Cat Pun Names: Mice Crispies, Meowna Lisa & More

Cat Pun Names

This list of cat pun names will give you a few ideas of hilarious titles for your furry friend, and maybe a chuckle or two along the way.

Some cats are just destined to make us laugh, so why not give them a funny name to match their goofy purr-sonality?

Did you know, there are over 500 million domestic cats in the world? Clearly there is a huge demand for the best kitten names.

Okay, okay, we’ll stop being coy and finally let the cat out of the bag – here is our list of over 60 punny names for cats for your purr-usal.

We have a good feline about these puns…

Funniest 10 Cat Pun Names

Funny Cat Face

  1. Catalie Portman – a famous kitty actress! She won the Best Actress Academy Award for the psychological horror thriller ‘Black Swan’
  2. Meowtain – the word for a huge pile of cats! The highest mountain in the world is Mount Everest
  3. Mice Crispies – a Kitten’s favorite breakfast cereal! However, this one goes ‘meow’ instead of ‘snap, crackle and pop’
  4. Conneticat – this southernmost state in the New England region of the United States is a hotspot for cats!
  5. Kitkat – not to be confused with the chocolate covered wafer biscuit, you cannot eat this feline!
  6. Furrest Gump – Life is like a box of chocolates – or a handful of catnip!
  7. Cat-erpillar – if a kitty with four legs can jump as high as a table, think how high a cat with sixteen legs can jump!
  8. Mice Cream – this tabby is calm, cool and collected, until they see a mouse!
  9. Eskimew – this kitty can withstand cold temperatures and lives in an igloo!
  10. Santa Claws – this cat comes once a year at Christmas and brings presents to all the good little kittens around!

Funny Cat Jumping

List of 65+ Cat Pun Names

  1. Chairman Meow – leader of the Communist Pawty of China. He was in office from 1943 to 1976
  2. Meowna Lisa – painted by Leonardo da Vinci. Often referred to as the most famous painting ever, and is currently on display in The Louvre in Paris
  3. Aspurragus – did you know a vegetable could meow?!
  4. Hello Kitty – one of the most famous, and cute, fictional bobcat characters ever!
  5. Cheetah – keep an eye on this animal when you’re playing a game of cards, they might just try and cheat!
  6. Cat Middleton – now the Duchess of Cambridge, and a likely future Queen consort!
  7. Catitude – this kitty is one huge diva!
  8. Bad Mews – this bobcat just never has anything good to say
  9. Pawdrey Hepburn – they serve catnip for breakfast at Tiffany’s! Also, the star of 1953 American romantic comedy ‘Roman Holiday’
  10. Catalonia – this is the place for an independent feline! In north-eastern Spain, the regional capital for Catalonia is Barcelona
  11. Spock – a fictional character in the Star Trek franchise, famous for the saying ‘Live long and paw-sper’!
  12. The Great Catsby – this kitty loves to party like it’s the ‘roaring twenties’, or should we say ‘meowing twenties’! This famous book was written by F Scott Fitzgerald
  13. Catniss Everdeen – this kitten could survive The Hunger Games ten times over! This character was portrayed by Jennifer Lawrence in all four films of the franchise
  14. Mouse Trap – nothing like keeping your tabby’s name true to nature!
  15. Butch Catsidy – an infamous train and bank robber in the Wild West! A film was released in 1969 about him and his life, and was called ‘Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid’
  16. Catfish – this kitty loves paddling in water more than most!
  17. Hairball – brilliant for a furry feline, who maybe sheds some of that fluff everywhere!
  18. Ravenclaw – one of the four houses from ‘Harry Potter’, home to Luna Lovegood
  19. Cat Winslet – this feline was the star of the famous 1997 film ‘Titanic’, and is particularly known for her work in period dramas and tragedies
  20. Kitty Purry – this singer has one of the best cat pun names for a kitty who loves to make mew-sic!
  21. Catrick Swayze – this tabby only does ‘dirty dancing’ when it rolls around in a muddy puddle! Also famous for the film ‘Ghost’, which has a very iconic pottery scene!
  22. Purrsia – historically, this was the common word for what we now call Iran
  23. Puma Thurman – starring in the famous cult classic ‘Pulp Fiction’ and ‘Kill Bill’, and always tends to play strong, feisty female characters
  24. Emew – tabbys love to chase birds, but only the boldest cats dare to chase emus!
  25. Catwalk – this choice is for kitties who would make purrfect models!
  26. Furgie – a singer in the band ‘The Black Eyed Peas’
  27. Purrfessor X – title your pet feline after this famous X-Men character. Portrayed by both Partick Stewart and James McAvoy
  28. Catastrophe – everything this tabby does is a disaster!
  29. Catt LeBlanc – the actor who plays ‘Joey’ in ‘Friends’
  30. Sour-puss – this cat is always grumpy… or just prone to eating lemons!
  31. Unsinkable Sam – this kitten survived not one, not two, but three shipwrecks! Talk about nine lives…
  32. David Meowie – also known by his famous alter ego ‘Ziggy Stardust’, and songs such as ‘Space Oddity’, ‘Heroes’, ‘Under Pressure’ and ‘Life on Mars’
  33. Paul McCatney – this famous singer was a member of The Beatles
  34. William Shakespaw – the famous author who invented the phrase ‘tabby or not tabby, that is the question’! His most famous plays include ‘Romeo and Juliet’, ‘Hamlet’, ‘Macbeth’ and ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’
  35. Picatso – the most famous bobcat artist!
  36. Little Nicky – the first ever commercially produced cat clone!
  37. Debbie Hairy – perfect for a ‘Blondie’ colored pet! Her most famous songs include ‘Call Me’, ‘Heart of Glass’, ‘One Way or Another’ and ‘The Tide is High’
  38. Stubbs – this unassuming kitty became the mayor of a tiny town in Alaska! The residents were not satisfied with the candidates they had, so instead wrote the name of Stubbs, a cat that had been found in a local parking lot. He probably did a better job than some other politicians we know of…
  39. Puss in Boots – get your pet feline four little booties and a sword and you’ll never be able to tell the difference!
  40. Fleas Witherspoon – the star of Legally Blonde
  41. Grumpy – a famous kitten who became a meme on the internet!
  42. Draco Meowfoy – one of the antagonists who attends Hogwarts school in ‘Harry Potter’
  43. Maru – an internet famous Japanese tabby with a love for diving into boxes!
  44. Cat Damon – a famous American actor who starred in movies such as ‘Good Will Hunting’, ‘Jason Bourne’ and ‘The Martian’
  45. Catsanova – this feline is a smooth talking charmer
  46. Tabby – the name of Abraham Lincoln’s cat (not very original, really)
  47. Octo-puss – most tomcats have four legs but this one has eight!
  48. Mr Bigglesworth – the famous hairless cat of Dr Evil from the Austin Powers franchise
  49. Fuzz Aldrin – second tabby on the moon is still a great achievement!
  50. Jennifurr Lawrence – she played Catniss Everdeen who we mentioned earlier
  51. The Paw-lice – perhaps this cat is named after the law enforcement, or the band that brought us ‘Every Breath You Take’
  52. Tommaso – this feline started out as a stray on the streets, and was then adopted by a wealthy woman. When she died, so had no children or close relatives, and so she left all her fortune to Tommaso. We won’t tell you how much it was, it’ll only make you jealous. (Okay fine, $10 million!)
  53. Cleopatra – she was, arguably, Egypt’s most famous pharaoh. The Ancient Egyptians worshipped cats – almost like we do today!
  54. Tutankhamun – for the same reason as above
  55. Hairy Mulligan – a famous actress, Carey Mulligan stars in The Great Gatsby and Drive
  56. Kitty Poppins – a spoonful of catnip helps the medicine go down!
  57. Oprah Whisker – the most famous talk show for kitties!
  58. Cindy Clawford – a famous American model. Her years of success at modelling has made her an international celebrity, and has led to roles in television and film
  59. Babooshka – a famous Kate Bush song
  60. Hairy Potter – don’t dismiss this hairball too quickly, he might just be magic!
  61. Furrari – your kitty might not be an Italian luxury sports car, but it is fluffy and brings you dead mice, which one would you rather have?!
  62. All Ball – the first kitten adopted by a gorilla. Koko, the gorilla, named her pet All Ball and they were inseparable
  63. Snowball – the name of the cat that was gifted to Ernest Hemingway. It then gave birth to many six-toed cats who lived in his home for many years
  64. Jude Paw – he just recently appeared in the successful film ‘Cat-tain Meowvel’!
  65. Immortal – tabbys have nine lives, after all
  66. Choupette – the name of Karl Lagerfeld’s pet kitty. We’re certain this tomcat is richer than we are!

Cat Pun

How To Pick The Purrfect Cat Pun Name

Even though we’ve given you more than seventy cat pun names for inspiration, choosing the perfect one can be difficult, especially if you want it to be funny, but not too tacky.

Here are a few tips that might help you in picking a title for your fluffy feline friend:

  1. Choose A Timeless Name
    On average, cats usually live for around 12-15 years, so make sure you give them a name that will be relevant for many years. Choose something that will still make you giggle in five and even ten years’ time.
  2. Pick Something Everyone Will Find Funny
    Don’t choose a moniker that might be seen as offensive. If you are thinking about having a funny cat name then make sure it is refreshing and unique, but not distasteful or cringy. Don’t think too hard about it, sometimes overthinking can lead to stress and bad name ideas.
  3. Write Down Your Ideas
    Note down any simple, but funny and chuckle-worthy names you may think of, then perhaps run some of them by people you trust and get their opinions.


Cats are incredible creatures, with their talents and traits often being superior to human ability. They have:

  • Excellent hearing and a very strong sense of smell, so they can sniff out any terrible name you might be thinking of giving them.
  • Night-vision that is six times better than anything of a human – nothing gets past these creatures!

Give your pet cat a brilliant moniker that you will treasure for every second of your time together.

Leave us a comment telling us your favorite cat pun names from this list, or has the cat got your tongue? Just kitten!

If you know of any other hilarious feline monikers we might have missed, then be sure to also leave it in a comment; we’ve only scratched the surface…

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