‘white’ in Esperanto
  • Alba – ‘white’ in Latin
  • Latte – ‘milk’ in Italian
  • Leche – ‘milk’ in Spanish
  • Elurra – ‘snow’ in Basque’
  • Lumi – ‘snow’ in both Estonian and Finnish
  • Neige – ‘snow’ in French
  • Neve – ‘snow’ in Galician
  • Schnee – ‘snow’ in German
  • Nix – ‘snow’ in Latin
  • Pomba – ‘dove’ in Galician
  • Taube – ‘dove’ in German
  • Kolombo – ‘dove’ in Esperanto

Cool Names for White Dogs

Dog Sitting

The icy white fur of your dog’s coat might make you feel cold, but it also makes them cool in a different sense.

These dogs are calm, collected and always the coolest pups in the dog park:

  • Caspar – named after the friendly ghost
  • Igloo – made from blocks of snow in the shape of a dome
  • Zero – the ghost dog from A Nightmare Before Christmas
  • Elsa – the main character from the Disney movie ‘Frozen’
  • Angel – this white dog is always a good boy/girl!
  • Dove – an international symbol of peace
  • Star – this white pup can be the brightest star in the sky!
  • Blondie – perfect for a dog whose fur borders on yellow and white
  • Mountain – the highest point is called the ‘peak’, which usually has a layer of snow
  • Snoopy – Charlie Brown’s pet white Beagle in the comic strip Peanuts
  • Snowy – this will perfectly match the stark white of your fluffy four-legged friend’s coat
  • Frosty – just like the snowman!
  • Candle – pillar candles and tea lights are typically white
  • Bones – they’re also white and dogs love to chew them!

Names for White Dogs

If you are looking for some wonderful and wacky names for your white dog then you’ve come to the right place!

These funny names are all inspired by white foods and drinks:

  • Gelato – Italian for ‘Ice Cream’; Italy’s ice cream tastes different to its equivalent in other countries, due to how they’re made
  • Cream Puff – name your cute white pup after this sweet treat!
  • Vanilla – perfect for a white dog whose fur has a yellow/blonde tinge
  • Coconut – a coconut is partially white in color and it is also hairy – just like your dog!
  • Salt – this is what you could call your white dog if he or she loves swimming in seawater
  • Tofu – typically substituted by vegetarians for chicken
  • Minty – this dog will definitely be cool and refreshing!
  • Whippy – the foam-like ice cream from your local ice cream van; this would make a perfect name for a crazy dog
  • Sugar – any dog named ‘Sugar’ is likely to be sweet and charming
  • Mushroom – what does it look like when five huskies cram together on a toadstool? Not Mushroom!
  • Marshmallow – perfect for your soft and squidgy white pup!
  • Yogurt – the bacterial fermentation of milk – though it doesn’t sound as appetising
  • Ice Cream – if you were to put your white fluffy dog in a huge ice cream cone you wouldn’t be able to tell the difference!
  • Mash – there’s nothing as comforting as a bowl of creamy mashed potato – except for your pet pup, of course!
  • Cauliflower – name your pup after this delicious vegetable
  • Chicken – though it’s unlikely your dog will lay eggs…
  • Mojito – name your pup after this minty, refreshing alcoholic beverage
  • Milky – you’re not limited to just cow’s milk, there is also soya, almond, rice milk, etc.

Fluffy Names

Funny White Dog Names

So you just got a Poodle, or a Shihtzu, or a Pomeranian, or a Maltese, okay a Collie, or is it a Sheepdog, a Bichon?

We don’t know, they are all very fluffy though.

Just keeping a white dog looking clean can require regular brushing, add some fluff to the situation and you will need a few trips to the groomers.

One of our favorite white fluffy dogs is the American Eskimo, they are very intelligent and are a good size for a first-time pet owner.

So if you need a fluffy name for a fluffy white dog, Chow Chow down on this list and take a look at some of the fluffiest names we could come up with:

  • Cheesecake
  • Daikon – this white radish is popular in South East Asia, especially Vietnam
  • Khaleesi – if you’ve ever seen Game of Thrones you might recognise the Dothraki Queen
  • Tatty – we chose this name because it reminds us of a fluffy roast potato
  • Tzatziki – this yoghurt and cucumber dip is a favorite in Greece
  • Feather – white and fluffy, but not good if you’re ticklish!
  • Glacey
  • Cheese

Small Dog Names

Cool Names for White Dogs

Finally, a list of small white dog names for an adorable puppy.

These names are a mixture of:

  • Geographical place names, with associations to snow, such as Alaska and Arctic
  • Fictional dogs like Fluffy, Ghost and Bolt

We also like white dog names like Frostbite or Creamy (if they are silky smooth to stroke).

Whatever the weather, or country you live in, we have a small white dog name for you, and some cool facts to go with them:

  • Ski – it turns out, you can actually take your dog skiing!
  • Snowflake – just like a snowflake, every dog is unique in its own way
  • Ghost – name your white pup after Jon Snow’s Direwolf from Game of Thrones
  • Phantom – why not take this dog to the opera!
  • Husky – these wolf-like dogs are all, or partially, white in color
  • Arctic – the polar region at the northernmost part of Earth
  • Bolt – the white lead dog in this famous Disney movie
  • Chalk – a soft, white, porous rock that’s usually used for drawing or writing
  • Polar – name your white dog after this big fluffy bear!
  • Fluffy – who can resist a dog named Fluffy? Unless it’s the huge three-headed dog from Harry Potter…
  • Snowball – this pup will love playing around in the snow!
  • Alaska – a northwest U.S. state known for its cold weather
  • Astro – related to astronomy, the scientific study of celestial objects
  • Swan – a graceful white bird
  • Milky Way – the galaxy that contains the solar system

Black and White Dog Names

Black and White Dog Names

Dog’s might be white or black, spotted, stripy or splotchy, whatever their coat’s color, we have got the perfect names for you.

Some of our favorites are Orca (like the black and white killer whale), or Tux (after a Tuxedo):

  • Panda
  • Orca – this is the name for the notorious Killer Whale
  • Oreo – I think we can all agree that a layer of iced cream filling, sandwiched between two chocolate cookies, is probably one of the greatest inventions of the past 100 years, this black and white biscuit is the perfect name for a dog.
  • Pirate – we thought this would be a cool name because pirate flags are always black with white skull and crossbones.
  • Splodge
  • 8-Ball – if you have ever played pool or billiards, you’ll know this black and white ball is the one you pot right at the end to win, just don’t pot it before that or it’s game over.
  • Tiramasu – this Italian dessert is delicious, and it combines cream and coffee to give you a very very tasty black and white dessert, also a good dog name.


Looking after any dog requires love and commitment, and choosing the perfect name is one of the first steps in pet ownership.

We hope you enjoyed this list of white dog names for every kind of white dog out there.

Out of all the names, we thought Stratus and Ghost are the most fun and perfect names.

Before you go, don’t forget to leave us a comment telling us your favorite white dog name from this list!

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