Cute Cat Names: The Complete A to Z List of Cute Names For Kittens

Cute Cat Names

If you are looking for a very cute, adorable, and loveable cat, then you are going to need cute cat names.

Luckily, you have come to the right place!

We have some great names for the cutest kittens you may ever come across.

From fearsome, strong, brave warrior cats that probably think they are more of a lion than a kitten, to lazy, fat cats that love to nap and give out the best cuddles… we have got the best ideas.

Every cat is as unique as they are cute, and so they deserve amazing cute cat names that will stand the test of time and will remain cute from the moment of birth till their days as an old age puss!

List Of Cute Cat Names

Cute Cat Names
Cuddles Carrot Mittens
Cheshire Whiskers Leo
Garfield Bella Lily
Thor Salem Zippy
Neko Chewbacca Muffin
Pixie Boo Romeo
Sunshine Skittles Shadow
Tigger Crookshanks Teddy
Oreo Peanut Pumpkin
Simba Hercules Princess
Puss Loki Pip

Cute Cat Face

Cute Cat Names With Meanings

  1. Cuddles – is there anything better than a cuddle from a cat?! It is physically impossible not to coo and coddle. This would be perfect for a feline with incredibly fluffy, soft and marshmallow-like fur – one that gives the most amazing cuddles!
  2. Cheshire – the Cheshire Cat is one of the most famous fictional felines, and a main character in Alice in Wonderland. The Cheshire Cat may be cute, but he would make a great namesake for your cute kitty. He is prone to asking philosophical questions so this would be perfect for a smart cat.
  3. Garfield – one of the most famous ginger cats ever, Garfield is witty, funny, and incredibly loveable! This would be perfect for another furry orange kitty that has a love for food and naps and would be described as lazy rather than athletic.
  4. Thor – inspired by the Norse God of thunder, and also a member of the Avengers, portrayed by Chris Hemsworth. This would make a great choice for a brave, courageous tabby that loves to save the world with its immense strength, power, and nobility.
  5. Neko – a cute cat from Japanese folklore, these pets are supposed to bring good luck and fortune to those around them. You might be familiar with a Maneki-Neko, which are ceramic cat statues with an upright paw that can be found in the windows of shops and restaurants. This name would be perfect for a cute kitty that brings nothing but good luck!
  6. Pixie – an incredibly pretty choice for a tiny pussycat! This would be perfect for a cat that loves to explore nature and woodlands (this being the place where they feel most at home). Perhaps a cat with the name ‘Pixie’ might even possess magical qualities!
  7. Sunshine – this is perfect for a cat that lights up your entire day! A moggy named Sunshine brightens every room they walk into and treats everyone they meet like a best friend. It is impossible not to feel warm and cozy when cuddling a pet called Sunshine.
  8. Tigger – inspired by the bouncy, loveable tiger from A. A. Milne’s Winnie the Pooh series. Tigger is possibly the most friendly, fun, and approachable tiger to ever exist, and makes for the perfect cute cat name for an energetic, lively, and zany moggy in your life.
  9. Oreo – an incredibly cute cat name for a black and white feline. This perfectly combines two of our favorite things – cookies and pussycats! No matter whether your pet is almost all white with specks of black, or all black with a white-tipped tail, Oreo would be a fantastic moniker for them.
  10. Simba – the main character in The Lion King, Simba is fun, kind, compassionate, and honorable – all fantastic traits that probably belong to your moggy too. Simba ‘just can’t wait to be king’, so this would make a great namesake for a kitten that wants to rule the roost in your home!
  11. Puss – Puss in Boots is one of the main characters in the Shrek franchise. Whilst he is primarily a brave, swashbuckling, sword-bearing gentleman, he can be a big softie at times. Puss uses his cuteness to his advantage, luring his enemies into a false sense of security – but who can resist that face!
  12. Carrot – the best name for a ginger kitty! There are many orange things that you could use as inspiration for your golden, strawberry blonde feline, and Carrot is both equally cute and funny. Other great ideas for a ginger cat could be Fire, Sunset, Satsuma, Tangerine, Autumn, etc
  13. Whiskers – a very obvious choice, but still one of the cutest cat names! Whiskers are actually particularly sensitive, they should never be cut or messed with, and they are crucial to a kitty for their navigational senses, even helping them to figure out whether they will fit through an opening and helps them to align themselves with their prey.
  14. Bella – Bella is a very pretty cat name, that happens to mean ‘beautiful’ in Italian! This would make a fantastic choice for any female kitty, particularly if they have some cute bells around their collar. There are also many variations that you could give to your gorgeous kitty, such as Isabella, Arabella, Bluebell, etc
  15. Salem – Salem is a fictional black cat from the Sabrina the Teenage Witch series. This name would be perfect for any jet-black cat you may know, and if they have witchy, magical qualities, and abilities, even better! Hopefully, a kitten named Salem will repel any bad energies and demons in the world, rather than attract them.
  16. Chewbacca – inspired by the huge, furry, fluffy Wookie from the Star Wars franchise, Chewbacca is the co-pilot of the Millennium Falcon, alongside Han Solo. He is also courageous, brave, noble, and an amazing friend. This would be fantastic for a pussycat that also possesses those qualities, and is very fluffy too!
  17. Boo – the best choice for an all-white cat! If your kitten is as pale as a ghost and could get lost in a pile of white sheets, then Boo is the moniker for them!
  18. Skittles – this is the perfect name for a zany, energetic kitten! If your tabby bounces off the walls, runs around the house, and can jump forty feet high then Skittles is the title for them. Skittles are bright, neon-colored candies that have a sweet, tangy, and sometimes sour taste, which make them great cute cat names for an eccentric and zestful cat.
  19. Crookshanks – the loveable ball of fur from the Harry Potter series. This fluffy ginger cat belongs to Hermione Granger, and whilst she thinks the world of Crookshanks, and thinks he is incredibly cute, this view isn’t shared by her friend, Ron Weasley. This is perfect for a pussycat that divides people – loved by some and fearsome to others!
  20. Peanut – perhaps the cutest cat name for any tiny kitten! Peanut would be perfect for a small, pint-sized feline that can hide so easily because of its tiny frame, but would also make a funny, ironic title for a large, fat cat.
  21. Hercules – what better cat name for a brave, courageous kitty?! Hercules is a Roman god, the equivalent of the Greek Heracles, son of Zeus, and is known for his amazing strength and nobility. This is perfect for a tabby that is incredibly chivalrous, noble, and undeniably charming, with a special ability to woo anyone he comes across.
  22. Loki – inspired by the Norse God of chaos and mischief, and the troublemaking Marvel character played by Tom Hiddleston. A kitten called Loki is likely to be charming, mischievous, and sometimes naughty but they always manage to get away with it, every time!
  23. Mittens – the perfect choice for a cat with paws as cute as mittens! Whether these paws are perfectly precious and well-behaved, or usually up to no good, Mittens is an incredibly cute cat name. A cat’s paws can do things from high-fiving to playing with balls of yarn and scratching their enemies.
  24. Leo – the perfect title for a baby boy cat! Leo often refers to a lion – the zodiac sign of Leo is represented by a great lion, so this would be a great name for a cute cat that thinks they have the roar of a lion and the strength of a big cat.
  25. Lily – Lily is a beautiful, elegant and dainty title for your pet feline, inspired by the pretty flowers sharing the same word. Lilies grow in a few different colors, such as white, yellow, pink, red, and orange. However, it’s unlikely that you’ll meet a cat with pink fur, so this works best for white or ginger tabbies.
  26. Zippy – a perfect title for a zany feline! We all know cats can be weird creatures, from bouncing and leaping around the house, hiding in weird places, and spying on your neighbors. However, this is what makes them so loveable! If you know a tabby that has some strange tendencies, then Zippy is the moniker for them.
  27. Muffin – a sweet treat name for the sweetest moggy around! Muffin would be a brilliant choice for a kitten that is always happy and cheerful, and brightens any room that they walk into. They are also incredibly fluffy and cuddly – the most perfect recipe for a cute pet.
  28. Romeo – a romantic choice for a star-crossed lover! Inspired by one of the most famous Shakespeare plays (Romeo and Juliet), you can hope that your pussycat has a better ending than the fictional Romeo.
  29. Shadow – this is a brilliant name for any black cat you may know. Other cute ideas could be Inky, Jet, Obsidian, Coal, Soot, etc, but Shadow is perfect for a kitty that follows you around everywhere, is always in the corner of your vision wherever you turn, and slinks around your legs and feet, almost tripping you up!
  30. Teddy – a very cute idea for a cuddly kitty! With a word inspired by teddy bears, these cats are bound to give the best, softest cuddles imaginable. Teddy would be a perfect moniker for a fluffy, soft feline with fur like a pillow, marshmallow, or a cloud!
  31. Pumpkin – another fantastic choice for an orange, ginger tabby. This moniker is perfect for a cat that loves Halloween and has to have a different costume every year (or maybe that’s just something you inflict on them)! This kitty loves trips to the pumpkin patch, trick or treating, and playing in big piles of red and brown leaves.
  32. Princess – this name is for the most spoiled, pampered, overindulged cat out there! A kitten named Princess has a bed bigger than king-sized, has catnip whenever they want, and is fed off of a golden plate… the perfect choice for the most regal, posh, and majestic feline around.
  33. Pip – another cute cat name for a small, tiny kitten! Alternatively, Pipsqueak is a great variation, which also would be fantastic. Pip is a short word, for a small cat, but with a big personality!


Cute Cat

We hope you enjoyed this list of cute cat names!

From wacky, eccentric, and zany monikers, to the cutest, most adorable titles you have ever heard.

If you are a self-proclaimed ‘crazy cat person’, then perhaps a few of these have inspired the moniker of your next kitten adoption.

No matter the personality (or should we say purrsonality) of your kitty, whether they love playing, running, and jumping, or just lazing and napping, we hope you found a title for them.

If you have a favorite from this list, then be sure to let us know.

Also, if you have a cute cat yourself, and let’s be real, every cat is, then we would also love to know what their name is!

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