Betta Fish Names: 150+ Names For Every Type Of Betta Fish

Betta Fish Names

Have you been surfing the web all day trying to find a perfect fish name?

Water-bout diving into this list here?

You won’t find a Betta fish name anywhere else!

If you have never picked a name for a pet before, and maybe feel like a fish out of water, then we’re here to help.

We have Betta fish names for a Betta fish of every color and type; from red to blue and crowntail to veiltail; we have you covered.

Names For Betta Fish

Types of Betta Fish

Betta fish are also known as Siamese Fighting Fish, although we doubt we’ll see any of these creatures in a boxing ring anytime soon!

They are popular for their varied and bright colors, so whichever shade of the rainbow is your favorite, there will probably be a Betta fish out there for you.

Take a look below at this list of Betta fish names:

  1. Aquarius – a Zodiac sign belonging to people born between January 21 and February 20, with its symbol being a water-bearer
  2. Atlantis – a fictional island apparently situated in the Atlantic Ocean, however its supposed location has changed over time
  3. Reef – the Great Barrier Reef is located in Australia and is the largest coral reef system in the world
  4. Tropic – this often refers to a place incredibly hot and sunny
  5. Goldie – perfect if you have a gold Betta fish!
  6. Fin – a Scottish boy’s name, short for Finley, which means ‘fair warrior’, but also relates to the fins of a fish
  7. Nemo – a famous Disney Pixar film featuring a worried clownfish father trying to find his son
  8. Clam – the better-known name for ‘bivalve molluscs’. We’ll probably just stick with ‘clam’
  9. Flash – for a Betta fish that can swim really fast!
  10. Neptune – the Roman god of freshwater
  11. Seaweed – an algae that lives in the sea, but also can be food for some types of sea creatures
  12. Bruce – the shark in Finding Nemo, hopefully your Betta fish will never have to meet a great white shark!
  13. Ace – a perfect name for a black pet
  14. Cleo – a shortened version of Cleopatra
  15. Otto – a German name meaning ‘wealth’ and ‘prosperity’
  16. Lenny – one of the main characters in the movie Shark Tale. Despite being a shark, he is actually a vegetarian!
  17. Spike – a type of fish that has spikes on its body, so don’t get too close!
  18. Bubba – the name of the fish who was apparently the first ever fish to go through chemotherapy
  19. Drake – the name for a male duck, another water-dwelling animal
  20. Casper – like the friendly ghost, this name would be perfect for a white Betta fish
  21. Algae – a microorganism that lives in water
  22. Aqua – the Latin word for ‘water’
  23. Marina – a harbour for small boats, but also a beautiful name for a female fish
  24. Loki – the god of mischief in Norse mythology
  25. Shrimp – along with prawns, shrimp is a type of seafood that is eaten worldwide
  26. Shadow – alternatively, this is great for a dark, black Betta fish
  27. Shelly – does your Betta fish sell seashells by the sea shore?!
  28. Charlie – a cute unisex name for any fish
  29. Patrick – a hilarious name based on the pink sea star in the TV show SpongeBob SquarePants
  30. Marlin – a type of fish with a long body
  31. Gunther – a German baby name meaning ‘warrior’

Funny Betta Fish Names

Names For Betta Fish

Fish can be funny creatures.

We can often make ourselves laugh by imitating the way they open and close their mouths – it’s even funnier if a human does it!

If you have a pair of fish, then why not give them funny, complementary names?

How about naming your fishies after an infamous duo such as Bonnie and Clyde – something as well-known and simple as Jack and Jill; or even something as wacky as Fish and Chips?

The possibilities are endless!

If you’re looking for a single funny Betta fish, however, then look no further than the list below:

  1. Mrs Puff – the often mean boating school teacher from the SpongeBob SquarePants series
  2. Tuna Turner – a pun on the name Tina Turner, a famous singer-songwriter
  3. Kipper – another edible fish that is sometimes eaten for breakfast
  4. Sharkira – this shark’s ‘hips don’t lie’, and they’re saying they might eat you…!
  5. Plankton – the antagonist in the SpongeBob SquarePants series, named after a large group of microorganisms
  6. Anette – get it… a net!
  7. Squidward – the grumpy next door neighbor of SpongeBob in the TV series SpongeBob SquarePants
  8. Fingers – fish only have fins, but somehow humans eat ‘fish fingers’ all the time
  9. Gillfunkel – from the famous singers of ‘A Bridge Over Troubled Water’ – Salmon and Gillfunkel!
  10. Turtle – another water dwelling animal, but perhaps ten times slower than any fish
  11. Phelps – Michael Phelps is possibly the most famous Olympic swimmer ever
  12. Jaws – one of the most famous Steven Spielberg movies, you really wouldn’t want to go to the beach if Jaws was on the loose!
  13. Coral – a pretty Betta fish name for a pink Betta, also the name of an underwater rock that is essentially made of skeletal remains of small sea animals! Not so pretty now…
  14. Wasabi – a Japanese spice that is often used in sushi
  15. Flipper – the ‘arms’ of animals such as penguins and seals that helps them to swim
  16. Aquaman – a fictional character from DC comics, who starred in a 2018 movie of the same title
  17. Swim Shady – a pun on Eminem’s alter ego, Slim Shady
  18. Submarine – an airplane may offer a bird’s eye view, but a submarine offers a fish eye view!
  19. Kraken – a fictional sea monster, and definitely not something you would want to see aboard a cruise ship
  20. Pike – a well-known predator fish that can speed after its prey as soon as it glimpses it
  21. Bait – just hope nobody uses your Betta fish as bait!
  22. Salty – even though Bettas are freshwater fish, you can still name them Salty!
  23. Anne Chovy – often packed together in tins and used as an ingredient in certain foods
  24. Magikarp – our favorite fish-like Pokémon!
  25. Tartar – a condiment that perfectly accompanies a fish dish
  26. Scampi – another type of seafood, but also the name of a naughty and rambunctious fish!

Blue Betta Fish

Blue Betta Fish

Need a name for a beautiful, vibrant blue Betta?

Then look no further!

We have a multitude of colorful names, from light to dark, along with several blue fictional characters.

Any of these names make the perfect Betta Fish Names for a blue Betta.

  1. Dory – the hilarious blue tang fish from Finding Nemo and is voiced by Ellen DeGeneres, she is so funny that she even got her own movie – Finding Dory!
  2. Azure – another light shade of blue that can often be compared to the color of the sky
  3. Aquamarine – a bright color that ranges from tones of blue and green, and everything in-between!
  4. Smurf – a fictional community of little blue people that live in the forest
  5. Da Ba Dee – a song by Eiffel 65 “about a little guy that lives in a blue world!”
  6. Sully – our favorite blue furry monster from Disney Pixar’s Monsters Inc
  7. Cerulean – another shade of blue, perfect for any blue Betta fish
  8. Navy – a dark shade of blue
  9. Turquoise – turquoise is a shade of blue with a tinge of green, and could possibly be described as the color of the ocean
  10. Periwinkle – this is a beautiful light blue shade that has a tinge of lilac. You could even use the name ‘Peri’ for short!
  11. Jean – a pretty girl’s name that refers to the blue of denim jeans
  12. Sapphire – a deep blue gemstone
  13. Midnight – perfect for a Betta fish that is a deep, dark shade of blue
  14. Sea – a very obvious name for any blue Betta fish!
  15. Stitch – a zany blue character from Disney’s Lilo and Stitch
  16. Denim – a material most often used to make jeans, and is usually a mid-tone shade of blue
  17. Pisces – a zodiac sign with the symbol of a fish. It also happens to be a water sign
  18. Lagoona – a perfect name for a female blue Betta fish, and a version of Lagoon, which is a small and shallow section of water detached from a larger body of water
  19. Ocean – what is a better name for a fish than ‘Ocean’?!
  20. Royal – a very vivid shade of blue and perfect for any majestic pet
  21. Blueberry – not only are blueberries a beautiful blue shade, they’re also extremely healthy and delicious!
  22. Eeyore – a character from the Winnie the Pooh books, who is a shade of blue-gray and is often quite sad and gloomy
  23. River – the name River is perfect for any fish because of its association with water. However, River is also a name used by humans, for example the famous actor River Phoenix
  24. Teal – another shade of blue-green, and is also the name of a duck

Red Betta Fish Names

Red Betta Fish

We have a fiery array of vibrant red Betta names for any fish in your tank.

From the bright orange hair of both Ariel and Ed Sheeran to various, beautiful shades of red, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

There is no end to the amount of special, unique, and individual names for a red fish. These names would also work for other red under-the-sea creatures, a crab or a lobster could be named ‘Ruby’ any day!

Our favorite is Strawberry, a juicy, fruit-inspired Betta fish name for any red fish in your tank.

  1. Wanda – from the 1988 British comedy ‘A Fish Called Wanda’, about a heist, and only slightly about a fish
  2. Ariel – this mermaid from Disney’s ‘The Little Mermaid’ has fiery red hair and also lives under the sea!
  3. Rouge – ‘red’ in French, and also the name used sometimes to describe the makeup product blush
  4. Brick – a unique name for any fish of a muted red shade
  5. Ed – the famous ‘Shape of You’ singer is also a red-head!
  6. Blaze – perfect for a fiery red Betta fish
  7. Scarlett – a vibrant red shade and also a perfect name
  8. Vermilion – an incredibly vibrant shade, in-between red and scarlet
  9. Crimson – the shade between red and purple
  10. Mars – a dusty red planet in our Solar System, next to Earth
  11. Wine – name a fancy and sophisticated fish after red wine
  12. Burgundy – not only the name of a deep red-purple color, but also a region of France
  13. Poppy – the name of a bright red flower; it is the symbol of Remembrance Day on November 11 of every year
  14. Apple – in the debate between the tastiness of red and green apples, red should always win!
  15. Garnet – a precious stone that is a deep red shade
  16. Auburn – a luscious shade of red-brown hair
  17. Ginger – the name for red to orange hair
  18. Flame – another fiery and fantastic name
  19. Ruby – a beautiful, sparkling red gemstone, perfect for a precious red fish
  20. Rosso – ‘red’ in Italian
  21. Chilli – red chili peppers are associated with being incredibly hot and spicy!
  22. Rose – a delicate flowery name; rose describes a shade between red and magenta
  23. Fire – is there a better name for a red fish than fire?!
  24. Cherry – a pretty color that has tones of red, pink and purple

Unique Betta Fish Names

Blue & Red Betta Fish

If you are looking for a unique Betta fish name, then you’ve come to the right plaice

We see all of these unique names as very fitting names for any pet fish, not just a Betta!

Regardless, these unique fish names are beautiful and will never become tired or forgettable, even for a fish with a three-second memory.

These interesting monikers range in their uncommonness, however, one thing they do have in common is that they all have a meaning that is related to water in some way.

We hope you enjoy them!

  1. Anahita – a girl’s Persian name meaning ‘water or river goddess’
  2. Cordelia – a beautiful name meaning ‘daughter of the sea’
  3. Jorah – meaning ‘autumn rain’
  4. Arno – a name which means ‘flower water’
  5. Shannon – an Irish name meaning ‘old, wise river’
  6. Morwenna – meaning ‘waves of the sea’
  7. Marella – this is the Japanese version of Muriel and means ‘bright sea’
  8. Lachlan – meaning ‘from the land of lakes’
  9. Fjord – a Norwegian name referring to the passage in the sea
  10. Aberforth – meaning ‘from the river’
  11. Yarrow – meaning ‘rough stream’
  12. Nerida – a Greek name meaning ‘mermaid’
  13. Calder – a traditional English name meaning ‘rocky water’
  14. Mizuko – a name meaning ‘water child’
  15. Como – an Italian name meaning lake
  16. Thames – from the River Thames in London
  17. Tallulah – meaning ‘leaping waters’
  18. Noelani – meaning ‘mist of heaven’
  19. Mira – a name that means ‘sea’ or ‘ocean’ in Sanskrit
  20. Meltem – a fun Betta fish name meaning ‘sea wind’
  21. Flounder – the cute best friend of Ariel in Disney’s The Little Mermaid
  22. Octo – from ‘Octopus’, but obviously your Betta fish doesn’t have eight legs!
  23. Pirate – for a mischievous Betta fish that just wants to steal some treasure
  24. Guppy – a popular small, and cute, tropical fish
  25. Isla – a fun girl’s name that stems from the word ‘island’
  26. Sushi – a Japanese dish that often contains raw fish
  27. Gilbert – Gill-bert… get it?! The best name for any fish!
  28. Peach – a cute name for a light pink Betta fish
  29. Gilly – a cute little name for any fish
  30. Bubbles – the name of the zany and energetic yellow fish from Disney’s Finding Nemo
  31. Mermaid – your Betta fish isn’t a mermaid, but they’re halfway there!
  32. Tangerine – perfect for a golden-orange Betta fish
  33. Captain – put a little ship in your fish’s tank and they can be the captain!
  34. Caviar – it is considered a delicacy in places, but it is basically fish eggs…
  35. Crabby – for a fish that’s grumpy all the time!
  36. Kanagawa – the famous wave painting, known by almost everyone, is called The Great Wave Of Kanagawa and was painted by Katsushika Hokusai
  37. Marigold – perfect for a yellow-gold Betta fish
  38. Poseidon – the Greek God of the sea and, is well-known for being quite moody and ill-tempered. He’s definitely not someone you want to get on the wrong side of!
  39. Nymph – a mythological creature that lives in secluded places, from rivers to woods and forests
  40. Ursula – the villain from the Disney movie ‘The Little Mermaid’, who tries to take Ariel’s voice in exchange for a pair of human legs
  41. Dolphin – they are apparently the best friends of mermaids, and whilst mermaids aren’t real (as far as we know) dolphins certainly are!
  42. Blackbeard – a deadly and dangerous pirate


Hopefully we reeled you in with this list.

Maybe you even found the perfect name for your Betta fish?

Let us know, in the comments area, which of these Betta Fish Names was your favorite and even tell us any more you may have thought of.

If this list has inspired you to possibly get a Betta fish of your own, then we say ‘CARPe Diem’!

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