The Complete List Of 250+ Brilliant Border Collie Names

If you are on the hunt for the best Border Collie names, look no further than our list of over 250!

Our titles suit every type of Border Collie (from bold working dogs to cute family pets), so enjoy exploring our ideas and have fun choosing the best one to suit your new dog!

Names are forever, so we believe these beautiful dogs deserve the best – one that they will keep for their whole lives!

Take your time exploring options and finding that perfect choice that hits the spot.

Border Collie Names

Border Collie Names

A good dog name always highlights the amazing features of your individual dog!

We believe one of the best things about Border Collies, and one of the first things you notice about them is their beautiful fur… notably the amazing shades of black, white, and other colors hidden within!

Whatever the color of your Border Collie’s fur, we believe it is beautiful and unique; it also deserves a cool name!

We have compiled a list of names for black and white pets, and also for dogs with extra tones, like ‘Caramel’, in their fur.

It is easy to think of objects and things that would make great monikers for a black and white dog!

Just think of all the black and white things you know, and most of them will make cute or hilarious choices.

Our Favorite

Pet Name Trophy Goes to Nero

a cool name meaning ‘black’ in Italian

Check out some more Border Collie names below:

  1. Caramel – perfect for a Border Collie with beautiful caramel-colored fur
  2. Checkers – after the board game, played on a black and white board
  3. Chess – this classic board game
  4. Cinders – the nickname of Disney princess ‘Cinderella’
  5. Coffee – for a Collie with coffee-colored hues in its fur!
  6. Cookies – perfect if paired with another dog called ‘Cream’
  7. Dice – the black and white patterns on a dice make for a fun choice
  8. Domino – the traditional game played with black and white pieces
  9. Ghost – for a mysterious, white pooch
  10. Luna – a Latin word meaning ‘moon’
  11. Midnight – this dark and mysterious choice is a great idea for a dog with dark-colored fur!
  12. Oreo – after the delicious black and white biscuits
  13. Panda – these black and white animals make great names
  14. Patch – for a Border with adorable patches of different colored fur!
  15. Pepper – for a Collie with black speckles that look like pepper
  16. Piano – after the musical instrument
  17. Retro – retro films are in black and white
  18. Shadow – for a mysterious and dark-colored canine
  19. Sudoku – this fun puzzle makes a quirky and unique choice
  20. Zebra – after the black and white animal

Female Border Collie Names

Female Border Collie

The best female dog names show off the beauty and majesty of these amazing pets!

We have collated some of the best ideas out there, which all sound beautiful, and have equally beautiful meanings and associations behind them!

Some of our ideas are shortened versions of longer names (e.g. Mindy instead of Melinda), making them adorable alternatives to the original names, perfect for the cutest of dogs.

We have also included some Greek goddesses (renowned for different attributes) which you can associate with your individual Collie.

Our Favorite

Pet Name Trophy Goes to Florence

a Latin word meaning ‘one who blooms and flourishes’.

Some more suggestions for female Border Collie names:

  1. Cleo – Greek for ‘illustrious’
  2. Coco – the first name of renowned fashion designer
  3. Daisy – the beautiful white and yellow flower
  4. Empress – for a proud and regal Collie
  5. Fea – the Goddess of war
  6. Fina – ‘one who is delicate and gentle’
  7. Hero – after the Character from Shakespeare’s ‘Much Ado About Nothing’
  8. Jasmine – the beautifully-smelling flower
  9. Juno – the Greek Goddess and wife of ‘Jupiter’
  10. Mindy – a short version of the cute name ‘Melinda’
  11. Molly – an adorable and classic dog name!
  12. Nanna – ‘Goddess of flowers’
  13. Niamh – the Goddess of health and healing
  14. Orla – ‘golden lady’
  15. Roxy – a fun and cheeky moniker
  16. Sophie – another version ‘Sophie’
  17. Stella – a Latin word for ‘star’
  18. Sugar – for the sweetest dog
  19. Velvet – for a Collie with beautifully soft fur!

Male Border Collie Names

Male Border Collie

The best names will suit your dog’s temperament down to the ground, we have compiled some brilliant Border Collie names with various meanings to suit any kind of dog!

If you Collie is cute and relaxed, we have found some lovely and adorable male titles to suit them perfectly.

Alternatively, if your Border is a bit more fiery and strong-willed, we have also got loads of ideas, ranging from names of knights to words with cool meanings behind them.

Our Favorite

Pet Name Trophy Goes to Barack

a word with Hebrew roots meaning ‘one who is blessed’.

  1. Artan – ‘little bear’
  2. Asa – ‘one who heals’
  3. Bach – ‘little’ and ‘dear’
  4. Clyde – after the river that flows through Glasgow
  5. Dougal – ‘dark and mysterious stranger’
  6. Egan – ‘one who is small and fiery’
  7. Finn – ‘chief’
  8. Gawain – the Arthurian knight ‘Sir Gawain’
  9. Jupiter – after the Roman god
  10. Kane – a lovely Border Collie name
  11. Kirk – ‘Church’
  12. Lex – a Latin word for ‘law’
  13. Merlin – the wizard from Arthurian legend
  14. Moss – an adorable natural name
  15. Penn – ‘from the peak’
  16. Quinn – a Celtic word for ‘wise one’
  17. Ronan – ‘little seal’
  18. Saxon – after the tribes who invaded England in the fifth-century
  19. Silas – an English word for ‘forest’
  20. Taran – after the God of thunder

Traditional Border Collie Names

Traditional Collie

We have researched some of the best Border Collie names, and some which have been popular throughout history.

These ideas combine traditional titles with interesting meanings, making them the perfect mixture for any type of Border!

Traditional titles don’t have to be boring! We have got some trendy and interesting names like ‘Flash’ and ‘Thor’ which definitely pack a punch!

If you get to know your dog really well, finding the perfect name to suit them will be easy.

Our Favorite

Pet Name Trophy Goes to Glen

an adorable Gaelic choice meaning ‘from the valley’.

  1. Bess – short for ‘Elizabeth’
  2. Breeze – perfect for a dog who is relaxed
  3. Dot – short for ‘Dorothy’
  4. Flash – for a pooch who runs at the speed of light
  5. Flossie – short for ‘Florence’
  6. Gael – an Irish word for ‘stranger’
  7. Gypsy – a classic choice
  8. Jet – a great name for a Collie who loves to run!
  9. Laire – an adorable Scottish word for ‘mare’
  10. Lassie – a popular Border Collie name
  11. Max – short for ‘Maximillian’
  12. Meg – a cute version of ‘Megan’
  13. Moira – ‘one who is the star of the sea’
  14. Pip – an adorable and classic dogs choice
  15. Sweep – a funny name for a hairy dog who looks like a mop!
  16. Thor – the Greek God of thunder
  17. Todd – ‘one who is wise and clever
  18. Turbo – perfect for a fast pooch
  19. Zoe – ‘life’

Best Border Collie Names

Unique Collie

The best names must be the most popular, right?!

After all, if they weren’t so amazing, why would they be the most popular?

We have compiled some of the most popular canine names that we think will suit Borders, from bold and fearless pups, to the cutest and most chilled-out Collies on Earth!

These monikers are not only popular for their cuteness, but they also have brilliant and vibrant meanings behind them… as all the best names have the best back-stories.

Our Favorite

Pet Name Trophy Goes to Chester

a popular dog name meaning ‘one who lives at the soldier’s camp’.

  1. Bandit – for a wild and rebellious Border Collie!
  2. Bear – a great idea for a hairy dog who resembles a bear!
  3. Bella – an adorable Latin word meaning ‘beautiful’ and ‘fair’
  4. Buddy – the perfect choice for a dog who is your best mate!
  5. Cooper – English for ‘barrel maker’
  6. Duke – perfect for a bold and regal puppy!
  7. Felix – a French word meaning ‘happy’
  8. Jake – a short version of ‘Jacob’
  9. Jasper – a Persian word meaning ‘treasurer’
  10. Jax – a cool version of ‘Jackson’
  11. Leo – Latin meaning ‘lion’
  12. Lexi – the short version of ‘Alexandra’
  13. Lily – after the beautiful English flower
  14. Milo – a badass Greek name meaning ‘destroyer’
  15. Olivia – a Latin word for ‘olive tree’
  16. Prince – perfect for the most noble of Borders!
  17. Rocky – a cute choice for an adorable dog!
  18. Scout – ‘to listen’
  19. Sky – a beautiful and natural choice for a gorgeous dog!
  20. Willow – a German name meaning ‘peaceful’ and ‘resolute’

Cute Border Collie Names

Cute Border Collie Puppy

Border Collies are some of the cutest dogs around, and the cutest pets deserve the cutest names!

We believe the most adorable ideas don’t just sound cute, but also have beautiful meanings behind them.

Names like ‘Fay’, and ‘Caer’ are great, because you can explain their amazing meanings to anyone who asks.

Enjoy choosing from these super cute monikers!

Our Favorite

Pet Name Trophy Goes to Greta

an adorable German name meaning ‘pearl’

  1. Ailsa – the name of a Scottish island
  2. Artan – an adorable choice meaning ‘little bear’
  3. Brae – ‘steep slope’
  4. Brandi – a cute spelling of the drink ‘Brandy’
  5. Caer – ‘a swan maiden’
  6. Christie – the surname of famous crime author ‘Agatha Christie’
  7. Dera – ‘one with a wild and fiery spirit’
  8. Dwyn – after the Celic God of love
  9. Fay – meaning ‘fairy’
  10. Gem – a unisex name, perfect for the most precious dog!
  11. Hazel – a beautiful and adorable title after the deciduous tree
  12. Isla – after the Scottish river
  13. Kit – and a nickname based on ‘Katherine’
  14. Lochan – meaning ‘small lake’
  15. Lucy – perfect for a pet who is the light of your life!
  16. Maeve – after the Goddess of sovereignty
  17. Nuala – a short version of the name ‘Fionnuala’
  18. Pippa – an adorable idea which is short for ‘Phillipa’
  19. Rory – ‘red-haired one’
  20. Saille – ‘willow’, a beautiful name for a graceful Border Collie!


We hope you had a great time exploring our ideas for great Border Collie names, and have been inspired by some of our suggestions.

Whether it was the adorable ‘Roxy’, the badass ‘Thor’, or the noble ‘Empress’ that caught your eye, we hope it suits your Border Collie perfectly.

These beautiful and loveable canines deserve only the best names – we hope you agree!

Enjoy exploring more names and good luck with finding the perfect one! If you have any more brilliant suggestions please leave them in the comments below.

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  1. Hey! I have a 5 month old BC. That 1at week after bringing M&M home I was searching and searching but nothing felt right. Then I took this photo of her that screamed her name. She has a beauty mark above the left side of mouth and piercing blue eyes. Yup Marilyn Monroe. When we are out in public people LOVE her name and make positive comments or they just crack up laughing ;P When she’s doing something wrong or I need more attention from her I will say Marilyn Monroe (My mom calls her M&M). Otherwise, it’s just Marilyn. I give my dogs 2 names on purpose. It works the same as it does with my kids. Once you say that middle name you’ve have their undivided attention!!!

  2. Im looking for a female border puppy . I had one that lived with us for 16 years. we live on 6 acres of beautiful spot in KY bluegrass .with a pond and rolling hills. im sure she will love it as much as our BC “Pippi. Im in love with their smart minds, and deep loyal affection.

  3. e mail below I would love to get soon so I can potty train her while its still warm outside. I cant wait !! thank you SOOOOOOooooo much !! do you still have puppies ???

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