Hawaiian Dog Names: 110 Names Which Mean Aloha, Mahalo and Honu!

Hawaiian Dog Names

Do you have a Hawaiian dog and wish to give them a moniker that honors their heritage, or perhaps you just love their culture and want to incorporate it by using Hawaiian Dog Names?

Hawaiian culture is incredibly interesting, from their beautiful white beaches, sunny skies, and clear waters, to their fun luaus, hula dancing, and Poi bowls.

Many celebs hail from Hawaii, such as Keanu Reeves, whose father is from Hawaii, and Bruno Mars.

This list of Hawaiian-inspired monikers should be helpful in choosing a cool and unique dog name!

Hawaiian Female Dog Names

Female Hawaiian Dog

There are many famous women who we didn’t even know were from Hawaii (e.g. Nicole Kidman)!

Name your female dog after these inspirational leading ladies, and hopefully, they may share the same amount of talent.

We have also included some other beautiful female nicknames with inspiring meanings that would make a fantastic moniker for your dog.

Moana and Lilo are perfect examples of kind, generous and amazing Hawaiian fictional female characters, and make perfect Hawaiian Dog Names.

Each of these Hawaiian dog names is both graceful and beautiful – any dog would be proud to be called that.

  1. Moana – the title character in the Disney movie ‘Moana’
  2. Nicole – famous actress, Nicole Kidman, was actually born in Honolulu, Hawaii
  3. Kala – another name for Sara
  4. Bette – actress Bette Midler was born in Honolulu and has won Grammy, Tony and Emmy awards, as well as and four Golden Globes
  5. Haukea – meaning ‘white snow’
  6. Ewalani – meaning ‘heavenly woman’
  7. Lois – Lois Lowry, the famous children’s author, was born in Honolulu
  8. Iolana – meaning ‘to soar’
  9. Ululani – meaning ‘inspiration’
  10. Tala – the grandmother of Moana in the Disney movie
  11. Kiana – another name for Diana
  12. Hibiscus – the Yellow Hibiscus is this island’s state flower
  13. Malie – meaning ‘calm’
  14. Pearl – Pearl Harbour is situated in Honolulu, and is known mostly for the December 7, 1941 attack, which brought the US into World War 2
  15. Hokulani – meaning ‘heavenly star’
  16. Sina – Moana’s mother in the Disney movie

Hawaiian Male Dog Names

Male Hawaiian Dog

Here are some cool and unique male Hawaiian names for a pet dog that wants to stand out from the crowd.

Whether you are from the warm Hawaiian beaches or the depths of Antarctica, these names will make sure your dog is the coolest, most suave, and dapper around.

Did you know that on the island of Kauai, no building can be taller than a palm tree?!

Hawaii is also keen to preserve its spectacular greenery and beautiful landscapes and they were the first state in the US to ban plastic bags!

Now dogs can run and play across their beaches and seas with no plastic waste, a lesson other countries and states should learn from.

  1. Momoa – Jason Momoa, Khal Drogo in Game of Thrones and star of Aquaman, won Hawaiian model of the year in 1999
  2. Ikaika – another form of Isaiah
  3. Kahuna – meaning ‘secret’
  4. Marcus – football player, Marcus Mariota, was born in Hawaii
  5. Kaipo – a unisex name that means ‘sweetheart’
  6. Makaio – another form of Matthew
  7. Maui – the powerful shapeshifting demigod in the Disney movie ‘Moana’
  8. Kawena – Nani’s boyfriend in the Disney series ‘Lilo & Stitch’
  9. Akamu – the Hawaiian version of Adam
  10. Malo – meaning ‘winner’ and ‘victorious man’
  11. Keoni – another form of John
  12. Kanani – Hawaiian for ‘handsome’

Cute Hawaiian Dog Names

Cute Hawaiian Dog Names

One of the best things about Hawaii is its magnificent landscapes and the inhabitants’ laid-back, peaceful nature.

‘Pau Hana’ is an important phrase in Hawaii meaning ‘work is done’ and that it is time to unwind.

Dogs don’t have much work to do these days, and so they can always say ‘Pau Hana’ while they go on walks, lie in the sun and sleep half the day!

The Big Island in Hawaii grows around 40 acres every year because of all the volcanic activity that goes on there, meaning there’s more and more to love every year!

Here are some cute nicknames, inspired by Hawaii, that would suit a laid-back and relaxed dog, or some zany, wacky, and eccentric monikers which match the hot and crazy volcanic eruptions that are frequent to Hawaii.

  1. Pineapple – loved by some and hated by others, pineapple on pizza is usually referred to as ‘Hawaiian’
  2. Lei – a flower garland associated with Hawaii but became popular through US tourism. It is actually considered rude to refuse a lei flower if you are generously offered one
  3. Beachy – Hawaii is famous for its magnificent white beaches and clear waters
  4. Kula – this name means ‘gold’ in Hawaiian, perfect for a Golden Retriever!
  5. Stitch – the genetic experiment and main character of the Disney movie ‘Lilo & Stitch’, set in Hawaii
  6. Mahalo – means ‘thank you’ in Hawaiian
  7. Rainbow – the Rainbow Eucalyptus is a tree that is found in Hawaii and is a natural phenomenon, known for its interesting array of colors
  8. Hula – a Polynesian dance developed in Hawaii
  9. Kio – meaning ‘puddle’
  10. Alamea – meaning ‘precious child’
  11. Weuweu – another word for ‘fluffy’
  12. Malina – meaning ‘calm and soothing’ perfect for a pup that loves their peace and quiet
  13. Konani – meaning ‘bright’
  14. Momi – meaning ‘pearl’ in Hawaiian
  15. Pau Hana – a Hawaiian dog name meaning ‘work is done’ which signifies a time of peace and relaxation will commence
  16. Ohana – means ‘family’ in Hawaiian
  17. Meli – ‘honey’ in Hawaiian
  18. Ukulele – a smaller version of a guitar, which originates from Hawaii
  19. Lokelani – meaning ‘red small rose’, perfect for a little ginger pup!
  20. Heihei – Moana’s pet rooster in the Disney movie of the same name
  21. Poluna – Hawaiian for ‘chubby’ and perfect for a jiggly dog!
  22. Kalei – Hawaiian for ‘beloved’, perfect for your most beloved pet

Hawaiian Dog Names and Meanings

Hawaiian Dog Names with Meanings

A fantastic way to choose a unique dog name is to pick something that has a special meaning.

Perhaps you could pick a name based on your pet dog’s personality:

  • If they are brave and fierce then a moniker that means ‘warrior’ will be suitable
  • If your dog is elegant, graceful, and faultless then there are many nicknames with similar meanings

Each of these Hawaiian Dog Names has fun, interesting, and exciting meanings in Hawaiian… you can now combine your love of Hawaii with a word that sums up your pet pup.

  1. Caleb – someone who is as faithful as a dog
  2. Mila – gracious and beautiful dear
  3. Koa – a warrior
  4. Elijah – a famous king and prophet
  5. Hilo – the first night after the new moon
  6. Ailani – a chief and a leader
  7. Ethan – gift of the island
  8. Urima – fruit of the earth
  9. Mallu – someone who evokes peacefulness
  10. Moani – the scent of the breeze
  11. Inoki – devoted
  12. Kaia – the sea
  13. Mililani – a gentle touch from above
  14. Lahela – innocent lamb
  15. Aloha – loving and kind-hearted, also means both hello and goodbye
  16. Kawai – meaning coming from the water
  17. Zedekiah – sacrifice of God
  18. Pele – from a Hawaiian volcano
  19. Maylee – resembling a wild flower
  20. Alamea – precious child
  21. Zandra – the protector of humanity

Cool Hawaiian Dog Names

Cool Hawaiian Dog

Hawaii is many things, but you can’t say it isn’t cool.

With their laid-back vibes, their ‘Pua Hana’ and the huge expanse of sandy beaches, Hawaii seems to be the place to live if you want to lead a stress-free, relaxed and tranquil life.

So naming your dog after this island is perfect for a pet that loves to laze in the sun and sip cold water all day long!

There are 137 islands of Hawaii, so many beautiful beaches and clear waters for your dog to run across and play in.

Here is a list of cool Hawaiian Dog Names, inspired by Hawaii and their easy-going, serene lifestyle!

  1. Keanu – a name that means ‘cool breeze over the mountains’
  2. Lilikoi – a tangy, exotic fruit from Hawaii, also known as the yellow passionfruit
  3. Kama – a pig from Hawaii famous for its impressive surfing abilities
  4. Volcano – Hawaii is no stranger to the odd volcano or two
  5. Kekipi – meaning ‘fearless’
  6. Lalama – Hawaiian for ‘daring’, perfect for an adventurous dog
  7. Blue – from the Ray Charles song ‘Blue Hawaii’
  8. Halia – meaning ‘fond remembrance’
  9. Mahina – meaning ‘moon’, perfect for an all-white dog
  10. Kiele – meaning ‘precious blossom’
  11. Laki – ‘lucky’ in Hawaiian
  12. Tamatoa – the fun crab that hoards treasure in the Disney movie ‘Moana’
  13. Makani – meaning ‘the wind’
  14. Waikiki – one of Hawaii’s biggest tourist destinations with a huge expanse of beautiful beach
  15. Obama – Barack Obama was the first president of the United States to be born in Hawaii
  16. Nohoa – a great Hawaiian dog name which means ‘annoying’!
  17. Hanuama – Hanuama Bay was formed in the remains of a volcanic crater and is home to a beautiful beach
  18. Lilo – the title character from the Disney movie ‘Lilo & Stitch’
  19. Miki – meaning ‘quick’, great for a dog that loves to run like the wind!

Best Hawaiian Dog Names

Best Hawaiian Dog Names

Whilst it seems that any dog would fit in with the island lifestyle of Hawaii, there are some dog breeds that the Hawaiians favor over others.

The French bulldog is one of the most popular breeds in Honolulu, along with the Labrador Retriever, the Pomeranian, the Poodle, and the Dachshund.

Clearly smaller dogs from Germany and France fit in well with the Hawaiian beachy life!

There are actually only two mammals that are native to the islands of Hawaii, the monk seal, and the hoary bat.

Hopefully, these animals will get along with the many dogs that have been brought to Hawaii and lived peacefully there ever since.

Here are some of the best Hawaiian-inspired dog names, not only for the most popular breeds in Honolulu but for any dog that wishes to settle down beneath the sunny skies of this beautiful island.

  1. Luau – a party, feast and celebration where people eat, dance and are entertained
  2. Rain – this island had over 200 names for rain!
  3. Akela – ‘wisdom’ in Hawaiian
  4. Mertle – Lilo’s rival and ex-friend in the Disney series ‘Lilo & Stitch’
  5. Honolulu – the capital of Hawaii
  6. Dream – from the Perry Como song ‘I’m Dreaming of Hawaii’
  7. Kolohe – meaning ‘little rascal’
  8. Leilani – meaning ‘royal child’
  9. Diamond – Diamond Head is a volcanic trail in Honolulu
  10. Poi – a traditional food from Hawaii, usually in a runny and liquid consistency
  11. Bruno – the famous singer, Bruno Mars, is originally from Hawaii
  12. Nani – Lilo’s older sister and legal guardian in the Disney series ‘Lilo & Stitch’
  13. Haleakala – an inactive volcano on the island of Maui
  14. Aolani – meaning ‘Heavenly cloud’
  15. Uilani – meaning ‘great beauty’ and perfect for a dog that makes everyone’s head turn!
  16. Moho – Hawaiian for ‘champ’
  17. Ipo – a cute pet name that means ‘sweetheart’
  18. Tui – Moana’s father in the Disney movie of the same name
  19. Happy – from the ABBA song ‘Happy Hawaii’
  20. Kailana – meaning ‘adored one’, perfect for the thing you adore the most – your dog!


We hope you loved this list of Hawaiian dog names!

From celebrities born in Honolulu, to fictional, Polynesian Disney characters and beautiful words translated into Hawaiian.

It is only right to give a laid-back, relaxed dog a fun and unique name, especially if they live by the white beaches and clear seas of Hawaii.

If you enjoyed this article then it would be fantastic if you left us a comment, possibly telling us your favorite dog name from this list, and maybe if you have ever been to the beautiful Hawaiian sands.

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