Welsh Baby Names That’ll Make You Want to Move to Wales

Welsh Baby NamesThe Welsh have long had strong ties to their homeland. Learn about traditional Welsh baby names and decide if they sound lovely or strange!

Here we’ll be talking about a handful of them that you can pick and either recommend to a loved one or give to your own child.

Use these pure and powerful names to bestow a blessing on him or her, or to instill fear into the heart of everything evil.

Welsh names are common to both native and non-native speakers of the language and, talking about their peculiarities, the names are structurally unique. In fact, the structure and meaning of these names are so out-of-the-ordinary that it attracts the interest of researchers!

To help you understand what we are talking about, let’s take a tour on the historic aspect of names from Wales – you can skip ahead with the table of contents below.

Naming Inspiration: The Welsh Language

Wales Flag
Welsh is a language spoken in Wales, a part of the United Kingdom that is located in the western portion of the island of Great Britain.

There are approximately 500,000 Welsh speakers today and, due to a renewed interest in the language and culture, this number may increase. Most people in Wales, however, are English-speaking, with Welsh as a second language; in the north and west, many people Welsh and English bilinguals.

The earliest evidence of a human presence in Wales dates from the Paleolithic, or Old Stone Age, a period almost 200,000 years ago.

Now many urge that most of these names bring blessings, and some help them for protection and the rest. Language has made it possible for people to feel a sense of unity in the Welsh tongue more than other Celtic languages.

So, if you are looking for a name that either brings protection, blessing, righteousness, virtue, justice, etc., you won’t be wrong in picking Welsh names like Cadarn which means “strong,” Cadman which means “warrior, battle man,” Evann which means “God is good,” etc., for the boys.

While for the girls you can pick names like Arial which means “Vigorous,” or Gracie which means “God’s beauty, favor, kindness, and mercy.”

For those of you with as strong will and spirit that have gone in search of a good name without any result, I bring you good news – below is a trailer load of names that you can pick from, all you have to do is to pick one that catches your fancy.

Now, go and pick for yourself that name that you think befits that baby of yours. Go, I say, go and never look back!

Welsh Names for Boys

New Mother and Father
Now here are names given to male children in the language. Here, the names are written with their meanings. Pick one that suits you and your lovely baby boy!

  • Aberthol – Sacrifice
  • Addolgar – Devout
  • Aedd – A king of Ireland
  • Alawn – Harmony
  • Albanwr – From Scotland
  • Aled – Offspring
  • Alwin – From Alwyn
  • Amerawdwr – Emperor
  • Amynedd – Patient
  • Anfri – Disgrace
  • Angawdd – Legendary son of Caw
  • Anghrist – Antichrist
  • Angor – Anchor
  • Angor – Anchor
  • Anwar – Wild
  • Anwell – Beloved
  • Anwir – Liar
  • Anyon – Anvil
  • Ap Evan – Son of Evan
  • Ap Harry – Son of Harry
  • Ap Howell – Son of Howell
  • Ap Maddock – Son of Maddock
  • Ap Owen – Son of Owen
  • Ap Rhys – Son of Rhys
  • Ap Roderick – Son of Rederick
  • Bran – Raven
  • Brychan – Speckled; spotted
  • Bryn – Hill
  • Brynn – From the hill
  • Cadarn – Strong
  • Cadawg – Battle sharp
  • Cadman – Warrior
  • Cadyryeith – Well spoken
  • Caerau – From the castle
  • Cant – White
  • Caradoc – Affection; amiable.
  • Cystenian – Steady; stable
  • Daryn – Great
  • Delwin – Godly friend
  • Deverell – From the riverbank
  • Dewitt – Blond
  • Digon – Legendary son of Alar
  • Dilan – Born near the sea
  • Dryw – Wise
  • Earwin – White river
  • Edmyg – Honor
  • Elgan – Bright circle
  • Emhyr – Ruler
  • Emlyn – Waterfall
  • Emrick – Immortal
  • Evan – Young
  • Evann – God is good
  • Evrawg – From York
  • Fane – Good-natured
  • Ffionn – Foxglove flower
  • Ffowc – Of the people
  • Folant – Strong
  • Fychan – Small
  • Garanwyn – White shank
  • Gleis – Legendary son of Merin
  • Gruffen – Fierce lord
  • Gruffudd – Red haired
  • Gryphin – Strong in faith
  • Gusg – Legendary son of Achen
  • Gwakmai – Hawk of the battle
  • Gwendelyn – Fair; blessed
  • Gwern – Old
  • Hen Was – Old servant
  • Hen Wyneb – Old face
  • Hydd – Deer
  • Hywel – Eminent
  • Idris – Fiery lord
  • Lago – Supplanter
  • Ofor – Lord


Welsh Baby Boy
These are great boy names in Welsh, which have been observed to be famously used by both native and non-native speakers of the language.

  • Aidan – Pupil of Dewi
  • Alan – Welsh Saint
  • Aron – Celtic Saint
  • ArthurThe legend himself
  • Arwyn – Handsome
  • Brad – Broad clearing
  • Brian – Strong, virtuous
  • Bryn – A hill
  • Caden – Son of Cadan
  • Cai – Rejoice; warrior’s son
  • Cedric – Generous
  • Elis – God’s promise
  • Gruffydd – Lord or prince
  • Harri – Welsh version of Harry
  • Idris – Ardent lord
  • Jac – Jack with a Welsh twist
  • Lewis – Lion-like
  • Lloyd – Grey in Welsh
  • Merlyn – Sea fortress
  • Phylip – Philip
  • Steffan – Crown
  • Tomos – Thomas
  • Tudur – Celtic name
  • Vaughn – Small one


Common Welsh Baby Boy Names

Baby Boy in White Blanket
These are Welsh common names for baby boys, that are equally generally used.

Name Meaning
Adda Welsh form of Adam “of the red earth”
Aeron From the River Aberaeron
Alun From the Celtic Alan meaning harmony, stone, or noble.
Alwyn Blessed, friend of elves
Amathaon Legendary son of Don
Amhar Legendary son of Arthur
Amlawdd Legendary son of Goieuddydd
Amlodd Grandfather of King Arthur
Anarawd Legendary father of Iddig
Andreas Welsh version of Andrew, strong; manly
Andreas Manly; brave. Variant of English “Andrew.”
Anwas Legendary father of Twrch
Anynnawg Legendary son of Menw
Broderick Descendant of Bruadar
Caddell Variant of Cadell “small battle; spirit of the battle”
Cadwallon Arranges the battle
Cai A diminutive of Cajus, frequently used as an independent name in Wales.
Carey Near the castle; from the castle
Dafydd A welsh form of the Hebrew name David, meaning “beloved or friend.”
Dai Shines, a Welsh diminutive of David, meaning “beloved or friend.”
Dalldav Legendary son of Cunyn cov.
Dillus Legendary son of Eurei
Donne Used in honour of 17th century poet John Donne.
Dylan Son of the sea and waves
Dylan Sea God, son of the waves
Erbin Legendary son of Custenhin
Fferyll Welsh form of Virgil “bears the staff”
Garmoc Dwells with the elder tree river
Gavan Hawk of the battle; white hawk, from the medieval name “Gawain.”
Gwitart Legendary son of Aedd
Haydn Fire, derived from the Celtic name “Aidan”
Iob Diminutive of Iorwerth “worthy lord,” derived from ior and gwerth, legendary son of Maredudd.
Maddox Son of Madoc, fortunate; Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt’s son
Mervyn A variation of Marvin “sea lover and friend”
Osian Derived from the Irish poet and warrior Oisin “little deer”
Reece “Enthusiasm, passion, ardor;” variation of Rhys


Unique Welsh Male Names

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These are quite strange, but very unique Welsh names for boys. There is no doubt that so many parents would like to ascribe them to their young man, considering their wonderful structures and meanings.

  • Afan – Celtic Saint
  • Aled – River in Denbighshire
  • Avalon – Apple tree island
  • Bowen – Son of Owen
  • Celyn – Holy in Welsh
  • Dafydd – Welsh name for David
  • Darren – From Airelle
  • Deron – Small but great
  • Eryl – Short and sweet
  • Iver – Fighter with bow
  • Iverson – Son of Iver
  • Martyn – Warrior of Mars
  • Morgan – Protector of the seas
  • Niclas – Victory of the people
  • Ninian – Welsh saint
  • Oswalt – Divine power
  • Pembroke – High land area
  • Prys – Son of Rhys
  • Trenton – Trent’s town
  • Trevyn – Fair town
  • Wyn – Fair, holy
  • Yale – From the slopes


Welsh Names for Girls

Welsh Mother and Father Beach Baby Girl
Now here are names given to female children, which we would recommend parents to give their beautiful baby girls.

The names are written with their meanings, so pick one that suits you and your lovely baby girl!

  • Abertha – Sacrifice
  • Adain – Winged
  • Adara – Catches birds
  • Addfwyn – Meek
  • Addien – Beautiful
  • Addiena – Beautiful
  • Adyna – Wretched
  • Aelwyd – From the heart
  • Amser – Time
  • Anghard – Loved greatly
  • Anwen – Very beautiful
  • Arglwyddes – Lady
  • Argoel – Omen
  • Argraff – Impression
  • Arial – Vigorous
  • Ariana – Silver
  • Ariene – Silvery
  • Berth – Beautiful
  • Berthog – Wealthy
  • Blodwen – White flower
  • Braith – Freckled
  • Brangwen – Dark and pure
  • Branwyn – White-breasted
  • Bregus – Frail
  • Briallan – Promise
  • Cadi – Pure
  • Cadwyn – Chain
  • Caethes – Slave
  • Cafell – Oracle
  • Caniad – Song
  • Caradoc – Amiable
  • Cath – Cat
  • Ccri – Loved one
  • Ceinwen – Beautiful gems
  • Cordelia – Jewel of the sea
  • Corsen – Reed
  • Cragen – Shell
  • Cymreiges – Welsh woman
  • Daere – Fiend
  • Dee – Dark
  • Derwen – From oak tree
  • Deryn – Bird
  • Dicra – Slow
  • Dierdre – Dark
  • Difyr – Amusing
  • Dilys – Genuine
  • Drysi – Thorn
  • Du – Dark
  • Ebrill – Born in April
  • Eiluned – Idol
  • Eilwen – Fair brow
  • Eira – Snow
  • Eirian – Silver
  • Elain – Fawn
  • Elen – Welsh form of Helen
  • Emlyn – Industrious
  • Enid – Quiet woman, soul
  • Enit – Woodlark
  • Eres – Wonderful
  • Eyslk – Fair
  • Ffanci – Fancy
  • Garan – Stork
  • Glan – From the stone
  • Glinys – Little valley
  • Goleuddydd – Bright day
  • Gorawen – Joy
  • Gwanwyn – Spring
  • Gwenhwyvar – White
  • Isolda – Beautiful, fair
  • Lilybet – God’s promise
  • Lola – Valued by the Lord
  • Maredud – Magnificent


Welsh Girl on Grass
I hope that by now can now see that Welsh names have beautiful meanings, mostly connected to nature. The most famous and favorite names for baby girls include the following.

Name Meaning
Aberfa From the mouth of the river
Addien Beautiful or charming girl
Alaw From the river Afon Alaw; musical and harmonic
Aledwen Feminine form of Aled “offspring”
Alys A form of the German “Alice,” meaning nobility.
Angharad Much loved. Used in “Mahinogion,” a collection of medieval Welsh folk tales. The name of a famous Welsh actress Angharad Rees.
Anna The name of one of king Arthur’s sisters
Anwena Inspiration of poetry; nice, right!
Arianrhod Legendary daughter of Don
Arianwen Innocence and purity
Bethan Welsh form of Elizabeth
Bettrys The Welsh form of the Latin “Beatrix, meaning “brings joy.”
Blodeuwedd Delicate, colorful and fragrant
Blodwen White flowers, beauty, pretty
Branwen Beautiful raven; a heroine of one of the tales of the Mabinogion.
Buddug Welsh form of Victoria “victory”
Caryl Variant of Carys “love”
Cassadee This name refers to a girl with curly hair, perfect for a curly-haired baby.
Catrin Welsh form of Katherine
Creidwen From “Cerdd” mesning poetry
Dona Goddess in Welsh mythology
Dylan Gender neutral name, meaning sea
Ebrill A person born in April
Efa Welsh from of Eve, meaning life.
Eheubryd Legendary daughter of kyvwich
Eilir Alluring and spontaneous
Eilonwy Gorgeous princess, sounds about right!
Ffraid Welsh form of Bridget “strong”
Freda Diminutive of Winifred “blessed reconciliation”
Glenda Derived from a compound of words meaning “holy” and “good.” Famous bearer: British actress Glena Jackson.
Glenis Variant of Glenda “Fair, good, holy”
Goewin Legendary daughter of Pebin
Gorasgwrn Legendary daughter of Nerth
Gracie God’s favor, beauty, kindness and mercy
Guinevere White, fair; white wave
Gwaeddan Legendary daughter of Kynvelyn
Gwen Diminutive of Gwendoline “fair, blessed, white browed, white circle.”
Gwener Welsh form Venus “goddess of love”
Jennifer White wave, white spirit, white cheeked
Jestine Just, upright; feminine of Justin
Kelemon Legendary daughter of Kei
Lowri Welsh form of Laura, meaning “laurel”
Mabli Welsh form of Mabel, meaning “lovable”
Mari Variant of Mary, meaning “bitter”; favored prefix for blended names like Maribel.
Meirion Derived from the old county of Merionethshire
Merry Diminutive of Meredith “magnificent, great lady”
Modlen Welsh form of Magdalene “tower”


Rarest Welsh Baby Names for Girls

Welsh Girl in Tree
These are unique, but rare baby girl names in Welsh – they are very good names that parents love to give their baby girls.

  • Abertha – Sacrifice
  • Adain – Winged
  • Adaryn – High-flying bird
  • Aerona – Berry
  • Aeronwen – Fair
  • Alwena – A river
  • Alys – Welsh version of Alice
  • Aneira – Truly golden
  • Angharad – Much loved
  • Avalon – Island
  • Beca – From the Rebcca riots
  • Brenda – Classic and honorable
  • Bryce – Alert and ambitious
  • Caitrin – Pure and clear
  • Cari – Friend
  • Caron – Loving or kind-hearted
  • Caryl – Love
  • Carys – Beloved one
  • Ceri – To love
  • Daron – Oak
  • Del – Pretty
  • Deryn – Bird
  • Efa – So cute
  • Glynnis – Valley, glen
  • Mari – Welsh version of Mary
  • Meredith – Great ruler
  • Morgan – Sea-born
  • Taaagan – Beautiful


Most Beautiful Welsh Baby Names for Girls

Baby Girl Champagne Pink Dress
I hope you found a very nice Welsh name that is befitting for your baby girl.

In case you did not find any Welsh name that suits your beautiful bundle, don’t worry! We also have more Welsh names for girls that will tickle your fancy.

Here are beautiful and precious names for baby girls in Welsh. Looking at the meaning and structure of these names, no parent would hesitate to pick one for their daughter.

  • Aeres – Heires
  • Amser – Time
  • Arial – Vigorous
  • Asgre – Soul
  • Ceirios – Cherry
  • Dyllis – Perfect and reliable
  • Gisal – Pledge
  • Gwanwyn – Spring
  • Irvetta – White river
  • Lynette – Lake
  • Mali – Ruler and first born
  • Rhedyn – Fern
  • Trina – Pure, innocent, good
  • Vanora – White wave


In Conclusion

As you can see from the above list, there are many beautiful and heroic names to pick from for your babies.

But if, after going through this truckload of names listed in this collection, you were not able to see a name that sits your baby be it male or female, then you can take things into your own hands.

If after that you didn’t manage to make a perfect name, you can go through the list again and this time slowly and carefully.

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