Werewolf Names: 105+ Supernatural & Mythical Names

Werewolf Names

Whatever pet you have at home, we hope these werewolf names provide you with a source of inspiration!

Werewolves are undoubtedly unconventional pets, gaining fame from fictional creatures in folklore and dating back to 2000 BC, they are fascinating mythical animals.

We believe these compelling creatures merit mysterious and magical names to suit their mythical origins… so we compiled lists of over 105 Werewolf Names to suit any kind of pets.

Whilst werewolves are known to be dangerous creatures, they are also a great source of inspiration for names due to their association with supernatural beings; making them even more mystical and superhuman.

Female Werewolf Names

Female Werewolf

Female werewolves, or ‘werewomen’, are very distinctive – most cases of lycanthropy (the transformation of a human into a wolf) throughout time have involved men.

Examples of accounts of werewomen can be found in sixth-century Lebanon. A pack of werewomen reportedly attacked a village, and in France in 1615, a woodsman was reportedly attacked by a wolf.

Dark and monstrous names perfectly suit werewomen, due to their association with savagery and ruthlessness.

Maintaining a sense of femininity whilst also depicting the terrifying nature of werewomen is possible, especially if words associated with werewolves, such as ‘moon’ and ‘beast’, are translated into other languages.

Taking inspiration from ancient folklore and the modern media can also produce some great werewolf names!

Our Favorite Name

Pet Name Trophy Goes to Nimue

a beautiful yet dangerously powerful Arthurian sorceress, therefore suited to a powerful werewoman who possesses strong magic.

  1. Angua – after ‘Delphine Angua von Uberwald’ from Terry Pratchett’s ‘Discworld’
  2. Ruby – from ‘Once Upon a Time’
  3. Bestia – meaning ‘brute’ and ‘beast’
  4. Hayley – after ‘Hayley Marshalls’ from ‘The Originals’
  5. Pandora – Greek name; the first person to unleash evil on the world
  6. Moonstone – an ethereal stone that channels the moon
  7. Christa – from ‘Becoming Human’
  8. Prosperine – the Princess from Hell
  9. Nimue – an Arthurian sorceress; making a perfect werewolf name
  10. Succubus – the most powerful female demon
  11. Stirba – the werewolf’s mother in ‘The Howling II’
  12. Gorgon – the personification of female mystery
  13. Vivian – from Annette Curtis Klause’s ‘Blood & Chocolate’
  14. Luna – meaning ‘moon’ in Italian
  15. Noir – French meaning ‘dark’ and ‘black’
  16. Meness – meaning ‘moon’ in Latvian
  17. Lamia – meaning ‘fiend’ in Arabic
  18. Picolici – meaning ‘werewolf’ in Romanian
  19. Elena – from the ‘Women of the Other World’ book series
  20. Kasdeya – known as the fifth satan
  21. Black Onyx – a dark gemstone
  22. Ginger – after ‘Ginger Fitzgerald’ from ‘Ginger Snaps’
  23. Selene – Greek Goddess of the moon
  24. Cellica – meaning ‘Celeste’
  25. Batibat – a demon from Ilocano folklore
  26. Belua – meaning ‘beast’
  27. Qarina – a demon from Arabian mythology
  28. Lilith – from Hebrew meaning ‘of the night’
  29. Kuu – meaning ‘moon’ in Finnish
  30. Silvi – from the monster doll series ‘Monster High’
  31. Dusk – when werewolves appear
  32. Céleste – from French meaning ‘ethereal’
  33. Hecate – Goddess of magic and the underworld
  34. Lamento – meaning ‘howl’ in Portuguese
  35. Leah – after ‘Leah Clearwater’ from ‘Twilight’

Male Werewolf Names

Male Werewolf

Male werewolves are the most renowned type of werewolf.

Legends and sightings of werewolves appear in ancient Greek mythology, in the ‘Legend of Lycaon’, and in early Nordic folklore in the ‘Saga of the Volsungs’.

There are numerous examples of werewolves in popular films (e.g. ‘Twilight’ and ‘The Wolf Man’), all of which include brilliant ideas for werewolf names.

A great werewolf name reflects the dark and mysterious nature of werewolves, in addition to their fierce temperament.

Unique names are also perfect for werewolves, as they are remarkable creatures who are suited to quirky, mysterious names.

Our Favorite Name

Pet Name Trophy Goes to Fenrir’

a terrifying wolf from Norse mythology, and also from J. K. Rowling’s ‘Harry Potter’.

  1. Jacob – werewolf from the ‘Twilight’ franchise
  2. Vines – after ‘Arthur Vines’ from Jaromy Henry’s ‘The Blood Maker and the Witch’s Curse’
  3. Ranulf – from the Old Norse ‘Reginúlfrmeaning “advice” and “wolf”
  4. Lupin – werewolf from the ‘Harry Potter’ franchise
  5. Klaus – after ‘Klaus Mikkelsen’ from ‘The Vampire Diaries
  6. The Wolf Man – from the 1941 movie of the same name
  7. Jeremy – from the Canadian TV series ‘Bitten’
  8. Fangface – from the animation of the same name
  9. Vagor – meaning ‘howl’ in Latin
  10. Remus – first name of ‘Lupin’ from the ‘Harry Potter’ franchise
  11. Grubbs Grady – a protagonist in Darren Shan’s ‘The Demonata’
  12. Blaidd – meaning ‘werewolf’ in Welsh
  13. Embry – one of Jacob’s pack in ‘Twilight’
  14. Lawrence – also known as ‘The Wolf Man’
  15. Corvin – after ‘Michael Corvin’ from the ‘Underworld’ films
  16. Howler – after the sound a werewolf makes at full moon
  17. Bigby – from the comic series ‘Fables’
  18. Marcus – after ‘Marcus Bozeman’ from ‘True Blood’
  19. Claude – sounds a lot like ‘clawed’!
  20. Chono – meaning ‘wolf’ in Mongolian
  21. Fenrir – a werewolf and Death Eater from the ‘Harry Potter’ franchise
  22. Aardwolf – from the ‘Marvel’ comics
  23. Wolfie – from ‘Casper’s Scare School’
  24. Lucian – from the ‘Saga Underworld’
  25. Mannaro – meaning ‘werewolf’ in Italian
  26. Jacques – after ‘Jacques Roulet’, the ‘Werewolf of Angers’
  27. Jurjack – ‘wolf’ in Croatian
  28. Captain – from the ‘Dark Horse’ comics
  29. Quist – after ‘Eddie Quist’ from ‘The Howling’
  30. Draugluin – from J. R. R. Tolkien’s ‘Legendarium’
  31. Oz – after ‘Daniel Osbourne’ from ‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer
  32. Uncle Ted – from ‘Bad Moon’
  33. McNair – from ‘Being Human’
  34. Waldemar – after ‘Waldemar Daninsky’ from ‘Las Noches del Hombre Lobo’
  35. Greymark – after ‘Lucian Greymark’ from ‘The Mortal Instruments’

Werewolf Pack Names

Pack Of Werewolves

Werewolves are known to travel in packs for many reasons: security and fear-factor when chasing their prey.

Packs involve a hierarchy, with an Alpha (the first in command) and a Beta (the second in command).

They also include deltas, elders, den mothers, pups, and omegas.

Werewolf packs often have cool werewolf names which reflect their appearance and personality.

Study your favorite werewolf and see which aspect stands out most to you – is it their eyes, their aggressive personality, their huge teeth, or their stunning grey fur?

Many of these aspects could make great names for a werewolf pack, especially if they’re paired with a dark and mysterious word such as ‘shadow’ or ‘doom’.

Our Favorite Name

Pet Name Trophy Goes to The Savage Slayers

The Savage Slayers
both parts of the name accurately reflecting the fierce, ruthless personality of many werewolves.

  1. The Full Moon Canines – for werewolves with the sharpest teeth
  2. The Bloodlust Wolf Pack – to reflect a werewolf’s desire to find its prey
  3. The Immortals – the original werewolf survived for over 800 days without food or water
  4. The Hairy Hound Wolf Pack – werewolves have thick and wiry fur
  5. Cosmic Storm Wolf Pack – named after a powerful, magical cluster in the galaxy
  6. The Silver Pack – werewolves can appear silver in the light of the full moon
  7. Amber Eyes Wolf Pack – a werewolf’s most striking feature is often its glowing amber eyes
  8. The Sunset Banes – sunset is the perfect time for werewolves to emerge from hiding
  9. Howling Jaws Wolf Pack – after the sound a wolf makes at full moon
  10. The Kind Claws – for a more gentle pack of werewolves!
  11. Shadow Keepers – you’ll find most werewolves lurking in the shadows
  12. The Savage Slayers – for a pack of powerful werewolves
  13. Undying Souls – werewolves are known for their immortality
  14. The Feral Forms – for a pack of savage werewolves
  15. The Swift Pack – werewolves can run at an immense speed!
  16. The Doom Dealers – werewolves have often been known as symbols of doom
  17. The Woodland Warriors – for a pack who aren’t afraid to fight
  18. The Cave Guardians – werewolves can often be found hiding in caves
  19. The Sentinel Pack – for a pack who guard their territory
  20. The Bloodthirsty Biters – werewolves have very sharp teeth!
  21. Shapeshifters – by definition, a werewolf is a human who shapeshifts into a wolf at full moon
  22. Moon Seekers – most werewolves can only transform under a full moon
  23. The Gargantuan Gang – for a pack of terrifyingly large werewolves
  24. The Shadow Sorcerers – for a pack with powerful magical skills
  25. Crimson Fangs Wolf Pack – a werewolf’s teeth are often stained with the blood of its victims
  26. The Nocturnal Wolf Pack – werewolves only come out at night
  27. The Mountain Stars – werewolves are often found howling at the top of mountains
  28. The Storm Growlers – for a pack who make noise like thunder when they all howl at once
  29. The Ancient Pack – reflecting the ancient legend of werewolves
  30. The Grey Stealth Pack – for a pack of werewolves who move slowly and silently
  31. The Scarlett Group – the color ‘Scarlett’ reflects the danger of werewolves
  32. The Mystic Thunder Pack – reflecting the mysterious nature of werewolves
  33. The Luna Wolf Pack – reflecting a werewolf’s association with the moon
  34. The Cursed Clan – legend has it that those bitten by werewolves become cursed too
  35. The Ferocious Pride – to portray the wildness of werewolves

Four Facts About Werewolves

Werewolf Cartoon

After exploring these mysterious werewolf names, you might be more intrigued to find out more about these fascinating creatures! Here are four fiendish facts about werewolves to help you learn more:

  1. Not all werewolves are considered to be evil. In Latvia, werewolves are known to present humans with treasures. The ‘wulvers’ of Scotland were also known as softer creatures, said to be protective of children and to provide food for the poor.
  2. Ways to become a werewolf include: being bitten by a werewolf, inheriting the gene from your parents, being cursed by a gypsy, drinking water from a werewolf’s footprint, and sleeping outside under the light of the full moon!
  3. The only weapon believed to be able to hurt a werewolf is a silver one, particularly silver bullets. This is because werewolves are thought to possess supernatural healing powers which prevent them from damage.
  4. Werewolf gothic culture began in early the 19th Century. Since then, it has become extremely popular, with the first mainstream werewolf film, ‘Werewolf of London’, released in 1935.


That concludes our list of werewolf names, we hope you enjoyed exploring them.

Whether it was a magical, unique or famous werewolf name, hopefully, there was one that suits your favorite pet the best!

Werewolves are extremely fascinating and special creatures, so take your time when using them for naming inspiration to ensure the greatest and most ferocious names possible.

If you think we’ve missed any werewolf Names, please leave your suggestions in the comments below.

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