125+ Italian Cat Names Which Are Primo & Bellissimo!

Italian Cat Names

Ciao e benvenuto to our list of Italian cat names!

From the Pope to Mario and Luigi, there are so many fantastic Italian names for cats that would be perfect for a pet feline.

We have collated over 125 unique and fabulous choices that we believe are perfect for adorable pets like cats!

Whether your new kitten has Italian origins, or you want a funny or adorable food name that is bound to make you smile (e.g. Pizza or Pasta), there are so many places to find inspiration in the wonderful country of Italy.

So keep reading as we are here to help you find that special choice that showcases your kitten’s best attributes.

Names For Italian Cats

Top 30 Italian Cat Names

Best Italian Names for Felines
Pope Pizza Mario
Leonardo Mona Galileo
Pisa Giuseppe Tuscany
Milan Bambino Marco
Columbus Nove Lucia
Versace Rome Giuliana
Adriana Alessandro Romeo
Gelato Venice Florence
Nero Michelangelo Luigi
Dante Pasta Zuppa
Valentina Armani Donatella

Italian Cats

A to Z List Of 125 Italian Cat Names

  1. Alba – ‘white’, perfect for a kitten with dazzling, white fur
  2. Alegra – ‘cheerful’ and ‘lively’ – great if your kitten is fun-loving
  3. Alessandro – the Italian word for ‘Alexander’
  4. Aletta – ‘winged’
  5. Alrigo – ‘one who rules an estate’
  6. Amalea – a lovely choice for ‘one who is hard working’
  7. Amalia – ‘one who works hard and is industrious’
  8. Amo – a powerful title meaning ‘one with the strength of a eagle’
  9. Andino – ‘manly’ and ‘noble’
  10. Angelo – arguably the most adorable choice ever, meaning ‘angel’ of course!
  11. Antonia – ‘priceless’, perfect for a kitty who means the world to you!
  12. Aranchini – these balls of rice make a unique and quirky title
  13. Aria – ‘air’ or ‘melody’
  14. Balbina – ‘little stutterer’
  15. Bambi – ‘little child’, which is a brilliant name for a tiny pussycat!
  16. Bellance – a quirky variation of the Italian word ‘Blanca’, meaning ‘white’
  17. Bellissa – a gorgeous choice meaning ‘fair and lovely one’
  18. Benigni – after Italian actor ‘Roberto Benigni’
  19. Bernardo – the great Renaissance polymaths ‘Bernardo Buontalenti’
  20. Bianca – ‘white and shining one’
  21. Bottarga – this renowned Italian dish
  22. Brando – for an excitable cat
  23. Cadenza – ‘rhythmic’, brilliant for a feline who has got some moves!
  24. Caprice – ‘fanciful’ and ‘whimsical’
  25. Carbonara – Italian pasta dish
  26. Carina – ‘little darling’
  27. Carozzi – the Italian architect who designed many public buildings in Poland
  28. Caterina – this Italian cat name means ‘pure’
  29. Cella – a shortened version of ‘Marcella’
  30. Christoforo – the Italian explorer ‘Christoforo Colombo’
  31. Ciao – the Italian expression of greeting
  32. Coffee – great for a brown kitten
  33. Da Vinci – after the renowned inventor ‘Leonardo da Vinci’
  34. Dahna – perfect for a respectable cat
  35. Dante – the Italian poet ‘Dante Alighieri’
  36. De Niro – playwright and actor ‘Robert De Niro’
  37. De Peppe – singer ‘Manuel De Peppe’
  38. Desiderio – a great moniker for a kitten
  39. Dino – an abbreviation of ‘Bernardino’
  40. Donato – ‘gift from God’
  41. Edita – ‘affluent one’
  42. Elda – this powerful title means ‘warrior’
  43. Elene – ‘light’
  44. Elio – Italian actor ‘Elio Germano’
  45. Elisabetta – Italian version of ‘Elizabeth’
  46. Elmo – an adorable word for ‘protective one’
  47. Emesto – for a more laid-back cat meaning ‘serious one’
  48. Enzo – a shortened version of ‘Lorenzo’
  49. Esta – ‘from the east’
  50. Fiorello – a cool and funky choice meaning ‘tiny flower’
  51. Fiorentina – ‘a flower in bloom’, and also the name of one of Italy’s famous delicacies
  52. Florence – the stunning Italian city
  53. Focaccia – a yummy bread
  54. Francesco – meaning ‘free’ and ‘independent’
  55. Frederico – ‘peaceful ruler’
  56. Gabriella – the feminine version of ‘Gabriel’
  57. Gaetana – ‘one from Gaete’
  58. Galeazzo – a funky Italian name
  59. Galilleo – the Italian mathematician and astronomer
  60. Galterio – ‘powerful and noble warrior’
  61. Gavino – ‘white hawk’
  62. Gelato – ice cream
  63. Geonna – the Italian version of ‘Jane’
  64. Ghita – this beautiful choice means ‘pearl’
  65. Giacomo – ‘one who supplants’
  66. Giana – ‘God is good and gracious’
  67. Gino – after famous TV chef ‘Gino D’Acampo’
  68. Giovanna – ‘God is gracious’
  69. Giulio – ‘young one’
  70. Giuseppe – ‘he shall add’
  71. Jacopo – the architect ‘Jacopo Celega’ who worked during the 12th Century
  72. Largo – meaning ‘wide’ and ‘broad’
  73. Lasagne – this famous Italian dish
  74. Leonardo – a bold Italian name meaning ‘lion’
  75. Lia – ‘one who brings good news’
  76. Liliana – meaning ‘lily’
  77. Limoncello – the tangy Italian lemon liqueur
  78. Lorenza – feminine version of the name ‘Lorenzo’
  79. Lucia – ‘light’
  80. Ludo – ‘renowned fighter’
  81. Maginardo – after the Italian architect who worked during the Middle Ages
  82. Marcelo – perfect for a powerful kitten
  83. Marco – after the explorer ‘Marco Polo’
  84. Marquise – perfect for a noble cat!
  85. Massimo – if your feline is the best in the world
  86. Matteo – ‘gift of God’
  87. Mercede – ‘merciful’
  88. Michelangelo – one of history’s most renowned painters/sculptures
  89. Milan – the beautiful Italian city
  90. Montez – ‘mountain’
  91. Nario – great for a happy-go-lucky kitten!
  92. Nicci – meaning ‘victory’, perfect for a competitive pussycat!
  93. Niccolo – a powerful choice meaning ‘victorious one’
  94. Onofredo – this can be shortened to the adorable ‘Fredo’
  95. Oriana – ‘golden one’
  96. Ornella – after the actress ‘Ornella Muti’
  97. Pamina – a mysterious Italian word with no known meaning
  98. Pia – ‘pious’
  99. Pietra – ‘rock’
  100. Pietro – ‘Pietro da Cortona’
  101. Pio – ‘pious’
  102. Pisa – Italian city famous for its leaning tower
  103. Pizza – classic food name
  104. Polenta – the corn delicacy eaten in Italy
  105. Portia – the name of Shakespeare’s heroine from his play ‘The Merchant of Venice’
  106. Puccini – after the ‘Giacomo Puccini’
  107. Rachele – ‘lamb’, perfect for a kitten
  108. Ravenna – the capital of the Italian Province of Ravenna
  109. Regina – a name of Italian origin meaning ‘Queen’
  110. Ribollita – the hearty vegetable soup dish
  111. Risotto – the dish consisting of rice
  112. Rocco – a cool word for ‘rock’
  113. Rome – this is a cute choice after the Italian capital
  114. Rosalie – a gorgeous word meaning ‘rose’
  115. Salvatorio – ‘saviour’
  116. Salvi – the Basque architect ‘Nicola Salvi’
  117. Santino – ‘little saint’
  118. Santo – ‘sacred and holy’
  119. Scamozzi – the Renaissance architect and theoretician ‘Vincenzo Scamozzi’
  120. Sergio – ‘attendant’
  121. Serlio – the surname of another famous Renaissance architect
  122. Siena – the beautiful Italian city
  123. Silvana – Italian actress ‘Silvana Mangano’
  124. Silvio – ‘of the forest’
  125. Sistine – after the ‘Sistine Chapel’
  126. Sonnet – the Italian word for the sonnet poem
  127. Tazia – the shortened version of ‘Anastasia’
  128. Tino – actor, director and playwright ‘Tino Caspanello’
  129. Tiramisu – sweet dessert made from sponge fingers
  130. Trieste – after the city and seaport
  131. Tripada – ‘a singer of musical trills’
  132. Truffles – this expensive fungus is a delicious Italian food
  133. Valerius – ‘valiant’ and ‘powerful’
  134. Venice – after the Italian city
  135. Ventura – the northern Italian city
  136. Verdi – the surname of famous Italian composer ‘Giuseppe Verdi’
  137. Vinn – ‘victorious one’
  138. Vitruvius – after the Roman writer, architect and engineer
  139. Zippora – perfect for a cat with light-colored fur
  140. Zorah – ‘piece of the earth’


We hope you enjoyed these Italian cat names!

From the beautiful cities of Tuscany and Florence to the wacky and funny Nintendo characters of Mario and Luigi – we loved them all!

There are so many places to find inspiration in this wonderful country that has a rich history and is full of culture.

We hope you’ve had un momento favoloso discovering some words you’ve never heard of.

Buona fortuna con finding that special cat name you’ve been looking for.

If you have a favorite name from this list, be sure to let us know and leave us a comment. Also, if you have a cat with an Italian name that doesn’t feature on this list, be sure to let us know that too!

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