Beagle Names: The A to Z of 90 Names For Your Hound Dog

Beagle Names

Beagles are one of the most well-known, popular dog breeds in the world.

They are intelligent, fun-loving and amazing companions, so it makes sense that most people would love to own one.

Since there are millions of Beagle dogs, you cannot go out without seeing one, because of this it can sometimes be difficult to pick a unique name for a Beagle.

Luckily, this list of Beagle Names should provide you with some inspiration for the perfect choice for your furry companion.

From the most famous Beagles in popular cultures, to cute options perfect for a puppy, to bold names that would be fantastic for a strong, determined hound dog, we have them all…

Beagle Names

Beagle Dog

Some of the Beagle characters below are the most popular and well-known fictional dogs ever:

  • Snoopy, a very well-loved character, is a black and white Beagle from the Peanuts comic strip!
  • Gromit, from the Claymation series Wallace and Gromit, is also a white and brown Beagle, and is incredibly intelligent, probably the best engineer pooch ever.

Each of the Beagle names below are some of the best monikers you could give your pet Beagle, all the other dogs in the dog parks with boring names will be barking with jealousy.

  1. Snoopy – the Beagle owned by Charlie Brown in the ‘Peanuts’ comic strip, Snoopy is probably one of the most famous and recognizable Beagles ever
  2. Gromit – the eponymous Beagle in Wallace and Gromit, he is cool, calm and silent, no matter what goes wrong in his life
  3. Sunny – for a dog that is as radiant and happy as the sunshine
  4. Benedict – meaning ‘blessing’ in Latin
  5. Captain – great for a dog with excellent leadership qualities, that you can rely on
  6. Mr Peabody – one of the smartest dogs in fiction, Mr Peabody can even use a time machine!
  7. Odie – the pet Beagle from ‘Garfield’, Odie is goofy, playful and incredibly loveable
  8. Brains – the lovely Beagle companion of Inspector Gadget, clearly this dog isn’t lacking in intelligence
  9. Scout – perfect for a pup that loves to discover interesting things and scout out new adventures
  10. Caesar – named after Julius Caesar, one of the most well-known leaders in history
  11. Underdog – a Disney dog, based upon a comic book, Underdog is a special dog with superpowers
  12. Buddy – because your dog will be your best buddy!
  13. Darwin – Charles Darwin, the famous biologist, made many of his discoveries aboard a ship called The Beagle

Cute Beagle Names

Cute Beagle Dog

Beagles are small to medium dogs, usually with different colored patches on their coat (white, brown, or black).

It is hard to look at one of these dogs without fighting the urge to run over and stroke, pat, and cuddle them!

Here are various cute Beagle names which will be perfect for these adorable hound dogs, from fictional characters to pretty names with interesting and significant meanings.

We would faint with joy if we came across a loveable Beagle with a name like ‘Heart’ and ‘Angel’!

  1. Aurora – a gorgeous Disney princess, also known as Sleeping Beauty, this choice would be brilliant for a pup that loves to sleep all day!
  2. Scooby – a friendly, zany and food-loving fictional detective dog, part of Mystery Inc
  3. Angel – the perfect choice for a well-behaved, angelic Beagle
  4. Brooklyn – the name of a borough in New York City
  5. Queenie – for a pampered pooch, this would be perfect for a spoiled but cute Beagle
  6. Pudge – a fun and cute moniker for a Beagle that might be on the ‘tubby’ side
  7. Wolverine – a strong, sharp and determined X-Men character, played by Hugh Jackman. This name would be funny and cute if given to a tiny, harmless dog!
  8. Heart – the perfect nickname for a dog that has lots of love to give!
  9. Simba – the young lion cub and main character in The Lion King
  10. Bubbles – a cute choice for an energetic and silly pup
  11. Miso – the Korean word for ‘smile’
  12. Sherlock – perfect for if your Beagle is more of a detective than a ‘Hound of the Baskervilles’
  13. Dino – the name of the dog from ‘The Flintstones’, short for Dinosaur
  14. Sparky – perfect for a dog that is full of energy and never stops running, playing and smiling!

Beagle Dog Names

Beagle Dog Names

Not only are Beagles well-loved by us, they are also a favorite breed of people in positions of power too.

Queen Elizabeth I loved pocket Beagles, which were so tiny and small that they could fit in her hand.

Lyndon B Johnson, President of the United States, also had two Beagles by his side in the White House. They were called Him and Her, which aren’t very inventive names…

To avoid giving your dog a bad or boring name, we have this list of many fun and exciting Beagle dog names for your perusal.

  1. Ariel – inspired by the singing mermaid from Disney’s The Little Mermaid
  2. Sage – a unique choice meaning ‘wise one’
  3. Lucky – a cute option for a dog that will always, hopefully, bring you lots of luck
  4. Caspar – inspired by ‘the friendly ghost’, this choice would be perfect for a hound with lots of white patches
  5. Bonnie – ‘bonny’ often means ‘pretty’ in places such as Scotland
  6. Jet – inspired by the dark gemstone, this name would be perfect for a black pet
  7. River – for a hound that loves wilderness and adventure
  8. Patch – a very popular choice for a pooch that has different color patches on their fur
  9. Hulk – the big, green superhero/monster (depends on who you’re asking!) from Marvel’s Avengers
  10. Mojito – a minty, alcoholic cocktail. This is a perfect choice for a zesty and zany pup
  11. Mickey – inspired by Mickey Mouse, the most well-known Disney character, perfect for a Beagle with black and white fur
  12. Godiva – meaning ‘gift of god’, and is also the name of a chocolate brand
  13. Happy – this is the perfect option for a pooch that is always positive, smiling and happy!
  14. Winston – inspired by Prime Minister of the United Kingdom during World War 2, Winston Churchill

Beagle Puppy Names

Beagle Puppy

These dogs are already cute, but when they are puppies, they could easily win the ‘cutest pet in existence’ award!

Aside from being cute, Beagles have very important jobs:

  • They were originally used in hunting, where their agility and sharp teeth came in handy.
  • They are now used by the US government to sniff out illegal substances and contraband in places such as airports.

Is there anything these little guys can’t do? Check out this list of Beagle names below…

  1. Bella – meaning ‘beautiful’ in Italian
  2. Marcel – means ‘little fighter’ in Latin, perfect for a tiny puppy
  3. Cupcake – the name of a sweet treat, perfect for the sweetest Beagle you know
  4. Chilli – a cute, fun choice inspired by a spicy, hot chilli pepper
  5. Zeus – the god of lightning and thunder in Greek mythology, and also king of the gods.
  6. Bolt – inspired by the Disney movie, about a dog that can run like the speed of light
  7. Buttercup – the perfect nickname for a pup that radiates sunshine!
  8. Roo – short for Kangaroos, and also the baby Kangaroo in the Winnie the Pooh series
  9. Bambi – the eponymous small deer in the Disney movie, perfect for a graceful and delicate dog
  10. Chai – inspired by Chai tea, perfect for a laid back, peaceful pup
  11. Peanut – perfect for a small and tiny puppy Beagle
  12. Bandit – a cute name for a naughty, rebellious pup that has trouble obeying the rules!
  13. Nyx – the goddess of night in Greek mythology
  14. Chin-Sun – Korean meaning ‘goodness and truthfulness’
  15. Buzz – inspired by Buzz Lightyear and Buzz Aldrin, who are both associated with space, adventure and discovery

Female Beagle Names

Female Beagle

Beagles are one of the oldest dog breeds, they have been around for hundreds of years.

The choices in the list below are beautiful and timeless – they would’ve suited Beagles from the Roman empire, the French revolution, and modern-day!

Each of these female pooch names is delicate and graceful, whilst also being cute, fun, and loveable.

From fabulous, flowery monikers to titles of Greek goddesses, you should be proud of a dog with any of these names.

  1. Luna – a beautiful choice meaning ‘moon’
  2. Artemis – the goddess of hunting in Greek mythology
  3. Amber – perfect for a pup whose fur has warm golden-brown undertones
  4. Rosie – a flowery option for a gorgeous female Beagle
  5. Devana French female name that means ‘divine’
  6. Joan – like Joan of Arc, this female dog is strong, brave and determined
  7. Faith – a beautiful moniker for a loyal companion
  8. Vivi – funky nickname meaning ‘alive’
  9. Duchess – the perfect moniker for a posh pup!
  10. Margaret – meaning ‘pearl’ in Latin
  11. Eve – one of the most popular Biblical names
  12. Bronte – the Bronte sisters, Emily, Charlotte and Anne, were three famous writers
  13. Zoey – derived from Greek, meaning ‘life’
  14. Cinnamon – a sweet name for a Beagle, especially if they have cinnamon-colored fur
  15. Harper – a beautiful moniker for a musical pup
  16. Leona – the female equivalent of ‘Leon’, meaning as brave as a lion
  17. Cho – a pretty girl dog’s name that means ‘butterfly’ in Japanese
  18. Fleur – the perfect option for a female which is as beautiful as a flower

Male Beagle Names

Male Beagle

These names are perfect for any strong, brave, and heroic male dog.

From noble, fictional characters to monikers that have significant and interesting meanings in other languages, if you pick a name from this list it is likely to be unique and never dull!

These dogs are known for their hunting abilities and skills, so these will suit any pooch that has a sharp brain and a love for exploration and adoration for adventure.

Males tend to be larger than females, but these names suit anything from a big bulky dog to a tiny pooch with a huge spirit!

  1. Aladdin – from the Disney movie of the same title, Aladdin is brave, honorable and believes in doing the right thing
  2. Basil – a type of spice
  3. Indiana – Indiana Jones is a famous fictional archaeologist and adventure-seeker
  4. Charlie – a strong male name, which means ‘free man’
  5. Rex – meaning ‘King’ in Latin, so a great title for a dog that rules the roost!
  6. Buster – an interesting choice for a fun-loving and adventurous Beagle
  7. Diesel – a cool option for a dog and also a type of fuel
  8. Vincent – a male name that means ‘conqueror’ in Latin
  9. Chewbacca – a main character from the Star Wars franchise, Chewie is a big, furry Wookie who is a co-pilot, alongside Han Solo, aboard the Millennium Falcon
  10. Hunter – a great moniker for a pooch that loves to seek and discover
  11. Louis – inspired by French royalty
  12. Murrayan Irish name that means ‘lord of the sea’
  13. Brownie – perfect for a predominantly brown Beagle
  14. Rocky – the popular, fictional boxer played by Sylvester Stallone
  15. Elvis – a famous singer, even considered the King of Rock n Roll by some


We hope you enjoyed this list of Beagle names!

Did you find a particular favorite name in this article? Be sure to let us know which one with a comment.

Also, if you have a Beagle yourself (you lucky thing) then we’d love to know what their name is.

They are fun, loveable and excellent companions, and all of these names will suit these wonderful dogs.

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