100+ Best Gecko Names: Ideas For Your Crested Pet Lizard

Gecko Names

If you have just welcomed a fabulous new lizard into your family and are looking for perfect Gecko names to suit its unique and vibrant traits, then look no further than our list.

We have over 120 names to suit all types from Leopard Geckos to Crested Geckos.

In addition to breed monikers we have the cutest or most badass pet lizards titles around.

Before you begin, remember to enjoy the naming process and have fun finding the perfect title for your amazing animal!

Leopard Gecko Names

Leopard Gecko

Leopard Geckos make amazing pets, due to their incredible patterned scales and unique looks.

These pets differ from most other Lizards because of their lack of toe pads, which prevent them from climbing up surfaces without grip.

The wealth of colors they come in (from whites to tangerines) can provide some great inspiration for names, as can their amazing patterns and personalities.

Look for words that show off your Leopard’s unique patterns, as these can generate some great ideas to make your pet Lizard stand out from the crowd.

Our Favorite

Pet Name Trophy Goes to Constellation

a beautiful name meaning a collection of stars forming a pattern, reflecting the amazing patterns on a Leopard Gecko’s scales

Check out some more Leopard Gecko names below:

  1. Apollo – Greek for ‘manly beauty’
  2. Asia – after the home of many Leopard Geckos
  3. Crawler – reflecting the unique way that Lizard’s move
  4. Diva – a great choice for a sassy Gecko!
  5. Dotty – short for ‘Dorothy’, and reflective of their unique spots
  6. Freckles – the perfect choice for a speckly Leopard
  7. Ginger – a great moniker for an orange pet
  8. Honey – a beautiful choice for an animal with honey-colored scales
  9. Jewel – perfect for a beautiful and precious reptile!
  10. Leopardo – meaning ‘leopard’ in Portuguese
  11. Merlin – from Arthurian legend meaning ‘falcon’
  12. Nina – a Native American name meaning ‘strong’
  13. Oreo – the perfect choice for a black and white Leopard
  14. Peacock – a great name to show off your Gecko’s amazing patterns
  15. Pepper – for a black and white reptile
  16. Queenie – for a precious and bold female pet
  17. Rex – a Latin word meaning ‘King’
  18. Romeo – from Shakespeare’s play ‘Romeo and Juliet’
  19. Tangerine – the perfect option for an orange animal
  20. Ursula – made famous by Shakespeare’s ‘Much Ado About Nothing’

Crested Gecko Names

Crested Gecko

Crested Geckos make great pets, due to their low-maintenance and relaxed nature.

They are native to southern New Caledonia, and their origins can provide some great inspiration.

Their huge eyes and raised scales make them appear similar to dragons and dinosaurs, therefore words relating to mythological creatures are fantastic to showcase these unique features…

Our Favorite

Pet Name Trophy Goes to Mushu

after the fictional dragon from Disney’s Mulan, the perfect choice for red or orange reptiles!

Explore some more ideas in the list below:

  1. Amos – a Hebrew word meaning ‘burden carried’
  2. Angelina – from the Greek word ‘angelos’ meaning ‘God’s messenger’
  3. Bree – an Irish word for ‘strength’
  4. Caledonia – after the habitat of many Crested Lizards
  5. Cedrica – an English word for ‘chief’, the male version is ‘Cedric’
  6. Cleo – a Greek word meaning ‘illustrious’, short for ‘Cleopatra’
  7. Coco – after ‘Coco Chanel’ the famous fashion designer
  8. Crista – meaning ‘crest’ in Portuguese
  9. Darwin – an English Gecko name meaning ‘dear friend’
  10. Dino – short for dinosaur
  11. Dragon – this reptiles raised scales give a dragon-like impression
  12. Fire – a reference to their similarity to a dragon!
  13. Freddie – short for ‘Frederick’, meaning ‘one who rules peacefully’
  14. Gonzales – after ‘Speedy Gonzales’, the cartoon character from ‘Looney Tunes’
  15. Gregory – a Greek word meaning ‘watchful’, perfect for a pet with huge eyes!
  16. Igor – a Russian Gecko name meaning ‘peaceful warrior’
  17. Lightning – for a Lizard who moves as fast as a bolt of lightning
  18. Loki – a Norse word meaning ‘God of destruction’
  19. Nouméa – the capital city of New Caledonia
  20. Speedy – the perfect choice for a pet who can sprint fast!

Best Gecko Names

Cute Reptile

If you are looking for the best Gecko names, then look no further than famous Lizards from TV, film, and comics!

As these monikers are good enough for modern media, they must be good enough for your pet Gecko too!

You can look for words beginning with the letter ‘G’, as a bit of alliteration always gives a ring to a pet name.

Good examples are:

  • Glenda the Gecko
  • Gizmo the Gecko

There are thousands of words beginning with ‘G’, so make sure you find one that oozes with personality.

Our Favorite

Pet Name Trophy Goes to Goldie

a stunning choice beginning with ‘G’, perfect for a friendly Golden!

Check out some more great options:

  1. Chet – from ‘The Chameleon Wore Chartreuse’
  2. Gaelan – a Gaelic word for ‘calm’, Gael for short!
  3. Garet – an English word meaning ‘courageous’
  4. Gaspar – after ‘Gaspar Le’Gecko’ from the animation ‘Brandy and Mr. Whiskers’
  5. Geico – after ‘Geico Gecko’ from the ‘GEICO’ commercials
  6. Genius – a good choice for a smart pet!
  7. Gergo – a Hungarian moniker meaning ‘watchful’, ‘Gergo the Gecko’ has a great ring to it!
  8. Gertrude – a German word for ‘strong spear’
  9. Gex – from the video game Gecko
  10. Gideon – meaning ‘feller of trees’ in Hebrew
  11. Gil – meaning ‘happiness’
  12. Gisella – French meaning ‘pledge’
  13. Gizmo – a funny pet name and a type of gadget
  14. Glenda – Welsh for ‘fair’ and ‘good’
  15. Gloria – a beautiful Latin moniker meaning ‘glory’ and ‘respect’
  16. Gretchen – German meaning ‘little pearl’
  17. Guinevere – Welsh for ‘white’ and ‘smooth’, perfect for a white speckled Lizard
  18. Hodari – from the animation ‘The Lion Guard’
  19. Lizzie – great for a female Lizard!
  20. Vinnie – from the TV series ‘Littlest Pet Shop’

Cool Gecko Names

Cool Green Lizard

Finding the coolest names for a Lizard sounds like a difficult task, however, our tips will make this process easy and fun!

Begin by focusing on the most unique names possible, as the rarer the word, the cooler it often is!

You want to make everyone who hears your Lizard’s moniker ‘wow!’.

Try researching names for your Gecko in other languages, as these words are more unique and have brilliant meanings behind them.

Our final trick is to find cool words and spell them backward, as this often generates quirky choices which no one has ever used before! Give it a go!

Our Favorite

Pet Name Trophy Goes to Halcyon

a male Greek name meaning ‘time of peace’, which is a cool choice for a chilled-out Gecko!

Explore some more of our suggestions below:

  1. Celeste – meaning ‘celestial’ in French
  2. Chiko – a Japanese name meaning ‘thousand’
  3. Enzo – short for the cool Italian nome ‘Lorenzo’
  4. Erehwon – the word ‘nowhere’ spelt backwards
  5. Etoile – the Spanish word for ‘star’
  6. Lagarto – Galician for ‘lizard’
  7. Lindo – ‘cute’ in Italian
  8. Lisko – ‘lizard’ in Finnish
  9. Malone – after famous American rapper and singer
  10. Miya – a Japanese word for ‘beauty’
  11. Musker – ‘lizard’ in Basque
  12. Nacirema – the word ‘American’ spelt backwards
  13. Nevaeh – ‘heaven’ spelt backwards
  14. Okceg – the word ‘gecko’ spelt backwards, what would be more fitting?
  15. Othello – after Shakespeare’s fallen hero from his play
  16. Rylee – ‘courageous’ in Irish
  17. Tuko – ‘gecko’ in Filipino
  18. Yensid – the word ‘Disney’ spelt backwards
  19. Zephyr – ‘a soft, gentle breeze’
  20. Zora – ‘dawn’ in Slavik

Cute Gecko Names

Blue Gecko

If your Gecko is the most adorable Lizard on the block, then consider looking for a cute choice to suit their adorable nature!

When looking for a cute word, the sound is very important too.

So make sure you focus on gentle, soft-sounding words, such as ‘Mushu’ and ‘Suzu’, as these will suit the cutest, most tranquil Lizards!

The meaning behind a word is also very important, so look for names with happy, adorable, and friendly meanings to showcase just what makes your pet so cute.

Our Favorite

Pet Name Trophy Goes to Titania

a Greek word meaning ‘blind seer’, and the name of Shakespeare’s fairy queen from ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’

Check out some more cute Gecko names below:

  1. Angel – an adorable word meaning ‘messenger from God’
  2. Bijou – French for ‘jewel’
  3. Emerald – a cute and beautiful name for a green Gecko!
  4. Fluffy – a funny but cute choice for a Lizard who is anything but fluffy!
  5. Indigo – an adorable option for a deep blue-colored pet
  6. Kami – meaning ‘divine aura’
  7. Keiji – meaning ‘joyous’
  8. Margot – French for ‘pearl’
  9. Mushu – after the dragon from the Disney film ‘Mulan’
  10. Peanut – this tiny nut makes the perfect choice for a tiny Gecko!
  11. Rainbow – a cute and colorful word for a multi-colored Lizard
  12. Reeta – Finnish for ‘pearl’
  13. Rolo – ‘famous wolf’ in Spanish
  14. Sephira – after the dragon from ‘Eragon’
  15. Sienna – Latin, used to describe an orangey-red color
  16. Silver – the perfect choice for a silver Lizard!
  17. Sugar – a sweet word for a sweet pet Gecko!
  18. Suzu – ‘bell’ in Japanese
  19. Teal – a cute word for a blue or green-colored Lizard
  20. Yuval – a Japanese name meaning ‘lily child’

Badass Gecko Names

Badass Gecko

If your pet is strong and fierce, a badass title would be the perfect match!

When looking for the most badass Gecko names, begin with finding a word that packs a punch, and sounds fierce when said out loud.

Good monikers will have plosive consonants!

Explore words from Greek mythology, like ‘Achilles’ and ‘Leda’, as many Greek heroes and heroines were badass figures who did great and powerful things.

Our Favorite

Pet Name Trophy Goes to Taurus

a Latin name and sign of the zodiac meaning ‘bull’

Check out some more below:

  1. Achilles – the warrior hero from Homer’s ‘Iliad’
  2. Ajax – ‘eagle’ in Greek
  3. Ares – after the Greek God of war
  4. Ari – a Hebrew word meaning ‘lion’
  5. Astra – a Greek moniker from the word ‘Astron’, meaning ‘star’
  6. Brutus – one of the ultimate badass names
  7. Crusher – a strong and badass choice for a pet
  8. Drake – ‘dragon’ in English
  9. Echo – the mythical Greek nymph
  10. Goliath – after the biblical Philistine giant
  11. Helios – meaning ‘sun’
  12. Iago – Shakespeare’s villain from ‘Othello’
  13. Indiana – the intrepid explorer ‘Indiana Jones’
  14. Kenji – ‘strong’ and ‘intelligent’ in Japanese
  15. Kong – the giant monster, who resembles a huge ape
  16. Leda – the mythological Greek Queen of Sparta
  17. Orion – a Greek word for ‘son of fire’
  18. Phoenix – meaning ‘deep red’
  19. Una – a German title meaning ‘noble leader’
  20. Ursula – after the badass villain from Disney’s ‘The Little Mermaid’


We hope you have enjoyed exploring our Best, Crested, and Leopard Gecko names and have come one step close to naming your perfect Lizard.

Whether it was the adorable ‘Kami’, the powerful ‘Iago’ or the cool ‘Tuko’ which you liked, we hope it suits your new Lizard perfectly.

If you didn’t quite find the perfect moniker – don’t give up!

Make sure you keep researching words and trying them out, as the best way to find a great title is through trial and error!

If you have any more ideas for great Lizard names, please leave them in the comments below.

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