Gender Neutral Names: Unisex Baby Names Are Better for Your Baby!

Gender Neutral Baby NamesGender-neutral names are unisex, which means that they can be given to a baby of any gender, and gives the child freedom to go their own way as they grow into who they are!

There are many reasons to consider a non-gendered name. If you are one of those parents who prefer to be surprised in the delivery room, these unisex names will save you the in-the-moment deliberation!

As modern parents, you may like the general idea of a gender-fluid or non-binary name, or you might just find unisex names to be unique, cute, cool, and fun!

Another reason could be that the neutral name is a family heirloom that you love and cherish, or perhaps you may believe it will prevent sexism and gender stereotyping in your child’s future.

Whatever the reason may be, more and more families are tending toward non-binary names for their babies.

Read on for a quick recap on the importance of gender neutrality, or skip ahead to what you came for – the names! – using the contents below.

Gender Neutrality

The term “gender-neutral” refers to anything that is not associated with either the feminine or the masculine and, when it comes to naming, unisex names are one of the hottest baby-naming trends right now!

The idea of gender neutrality is preferred by forward-thinking, modern parents, as non-binary names allow your child the opportunity to define their identities more freely as they mature.

A neutral name can help a child as they grow older – it offers them a chance to balance the bias and discrimination that still exists in the business and academic worlds.

For people who identify as female in the professional arena, having a non-binary name might give them an advantage as they correspond remotely or electronically. It gives girls the opportunity to prove themselves on their work skills and ethics instead of being subconsciously (and consciously) judged on their gender.

Many of today’s young parents don’t want their children to follow the traditional expectations of the old saying that girls play with pretty dolls while boys climb trees, so they choose to name them in a neutral way that is baggage-free from stereotypes.

Naming a Child is a Big Responsibility

One of the biggest milestones in bringing a new addition to the family is selecting the perfect name.

Parents understand that a child’s name defines their identity, and we get only one shot to pick a good one.

Names are important. It tells the story of who we are and what we shall be and become. Names have a significant effect on a child’s personality, and what name we use to call them defines their behavior, attitude, and outlook towards life.

Therefore, as parents, we should think carefully about how the name will impact our children as they grow up.

Gender Neutral Names

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Unisex baby names are predicted to be the biggest baby-naming trend of 2022. BabyCenter, the leading authority in baby trends and data, says that more and more modern parents are leaning towards genderless names for their children.

Here are 30 of the best, ungendered names for your little bundle of joy.



“The Fiery One”

An Irish name that means “the fiery one.” This name is perfect for summer babies.



“Child of Adam”

Means the “child of Adam.” There are many towns with the name Addison throughout the U.S.



“Dark and Attractive”

An English name meaning “dark and attractive.” This is a popular name with a famous namesake as an American actor and comedian Blake Clark.



“Having a Crooked Nose”

A Scottish name that means “having a crooked nose.” It is more well-known for boys than girls, but it has gained considerable popularity as a girl’s name too.



“Clever; Having Curly Hair”

An old Celtic name that means “clever.” It has another meaning, “having curly hair,” making it a perfect name for children born with naturally curly locks.




A German name that means “strong.” This name has maintained steady popularity for over 100 years.



“Friendly, Allies”

A Native American name meaning “friendly” or “allies.” Dakota is the name of a language, a Native American tribe, and two states in the U.S: North and South Dakota.



“God is the Judge; a Dane From Denmark”

An English name that means “God is the judge” or “a Dane from Denmark.” Interestingly, Queen Latifah’s original name is Dana Owens.



“The Sea, Great Tide”

A Welsh name that means “great tide” or “the sea.” This could be the perfect name for families living near freshwater sources, the ocean, the river, or the sea.



“Child of Emery”

A German name meaning “child of Emery.” The name may also take inspiration from the American poet, writer, and thinker Ralph Waldo Emerson.



“A Hero; Battle Warrior”

An old Celtic Gaelic name that means “a hero” or “battle warrior.” This name is best for parents who love old-fashioned retro names.



“Hedged Valley”

An English name that means “hedged valley” or “heather-grown hill.” Hayden is traditionally a boy’s name, but it gained traction for girls from 1998 onward. It continues to be a trending name for both sexes.



“Thankful to God; God Has Heard”

A Hebrew, American name meaning “thankful to God” or “God has heard.” This name is ideal for modern, religious parents.



“God is Gracious”

A Hebrew, American name that means “God is gracious.” Jackie has been one of the top 1000 names for both genders for almost 100 years.



“Wealthy; God’s Gift”

A Hebrew name meaning “wealthy” or “God’s gift.” Jesse’s famous namesakes include American singer Jessie James Decker and American actor Jesse Brandford.



“Flowing Down, Descending”

The Hebrew name Jordan is held by many well know and popular personalities, from the psychologist to one of America’s favorite athletes.

It means “flowing down” or “descending,” which turns out to be pretty accurate for these two notable namesakes, the one whose knowledge and experience flows down to the masses, and the other who descended from above on many basketball hoops!



“Keeper of the Keys; Of the Sea”

A Hawaiian name that means “of the sea” or “keeper of the keys.” This exotic non-gendered name is best suited for parents who prefer a deep and meaningful name for their child.



“From the Fierce Island; Ship Victory”

A name with English, Celtic, and Irish origins meaning “ship victory” or “from the fierce island.”



“Having Dark Hair”

A Scottish name meaning “having dark hair” is ideal for children born with naturally dark hair.



“Child of Love”

An Irish name that means “child of love.” Interestingly, John Lennon is one of the co-founders of The Beatles’ famous rock band.



“From the Holly Garden or Grey Fortress”

A Scottish name meaning “from the Holly garden” or “from the gray fortress.” Leslie was a top 200 name for most of the last 50 years.



“Meadow; Of the Hollow”

A name with Scottish, Celtic, and Irish origins meaning “of the hollow” or “meadow.” Mount Logan is Canada’s highest mountain.



“Of the Sea”

A Latin name meaning “of the sea.” Its famous namesakes include American actress Marin Yvonne Ireland.



“Traveling; Circling the Sea”

A Welsh name that means “traveling” or “circling the sea.” This name would suit children living on an island surrounded by water.




A French name meaning “Christmas.” This name was often given to children born near Christmas in medieval times.



“From the Capital City of France”

A name with English, Greek, and French origins that means “from the capital city of France.” In Greek mythology, Paris was the Prince of Troy who kidnapped Helen and started the Trojan War.



“From the Town of the Soldiers and Warriors”

An English name meaning “from the town of the soldiers and warriors.”




An Irish name that means “intelligence.” Quinn is mostly given to girls, but it’s a popular choice for boys too.



“Red Ruler/Chief; Famous Brilliance”

Has Irish, Celtic, and Gaelic origins, which means “red ruler or chief” or “famous brilliance.”



“Stately and Dauntless; Like a Hawk; Admired and Respected”

An Irish, Celtic name that means “admired and respected” or “like a hawk” and “stately and dauntless.”


Unisex Sports Top Baby Laughing
Gender-neutral names have become very popular as they can be given to babies, irrespective of gender. Maybe as parents, you want the baby’s gender to be a surprise but give them a name before they are born. Or you are choosing a unisex name to allow your child fluidity.

There are lots of ungendered names out there. If you are searching for a name that holds a deeper meaning for your baby or one that isn’t traditionally feminine or masculine, we have you covered.

There is a lot to love about gender-neutral baby names, like the fact that you and your partner can quickly settle on a single name. It comes as no surprise that a few of the most popular baby names in America can work well for both boys and girls.

Here are ten of the most popular ungendered names for your little one:

  • Ari
  • Mickey
  • Willie
  • Austin
  • Kim
  • Cory
  • Oakley
  • Charlie
  • Max
  • Jad


There is nothing very unconventional about a unisex baby name today, especially as some parents are consciously choosing to raise their child gender-neutral as well. While some parents might like their children’s names to be masculine or feminine, others like the ambiguity.

Unlike the trend of double-barrel baby names, we are not clear when the practice of giving children unisex names exactly started. For example, the name Lindsay is a centuries-old surname that is associated with a Scottish clan. However, the name has been given to both women and men as the first name for generations.

What we do know is that there has been a huge increase in the number of gender-neutral baby names making the list of most popular baby names every year.

Look at some of the most popular unisex names:

  • Haven
  • Karter
  • Rowan
  • Taylor
  • Spencer
  • Ellis
  • Remington
  • Phoenix
  • Alexis
  • Jules


What Are 10 Good Gender Neutral Names?

Swaddled Baby Yawning
Many non-binary names are equally preferred for boys and girls. While some have been popular for many years, others have recently made it to the list. As more parents choose unisex names over traditional names, these names are becoming more common.

Naming a child is an important milestone, and therefore, we should take a step back and think about how we want our child to be. A child’s birth name becomes their identity and helps shape their future. The key is to enjoy the process of selecting a suitable name for your child with deliberation and patience.

By choosing a neutral name, parents can give their children a chance to deflect gender labels and stereotypes while exploring a diverse range of modern names.

Here are some good ungendered names:

  • Riley
  • Jaime
  • Kendall
  • Skyler
  • Frankie
  • Harley
  • Robbie
  • Sidney
  • Parker
  • Nicky


What Are 10 Unique Unisex Names?

There are many names that you can choose from when you decide to give your child a unisex name. But if you are one of those parents who wants a unique name for your child, then we have got your back.

Every child is precious and unique, and their name reflects their inner self. Different names have varied origins and deeper meanings, and you can select the name that calls out to you.

Unisex name ideas are preferred by forward-thinking, modern parents, as non-binary baby names give your child the chance to define their identities more freely as they mature. You can be on the leading end of this trend and give your child the best possible chance for a successful future by selecting a neutral name for your baby boy or girl.

We have listed some of the most unique gender neutral names for you to choose from:

  • Ali
  • Aspen
  • Azure
  • Echo
  • Indigo
  • Journey
  • Shiloh
  • Sage
  • Vesper
  • Zion


What Are the 10 Rarest Unisex Names?

What’s in a name? For parents expecting a new baby, there is often a lot of joy accompanied by a lot of stress. Suppose you and your partner decide to give your baby a more common name?

In this case, it’s likely that one of you will already have an association with the name – you might encounter some strong opinions regarding certain names!

Using a non-gendered name is a distinctive choice and has become more common in recent years. But if you want to take this trend another step further, then you can choose a rare gender-neutral name for your child. These names are so unique and rare that all eyes will turn to your child on the playground when you call out their name.

Have a look at these amazingly rare ungendered names that are sure to pique your interest:

  • Asa
  • Arrow
  • Averill
  • Denali
  • Endellion
  • Fable
  • Guthrie
  • Jericho
  • Kit
  • River


What Are 10 Badass Unisex Names?

Tiny Baby with Mother and Pacifier
Picking out a baby name is such an important yet fun time. Gender-neutral names are all the rage right now, and rightfully so – many parents opt for names that have both a feminine and masculine tone.

Additionally, many parents are going the team green route and deciding to pick a name for the baby before knowing its gender.

We have also noticed that many traditional names are becoming gender-neutral, especially for girls, where expecting parents are considering masculine names.

Here is some iconic and badass unisex name to consider for your baby.

  • Reese
  • Aubrey
  • Everett
  • Skye
  • Hunter
  • Devon
  • Jo
  • Sparrow
  • Grayson
  • Ace


What are 10 Cool Unisex Names?

If you want a name that works for either gender, then unisex names are for you. With so many gender-neutral names out there, it is difficult to settle for one. Especially if you are looking for a name that is cool and fun but neither masculine nor feminine.

The name of a child stays with them throughout their life, so it is important to select a name that reflects how you want your child to be perceived. If you want them to appear progressive and forward-thinking, then you can skip the old, traditional names and choose a cool unisex name that is not only distinctive but also charming.

  • Blaine
  • Drew
  • Andy
  • Darby
  • Kiernan
  • Lee
  • Atlas
  • Sutton
  • Honor
  • London


The Takeaway

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Whether it is Charlie or Justice, non-gendered names for babies are on the rise among parents who are more willing than ever to embrace the possibility of gender fluidity and attempt to prevent sexism on their behalf.

Pop culture and honoring religious history or family are very important in baby naming, so is the cool factor. In recent times, more names are being used for both sex regardless of which gender they were initially used for, and neutral naming has become a leading trend in modern parents.

However, interest in potential gender fluidity is not the only reason why parents are choosing gender-neutral names. But because parents think unisex names are cool and meaningful to themselves. Although these names have been around for quite some time now, genderless names are exciting and unique, making your child stand out in a good way.

Today’s popular non-gendered names have varied origins. Some like Emerson are old and literary, while some like River and Sage are inspired by nature.

Just remember, choosing your child’s name is hard, but it doesn’t mean that it is not fun. Enjoy this journey with patience, and you will find the name that is just perfect for your cherub.

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