Parrot Names: 250 Best, Popular and Cute Names For Pet Parrots

Parrot Names

Once your pet bird has settled into your home, the next job you have is finding special Parrot names which enhance their best qualities and make everyone laugh!

There are over 300 Parrot species known to man.

These species can be found all over the world from Australia to South America and even in your living room!

Known for being splendid and versatile animals, they make excellent and entertaining pets, we are sure you’d agree!

We have put together over 250 of our favorites, from funny to pirate monikers, we hope you enjoy exploring them and getting to know your animal in the process.

Parrot Names

Pet Parrots

All names have meanings behind them, but not all names sound as good as their meaning.

We believe a mixture of both meaning and humor makes for the best monikers and to make one sound better, alliteration is key.

So we compiled a list of brilliant Parrot names beginning with the letter ‘P’, such as ‘Patricia the Parakeet’, or ‘Pio the Popinjay’.

They all have a great ring to them whilst simultaneously possessing varied and interesting meanings.

Some are calm and beautiful, which are perfect for a chilled-out Parrot who causes you no trouble. Other names have more badass and strong meanings which suit the more mutinous Cockatoo!

Enjoy finding that perfect ‘P’ name below:

Our Favorite

Pet Name Trophy Goes to Paco

a cute Spanish word meaning ‘one who is free’.

  1. Pablo – a Spanish word meaning ‘small’ and ‘humble’
  2. Pandora – Greek for ‘all gifted’
  3. Paris – after the character from Shakespeare’s ‘Romeo and Juliet’
  4. Pascal – French meaning ‘one born at Easter’
  5. Patricia – a Latin word meaning ‘noble’
  6. Paz – Hebrew for ‘gold’
  7. Pegasus – the child of the Greek legendary figures ‘Medusa’ and ‘Poseidon’
  8. Peggy – Greek for ‘pearl’
  9. Percival – after one of the Arthurian knights of the Round Table
  10. Pero – after the Greek mother of ‘Asopus’
  11. Persephone – Greek Goddess of the underworld
  12. Pietra – a strong Italian word meaning ‘rock’
  13. Pio – Italian for ‘pious’
  14. Pippa – an adorable bird name that can be shortened to ‘Pip’
  15. Pocahontas – a Native American name meaning ‘playful’
  16. Porfirio – Greek meaning ‘purple stone’
  17. Portia – after the strong-willed woman from Shakespeare’s ‘The Merchant of Venice’
  18. Primrose – after the beautiful type of flower
  19. Prospera – a Latin word for ‘prosper’
  20. Pyrene – Greek meaning ‘ardent’

Famous Parrot Names

Famous Parrots

Naming your pet Parakeet after a famous animal is a great idea – it gives them something to live up to and is a great talking point when people ask about the word’s origin!

Famous titles don’t just have to be from films and TV, although some of the best ones are.

We’ve also found famous real-life birds, renowned for the special talents that have made them stand out from the crowd and go viral.

The animals of famous people also have brilliant Parrot names that you could take inspiration from, such as actors and leaders of countries.

Make sure you research all the famous names below before you settle on that perfect one.

Our Favorite

Pet Name Trophy Goes to Jewel

a Parrot voiced by Anne Hathaway in the animated movie ‘Rio’; this name is also a great choice for precious pets.

  1. Alex – after the famous Parrot who could understand 150 words and differentiate colors!
  2. Blu – the animated musical action movie ‘Blu’
  3. Captain Clawbeak – after the Australian children’s books
  4. Charlie – after the bird who belonged to former British Prime Minister ‘Winston Churchill’
  5. Einstein – the parakeet who can imitate the sound make by lightsabres!
  6. Fawkes – it might be a phoenix rather than a cockatoo, but Dumbledore’s pet bird still merits a mention!
  7. Fred – from the ABC series ‘Tony Baretta’
  8. Gerald – the main character in Michael Crichton’s novel ‘Next’
  9. Globi – known as Switzerland’s version of Mickey Mouse!
  10. Guaka – the figure of a popinjay used as an official mascot of the 2007 ‘Copa América’ in Venezuela
  11. Iago – the parakeet from Walt Disney’s ‘Aladdin’
  12. José – a cartoon bird created by Walt Disney
  13. Paulie – the rebellious bird from the 1998 American film
  14. Peter – ‘Peter the popinjay’ from the TV series ‘The Adventures of Superman’
  15. Ping Pong – after the pet owned by actress and model ‘Liz Hurley’
  16. Potty – ‘Potty the Parrot’ from the animation ‘Spongebob Squarepants’
  17. Sarah – the famous blue and yellow macaw who had her own facebook page!
  18. Skylar – from ‘The Adventures of Superman’
  19. Snowball – the famous bird who appears on Youtube as a dancing sensation!

Cute Parrot Names

Cute Parrot

You may see Parrots as some of the world’s most intelligent pets, but they are also some of the cutest too.

With their tiny, black eyes, multi-colored feathers, and loyal, loveable personalities, they make some of the most adorable pets!

Cute names can be found all over the place, from names of flowers and precious stones!

We have also included countries where parakeets can be found, such as ‘Peru’ and ‘Fiji’, as these short and sweet names are adorable.

Our Favorite

Pet Name Trophy Goes to Lora

the Spanish word for ‘Parrot’, the language spoken in the South American countries where many originate from!

  1. Ace – meaning ‘one who excels’
  2. Belle – Italian for ‘beautiful’
  3. Binky – an adorable name for a tiny Parrot
  4. Birdie – the most adorable choice for a pet bird!
  5. Bobbie – a cute unisex title short for ‘Robert’ or ‘Roberta’
  6. Buddy – perfect for your best pal!
  7. Butterfly – these colorful creatures are adorable and colorful
  8. Cherry – for a cute bird with red colors in her feathers
  9. Fiji – after the island country in Melanesia
  10. Gem – for the most precious parakeet in the world!
  11. Jelly Bean – these sweet treats make an adorable name for a multi-colored parrot
  12. Lovie – the perfect name for a ‘Lovebird’
  13. Melody – perfect for a popinjay who loves to sing!
  14. Peru – after the South American country
  15. Princess – for an adorable pet who rules!
  16. Rico – a name that sounds cute but actually means ‘dominant ruler’!
  17. Ringo – an adorable, Japanese name meaning ‘apple’
  18. Sparkle – perfect for a cute and sassy cockatoo!
  19. Sugar – for the sweetest bird around!
  20. Zoe – an adorable name meaning ‘life’

Funny Parrot Names

Four Funny Parrots

It can not be disputed these pets are some of the world’s funniest animals!

Not just their quirky feathers and random colors, but also a Parakeet’s unique ability to imitate, laugh, and sing gives them an edge above all other birds.

A pet like this can’t just have a normal moniker, Parrot names must be funny and clever to show off their intelligence.

We have combined puns on the names of actors and singers, movie characters, and words that play on the talkative nature of Parrots, we hope you agree.

Our Favorite

Pet Name Trophy Goes to Pollygon

a word combining the traditional punny choice of ‘Polly’ with the shape ‘Polygon’, making an overall hilarious choice!

  1. Alexa – after the new Amazon robot
  2. Blabberbeak – a funny choice referring to the threat of your pet revealing your secrets
  3. Broccoli – why not name your bird after a vegetable?
  4. Cheeky – perfect for a funny and sassy animal
  5. Copy Cat – a pun on the way these birds often imitate people and sounds
  6. Goliath – a funny and ironic name for a tiny pet
  7. Gossiper – a joke on the incessant talking enjoyed by these birds
  8. Jeeves – after the mischievous poltergeist
  9. Macawly Culkin – a punny word combing the ‘Macaw’ breed with actor ‘Macaulay Culkin’
  10. Marty McFly – after the protagonist from ‘Back to the Future’
  11. Ninja – a funny word for a loud bird who is anything but stealthy!
  12. Parrot Hilton – a parakeet-pun on American socialite, actress and singer ‘Paris Hilton’
  13. Pollyester – a pun on the material ‘Polyester’
  14. Pollywood – combining ‘Polly’ with ‘Hollywood’
  15. Sinatra – after the famous singer
  16. Siri – after the robotic voice that sounds just like a cockatoo speaking
  17. Squarkkk – naming your pet after the sound they make would definitely generate laughs
  18. Trixie – for the most mischievous pets
  19. Wing Man – a bird-related pun

Pirate Parrot Names

Pirate Parrot

It is rare to see a pirate without a chatty or mutinous Parrot attached to his shoulder.

These birds are often associated with pirates, especially in literature and films such as ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ and ‘Peter Pan’, therefore a pirate-related word would suit them!

Finding a word associated with pirates is simple if you know where to look: start with your favorite pirate films and books, then move onto real figures from history and pirate terminology.

All of these objects can inspire the best Parrot names possible!

These words will suit the most rebellious and cheeky pet birds, so make sure your pet has the most pirate-like personality before you give it a name like ‘Swashbuckler’ or ‘Mutiny’.

Our Favorite

Pet Name Trophy Goes to Long John Silver

Long John Silver
after the main character in Robert Louis Stevenson’s novel ‘Treasure Island’.

  1. Swashbuckler – the daring and fearlessness
  2. Davy Jones – fictional character from ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’
  3. Jack Sparrow – the pirate portrayed by Johnny Depp
  4. Hook – ‘Captain Hook’, the villainous pirate from ‘Peter Pan’
  5. Jolly Roger – after the flags flown by pirate ships which were ready to attack
  6. Mutiny – one of a pirate’s favorite activities!
  7. Matey – a slang term used to address each other
  8. Ahoy – a call used to draw attention
  9. Black Beard – after the English pirate who sailed around the West Indies in the 18th Century
  10. Scallywag – meaning a ‘villainous’ or ‘mischievous’
  11. Arr! – this renowned exclamation makes a hilarious bird name!
  12. Blunderbuss – after the muzzle-loading gun
  13. Pirate – what better choice?
  14. Black Jack – the drink container made from leather
  15. Maroon – the punishment of abandoning someone on a deserted island
  16. Rum – their favorite drink!
  17. Rapscallion – meaning ‘mischievous person’
  18. Buccaneer – the pirate who sailed around the Caribbean Sea in the 17th and 18th centuries

Green Parrot Names

Green Pet Parrot

Whilst these birds are renowned for their psychedelic and multi-colored plumes, many Parrots just have feathers of one color.

We believe these viridescent pets deserve amazing monikers that show off their vivid green feathers and brilliant personalities.

So we took inspiration from green foods, movie characters, and musicals that make unique and funny names!

These words not only bring out the beauty of a Parrot’s appearance but can also showcase their varied and quirky personalities that make them such amazing animals.

Enjoy exploring our ideas below:

Our Favorite

Pet Name Trophy Goes to Olive

an adorable unisex word after the delicious vegetable

  1. Clover – this green leaf is renowned for being lucky if it is found in four-leafed form
  2. Forest – nothing is greener than a forest of trees!
  3. Chloe – a Greek name meaning ‘green’
  4. Avocado – this tasty green fruit makes a brilliant green parakeet name!
  5. Basil – after the flavourful green herb!
  6. Jalapeno – after the green and hot pepper, perfect for a fiery cockatoo!
  7. Seaweed – this green plant from the sea makes a funny parrot name!
  8. Sugar Snap – after the delicious ‘Sugar Snap’ peas
  9. Shrek – after the green ogre, this is a funny name, especially for a tiny popinjay!
  10. Mike – after the lime green monster
  11. Emerald – a gorgeous name, after the green gemstone
  12. Hulk – a funny name, after the ‘Marvel’ character
  13. Grinch – after the green character from the ‘Dr. Seuss’ franchise
  14. Turtle – naming your pet after another green animal is always funny!
  15. Yoshi – after the green turtle character from the ‘Mario Bros.’ franchise
  16. Elphaba – after the Wicked Witch of the West from the musical ‘Wicked’
  17. Rex – after the ‘Tyrannosaurus Rex’, the large, green dinosaurs from Pre-Historic times
  18. Tinkerbell – after the fairy from ‘Peter Pan’ who wears a sparkly, green dress
  19. Pea – for the cutest bird around!
  20. Little Gem – after the type of green lettuce


We have come to the end of our list of Parrot names.

If you are still looking, don’t be afraid to get creative, if your parrot has any unique quirks they could make brilliant words.

Whether it was the hilarious ‘Pollyester’, the adorable ‘Cherry’ or the daring ‘Swashbuckler’ that inspired you, we hope they are the perfect choices you were looking for!

We really enjoyed collating these ideas and getting creative with new ideas.

Please leave any more suggestions of your favorites below.

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