A-Z of Names That Mean Wolf: 175+ Fierce Names Meaning Wolf

Names That Mean Wolf

Wolves are some of the world’s most magnificent, majestic creatures, and often have incredibly powerful and strong names to reflect this.

Whether you are looking to name your fierce pet with a word that means wolf, or you own a pet who channels the wild and ferocious traits of a wolf, we have over 175 wolf names complete with meanings!

Many of our examples derive from other languages and cultures, making them unique and quirky names to make your pet stand out from the crowd.

Some names simply mean wolf, such as ‘Bleiz’ and ‘Lobo’, whilst others have more complex origins and meanings, therefore there are plenty of ideas for you to explore.

Have fun discovering lots of new and interesting names that mean wolf in our list below, and good luck with finding your favorite…

Top 10 Names That Mean Wolf

10 Names That Mean Wolf

1. Lupin
from the Latin word ‘lupinus’, meaning ‘wolf’

2. Chann
a young wolf

3. Gundulf
a ‘wolf of war’

4. Connor
‘Wolf lover’ in Irish, derived from the Old Irish ‘con’ meaning ‘hound’ and ‘wolf’, and ‘cobar’ meaning ‘desiring’

5. Shaw
a Scottish name, derived from the Gaelic ‘Sithech’, meaning ‘wolf’

6. Conri
‘wolf king’ in Irish Gaelic

7. Fridolf
‘peaceful wolf’

8. Lou
‘wolf’ in Haitian Creole

9. Zeev
‘wolf’ in Hebrew

10. Radolf
‘red wolf’

Best Names That Mean Wolf

Wolf In The Mountains

‘the wolf of the chief sea’

‘he who is short like a wolf’ in Russian

‘Hound’ and ‘wolf’ in Irish

‘Famous wolf’ in Old German


‘wolf’ in Turkish

a wolf name derived from ‘Doede’, meaning a ‘famous wolf’

‘Majestic Noble Wolf’

‘Wolf’ in Spanish

a wolf cub


‘he who is a little wolf’

150+ Names That Mean Wolf

Wolf Eyes

1. Ylfa
meaning ‘a female wolf’

2. Acwulf
meaning ‘a wolf from the oak meadows’

3. Ad
meaning ‘noble wolf’ in German

4. Adalwolf
meaning ‘noble wolf’ in German

5. Adalwolfa / Adolpha
meaning ‘noble she-wolf’ in German

6. Adoff
a ‘noble’ or ‘honorable’ wolf

7. Adolfa
the feminine version of ‘Adolf’, meaning ‘noble wolf’

8. Adolfina
meaning ‘noble wolf’ and ‘noble hero’ in German

9. Adolfo
meaning ‘Noble wolf’ in Latin

10. Adolph / Adoff
meaning ‘Noble wolf’ in German

11. Adolphe
an ‘aristocrat wolf’

12. Adolphine
an ‘honorable’ and ‘noble’ wolf

13. Adolpho
the Spanish variant of ‘Adolf’, meaning ‘noble wolf’

14. Aethelwulf
meaning ‘noble wolf’

15. Ajag
meaning ‘wolf’ in Sudanese

16. Alarick
meaning ‘noble leader’ or a ‘wolf ruler’, also meaning ‘fierce and supreme ruler of all’

17. Aldwulf
meaning ‘one old as a wolf’

18. Amaruq
meaning ‘Grey wolf’ in Inuit

19. Amoux
meaning ‘Eagle wolf’ in French

20. Amwolf
meaning ‘majestic and powerful like an Eagle Wolf’

21. Arnou
meaning ‘Eagle wolf’ in French

22. Athaulf
a German name, derived from ‘atta’, meaning ‘father’, and ‘wulf’, meaning ‘wolf’

23. Azouf
meaning ‘Aesir’s wolf’

24. Badulf
derived from the German words ‘badu’, meaning ‘fight’, and ‘wulf’, meaning ‘wolf’

25. Bardalph
meaning ‘Ax Wolf’

26. Bardawulf
meaning ‘Ax wolf’ in English

27. Bardolphe
meaning ‘a bright wolf’

28. Bardoul
meaning ‘ax-wielding wolf’ and ‘bright wolf’

29. Baugulf
derived from the Germanic element ‘bauga’, meaning ‘ring’ and ‘wulf’, meaning ‘wolf’

30. Beorhtwulf
to have the ‘light’ and ‘brightness of the wolf’, and also ‘one who is like the wolf’

31. Beowulf
meaning ‘Intelligent wolf’ in English

32. Berhtwulf
meaning ‘one who is the wolf of the light’

33. Bertulf
to be like a wolf and a bear

34. Blaidd
meaning ‘wolf’ in Welsh

35. Bleddyn
meaning ‘wolf hero’, this wolf name was based on an 11th century king of Gwynedd and Powys

36. Bleiz
meaning ‘wolf’ in Old Breton

37. Bo’ri
meaning ‘wolf’ in Uzbek

38. Botolf
meaning ‘one who is compared to a wolf’ and ‘he who is a herald wolf’

39. Botwolf
meaning ‘he who is wolf-like’

40. Cathwulf
a woman who is pure, like a wolf

41. Channing
meaning ‘Young wolf’ in Irish

42. Channon
meaning ‘Young wolf’ and ‘the wise one’ in English

43. Connery
meaning ‘Wolf farmer’ in Celtic

44. Cuan
meaning ‘little wolf’, from the Irish element ‘cu’ meaning ‘wolf’

45. Cunignos
meaning ‘a little wolf’

46. Dolf
meaning ‘a noble wolf’

47. Dolph
‘noble wolf’ in Swedish

48. Due
meaning ‘wolf power’

49. Eadwulf
in Old English, ‘ead’ means ‘fortune’ and wulf means ‘wolf’

50. Eeiuffi
a Greenlandic form of ‘Herjulf’, meaning ‘warrior wolf’

51. Ernouf
meaning a ‘wolf eagle’

52. Eyolf
meaning ‘Lucky wolf’ in Norwegian

53. Faolan
meaning ‘little wolf’, from the Gaelic ‘fael’, meaning ‘wolf’, the name of an Irish saint who undertook missionary work in Scotland

54. Farkas
meaning ‘he who is like a wolf’ in Hungarian

55. Fillan
a little wolf

56. Gela
from the Georgian ‘mgeli’, meaning ‘wolf’

57. Gerulf
from the Germanic element ‘ger’, meaning spear’, and ‘wulf’, meaning ‘wolf’

58. Gonzalo
meaning ‘Wolf’ in Spanish

59. Gorg
meaning ‘Wolf’ in Iranian

60. Grimmwolf
meaning ‘fierce and powerful like a wolf’

61. Guadalupe
the name of a volcanic island off the coast of Mexico, derived from the Arabic ‘wadi’, meaning ‘valley’, and combined with the Latin ‘lupus’, meaning ‘wolf’

62. Gunnolf
meaning ‘Fighting wolf’ in Norwegian

63. Gurg
meaning ‘wolf’ in Persian

64. Gurgen
from the Middle Persian ‘gurg’, meaning ‘wolf’, the name of several Georgian kings and princes

65. Hardulph
meaning ‘brave wolf’

66. Harou
the army’s wolf

67. Heardwulf
meaning ‘strong and brave wolf’

68. Heoruwulf
a wolf army

69. Hrolleif
meaning ‘old wolf’

70. Ikooko
meaning ‘wolf’ in Yoruba

71. Ilop
meaning ‘wolf’ in Catalan

72. Impisi
meaning ‘wolf’ in Zulu

73. Ingolf
meaning ‘Ing’s wolf’

74. Ivaylo
derived from an old Bulgar name meaning ‘wolf’, the name of a 13th century emperor of Bulgaria

75. Kenneally
meaning ‘head of wolf’

76. Landalf
a Germanic name, made up of the word ‘landa’, meaning ‘land’, and ‘wulf’, meaning ‘wolf’, the name of several Lombardic nobles

77. Leioolfr
meaning ‘chief wolf’

78. Lelou / Leloo
meaning ‘Wolf’ in Chinook

79. Liudolf
meaning ‘a famous wolf’

80. Louve
a female wolf

81. Loveta
meaning a ‘woman who is like a young wolf’

82. Lovota
meaning ‘a fast and good-natured wolf’

83. Lowell
meaning ‘Wolf cub’ and ‘little wolf’ in Old French

84. Ludulf
derived from the German name ‘Hludwolf’, composed of the words ‘hlud’, meaning ‘famous’, and ‘wolf’

85. Lup
meaning ‘wolf’ in Romanian

86. Lupe
meaning ‘river of the wolf’

87. Lupo
meaning ‘Wolf’ Italian

88. Lupus
meaning ‘Wolf’ Latin, the name of several early saints, including a bishop of Troyes in the 5th century

89. Lyall
a Scottish name, derived from the Old Norse ‘Liulfr’ meaning ‘wolf’

90. Lycidas
meaning ‘wolf son’

91. Lycurgus
a Latinised form of the Greek name ‘Lykourgos’, composed of ‘lykos’, meaning ‘wolf’, and ‘ergon’, meaning ‘work’, the name of a Spartan legislator from the 9th century BC

92. Lycus
the Latinised form of the Greek name ‘Lykos’, meaning ‘wolf’

93. Lyell
meaning ‘a wolf from the island’

94. Lyfing
meaning ‘a dear wolf’

95. Lyulph
meaning ‘a flaming wolf’

96. Mingan
meaning ‘a grey wolf’

97. Nashoba
meaning ‘Wolf’ in Choctaw

98. Nirmolak
meaning ‘a wolf from the northern areas’

99. Odolf
meaning ‘Prosperous wolf’ in German

100. Onai
meaning ‘Wolf’ in Tamil

101. Ookami
meaning ‘Wolf’ in Japanese

102. Osouf
meaning ‘God’s wolf’

103. Otso
meaning ‘wolf’ in Basque

104. Owaisy
a courageous and brave warrior wolf

105. Radulfus
meaning ‘a shield wolf’

106. Rafe
meaning ‘Council of the wolf’ in German

107. Raff
meaning ‘Red wolf’ in English

108. Rahoul
a wolf counsel

109. Ralph
meaning ‘Wolf counsel’ and ‘fearless advisor’ in English

110. Rand / Randall
meaning ‘Shield wolf’ in Anglo-Saxon

111. Randolf
a house wolf, a wolf name brought to England by the Normans

112. Randolph
meaning ‘House wolf’ and ‘protector’ in English

113. Ranndy
a house wolf

114. Raoul
meaning ‘Wolf council’ and ‘red wolf’ in English

115. Raulf
meaning ‘one who has the wisdom of a wolf’

116. Rawls
meaning ‘the famous wolf’

117. Rawson
the son of a famous wolf

118. Renouf
an advisor wolf

119. Rezso
a Germanic name meaning ‘legendary wolf’

120. Rhudi
meaning ‘famous wolf among men’

121. Rodolfo
meaning ‘Famous wolf’ in Spanish

122. Rolf
meaning ‘Red wolf’ in Teutonic

123. Rolo
meaning ‘Famous wolf’ in Teutonic

124. Rudolfa
a legendary female wolf

125. Saewulf
a wolf of the sea

126. Sandalio
from the Gothic name ‘Sandulf’, meaning ‘true wolf’, derived from ‘sand’, meaning ‘true’, and ‘ulf’, meaning ‘wolf’

127. Sandulf
meaning ‘true wolf’

128. Seath
meaning ‘wolfish’

129. Serigala
meaning ‘wolf’ in Indonesian

130. Sigewulf
meaning ‘victorious wolf’

131. Skjoldolfr
the ‘protector wolf’

132. Skoll
meaning ‘Wolf that chased the sun’ in Norse

133. Stithulf
derived from the Old English ‘stip’, meaning ‘hard’, and ‘wulf’, meaning ‘wolf’

134. Tamaska
meaning ‘Mighty wolf’ in Native American

135. Teowulf
a mighty wolf

136. Tjeodulf
meaning ‘the God of wolf’

137. Udolf
a wolf ruler

138. Ujk
meaning ‘wolf’ in Albanian

139. Ulfred
meaning ‘Wolf of peace’ in Old English

140. Ulmer
meaning ‘Fame of the wolf’ in Norse

141. Ulrich
meaning ‘Female wolf’ in English

142. Ulva
meaning ‘she wolf’

143. Uwais
meaning ‘small wolf’

144. Vakhtang
meaning ‘wolf-bodied’

145. Valko
from the Bulgarian word ‘valk’, meaning ‘wolf’

146. Varu
meaning ‘wolf’ in Gujarati

147. Velvel
meaning ‘little wolf’ in Yiddish, a diminutive of ‘volf’, meaning ‘wolf’

148. Vigolfr
meaning ‘the battling wolf’

149. Vilkas
meaning ‘Wolf’ in Lithuanian

150. Volk
meaning ‘Wolf’ in Slovenian

151. Vuk
meaning ‘Wolf’ in Serbian

152. Vukasin
from the Serbian ‘vuk’, a wolf name inspired by a 14th century Serbian ruler

153. Warg
meaning ‘Grey wolf’ and ‘evil wolf’ in Norse

154. Wilk
meaning ‘Wolf’ in Polish

155. Wolfgang
meaning ‘Son of the wolf’ in German

156. Wolfram
meaning ‘Wolf raven’ in Teutonic

157. Wolfrik
meaning ‘Wolf ruler’ in German

158. Woolsey
meaning ‘Victorious wolf’ in English

159. Wulfgar
meaning ‘Wolf-like spear’ in English

160. Wulfnod
from the Old English ‘wulf’ and ‘noo’, meaning ‘boldness’ and ‘daring’

161. Wulfsige
composed of the Old English elements ‘wulf’ and ‘sige’, meaning ‘victory’

162. Wulfstan
from the Old English ‘wulf’ and ‘stan’, meaning ‘stone’


Powerful Wolf

That ends our article on the wild and fascinating world of names meaning wolf.

We hope you have enjoyed discovering the brilliant and wide range of wolf names, and other words relating to wolves.

Whether it was the fierce ‘Teowulf’, the feminine ‘Rudolfa’, or the adorable ‘Fillan’ that caught your eye, we hope you found the perfect name to suit your wild and wolfish pet.

If you still haven’t found the perfect name, keep exploring and researching to find a great name to suit your powerful and remarkable pet.

Please comment below any of your ideas for names that mean wolf that you think we’ve missed – we’d love to hear them!

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