Best Dachshund Names: 1200+ Inspired Names For Wiener Dogs

Dachshund Names

Do you have a long, slim, stumpy Dachshund? Are you looking for the best Dachshund names to suit these hotdog-like canines?

Look no further, we have a list of funny, cute, and silly wiener dog names for these unique German dogs. Sausage dogs come in many different sizes and colors, and we have a moniker to suit each and every one of them!

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From German derived names to other famous Dachshunds, we have every dog name you will ever need.

This dog breed is lively, energetic, and incredibly loving, so give them a fantastic title that you will cherish forever.

Top 10 Dachshund Names


These Dachshund names are, in our opinion, the ten best that you could possibly give your pet.

From funny and silly, to unique, cool, and mysterious monikers; our top ten would suit pretty much every Dachshund in the world!

These dogs are super popular too, they rank as the thirteenth most popular dog breed in the US.

So, give these zany, well-loved dogs a fantastic title that will help them stand out against all the other Sausage dogs you know.

  1. Hotdog – what better choice for these long and slim wiener dogs than ‘Hotdog’!
  2. Chef – in fact, there is even a famous Dachshund on the internet named ‘Crusoe’, and he plays a chef.
  3. Chico – a Spanish word that means ‘small’ (just like these dogs)
  4. Beanie – a cute word for an energetic little pup
  5. Axl – inspired by the lead singer of the American rock band Guns N’ Roses
  6. Gizmo – a funny name meaning a machine that you may not understand
  7. Raven – a foreboding bird that would be the perfect name for a black Dachshund
  8. Achilles – a hero in Greek mythology whose only weakness is his heels
  9. Sparky – an energetic and fun idea for a dog that has loads of vivacity
  10. Stumpy – these small wiener dogs are known for their long, slim bodies and short legs

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Male & Female Dachshund Dog Names

Dachshund Dog Names

These dogs originally came from Germany, where they were bred to hunt badgers in the woods.

In fact, the name ‘Dachshund’ means ‘badger hound’.

This means that this tiny, unassuming dog breed is actually rather fierce, and is not always as cute and cuddly as they seem.

As a result, these dogs should have a ferocious and bold moniker, that shows how daring and audacious these puppies are.

But, there are also some cuter and more tame ideas that highlight the lovable and caring side of these small dogs.

Our Favorite

Pet Name Trophy Goes to Felix

a word meaning ‘lucky’ and ‘successful’ in Latin. You’ll always have good fortune with a dog named Felix!

  1. Bruno – an old German boy’s name which means ‘brown’, but this is also the name of a 2009 Sacha Baron Cohen movie
  2. Fudge – perfect for a light brown colored wiener puppy
  3. Basil – Basil Brush was the name of a funny red fox on a British children’s television show
  4. Bambi – a Disney film about a young, innocent deer
  5. Melody – for a dog whose barks sound like a beautiful melody
  6. Iggy – for an exotic puppy after this Iguana nickname
  7. Slinky – after the slinky toy Dachshund in the Toy Story franchise
  8. Junior – great for a small, cute pooch
  9. Jinx – hopefully this breed doesn’t bring you bad luck!
  10. Cleo – a shortened version of Cleopatra, an extremely famous pharaoh in ancient Egypt
  11. Midnight – a perfect Dachshund name for an inky black dog
  12. Buddy – because your pet is your best buddy
  13. Gus – a shortened version of Augustus
  14. Ziggy – if your dog is a big David Bowie fan, name them after Ziggy Stardust

Funny Dachshund Names

Funny Dachshund

These tiny, stumpy sausage-like dogs can often be quite funny animals.

Both their appearance and zany personalities can be giggle-worthy, so it can be fun to give them a silly moniker.

If your little buddy is your ‘partner-in-crime’ then ‘Batman’ is a very fitting idea for them. However, if your pudgy pooch sometimes wobbles when they run and jump, then ‘Jelly’ is a funny and cheerful title.

Our Favorite

Pet Name Trophy Goes to Sausage

these long and slim dogs can be reminiscent of sausages!

Check out our list below for some more ideas:

  1. Batman – if this little guy is Batman, then that makes you their Robin
  2. Squirta cute choice for a small puppy
  3. Peanut – maybe this canine is a little nutty…
  4. Zombie – these dogs are only slow and sluggish when they know it is time for their bath
  5. Schnitzel – this German food is a perfect idea for a German pooch
  6. Jelly – a fun name for a Sausage dog that wiggles as they walk
  7. Freckle – perfect for a Dachshund that might have spots or patches on their fur
  8. Princess – for a pretty pampered princess!
  9. Cheese – for a dog with a cheesy smile
  10. Jalapeno – this spicy title goes perfectly with a wiener dog
  11. Wolf – for a ferocious pup that thinks they’re more of a wolf than pet
  12. Wiener – what better choice for a stumpy, long and slim sausage dog?
  13. Bugsy – inspired by Bugsy Malone, a comedy gangster story
  14. Spider – even though these dogs only have four legs, sometimes they move in the same way as a spider

Cute Dachshund Names

Cute Dachshund Names

Whilst these badger hunting dogs can be fierce and aggressive, at heart they truly are softies.

It cannot be argued that these long slim pooches, with stumpy short legs, aren’t the definition of cute.

These ideas will have you aww-ing and ahh-ing, and positively dying with cuteness overload!

Can you imagine one of these squat, small dogs bouncing around with a title like ‘Kangaroo’?!

Everyone that comes across a Dachshund with any of these monikers will feel compelled to pet and cuddle them.

Our Favorite

Pet Name Trophy Goes to Rusty

a fun name for a ginger Dachshund

Dachshunds have an irresistible charm and these words will only amplify that:

  1. Moon – an all-white Dachshund is rare, but even having a small patch of white still earns them the right to be called moon
  2. Coco – a perfect title for a delicious brown-colored Dachshund
  3. Captain – this pooch can only respond to “Aye, aye Captain!”
  4. Dino – for a canine that is arguably more old-fashioned
  5. Cookie – a sweet title for a puppy that’s a ‘smart cookie’
  6. Gulliver – a perfect Dachshund name for a dog that loves adventure
  7. Melvin – a Celtic word which means ‘leader’ or ‘chief’
  8. Baby – not just reserved for puppies, but adult dogs who are babies at heart
  9. Kangaroo – after a springy, jumpy and always energetic pooch
  10. Lightning – with their little legs, you’d be surprised that these guys can run pretty fast!
  11. Shadow – perfect for a dog that has black fur
  12. Ninja – this Dachshund wears all black and has a quick attack
  13. Honey – a sweet and sticky title for a honey-colored pooch
  14. Apollo – a space-inspired name from some of NASA’s space programs

Famous Dachshund Names

Famous Dachshund

Because of their immense popularity as a breed, there are many famous Dachshund dogs.

From German royalty to Hollywood superstars, there are many lovers of this canine in the world.

In fact, we noticed a pattern that a lot of stars in Hollywood Westerns are all partial to a Dachshund or two, perhaps the lack of these little stumpy dogs in the Wild West makes them long for these cute guys!

  1. Kurtze Beiner – this means ‘short legs’ in German, this stumpy pup belongs to the famous actor and heartthrob Marlon Brando
  2. Wadl & Hexl – two famous Dachshunds owned by Kaiser Wilhelm II
  3. Chico – this pretty pooch belonged to Einstein
  4. Blakie – belonging to the actor John Wayne, who often appeared in Western movies
  5. Archie – owned by the eccentric pop artist, Andy Warhol
  6. Ozzy – a cute pup owned by Beatle Georgie Harrison
  7. Clown – this joker is owned by French actress, singer and animal rights activist
  8. Fortune – this lucky pup belonged to French military leader, Napoleon Bonaparte
  9. Red – a cute Dachshund owned by another famous American actor, Clint Eastwood
  10. Candy – a regal pup belonging to the Queen of England
  11. Commissioner – a responsible and loyal dog owned by American actor Clark Gable
  12. Baby & Boopshem – two gorgeous Dachshunds owned by American actress Joan Crawford
  13. Dyna – another Dachshund owned by a Western movie actor, Gary Cooper

German Dachshund Names

German Dachshund

To honor these German dogs, we have this list of interesting and unique names that will perfectly suit these cherished, darling Sausage dogs.

The meanings behind a canine’s name is also incredibly important. A fantastic way to choose your dog’s name would be to pick something that describes your puppy’s personality.

These canines decreased in popularity during World War I, they were even renamed ‘liberty pups’ and ‘badger dogs’, but clearly nothing could beat the name ‘Dachshund’.

Our Favorite

Pet Name Trophy Goes to Bernadine

a girl’s name meaning ‘brave as a bear’, although we’re not sure how well a little Dachshund will fare against a bear!

  1. Heidi – ‘sweet’ and ‘noble’
  2. Felix – ‘to be blessed with
  3. Otis – ‘wealthy’
  4. Lando – ‘bright sun’
  5. Brant – ‘a fiery sword’
  6. Meta – ‘one who is as precious as a gem’
  7. Fremi – ‘a protective, noble guardian’
  8. Earnest – ‘spiritual being’ and ‘serious minded’
  9. Sophia – ‘wisdom’ and ‘knowledge’
  10. Cheryl – ‘cherry fruit’
  11. Othmar – ‘having elements of fame and wealth’
  12. Delmar – ‘one who came from the sea’
  13. Grizelda – ‘endless patience’ and ‘endurable qualities’
  14. Eiichi – ‘a notable, powerful and bright ruler’
  15. Marai – ‘a woman of rebellious nature’
  16. Baumer – ‘bold’ and ‘renowned’


We hope you enjoyed this list of Dachshund names.

There are so many that would be great choices for these little dogs who are massive bundles of joy, with only tiny legs.

Know anyone else who also has a passion for these Sausage dogs? Why not send them this list, and hopefully they will smile and giggle at some of these cute, funny, and charming Wiener dog names.

If any of these titles stuck out as a favorite, then be sure to let us know down in the comments. Also, if you own a Dachshund then we’d love to know their name too.

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