Cute Dog Names: 180 Of The World’s Cutest Names For Dogs

Cute Dog Names

Is your dog the most angelic and cutest dog in the whole world? Do you need equally adorable cute dog names to show off their loving and cuddly nature?

If so then look no further than our list of over 180 cute names for dogs suitable for every kind of adorable puppy.

We’ve got cute dog names based on flowers, star signs, dogs from movies, and most importantly the meanings behind the words!

This will help you choose a perfectly suitable moniker for your dog!

Before you start looking for that perfect title, get to know your cute puppy, research their breed, study their fur color and get to know their adorable personality.

All of these aspects will aid you in your final naming decision!

Good luck with finding the perfect pet name, and enjoy our list below.

Cute Jack Russell Terrier

A to Z List of 180 Cute Dog Names

  1. Aeneas – Greek meaning ‘one who is praised’
  2. Aina – Celtic for ‘Joy’
  3. Amaraa German word meaning ‘eternal’
  4. Amber – the beautiful orange gemstone
  5. Amethyst – the amazing purple gemstone
  6. Angus – an adorable cute dog name from Shakespeare’s ‘Macbeth’
  7. Apple – the sweet and delicious fruit!
  8. Archie – short for ‘Archibald’, an English title meaning ‘genuine’ and ‘strong’
  9. Aria – Italian for ‘air’ and ‘melody’; also meaning ‘lioness’ in Hebrew
  10. Aries – the star sign, perfect for a cute dog born in March or April!
  11. Art – short for ‘Arthur’
  12. Asher – a Hebrew word meaning ‘content’
  13. Aurora – the red-headed Disney Princess
  14. Autumn – perfect for a cute dog with autumnal colors, such as red and brown, in its fur
  15. Avisa – a Persian word meaning ‘clear water’
  16. Bailey – an adorable, unisex English name meaning ‘one who enforces laws’
  17. Banjo – after the stringed musical instrument
  18. Bear – an adorable title for a fluffy dog!
  19. Beau – French meaning ‘handsome’
  20. Bella – short for ‘Arabella’ and one of our favorite cute dog names
  21. Benny – short for ‘Benjamin’
  22. Bernie – Scandinavian meaning ‘strong like a bear’
  23. Berry – a sweet fruit!
  24. Bijou – meaning ‘jewel’ in French
  25. Billie – made famous by the young singer ‘Billie Eilish’
  26. Billy – a cute dog name for a male dog!
  27. Birdie – meaning ‘like a bird’, perfect for a small and flighty pup who can jump high and soar through the air!
  28. Blessing – English meaning ‘consecration’, perfect for a pup who has made a huge impact on your life!
  29. Blossom – after the beautiful flowers that grow on trees and bushes
  30. Bo – an adorable, short word meaning ‘precious’ in Chinese
  31. Bonnie – a Scottish name meaning ‘pretty’, derived from the French word ‘bon’, meaning ‘nice’
  32. Boone – a French moniker meaning ‘one who has blessed you’
  33. Bramble – one of the most popular cute dog names
  34. Breck – an Irish word for ‘freckled’
  35. Brownie – this yummy dessert makes an adorable choice for a chocolate-colored dog!
  36. Bruce – a medieval surname
  37. Bruno – derived from the German word ‘brun’, meaning ‘armour’, and also meaning ‘brown’
  38. Buckley – from ‘The Royal Tenenbaums’
  39. Buddy – a popular, cute dog name
  40. Bunnyafter this super cute animal!
  41. Buster – from ‘The Ballad of Buster Scruggs’
  42. Carmela – Hebrew meaning ‘garden’, or ‘orchard’
  43. Celeste – meaning ‘heavenly’ in French
  44. Charlie – a popular and adorable moniker
  45. Charm – perfect for a pup who is your lucky charm!
  46. Cherry – after the sweet and tasty red fruit
  47. Chester – an Irish title meaning ‘camp’
  48. Chip – this short and sweet word which is perfect for a cheeky dog!
  49. Cleo – short for ‘Cleopatra’, Greek meaning ‘illustrious’
  50. Clover – for a dog who is your lucky charm!
  51. Coco – an adorable choice, made famous by fashion designer ‘Coco Chanel’
  52. Coconut – ‘coco’ for short!
  53. Cookie – this sweet dessert makes an adorable title for a puppy!
  54. Cooper – an English word meaning ‘one who makes barrels’
  55. Crystal – Greek meaning ‘ice’
  56. Cuddles – for a dog who loves hugs
  57. Cutie – what could be cuter than ‘cutie’?!
  58. Daisy – the adorable title of a white and yellow flower
  59. Danica – Slavic meaning ‘morning star’
  60. Delilah – Hebrew for meaning ‘desired’
  61. Dexter – a Latin word meaning ‘right’
  62. Dizzy – a cute name for a crazy dog!
  63. Dotty – short for ‘Dorothy’
  64. Douga Scottish title, short for ‘Douglas’, meaning ‘black river’
  65. Eden – after the biblical paradise, and home of ‘Adam and Eve’
  66. Ella – a beautiful English word meaning ‘fairy woman’
  67. Emerald – after the stunning green gemstone; making a great cute dog name
  68. Erica – meaning ‘one who rules eternally with strength’
  69. Estella – a Spanish word for ‘star’
  70. Eve – meaning ‘life’ in Hebrew
  71. Feather – the soft plumage which grow from a bird’s skin
  72. Flora – Latin for ‘flower’, and the Roman goddess of spring and flowers
  73. Frankie – derived from the name ‘Frank’, meaning ‘one who is liberated’
  74. Freddie – a German choice meaning ‘one who rules peacefully’
  75. Gemini – the star sign, perfect for a cute dog born in May or June!
  76. George – from ‘Bringing Up Baby’
  77. Georgie – short for ‘Georgina’
  78. Gus – a Swedish word, short for ‘Augustus’, meaning ‘royal staff’
  79. Hana – Arabic meaning ‘bliss’
  80. Happy – an adorable cute dog name for a dog who is always content!
  81. Harley – ‘Harley Quinn’ from ‘Suicide Squad’
  82. Harlow – an English surname, meaning ‘from the hill of the army’
  83. Harmony – Latin meaning ‘togetherness’ and ‘unity’, after Aphrodite’s daughter ‘Harmonia’
  84. Holly – the seasonal ‘holly tree’
  85. Honey – a cute title for an adorable dog!
  86. Hope – a beautiful, virtue moniker
  87. Hugo – a German moniker meaning ‘one who thinks’
  88. Ice – a short and adorable choice for a snowy-white pup!
  89. Jack – a Polish word meaning ‘God is gracious’
  90. Jasper – an adorable French word and a variant of ‘Caspar’
  91. Jax – a cute, shortened version of ‘Jackson’
  92. Jet – a short and sweet choice for a tiny puppy!
  93. Juliet – from Shakespeare’s ‘Romeo and Juliet’
  94. Kiana – an Irish word meaning ‘God is gracious’
  95. Koopa – after the adorable turtle from the ‘Mario Bros’ franchise
  96. Lassie – from ‘Lassie Come Home’
  97. Leda – after the mythological queen of Sparta
  98. Leo – an English name meaning ‘lion’
  99. Lexi – the cuter and quirkier version of ‘Alexandra’
  100. Lily – of an English flower
  101. Loki – an adorable name from ‘Thor’
  102. Lola – a nickname for the Spanish ‘Dolores’
  103. Lottie – short for ‘Charlotte’
  104. Lotus – the beautiful and exotic ‘lotus’ flower
  105. Love – an adorable choice for a loveable pup!
  106. Lucy – a Latin word meaning ‘light’
  107. Lulu – short for ‘Louise’ and ‘Louisa’
  108. Luna – meaning ‘moon’
  109. Lyric – a beautiful title, invoking song and melodies
  110. Maggie – short for ‘Margaret’
  111. Marco – derived from ‘Mars’, after the Roman god of war
  112. Marley – the adorable dog from the emotional and heart-warming film ‘Marley and Me’
  113. Marshmallow – this sweet treat is perfect for a cute puppy!
  114. Max – short for ‘Maximus’, meaning ‘the greatest’
  115. Melissa – a mythological Greek nymph
  116. Mia – a Scandinavian word for ‘one who is beloved’
  117. Millie – German meaning ‘power’ and ‘resilience’
  118. Milo – an English name
  119. Missy – a perfectly adorable choice for a female dog!
  120. Molly – a popular, cute female dog name
  121. Muffin – after the adorable little cupcakes!
  122. Murphy – Irish meaning ‘sea warrior’
  123. Nalafrom Disney’s ‘The Lion King’
  124. Nava – Hebrew meaning ‘lovely’ and ‘beautiful’
  125. Nibbles – just an adorable choice
  126. Nova – Latin for meaning ‘new’
  127. Oliver – an adorable English word meaning ‘peaceful’
  128. Oscar – an Irish moniker meaning ‘dear friend’
  129. Paloma – ‘dove’ in Spanish
  130. Pandora – ‘one who had been gifted’
  131. Pea – an adorable choice for a pup who is as tiny as a pea!
  132. Peace – an English name meaning ‘tranquillity’, perfect for a chilled-out pup!
  133. Peach – a cute title after the delicious fruit!
  134. Pebble – after the cute little rocks found on beaches
  135. Penny – a name derived from the British monetary unit
  136. Pepper – a perfect choice when paired with a dog called ‘Salt’
  137. Pippa – short for ‘Philippa’
  138. Pippin – from the children’s TV show ‘Come Outside’
  139. Pisces – the star sign, perfect for a cute dog born in February or March!
  140. Pixie – the cute, tiny folkloric creatures
  141. Polo – a short and adorable name!
  142. Precious – for a cute pup who means the world to you!
  143. Primrose – after the beautiful and classic flowers!
  144. Quark – from ‘Honey, I Shrunk the Kids’
  145. Rapunzel – after the Disney princess with long, golden hair
  146. Rex – Latin for ‘King’
  147. Rio – a Spanish name meaning ‘river’
  148. Rocky – from the film of the same name
  149. Rosabella – a beautiful, Italian name meaning ‘beautiful rose’
  150. Rosie – a Latin name, and the familiar form of the equally adorable name ‘Rose’
  151. Ruby – French word for a red precious stone
  152. Rusty – perfect for a cute dog with orange fur
  153. Scotty – the cute version of ‘Scott’
  154. Scout – an American name meaning ‘to listen’
  155. Simba – from Disney’s ‘The Lion King’
  156. Skittle – after the funky, multi-colored sweets!
  157. Smiles – perfect for the happiest of dogs!
  158. Smudge – an adorable choice, especially when paired with another dog called ‘Fudge’
  159. Sophie – a Greek word, similar to the equally cute ‘Sophia’
  160. Spring – after the season of new birth
  161. Star – a cute celestial choice
  162. Summer – after the season of hot weather and holidays!
  163. Sunny – a cute dog name for a cheerful pup!
  164. Sweetie – what could be more fitting for an adorable dog?!
  165. Talise – a Native American choice meaning ‘beautiful water’
  166. Teddy – short for Theodore, meaning ‘rich protector’
  167. Tilly – a cute name, especially if paired with other dogs called ‘Milly’, ‘Billy’ or ‘Silly’!
  168. Toby – from Shakespeare’s ‘Twelfth Night’
  169. Toffee – a sweet title for a cute pup with brown hair
  170. Topaz – after the beautiful blue gemstone
  171. Toto – one of the most famous cute dog names from ‘The Wizard of Oz’
  172. Treasure – a moniker to show off how precious your dog really is!
  173. Tulip – the beautiful flowers
  174. Virgo – after the star sign, perfect for a cute dog born in August or September!
  175. Whistler – a Celtic word meaning ‘son of a wolf’
  176. Willow – a German name meaning ‘resolute’ and ‘calm’
  177. Winnie – an English word meaning ‘one who is from the winding gate’
  178. Winter – the season of snow and fires
  179. Wispa – the Cadbury’s chocolate bar
  180. Yoshi – the adorable dinosaur from the ‘Mario Bros’ franchise
  181. Zinnia – after the stunning and vibrant ‘zinnia’ flowers
  182. Zoe – a short but sweet title for a female dog


Cute Dog

That ends our list of cute dog names – we hope you’ve enjoyed learning some new words and identifying the best titles to suit your adorable dog!

Whether it was the sweet ‘Rosie’, the serene ‘Luna’ or the beautiful ‘Topaz’ which caught your eye, we hope this list will help both you and your puppy.

We believe words are the most amazing way to showcase the best features of your pooch, so remember to take your time, and most of all enjoy the naming process, as it will allow you to grow closer to your adorable furry friend.

Did we miss one?! If you have any more cute dog names, please let us know in the comments below!

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