200+ Korean Boy Names – Popular Baby Boy Names from Korean Culture

Korean boy names are becoming more popular worldwide as people become more interested in Korean culture. There are many beautiful and unique baby boy names to choose from in Korean culture.

I’m not Korean, but I’ve always been fascinated by the country’s unique customs!

Korean culture has a rich and diverse heritage, seen in their cuisine, traditional dress, and of course, the names they give to their children.

There are many different names for Korean boys that might sound a little unusual, yet they are very charismatic. Each one is meaningful and expressive, which makes your little one feel special and connects on an emotional level.

This will help you learn more about those unique Korean baby boy names.

First, we’ll quickly learn more about Korea and its culture, which can help when it comes to choosing from all those fascinating names.

Korean Boy Names


Korea has a rich and fascinating culture that separates it from the rest of the world and often goes overlooked. This small country has a massive influence on global pop culture.

Korea has something new and exciting to offer everyone, from K-pop music, Korean dramas, and movies to fashion and food.

Chinese and Japanese influence has played their part in shaping the Korean culture, with Confucianism being the basis of morality and traditions; approximately seventy million people speak Korean worldwide, so you can imagine the growing Korean cultural imperialism.

Korean people are known for their diligence and hard work, they respect familial devotion, which means they care deeply about their family’s well-being, and the people are proud of their culture, food, clothing, moral values, and economic success within a short period – an achievement that stands out from the rest.

Korean Names for Boys

Baby Boy Cooking with Parents
Choosing a name for your newborn boy is one of the most important decisions you’ll ever make.

The first thing an expecting parent should do is decide whether they want their baby boy’s name to have significant meaning or be more of a unique one, all the while following the Korean culture.

It can be challenging to find a blend of both, a perfectly unique name with good meaning, but this list of Korean boy names will help you narrow it down.

  • Ahn – “tranquility”
  • Bae – “inspiration or pear”
  • Bai – “white or something pure”
  • Byeong-ho – “bright, great”
  • Do-Yun – Do “path”, Yun “allow”
  • Eun – “charitable”
  • Ha-yoon – “great, allow”
  • Il-seong – “day, completed”
  • Ji-hoon – “wisdom, rank”
  • Ji-yoo – “wisdom, abundant”
  • Ju-won – “circumference, first”
  • Min-Jun – “gentle”
  • Seo-jun – “auspicious, talented”
  • Si-woo – “begin, divine intervention”
  • Sung-min – “successor, gentle”
  • U-jin – “universe, genuine”
  • Young-Soo – “excellence”
  • Yu-jun – “friend/courage, handsome”


Male Korean Names

From ancient palaces and temples to thrilling nightlife, there’s something for everyone in this dynamic East Asian country.

In fact, South Korea’s popularity has even reached Hollywood, and several big-budget Hollywood films and TV shows with Korean casts have given rise to the popularity of Korean male names.

When you are naming your baby boy, you will surely want to choose a name that represents them well and they’ll be proud of for the rest of their life.

All of the Korean boy names in the list below are unique and have a special meaning so, if you’re ready to give your child a name that’s both beautiful and meaningful, this list is perfect for you!

  • Ae-Cha – “caring, loving”
  • Ahn – “tranquility”
  • Bae – “inspiration or pear”
  • Baekhyun – “clever, shining”
  • Bai – “white or something pure”
  • Byeong-ho – “bright, great”
  • Dae-Jung – “great, righteous”
  • Doh – “accomplishment”
  • Dong-hyun – “east, virtuous”
  • Do-Yun – Do “path,” and Yun “allow”
  • Eun – “charitable”
  • Ha-Joon – “grand, approving”
  • Ha-yoon – “great, allow”
  • Hye – “bright, intelligent”
  • Il-seong – “day, completed”
  • Ji-ho – “wisdom, greatness”
  • Ji-hu – “wisdom, later”
  • Ji-yoo – “wisdom, abundant”
  • Jung-hoon – Jung “right, honest” and Hoon “admirable deed”
  • Jun-seo – “handsome, divine intervention”
  • Ju-won – “circumference, first”
  • Min-Jun – “gentle”
  • Sang-hoon – “benevolent”
  • Seo-jun – “auspicious, talented”
  • Seo-yun – “soft”
  • Si-woo – “begin, divine intervention”
  • Sung-ho – “successor, greatness”
  • Sung-min – “successor, gentle”
  • Tae – “great personality”
  • U-jin – “universe, genuine”
  • Ye-jun – “talented, handsome”
  • Young-chul/Young-ho – “eternal, firm”
  • Young-Soo – “excellence”
  • Yu-jun – “friend, courage, handsome”


Cute Korean Boy Names

Korean Boy Glasses Pencil Book
There are so many cute Korean boy names to choose from that it can be difficult to decide on the perfect name for your new son.

Whether you’re looking for a unique and uncommon name or something more traditional, there is definitely a Korean name out there that will fit your needs.

This list of popular cute names for boys will give you a good starting point.

  • Goo – “complete”
  • Jeong-hoon – “proper, rank”
  • Ji-hoon – represents “wisdom/purpose, rank”
  • Jung-hoon – “honest, rank”
  • Han-gyeol – “uniformity”
  • Hyun – “virtuous, divine intervention”
  • Sang-hoon – “benevolent”
  • Sung-ho – “successor, greatness”
  • Sung-hoon – “successor, rank”
  • Sung-jin – “successor, truth”
  • Sung-min – “successor, quick/gentle”
  • Young-chul – “eternal, firm”
  • Young-ho – “eternal, greatness”
  • Young-soo – “eternal, lifespan”


Korean Names for Guys

Korea is a fascinating country with an exciting culture and history. If you are looking for a unique name for your baby boy, consider a Korean name for guys.

There are many popular names for guys from Korean culture that are sure to stand out.

Keep in mind that some of these names may be more difficult to pronounce than traditional American names, but they are well worth the effort!

  • Byeong-ho – “bright, great”
  • Dae-jung – “big, middle”
  • Duri – “two”
  • Eun – “kindness”
  • Haneul – “heaven”
  • Hye – “intelligent”
  • Hyeon – “virtuous”
  • Il-seong – “day, completed”
  • Minjun – “talented”
  • U-jin – “universe, genuine”


Unique Korean Boy Names

Baby Boy Chef Eating Pepper
If you’re looking for a unique baby boy name, why not consider one from Korean culture? The Korean culture is, in many ways, vastly different from American culture.

Korean people often give their sons unique and attractive boy names that are not common to Westerners.

Here are a few of them.

  • Ahn – “tranquility”
  • Baek Hyeon – “virtuous”
  • Baek-Hyun – “pure/ worthy”
  • Bon-Hwa – “glorious one”
  • Byung-Hee – “glorious/bright”
  • Byung-chul – “wise”
  • Byung-ho – “luminous”
  • Chin-Sun – “chin-sun means goodness”
  • Do Hyun – “virtuous”
  • Du – “head”
  • Duck-Hwan – “return of the virtue”
  • Duck-Young – “the virtue is unchanging and everlasting”
  • Eabae – “a versatile/creative person.”
  • Hae-Won – “graceful garden”
  • Haneul – “heavenly”
  • Hyun Ki – means “wise”
  • Hyun Shik – “brilliant
  • Hyun – “bright, intelligent”
  • In-Su – “preserving wisdom”
  • Jae-Hwa – “prosperous”
  • Ji-hoon – “wisdom, rank
  • Jii – “sign of intelligence”
  • Jimin – “wisdom higher than the sky.”
  • Joon – “gift of god”
  • Jung-Hwa – “a rich and righteous person”
  • Jung – “a righteous man”
  • Kyubok – “blessed by god”
  • Kyung-Soon – “respected, gentle”
  • Man-Young – “ten thousand years of prosperity”
  • Mi Kyong – “beauty, brightness”
  • Mi-Hi – It a “beautiful joy”
  • Mi-Ok – “a beautiful pearl”
  • Min Jung – “bright, noble”
  • Myung-Dae – “great righteousness”
  • Myung – “foundation of ages”
  • Seo Joon – “auspiciously handsome”
  • Seung – “successor”
  • Soon-Bok – “gentle, blessed”
  • Whan – “ever-growing”
  • Yeon-Jin – “precious”
  • Yeong-Hyeon – “perpetual sunlight”
  • Yeong-Sik – “perpetual glory”
  • Yo-Han – “glorious as the sun”
  • Yo-Seop – “glorious harmony”
  • Yong-Bae – “perpetual”
  • Yong-Hwa – “harmony”
  • Yong-Jin – “excitable”
  • Yong-Ju – “perpetual”
  • Young-Jae – “destined to be prosperous”
  • Young – “forever unchanging”


Korean Names for Men

Have you ever wondered what the most popular Korean names for men are? Don’t dwell on it anymore! In this section, I will take a look at the unique and eloquent names with their meanings.

So, get ready to learn about some of Korea’s most popular names for men!

  • Byung-Hee – “bright”
  • Bong – “phoenix”
  • Chin-hae – “depth of the ocean”
  • Chul – “iron”
  • Chung-hee – “righteous, dutiful”
  • Daeshim – “greatest mind”
  • Hyun-ki – “wise, astute”
  • Kang-dae – “mighty, strong”
  • Korain – “luminous, glorious”
  • Kwan – “one who is strong”
  • Mal-chin – “persists until the end”
  • Sang-ook – “always well, healthy”
  • Suk-chin – “unshakable rock”
  • Won-shik – “head of the family”
  • Yong-rae – “hero coming”
  • Yong-saeng – “live forever”


Korean Middle Names for Boys

Boy Cooking with Korean Parents
It’s no secret that Koreans take their names seriously. Like in America, where a person’s name is often thought to reflect their personality or character, Korean parents carefully choose the perfect middle name for their children.

It seems hard for me to choose the best Korean middle names since there are so many great choices out there, so I’ve put together a list of over 60 middle names for boys – these are some good ones!

  • Bin – “luxuriant/ elegant”
  • Bitgaram – “light river”
  • Chaewon – “searching the origin”
  • Chin-Hae – “ocean depth”
  • Chin-Hwa – “most wealthy”
  • Chin-Mae – “truth”
  • Chun Hei – “justice, grace”
  • Chun-Soon – “honest”
  • Chung Ae – “noble, love”
  • Da – “to attain”
  • Dae-Ho – “great”
  • Dae – “shining”
  • Dong-Min – “east & cleverness”
  • Dong-Sun – “eastern honor”
  • Dong-Yul – “eastern passion”
  • Dong – “eastern”
  • Eun-Kyung – “graceful gem”
  • Goo – “complete”
  • Gook – “nation”
  • Hak-Kun – “one with literate roots”
  • He-Ran – “grace, orchid”
  • Ho-Sook – “pure lake”
  • Hong – “big, wide”
  • Hoon – “teaching”
  • Hwa-Young – “beautiful flower”
  • Hwan – “bright”
  • Hyo-Sonn – “daughterly, gentle”
  • Hyuk – “radiant”
  • Hyun-Ae – “clever, loving”
  • Hyun-Ok – “wise pearl”
  • Il – “superiority”
  • In – “humanity”
  • Iseul – “dew”
  • Jae-Hwa – “pile beauty”
  • Jin A – “truth”
  • Jin – “precious”
  • Ji-Won – Ji “wisdom,” Won “the first”
  • Joo-Won – “beautiful, first”
  • Ki – Ki “one who has arisen”
  • Kim – Kim “gold”
  • Kwang-Sun – “wide goodness”
  • Kyong – “brightness”
  • Kyu – “standard”
  • Lee – “plum or judge”
  • Man-Shik – “deeply rooted in something”
  • Myung-Ok – “bright pearl”
  • Myung – “bright, clear”
  • Sang Hee – “pleasure”
  • Shik – “planting”
  • Sohn – “son”
  • Soo Min – “excellence”
  • Soo – “long-life”
  • Sun-Hi – “obedience, joy”
  • Tae – “great”
  • Tian – “field”
  • Uk – “sunrise”
  • Ye-Seung – “artistic”
  • Yeo – “mild-mannered”
  • Yeon-Seok – “bestowed”
  • Yeoreum – “summer”
  • Yon – “lotus blossom”
  • Yong-Sam – “swimming”


Korean Boy Names FAQ

Here are a few most commonly asked questions about Korean boy names.

How do I choose a Korean name?

According to the Korean naming conventions, the structure of the complete name is:
[ Family Name ]   [ Personal name(s) ]
Each Korean name usually has three parts:

  1. The first is the family name.
  2. The second and third parts make up the individual’s own name.

What Korean boy name means Brave?

Yeong-ho (or Young-ho) is a Korean boy’s name that means “brave.”

What is the most common Korean boy name?

Do-yun and Do-woon are the most common baby names for boys in Korea.

What is the cutest Korean name?

Jii, Hana, Aera, and Cho are considered to be among the cutest Korean names.

What does Rae mean in Korean?

Rae is a Korean feminine name that means “wing.”

The Takeaway

Choosing the baby’s name can be a daunting task. You want something unique but not meaningless, timeless but not too old-fashioned, and special without being obscure.

If you’re looking for a popular boy name with a touch of Korean culture, this blog enlists some popular options to consider.

Each of these names has a rich history and meaningful meaning behind it. So whatever your reason for liking the Korean boy names – from wanting to honor your heritage to simply liking the sound of it – there is sure to be at least one that is perfect for your little guy.

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