Why These Winter Baby Names Are Perfect for You & Your Baby

Winter Names for Baby Boys and GirlsWe love winter; the crisp air, the purity of unblemished snow, making snow-folk with the kids, warming frosty fingers on cups of hot cocoa… and of course what you’re here for – baby names inspired by winter!

As the season changes, and you’re expecting a child soon, this presents the once-a-year opportunity to consider some winter names with a cold theme.

While spring, summer, and autumn can inspire beautiful names for little humans brought into the world, there is powerful potential for magical winter baby names that will adorn your pure and unblemished newborn.

The climate might be crisp, yet I’m sure we can warm your heart when you think about giving your winter baby one of these magical names.

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Why Winter Names?
How to Choose a Name
Wonderful Winter Girl Names
Witty Winter Boy Names

Why Are Winter Names So Appealing?

Girl on Snow Ring
Look, I can’t change the way you feel about something – you either love it or you don’t. Personally, I prefer colder weather; there’s a lot of beauty in it, especially in the purity of snow, and I find getting warm easier than cooling down.

But, those are my preferences. What do you like about winter? Are you enthralled by the power of heavy storms? Do you like the crisps air on an early morning? Do you like the longer nights and darker evenings huddled inside together?

If your baby is to be born around this time of year, or even not in this season but you feel drawn to names that are associated with winter, then this is the place for you.

Wondering What to Name Your Winter-Born Baby?

Winter Snowman Wondering
Stop for a moment. Take a deep breath. Take another. Allow yourself to relax; there is no rush.

Give yourself a moment to think about who you would like your newborn babe to grow to be, what you would like to guide them through their life. Think about virtues and characteristics that you find appealing, or consider important in life.

Take your time when looking through these names and those on other sites.

Consider all your options (did I mention there is no rush?). Say each name aloud and imagine calling it many times a day because I promise you, you will!

Thinking of a child name can be challenging, yet maybe you realize you need a name that is brought to life by this colder time of year – it could be because you love the season or that your little dear baby will make their appearance during this chilly time.

Whatever your reasons, the delightful white scene of a snowy landscape can be rousing, so please explore our collection of winter child names below and find some inspiration from names that mean white, ice, snow, rain, storm, wind, and all things associated with winter!

Wonderful Winter-Girl Names

Baby Girl in Snow


Origin and Meaning

The name Ivy is a young lady’s name of English origin.

Ivy comes directly from the name of the ivy plant, which got its name from the Old English word ifig. Old Greeks introduced an ivy wreath to love birds as an image of loyalty. Thus, in the language of blossoms, Ivy implies loyalty.

The particular, odd, and enthusiastic plant name Ivy is partaking in a merited restoration, sure to be pushed significantly higher by the decision of high-profile guardians Beyoncé and Jay-Z for their young lady, Blue Ivy.

Remarkable namesakes include Ivy Baker Priest, who filled in as U.S. Secretary of Treasury, and the English author Ivy Compton-Burnett. Another affiliation is the lofty Ivy League. Ivy has also been a top choice of scriptwriters having shown up on everything from 90210 to Gossip Girl, and Dollhouse to Downton Abbey.


Origin and Meaning

The name Bianca is a young lady’s name with Italian beginnings, signifying “white.”

Bianca, the more energetic Shakespearean adaptation of the Italian Blanche, was picked by numerous American guardians since the 1990s, similarly as Blanca is a top choice in the Spanish-talking local area. Its meaning “white” identifies with snow, making it one of the superb names for winter infants.

Miss Bianca was a rich mouse (voiced by Eva Gabor) in Disney’s 1977 The Rescuers, and Bianca is the namesake of a person in two Shakespeare plays, Othello and The Taming of the Shrew, also its melodic branch-off, Kiss Me Kate.

Bianca was brought to noticeable quality here by the once-wife of Mick Jagger. Her name entered the U.S. prevalence positions in 1973, arriving at a high of Number 84 out of 1990. Bianca was picked for her girl by entertainer Tia Carrere.


Origin and Meaning

The American state is known for its lovely mountains covered with snow. The name Alaska comes initially from the local American language, meaning “extraordinary land.”

The name carries the substance of snowy Alaska with it and is a delightful name for your exquisite girl.


Origin and Meaning

The name Natalia is a young lady’s name of Russian origin signifying “birthday (of the Lord).”

Natalia was begotten from the Latin word natalis, signifying “birthday.” It alludes to the birthday of Jesus Christ and hence began as a name for young ladies brought into the world on Christmas Day.

Related structures incorporate the French Natalie, Portuguese Natalina, and the humble Russian Natasha.

More heartfelt than Natalie, more unique than Natasha, and heard mostly in Spain, Portugal, and the Slavic nations, this is an unmistakably solid yet ladylike name from the Natalie/Natasha family, with the engaging short structure -talia.

Like her cousins, Natalia is a name regularly given to young ladies born into the world around Christmas. Prominent namesakes include eminent Russian-conceived prima ballet performer Natalia Makarova and supermodel Natalia Vodianova.


Origin and Meaning

The name Alba is a young lady’s name of Latin origin signifying “white.”

Alba is unobtrusively making an in-the-background rebound, maybe on account of entertainer-turned child item magnate Jessica Alba. Keep going on the Top 1000 per century prior, the name was given to more than 150 child young ladies in the US a year ago.

Alba may be the upcoming replacement for Ava and Ella, and in Spain, Alba positions among the Top 10 young ladies’ names!


Origin and Meaning

The name Eira is a young lady’s name of Welsh origin signifying “snow.”
This Welsh nature name can be articulated precisely like the male Ira. Or then again, to keep away from disarray, you could simply name her Snow.


Origin and Meaning

The name Neve is a young lady’s name of Irish origin that means “bright, snowy.”

Introduced to the American public by entertainer Neve Campbell; it was her Dutch-conceived mother’s family name. Neve is an intriguing and new additional opportunity, one which Conan O’Brien decided for his little girl.

Neve Campbell articulates her name [nehv], to rhyme with Bev or Lev. Whenever taken to address the Italian and Portuguese word for snow, the elocution would change to [nehv-ay].

As an Anglicized type of the Irish Niamh, the most fitting articulation would be [neev], but of course it is your choice!


Origin and Meaning

The name Lumi is a young lady’s name of Finnish beginning that
might be an uncommon young ladies’ name in the USA and England, yet it comes in the Top 50 in Finland, where it means “snow.”

Given the notoriety of Winter, Holly, Ivy, and numerous other snowy-touched names, we feel that short and feisty Lumi certainly has potential for more prominent use outside its nation of origin as one of the more uncommon names for Christmas-born infants.


Origin and Meaning

The name Bronwen is a girl’s name of Welsh origin meaning “white breast.” It is widespread in Wales, but still, rare enough in the US to sound somewhat international — we think Bronwen is a real winner.

Bronwen Morgan is the lovely heroine of the classic novel and movie How Green Was My Valley and in Welsh mythology, Bronwen was the daughter of Llyr, the God of the Sea.


Origin and Meaning

Crystal is a clear-cut girl’s name (forgive the pun!) topping at the USA’s #9 girl name in 1982.

Through the ’70s and ’80s, Crystal’s popularity originated from a few eminent conveyors, amongst them down-home music artist Crystal Gayle and Dynasty character Krystle Carrington.

In any case, it has since lost a portion of its brilliance for American parents, currently ranked in the 600s. Ruby, Gemma, and Pearl are popular other options yet, these days, Crystal could be a stand-out-from-the-crowd decision for your little jewel.


Origin and Meaning

The name Wynter is a beautiful young lady’s name. Really, it should be first on this list, but we thought it would be too obvious!

This variation of winter entered the Top 1000 without precedent for 2013 and doesn’t show signs of going away any time soon.


Origin and Meaning

Yule is an English name given to some English and Scottish children born on Christmas day and is the customary winter celebration of the native Germanic peoples.

On the off chance that you love Christmas-sounding names name Yule is a gender-neutral name of English origins meaning “winter solstice.”


Origin and Meaning

On account of two social impacts, January has joined April, May, June, and August as a conceivable baby name. Growing up, I even knew a November!

Following the divine force of beginnings and changes, January is turning into a very well-known young lady’s name.

So in case you’re searching for a cool namesake for an auntie Janet or Janice, January may be the ideal other option. January, alongside Snow and Frost, are additionally ideal names for winter children.


Origin and Meaning

The name Noelle is a bubbly girl’s winter name that signifies “Christmas,” from French origins. it’s ideally suited for a young lady brought into the world around the occasion.

Noelle is the ladylike variety of Noël, a manly given name got from the French word for “Christmas.”

Noël started as a variation of Nael which, like Natalia, developed from the Latin natalis, signifying “birth.”

Noelle and Noel are winter names that have generally been given to kids brought into the world around Christmas time since the Middle Ages, so it is a traditional and long-standing name.


Origin and Meaning

The name Wren is a young lady’s name of English origin meaning “winter bird.”

This unimposing bird was viewed in Ireland as the “entertainer of the birds” and the Druids thought of it as a bird of prescience. Because of an early tale, it has additionally been known as King of the Birds.

Wren entered the Top 1000 without precedent for 2012 and is among the new flood of well-known English names for young ladies.


Origin and Meaning

The name Cherith is one of the more uncommon Biblical names, having a new and present-day sound despite its antiquated roots. It is of Hebrew origin and means “winter stream.”

In the Bible, Elijah was kept alive during a very long dry season by the stream called Cherith, which he reported to King Ahab. Cherith, so close to Cherish in English, helps one remember the value which is one more in addition to this underused young ladies’ name.


Origin and Meaning

The name Gabrielle is a young lady’s that means “God is my solidarity.”

Derived from the name of the chief heavenly messenger Gabriel, who proclaimed the information on Jesus’ birth to the world, Gabrielle is a fab name for your winter-born baby girl and is given to a small-yet-steady number of young ladies every year.


Origin and Meaning

The name Neves is a young lady’s name of Portuguese origin signifying “snows.”

It is a name that alludes to a title of the Virgin Mary – Maria das Neves, or Maria of Snows.


Origin and Meaning

The name Whitney is a young lady’s name of English origin signifying “White Island.”

From the vibe that rose with the fame of Whitney Houston, Whitney might have lost a portion of its style esteem, yet it feels like one of the quintessential English names for young ladies.

Today, you can abbreviate it to the cute nickname Whit, which could even be a standalone name.

Witty Winter-Boy Names

Boy in Snow Behind Fir Trees


Origin and Meaning

The name Yukio is a boy’s name of Japanese origin signifying “snow boy.”

In the Japanese culture, this name recommends a feeling of autonomy and is one of the well-known names for December children.


Origin and Meaning

The name Whitman is a boy’s name of English origin signifying “white man.”

Whitman, the last name of the famous poet Walt Whitman, would be a great name for an artistic soul. Both Whit and Witt make an elevating short structure that can be utilized as a standalone name.


Origin and Meaning

One more English name that can be associated with blizzards, the name Storm is perfect for a boy or girl. Be careful though, such a windswept and emotional name may be tempting fate – be prepared for a powerful character!

A variation Stromr is common in Denmark and Sweden, which is a genuinely normal last name.


Origin and Meaning

The name Warrin is a wintery boy’s name signifying “the chilly months.”

Not a substitute spelling of Warren, Warrin is a Pitjantjatjara (Central Australian Aboriginal) name meaning the chilly months. A decent name for a child born in these chillier months.


Origin and Meaning

Rudolph is a boy’s name that alludes to the account of everyone’s favorite red-nosed reindeer!

It is a boy’s name of German origin signifying “popular wolf” and we find the nickname Rudy simply charming. (Any name or nickname ending in the “ee” sound, really!)

The name was spread in England through the Anthony Hope novel Prisoner of Zenda, which set the design for heartfelt experience stories in fanciful Balkan nations in the mid-twentieth century.


Origin and Meaning

Of Basque origin, the name Edur is a boy’s name signifying “snow.”
Ideal for that colder time of year child, when Snow isn’t adequately subtle. The ladylike adaptation is Edurne.


Origin and Meaning

The name Frost is a boy’s name signifying “freezing.”

An English name referring to the frost you find on a cold winter morning; Since a long time ago heard as the last name of revered artist Robert, U.K. anchor person David, British entertainer Sadie and good old Jack.

Frost has abruptly entered the scene as a potential first, alongside other occasional climate names like Winter and Snow.

Some groundbreaking – or icebreaking! – parents are starting to warm to the frigid straightforwardness of Frost, putting it among the most fitting names for winter children.


Origin and Meaning

Of Basque origin, the name Edur is a boy’s name signifying “snow.”

Ideal for that colder time of year child, when Snow isn’t adequately inconspicuous. Its ladylike adaptation is Edurne.


Origin and Meaning

The name Nevada is a boy’s name of Spanish beginning signifying “canvassed in snow.”

Native Spanish say to rhyme the second syllable with the “a” in “had,” so it’s [nehv-ă-da] not [nehv-AH-da].


Origin and Meaning

Being the first Father Christmas, naming your child after St. Nicholas would make a fitting name for any boy brought into the world in winter, and he is additionally the patron saint of children, mechanics, mariners, researchers, ladies, cooks, explorers, Greece, and Russia, where the name was a star of the czarist tradition.

Alongside his chronicled profundity, Nicholas, and epithets Nick and Nicky, project an air of manly panache and has, for quite some time, been a top choice of authors for rich young men, Romeos, hooligans, and investigator characters, not to mention the distinguished actor Nicholas Cage.


Origin and Meaning

Joshua is a variation of Jesus, so it very well may be an incredible choice if your son is brought into the world close to Christmas time.

Joshua was a Top 10 name from 1983 until 2010 yet has dropped a bit since, however, it was and still is a famous Jewish child name.

All things considered, attributable to ongoing prevalence, it’s extreme for any new Joshua to stand apart from the group making this a perfect name for a kid that fits in well.

You may wish to follow the lead of B-ball star Tony Parker, who went directly to the epithet Josh for his kiddo.


Origin and Meaning

The name Rollo is a more energetic, roly-poly variant of Roland. It is a boy’s name of German, Estonian beginnings meaning “snow wolf.”

Even though it sounds modern, Rollo was seen routinely in the Middle Ages, however, it wasn’t heard in regular discourse. By and large, it’s most strongly related to the incredible pioneer who became Normandy’s first Viking ruler in the 10th century.

The Takeaway

Mum and Dad Pushing Baby
To sum it up, we still love winter; it may impact the economy but do remember that it’s good to take time to enjoy the smaller things in life. Not too long ago, winter meant a time of far greater austerity than it does now.

We hope that you have been inspired by the selection of winter names here today, if not chosen the perfect one for your winter-born boy or girl!

We’re not asking you to tell us just yet, but once you have given them their name, we would be honored if you would please come back and let us know what you decided to call your family’s newest member.

Happy naming, happy parenting, good luck, and stay safe.

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