Pitbull Names: 100+ Tough, Badass & Strong Names for Pitbulls

Pitbull Names

Although many relate the word ‘Pitbull’ to aggression and viciousness, they are in fact a widely misunderstood dog breed!

Most Pitbulls are loveable and nobles animals, with traits such as strength and kindness, as opposed to their stereotypical savagery.

If you have just welcomed an amazing Pitbull into your household, and are looking for badass Pitbull names to suit him, then look no further than our list below!

We have compiled more than 115 cute, strong and tough names to suit all shapes, sizes and colors of Pitbulls!

We hope the perfect name for your new Pittie is waiting in this list.

Top Ten Pitbull Names

Pitbull Dog

  • Adira – meaning ‘strong’ and ‘powerful’ in the Hebrew language, a rare and quirky name for a cool female dog!
  • Ares – after the Greek god of war, the perfect name for a strong Pitbull!
  • Cora – from the Greek meaning ‘filled heart’, a lovely name for a dog who takes care of everyone
  • Gertrude – the name of a goddess from Norse mythology, meaning ‘spear of strength’, shorten this name to Gertie for an adorable Pitbull
  • Isa – meaning ‘strong-willed’ in German, a short, cute Pitbull name with a powerful meaning behind it, this would be a great name for a Pitbull who looks cute, but has a fierce personality underneath!
  • Kalila – an exotic, Arabic name meaning ‘heap of love’, a great name for a loveable, friendly Pitbull!
  • Lenna – meaning ‘one who has the strength of a lion’ in Old German, perfect for a powerful female Pitbull
  • Magnus – from the Latin meaning ‘he who is the greatest’, the perfect name for a Pitbull who you believe is the best in the world!
  • Shabina – an Arabic name meaning ‘eye of the storm’, a moment of calm during a storm, which makes a beautiful name for a serene pup!
  • Texas – the name of Lake Bell’s Pit Bull, she also owns another called ‘Margaret’, who were ‘dogs of honor’ at her wedding!

List of 100 Pitbull Names

American Pitbull Dog

  1. Aadya – a great name for a strong, female Pitbull, this name means ‘the force that created the five elements and senses’ in Sanskrit
  2. Aaron – a Hebrew name meaning ‘one who has been enlightened’
  3. Aella – a Greek name meaning ‘whirlwind’ and the name of an Amazon warrior from Greek mythology who wielded a double-edged sword, a great Pitbull name for a hyper-active dog!
  4. Aidenan Irish name meaning ‘small’ and ‘fiery’, originating from the name ‘Aodh’ who was the Celtic sun god.
  5. Alfred – a name derived from ‘Aelfraed’, an Old English name meaning ‘elf counsel’, and ‘wise’, a great name for an intelligent pet!
  6. Althea – a Pitbull name meaning ‘one with the power to heal’, the name of ‘Althea Gibson’, the first African-American tennis player to win Wimbledon in 1957
  7. Amelia – after Amelia Earhart, the female American aviation pioneer, who was the first female pilot to journey across the Atlantic Ocean solo
  8. Armando – the real name of American rapper ‘Pitbull’
  9. Athena – the Greek goddess of war, and Ares’ female equivalent, who guarded Athens
  10. Audree – a French name meaning ‘honorable’ and ‘powerful’
  11. Audrey – a name meaning ‘noble strength’, the actress ‘Audrey Hepburn’ who caused a stir in the celebrity world during the 1950s and 60s
  12. Austin – meaning ‘one who is dignified’ in Latin
  13. Azai – a Hebrew name meaning ‘strength’
  14. Beatrix – a name derived from the word ‘Viatrix’, meaning ‘one who travels’, its modern spelling was influenced by the Latin word ‘beautus’, meaning ‘blessed’
  15. Bowie – the name of Jessica Alba’s American Bull Dog, named after musician David Bowie
  16. Bree – meaning ‘power’ or ‘one who is exalted’
  17. Bridget – the name of the Celtic goddess of wisdom, meaning ‘strength’ and ‘one who is exalted’, the perfect name for an intelligent Pitbull!
  18. Bud – the Pitbull who made history by accompanying Dr Horatio Nelson on the first ever road trip across the United States, and whose goggles can now be seen in the Smithsonian Institution in Washington D.C.
  19. Butterfly – the name of Alicia Silverstone’s Pit Bull, who she says is the ‘princess of the house’
  20. Caelan – an Irish name meaning ‘strong warrior’
  21. Calynn – from Gaelic meaning ‘one who excels in battle’
  22. Champion – the three-legged Pitbull from NBC’s ‘Parks and Recreation’, played by a dog named ‘Lucy’
  23. Chavri – a Sanskrit name meaning ‘beautiful’, the perfect name for a stunning pet!
  24. Coco – after Coco Chanel, a fashion icon and inspiration, this would be a great name for a dark, brown-colored Pitbull!
  25. Della – a German name meaning ‘noble’ and ‘shining’
  26. Devlin – meaning ‘fierce’ in Gaelic
  27. Driver – the name of Josh Hutcherson’s Pitbull, who he adopted in 2012
  28. Ebba – meaning ‘one with the strength of an animal’ in German, the female version of ‘Eberhard’
  29. Elfrida – an English name meaning ‘elf strength’, this would be the perfect Pitbul name for a small, feisty Pittie!
  30. Ella – meaning ‘light’ in English
  31. Elle – the name of the 2013 Hero Dog of the Year
  32. Eros – the Greek god of love, born from the Chaos after Gaia
  33. Eva – a sweet name meaning ‘life’ in Hebrew
  34. Ezra – a Hebrew name meaning ‘one who helps’
  35. Felix – meaning ‘happy’ in Hebrew, a great name for a dog who is always content!
  36. Frida – a German name meaning ‘serenity’, also the name of the Mexican artist and feminist ‘Frida Kahlo’
  37. Gesa – meaning ‘strong like a sphere’ in Dutch
  38. Griff – meaning ‘fighting chief’ in Welsh
  39. Griffin – the name of Sophia Bush’s Pit Bull, who she adopted in 2012, she also owns two more called ‘Patch’ and ‘Penny’
  40. Grunt – the fictional name of the Pitbull ‘Jumbo Red’, from the 1983 film ‘Flashdance’
  41. Hades – the Greek god of wealth
  42. Hera – the Greek queen of the Olympian gods
  43. Hester – meaning ‘star’ in the Hebrew language
  44. Irena – after the Empress of the Byzantine Empire, Saint Irena of Hungary, who ruled in the 12th century, this would make a great name for a powerful pet!
  45. Iris – the Greek goddess of the rainbow
  46. Isaboo – the name of Rachael Ray’s Pit Bull
  47. Junko – from the Japanese words ‘jun’, meaning ‘obedient’ and ‘ko’, meaning ‘child’, this would be a great name for a well-behaved Pitbull!
  48. Kamala – the first Muslim Marvel superhero, and an inspiration to many young people
  49. Kano – a unique name meaning ‘one who has masculine strength’ in Japanese
  50. Kendra – a cute name meaning ‘wise ruler’
  51. Kilian – meaning ‘small’ but ‘fierce’ in the Irish language
  52. Kratos – a Greek god of strength and power
  53. Layla – meaning ‘dark beauty’ in Egyptian, the perfect name for a dark-colored Pitbull!
  54. Levi – a stunning and quirky Hebrew name meaning ‘joined in harmony’
  55. Lilith – meaning ‘night monster’ or ‘storm goddess’ in Hebrew, a powerful name for a strong and independent Pitbull
  56. Lilly – the name of Kevin Bacon’s Pitbull
  57. Lon – meaning ‘fierce’ in Gaelic
  58. Lorcan – an Irish name meaning ‘one who is little and fierce’
  59. Loretta – the name of Kaley Cuoco’s Pitbull, she also has two others called ‘Norm’ and ‘Shirley’
  60. Lowellmeaning ‘young wolf’, a great name for a Pitbull with wolfish qualities, such as fierce determination and strength!
  61. Lua – the name of Gisele and Tom Brady’s Pit mix
  62. Lulu – the name of Channing Tatum’s Pitbull mix, who he rescued when she was six years old
  63. Luna – meaning ‘the moon’, a strong force which controls the tides, and the name of the Greek goddess of the moon
  64. Malia – a Hawaiian name meaning ‘beloved’, a great name for a dog loved by everyone!
  65. Matilda – after the Empress Matilda who ruled England in the 12th Century, this name means ‘mighty’ and ‘powerful’
  66. Mildred – meaning ‘calm strength’ in English, the name of a Saint in the 8th century
  67. Milo – a German name meaning ‘one who is merciful’
  68. Monkey – the name of one of Jon Stewart’s three Pitbulls, the other two are named ‘Shamsky’ and ‘Champ’
  69. Naila – an Arabic name meaning ‘successful’
  70. Nike – the Greek goddess of speed, strength and victory, the perfect name for a Pitbull who embodies all of these traits!
  71. Nora – from the Greek meaning ‘a light that shines’
  72. Oliver – meaning ‘elf army’, the female version ‘Olivia’ means the same, and also makes an adorable, yet strong name
  73. Penny Lane – the name of Rachel Bilson’s pet Pit Bull
  74. Petey – a Pitbull from ‘The Little Rascals/Our Gang’, a series of American short films from the 1920s, whose real name was ‘Pal’
  75. Poseidon – the Greek god of the sea and protector of all waters
  76. Raegan – meaning ‘little ruler’ in Irish, perfect for a small Pitbull who rules the roost!
  77. Rosa – after Rosa Parks, a key figure in the American civil rights movement, the perfect name for a strong and steadfast dog!
  78. Sener – an English name meaning ‘fierce stronghold’
  79. Sophie – the name of Jennifer Anniston’s adopted Pit Bull mix, named after American drama film ‘Sophie’s Choice’
  80. Stella – meaning ‘star’ in Greek, perfect for a pet who is the light of your life!
  81. Stubby – a war-Pitbull, well-known for capturing a German spy, who was subsequently promoted to a sergeant for his bravery
  82. Taika – meaning ‘magic spell’ in Finnish
  83. Tani – the name of Liam Hemsworth’s adorable Pitbull
  84. Tina – the name of Jessica Biel’s Pit Bull
  85. Tyche – the Greek goddess of chance, fate and fortune
  86. Valda – meaning ‘rule’ and ‘power’ in German
  87. Valdeze – an American name meaning ‘one who is fierce’
  88. Valenciathis name means ‘courageous’ and ‘powerful’, and is also the name of Spain’s beautiful, third largest city
  89. Valentina – after the first woman in space, ‘Valentina Tereshkova’, meaning ‘strength’
  90. Valerie – a bold French name meaning ‘strength’ and ‘health’, great for a powerful female Pitbull
  91. Wyetta – an Old English name meaning ‘power in war’, a beautiful name with a strong meaning behind it!
  92. Xander – a Greek name meaning ‘one who protects men’, a fantastic name for a brave and protective dog!
  93. Zahra – a beautiful Arabic name meaning ‘flower’
  94. Zane – meaning ‘God’s gracious gift’ in the Hebrew language
  95. Zeus – meaning ‘bright’ or ‘sky’
  96. Zoe – meaning ‘life’ in the Greek language
  97. Zora – after Zora Neale Hurston, who pioneered African-American literature


List of Pitbull Names

That concludes our list of Pitbull names!

Whether you own Pit mix, an American Pitbull Terrier, or any other type of Pitbull, we hope you found the perfect name to suit your individual, unique and beautiful dog!

We believe that Pitbulls make incredible pets, due to their eager and caring nature, therefore they deserve incredible names to showcase these qualities!

If you have not quite found the perfect name, don’t give up here! Keep researching and trying out ideas, and wait for the perfect one to come to you!

Good luck with finding the best name possible for your amazing pup, if you have any more ideas for Pitbull names, please leave them in the comments below!

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