Duo Pet Names: 30+ Best Names for Pairs of Pets

Duo Pet Names

Have you just adopted a pair of pets and now you are looking for suitable matching duo pet names?

Then look no further than our list of the best names for pairs of pets!

Giving your pets matching titles is a surefire way to ensure they are the best of friends, you will highlight the fact that your two puppies will be growing up together and spending the majority of their time in each other’s company.

Check out our selection of duo nicknames below; who knows, you might just find the perfect match for your furry friends!

Duo Pet Names

Names for Pairs of Pets
Abra and Cadabra Cookies and Cream Romeo and Juliet
Adam and Eve Dean and Torvill Rosy and Jim
Alice and (Mad) Hatter Gerda and Kai Rum and Coca Cola (or Coke)
Antony and Cleopatra Jack and Jill Salt and Pepper
Aston and Martin King and Queen Sherlock and Holmes
Bach and Beethoven Lady and (the) Tramp SpongeBob and Patrick
Bambi and Thumper Mario and Luigi Sushi and Sashimi
Batman and Robin Mercedes and Benz Timon and Pumba
Beauty and (the) Beast Mickey and Minnie Tom and Jerry
Ben and Jerry Mocha and Latte Wallace and Gromit
Bread and Butter Peanut (Butter) and Jam Yin and Yang

List Of Duo Pet Names

Names for Pairs of Pets

  1. Abra and Cadabra – a word of unknown origin, abracadabra is commonly used by magicians when performing tricks. The first known mention of this strange word dates back to the second century AD book Liber Medicinalis, where it explains that people suffering from malaria should wear an amulet bearing this inscription in a triangular formation
  2. Adam and Eve – this is a reference to the Christian Bible, specifically to the very first people created by God. According to the creation myth, Eve is created out of Adam’s rib to be his companion. Their story is a pivotal episode in the Bible, as it discusses the integral aspects of the fall of man and the original sin that was perpetrated by Eve’s decision to succumb to the temptation of the evil serpent
  3. Alice and (Mad) Hatter – two characters from Lewis Carroll’s 1865 novel Alice in Wonderland. Popular for its peculiar and often seemingly nonsensical nature, the novel follows a young girl named Alice who falls down a rabbit hole and finds herself in a strange world populated by strange creatures. In her travels, she meets the Mad Hatter, who is technically just a mad hat-maker
  4. Antony and Cleopatra – these two characters come from a Shakespearian tragedy. The King’s Men first performed it around 1607 in the London Globe Theatre. The story is based on an English translation of Plutarch’s Lives – it follows the relationship between Antony and Cleopatra during the Final War of the Roman Republic. Shakespeare’s rendering of Cleopatra is considered to be one of the most nuanced and complex representations of females in playwriting
  5. Aston and Martin – a perfect duo title choice for a pair of male pups, Aston and Martin refer to the luxury independent British car manufacturer. It was founded in 1913 by Lionel Martin and Robert Bamford. Highly valued for their classy, iconic looks, Aston Martin cars can often be spotted in central parts of London and neighboring Surrey
  6. Bach and Beethoven – referring to Johan Sebastian Bach and Ludwig van Beethoven, these duo nicknames are an homage to the two classical pianists and composers. Bach was a Baroque musician and Beethoven found himself in the transitional period between classical and romantic music; both of these incredibly talented individuals were of German origin
  7. Bambi and Thumper – these two lovable characters come from the Disney classic Bambi and make one of the cutest duo pet names. The young deer Bambi and his rabbit friend Thumper join forces with a sweet little skunk named Flower in exploring their native forest. This adorable cartoon is dotted with upsetting references to the dangers that hunters and poachers pose to wild animals
  8. Batman and Robin – the popular DC superhero and his trusty sidekick, Batman and Robin have been around for nearly 80 years. Robin was initially introduced in an attempt to attract younger audiences to the Batman comic series. Considering the multitude of story arcs that populate the Batman franchise, Robin’s story becomes more and more complicated as you delve deeper into the timelines
  9. Beauty and (the) Beast – a great choice for a pair of dogs. A Disney creation, Beauty and the Beast follow the story of a village girl by the name of Belle who stumbles across an enchanted castle in the middle of a forest and befriends its inhabitants. She soon finds out that a terrifying Beast dwells inside of it; he has been bewitched by an evil enchantress and only true love can break that curse
  10. Ben and Jerry – this appellation idea refers to Ben and Jerry’s brand of ice cream. This American company manufactures a number of sweet products, including frozen yogurt and sorbet. Founded back in 1978 in Burlington, Vermont, Ben and Jerry’s has since become one of the most popular brands of ice cream across the world
  11. Bread and Butter – two adorable pet names for a pair of cute puppies. The popular breakfast “dish” of bread and butter is commonly served in a large number of countries across the world. It would suit a combination of a beige or yellow dog with a brown-colored dog, adding comical edge and a bucketful of happiness to your household
  12. Cookies and Cream – a delicious combination, Cookies, and Cream would make a terrific choice for a pair of sweet and cuddly pets. There are all sorts of desserts that come in that specific flavor, including ice cream, milkshakes, and sundaes. The most popular version of Cookies and Cream is made using the famous Oreo cookies
  13. Dean and Torvill – the surnames of two English ice-dancers who are the former British, European, Olympic, and World champions (beat that!). Their 1984 Olympic performance in Sarajevo was watched by over 24 million people in Britain alone; they also became the highest scoring performers and went on to win gold medals
  14. Gerda and Kai – from the Danish fairytale The Snow Queen, written by Hans Christian Andersen. It was first published in 1844 in New Fairy Tales, which was a collection of fairytales in multiple volumes. The two friends, Gerda and Kai, struggle against the evil snow queen in a story about true friendship
  15. Jack and Jill – “went up the hill…” (we’re certain you knew that on)! These two characters come from a famous nursery rhyme that dates back to at least the 18th century. They come from the Mother Goose Melody collection of rhymes and number multiple variations with different developments and endings. These names would work great for a male and a female dog duo
  16. King and Queen – a simple yet appealing choice, these two titles would make great names for a pair of pooches. These two appellations refer to two types of ultimate monarchs; in history, there have been both male and female monarchs, however, one can also obtain one of these titles by being married to a ruling king or queen
  17. Lady and (the) Tramp – one of our favorite duo pet names, from the eponymous story about an upper-middle-class Cocker Spaniel named Lady and a stray Schnauzer by the name of Tramp. Despite their differences, the two embark on many adventures together, during which they grow closer, beginning to understand and value the importance of one’s own home
  18. Mario and Luigi – the two brothers from Nintendo’s iconic Super Mario game series. Even though the two are supposed to be twins, Luigi is a taller and younger version of his brother Mario, who is the original mascot of the series. Luigi takes center stage in the Luigi’s Mansion game series that follows his adventures in a haunted house
  19. Mercedes and Benz – another car manufacturer, Mercedes Benz is a German company founded in 1926. Their slogan is quite fittingly “the best or nothing,” which reflects their dedication to quality and class. Mercedes cars are popular across a number of countries and can be found in a number of iterations, including regular automobiles, buses, and trucks
  20. Mickey and Minnie – another famous animated duo, Mickey and Minnie Mouse are one of the most recognizable Disney couples. They first appeared together in 1929 in a short film entitled “Plane Crazy.” What’s interesting is that these two have never officially married on-screen, however, Walt Disney has personally confirmed their fictional relationship
  21. Mocha and Latte – two types of coffee, with the former being a chocolate-flavored variation of the latter. These two titles would fit a chocolate-colored and a cream-colored dog respectively. In particular, that would work well for energetic pups, as that would reflect the caffeine content of these drinks. Just imagine how adorable it would be!
  22. Peanut (Butter) and Jam – another famous combination, the peanut butter, and jam sandwich is a popular choice for kids in Western countries, specifically in America and the UK. This combination of names would suit a pair of sweet and loving pooches; the best part is that these names are gender-neutral and can therefore be used for all types of dogs
  23. Romeo and Juliet – the iconic couple from William Shakespeare’s eponymous tragedy. A touching story of love and loss, the play Romeo and Juliet encompasses a range of complex feelings and emotions that play out at the forefront of a clan war. This literary classic is certainly worth reading if only for the beauty of the language used
  24. Rosy and Jim – this refers to the eponymous British television program that featured two puppets named Rosie and Jim. The series aired from 1990 to 2000. The backstory was that the pair lived on a narrowboat and secretly came alive to explore the fascinating world that was passing by outside
  25. Rum and Coca Cola (or Coke) – a popular drink that combines the aforementioned ingredients. Also known as the Cuba Libre, rum and coke is a highball cocktail (meaning that it should be served in a highball glass). Usually, the recipe is made up of a light rum, such as Bacardi, Coca Cola and some lime juice
  26. Salt and Pepper – a classic choice referring to the two most popular spices, Salt and Pepper would make a great choice for a pair of pooches, especially if one of them is white and the other black in color. You could even add a comical edge to these duo pet names by reversing their names and calling the white one Pepper!
  27. Sherlock and Holmes – these two are Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s fictional creations. Sherlock Holmes is a genius private detective and Doctor John Watson is his trusty sidekick who documents their adventures (or rather, the cases that they solve). This would make a great duo title for a pair of very closely-bonded pups
  28. SpongeBob and Patrick – from the American animated series SpongeBob SquarePants. SpongeBob is a yellow sponge that lives under the Pacific Ocean and Patrick Star is, well, a starfish. The two friends embark on silly and exciting adventures with various groups of characters at Bikini Bottom. These names would fit two silly and quirky dogs
  29. Sushi and Sashimi – these two types of Japanese food would make a fantastic duo title choice for Japanese pups, such as Akita or Shiba Inu dogs. Sushi is prepared using vinegared rice and a variety of ingredients including seafood and vegetables, whereas sashimi refers to slices of raw fish. Both of these dishes are ridiculously popular outside of their country of origin
  30. Timon and Pumba – a fictional meerkat and warthog from Disney’s animated movie The Lion King. Two slightly quirky and often silly individuals, Timon and Pumba accompany the series’ protagonist Simba on his adventures. They would make great nicknames for two pups who are the best of friends and love spending time exploring
  31. Tom and Jerry – a mischievous pair consisting of a cat and a mouse, Tom and Jerry is a classic American cartoon that completely took over the world. This animated series first aired back in 1940 and now numbers over 160 theatrical shorts and a couple of movies, including a live-action that is scheduled for release in December of 2020
  32. Wallace and Gromit – these two come from the British stop motion clay animation with an eponymous title. Consisting of four short films and one feature-length film, the franchise follows the adventures of Wallace and his dog Gromit, who only communicates using facial expressions and gestures. These two are unsung heroes, for they have led to the creation of two children’s charities
  33. Yin and Yang – these duo names refer to the Chinese philosophical concept of dualism that explains how two seemingly opposing or contradictory forces can actually be complementary and interconnected. Their interrelationship can give rise to and boost one another. This concept originates from ancient Taoism and they loosely translate to “the shady side” and the “sunny side” respectively


You obviously don’t need to give names for pairs of pets, but we think it makes it more fun that way and our list of duo pet names is here to help you find the perfect match!

Whether they are boys, girls, or a mix, you will definitely be able to find suitable monikers among our ideas above; just imagine being able to call two nicknames that sound perfect in tandem.

Which of our ideas was your favorite?
Can you think of ways to chain three or even four names together?

Let us know in the comment section below.

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