120+ Space Baby Names: Spaceworthy Names From Aurora to Zenith

Star BannerEveryone wants a cute and unique name for their baby and these space names fit the bill perfectly.

We all take the responsibility of naming our children very seriously from pregnancy day one – and often before that! – searching high and low for the perfect name for our little bundles of joy.

Sometimes we draw inspiration from world history, sometimes from family history, often settling on an old family name.

But here’s a question for you…Why settle for not-so-interesting names for your cherub when you can choose from unique cosmic names?!

If you ever dreamed of going to outer space and want to pass that on to your kiddo, here are some cool outer space-inspired names for your baby, inspired by the cosmos.

Space Names

Space Names
Do you love space explorations, the stars, astronomy, and everything related to outer space? Then not select a baby name inspired by the cosmic world!

We mean baby names inspired by the galaxy include names of celestial bodies, constellations, comets, satellites, and meteors.

Names are children’s identity, and parents are looking far beyond the Earth to search for a name for their child. They take the term ‘out-of-this-world’ quite literally and want a name that is unique and otherworldly.

Interestingly, there are so many options to choose from, whether you are looking for a cute name for your boy, a beautiful name for your daughter, or a cool unisex name.

What are Good Girl’s Space Names?

Naming your little girl can be full of difficult choices. Should the name be feminine or neutral? Should you opt for a meaningful name or one that simply sounds good? Let’s make it a little easier for you.

Check out these good girl’s cosmic names:

Adhara – it is one of the brightest stars in the sky.

Alcyone – is the name of the brightest star in the Pleiades (7 Sisters).

Astra – means “of the stars” in Latin.

Cressida – it is the name of a moon on the planet Uranus.

Hilda – it is the name given to a group of asteroids.

Celeste – it means “heavenly.”

Nash – it is the name of a Gamma Sagittarii star.

Thalassa – it is the name of one of Neptune’s moons.

Electra – it means “bright” or “shining” and is the name of a giant star in the Taurus constellation.

Zaniah – it is a triple star system in Virgo.


What are Good Boy’s Space Names?

With so many names, selecting one can be challenging, and thinking of naming your little boy with a badass name? Many space objects are as cool as they sound.

Check out these unique space-related names that are perfect for your little man.

Astrophel – it means “star lover.”

Atlas – it is known as the titan of navigation and astronomy.

Comet – it refers to a cosmic body of gas and ice that flies through the galaxy.

Donati – it means “given by God” and is the name given to the first comet ever photographed.

Holmes – it was the name given to the largest comet in the entire solar system.

Kuiper – it is the name given to a small band of space rocks.

Oberon – it is known as one of the major moons on Uranus.

Castor – it is one of the brightest stars in the Gemini constellation.

Rigel – it is known as the star that guides people traveling in the sea.

Perseus – it is the name of a constellation that is named in honor of the Greek god and slayer of Medusa the Gorgon.


Star Names

All Things Space Sketch
The stars and constellations can be the perfect inspiration for exceptional and stellar names. We know that naming a child is not a small feat as there are so many factors to consider. There is the risk of mispronunciations, unfortunate rhymes, and not-so-flattering meanings.

If you opt for a baby name that means star, you will have fewer things to worry about. A name that is enthused by the celestial is fitting the birth of a baby as it is also an event that inspires a profound sense of wonder.

We have listed some of our favorite baby names that mean stars that you can consider for your shining and bright bundle of joy.

Star Names for Girls

If stargazing and astronomy have always amazed you, why not aim for the stars for your baby girl’s name? Space baby names are the latest and hottest trend today, popularized mainly by celebrities like Chris North, who named his son Orion.

Keeping up with the trend, we have compiled a list of star-inspired baby names for your little name. Check out these names:

Nova – it is the name of a star that appears and fades over a few months.

Phoebe – it means “bright” and “shining.”

Venus – it is the second planet from the sun and also the Roman goddess of beauty and love.

Titania – it is the name of the largest moon of Uranus.

Chara – it means “joy” and is also the name of a star.

Bellatrix – it is the name of a star that also means “female warrior” in Latin.

Alpha – the name of the brightest star in every constellation.

Danica – it means “the morning star” in Slavic.

Hoshi – it is a Japanese name meaning “star.”

Stella – it means “star” in Latin.


Star Names for Boys

Are you mesmerized by the limitless expanse of our galaxy, stars, and constellations? Naming your child after a star or with a name that means star can be exciting. Open up the possibilities of a life that is infinite and boundless with these star names for your little boy.

Alioth – it is the brightest star in the constellation, known as a navigation star.

Altair – it means “the flying one” and is also the 11th brightest star in the galaxy.

Draco – is the name of a constellation but has gained popularity because of the Harry Potter Series.

Hoku – it means “star” in Hawaiian.

Izar – it has Basque origins meaning “star.”

Orion – it is one the best-known and brightest constellations in the sky.

Rasalas – this name has Arabic origins meaning “the northern star of the lion’s head.”

Wolf – it is the name of a rare star that emits scorching gases.

Itri – it means “star” in Tamazight.

Sirius – it is the name of a radiant and shiny star in the sky.


Cosmic Names

Infant Moon and Stars
Your new baby might feel like a wish granted from the high heavens above, and naming your little one can be exciting for the parents. Expecting parents want their children’s names to stand out and often want to opt for out-of-this-world cosmic names.

Celestial bodies are present in the space or sky like stars, planets, galaxies, etc. After voyaging into space, we have named most of the heavenly bodies known in the universe. These unique names are taken from ancient scientists, Greek Gods, and even popular myths. Most cosmic names have mystical meanings.

Exploring the vast emptiness of space, we can find many notable names that can be the perfect choice for your child.

Cosmic Names for Girls

Choosing a cute name for your little girl can be a tough one, with millions of different, bizarre, and beautiful names to choose from, you can opt for exceptional cosmic names for your child.

If you are tired of skimming through endless baby names across the internet and you want to try something magnificent, you can seek the answers in the universe itself! Check out these space names that are sure to stand out.

Alula – the name of the first double star that is physically related to its twin.

Ariel – it means “lion of God” and is also one of the moons on Uranus.

Aurora – it symbolizes the Roman goddess of the sun.

Calypso – it is the name of a moon that orbits Saturn.

Charon – it means “of keen gaze” and is the name of one of Pluto’s moons.

Cybele – it is the name given to the largest asteroid in the solar system.

Eris – the tenth planet in the solar system.

Faye – it signifies “fairy” and is the name of a famous astronomer.

Juliet – a famous name in many novels. It is the name of a moon of Uranus.

Kamaria – it is a Swahili word that means “moonlight.”


Cosmic Names for Boys

Have you searched high and low for remarkable space names? Cosmic names are based on intergalactic objects, and they are a great way of naming your baby. Whether you are fascinated by different cultures or the vast galaxies, we have something for everyone.

Space-related names can be a great start for your child’s life. Let’s have a look at some cool names inspired by the space for your handsome little boy.

Nysa – it means “goal or ambition.”

Aten – this name represents a group of asteroids.

Ciro – it means “sun.”

Cielo – it means “sky” in Italian.

Janus – it is the name of a moon of the planet Saturn.

Eros – it means “love” and is also the name of an asteroid.

Jovian – it has Slavic origin and is derived from the planet Jupiter.

Pegasus – in mythology, it means “winged horse.”

Sabik – it means “one who comes first” and is also the name of a star in Ophiuchus.

Sol – it means “sun” in Spanish.


Galaxy Names for Girls and Boys

Sleeping Baby on Starry Background
If you have been fascinated by the outer sky and the night sky, you might want to choose one of the galaxy-inspired names for your little one. Whether you are looking for feminine names, manly ones, or gender-neutral options.

If you are passionate about the galaxy, astronomy, and everything galactically, consider a unique galaxy name for your baby. Galaxy names refer to the planets and the stars, as well as the Roman, Egyptian, and Roman gods and goddesses of the seven heavens.

There are so many out-of-this-world options throughout the galaxy to choose from. Will you name your little girl Celeste meaning “heavenly,” or Lyra, a star in the constellation? Or would you rather name your boy Aten after the Egyptian god of the sun?

Whether you are a self-proclaimed galaxy nerd determined to find a space-inspired name for your baby or you are looking for unique and cool baby name ideas for 2022, this list of galaxy baby names will give you lots of ideas to ponder.

We know one thing for sure: Galaxy-inspired names will help you tiny astronaut-in-training truly stand out in the crowd, and having an exceptional name always is a great advantage. We have something for everyone, from cool star names for boys and girls to galaxy-themed names!

What are some Cool Galaxy Names?

Check out some cute galaxy names for girls:

Aelia – it has Latin origins, meaning “sun.”

Cordelia – it is the name given to the moon of Uranus.

Ascella – is also known as a star system in the sign of Sagittarius.

Elara – it is the name of Jupiter’s moon and is believed to be coined after Zeus’ lover.

Larissa – it is the name of the fifth moon of Neptune.

Leda – a name shared by one of Zeus’ lovers, is also one of Jupiter’s moons.


Check out these galaxy names that are perfect for your little boy:

Cyrus – it means “sun.”

Elio – is a Spanish and Italian version of the Greek sun god.

Freyr – it has Norse origins meaning “god of weather.”

Jupiter – it is the name of the largest planet in the solar system.

Mercurius – it means “an orator” and is a variation of the planet Mercury.


Cool Names from Space

Sleeping Baby in Sky Bubble Rainbow
Our universe is large and loaded with planets, galaxies, and stars, giving you plenty of names to consider for your child. Discover space baby names for your little one from a list of uncommon and amazing space-related names.

When you want a name that is a little bit different and very cool, space baby names inspired by the planets, galaxies, stars, and the moon can be the answer you are looking for! Hop onboard our spaceship as we take on an intergalactic journey through unique and cool space names for girls and boys.

Cool Space Names for Girls

Many galaxy names are gender-neutral and can be used by both girls and boys. Check out these cool names from space for baby girls:

Nashira – it is the name of a giant star in Capricorn.

Portia – it is the name of one of Uranus’ moons.

Pandora – one of Saturn’s moons is called Pandora

Ophelia – it is the name of a moon in Uranus.

Miranda – it is the name of the smallest moons of Uranus.


Cool Space Names for Boys

Why should boys stay behind while the girls have all the celestial fun? Look at these cool name options for your little munchkin.

Ravi – it means “sun” in Sanskrit.

Saros – refers to the “Saros Cycle,” which is a period in which eclipses repeat themselves.

Meteor – it is the name given to rocky and small metallic bodies that shoot through the galaxy.

Sky – it refers to the limitless and beautiful galaxy of the universe.

Starr – refers to the countless stars in the sky.


Astrology Names

Toddler Sleeping Under Moon and Stars
For an astrology enthusiast, the idea of naming a baby after a zodiac sign might seem very exciting as there are so many aspects of astrology beyond signs. People often look up to the stars to find inspiration. Some really fun, beautiful, and unique baby names are inspired by astrology.

Between constellations, individual stars, planets, and moons, there are so many options to choose from. What’s even more fun is that parents can pick something specific to the personality of their baby. No matter which name you select, it is sure to be out-of-this-world.

Astrology Names for Girls

Look at these hand-picked names that are perfect for your little girl.

Ara – it is the name of a constellation.

Libra – meaning “scales” or “balance.”

Rhea – it is the name of the second-largest moon of Saturn and also means “a flowing stream.”

Ursa – it means “little female bear” in Latin.

Virginia – it means “pure” and “virginal.”


Astrology Names for Boys

There are some very unique and cool astrology names for boys too!

Issac – the name of the astronomer and scientist who discovered gravity.

Leo – it is the name of a constellation.

Taurus – it means “bull” in Latin.

Orpheus – the name of an asteroid and space telescope.

Phobos – it is the name of one of the moons on Mars.


What is a Good Celestial Name?

Mother and Daughter Under Lights
There’s no doubt that finding a name for your baby is a not-so-easy task, and all ideas are always welcome. For many years, people have looked up to the limitless skies for inspiration, and you can do the same when searching for a good celestial name.

As our universe is full of stars, planets, and galaxies, you have plenty of options to choose from. You never know where you could find a rare and powerful name for your little one.

Celestial Names for Girls

Look at these amazing celestial names that can brighten up your girl’s life.

Astrid – the name of a moon on Uranus.

Belinda – a part of the Portia group of satellites.

Carina – the second brightest star in the sky.

Ceres – a dwarf planet.

Despina – an inner satellite of Neptune.


Celestial Names for Boys

The options for cool celestial names are endless.

Aries – is a constellation of the zodiac.

Europa – a moon on Jupiter.

Polaris – a bright star above the North Pole.

Halo – a galactic halo.

Kale – a moon orbiting Jupiter.


What are Good Moon Names?

Moon Family Silhouette
Many people look up to the sky to find inspiration for their baby’s names. The moon is among my favorites when it comes to choosing a space name.

This trend has picked up quite a lot in recent times, with more space-related events happening around the world. Check out these awesome names that are sure to add a twinkle and sparkle to your child’s life.

Sometimes you want to name your baby with something different, unique, and extraordinary. What can be more extraordinary than names that are inspired by the planets, galaxies, and stars?

Space names are the perfect choice if you want a name that is unique and meaningful but cool at the same time.

Girl’s Moon Names

Have a look at these beautiful names that mean “moon.”

  • Luna
  • Mona
  • Indu
  • Mahina
  • Sasi
  • Aisha
  • Rosalind
  • Zira


Boy’s Moon Names

Check out these names befitting your baby boy.

  • Aibek
  • Badar
  • Badru
  • Aadhira
  • Qamar
  • Luan
  • Chandra
  • Mani


More Space Related Names

Moon and Stars Baby
If you have always been mesmerized by outer space, or the idea of a new life coming into the world is making you wonder about our place in the universe, journey through our collection of cosmic names that are inspired by everything out-of-this-world.

All space-related names are pretty awesome, and we have listed some of our favorite names to help you explore the galactic world. Inspired by everything in the solar system and beyond, these names will transform your child’s personality and help them achieve feats that are out-of-this-world.

More Girl’s Names

If you still haven’t found a favorite, this list might help.

Vega – the brightest star in the Lyra constellation.

Estella – it refers to the name of a star, “Stella.”

Alya – it is the Theta Serpentis star system.

Capella – the name of the eleventh brightest star.

Aquarius – it is the eleventh sign of the zodiac.


More Boy’s Names

Here are some more good options to choose from.

Archer – it means “strength and power.”

Hunter – the name of the Orion constellation.

Hamal – the brightest star in the Aries constellation.

Namid – it means “star dancer.”

Pollux – the name of Castor’s twin brother in the Gemini constellation.


The Final Frontier (Thoughts)

Names are more than just a bit of character, and many expecting parents look beyond the Earth to choose a baby name. This trend has become very popular, with more and more solar systems and space-related names being used by people around the world.

You can choose to take a unique name for your baby, whether it is an Aztec name or a celestial name. It is smart to keep a name that your little one feels proud of as they grow. We hope this extensive list of space names with their meanings will guide and help you pick the perfect name for your little baby.

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