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Use these town and city name generators for novel writing, game design, and RP adventures.

There are endless creative possibilities!

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The ultimate city name is critical once you’ve picked the perfect characters’ names.

Our name generators give you perfect town and city names that work with any style or setting of fiction.

Many of these names are not found today as city names, making them unique and original.

Town & City Name Generators

City Name Generators

There is no shortage of choice here, taking inspiration from both real places and fantasy worlds.

But, if you don’t find the perfect name, you’ll surely find your “aha moment” by clicking the button a few times!

Random Real and Fantasy City Names

Nabridge – The Dark City of Sovereignty
Frepolis – City of the Specters
Imork – The Dark City of the Twelve Rivers
Orenas – Dark City of Char
Greakshire – City Above the Emerald Smoke


Town Name Generators

Towns and cities; the difference is subtle when it comes to naming them, but makes all the difference.

Cities have orthodox names – town names are more adaptable, allowing you to inject more character.

Use the name generator by clicking (tapping) the buttons to see what I mean!

Random D&D and Fantasy Town Name Generators

Ship’s Haven – Green Town of Celebration
Windrip – Green Town of the Hanging Gardens
Nozaru – Green Town of the Wintervine
Weichloft – Green Town of Scorpions Tail
Tadrun – Mistress of Salt


Fantasy City Skyline


What Should I Name My Town?

Your fantasy town name should represent the essence of the town to your audience.

You should name your town something that tells a story, creates a feeling, or alludes to a history.

For instance:

  • Unity – there’s a feeling of community before anything else is known about it.
  • Last Battle – a place that, in time past, held the final battle in a great war.
  • Copperstone – once was, or still is, a town centered around a copper mine.
  • Julia’s Folly – intrigue without specifics. There’s a story here begging to be found out.

Using a town name generator can come in handy during this search. If you want a few quick and perfect town naming options, you could go with one of the following:

  1. Fort Aurora – Magical, yet defensive.
  2. Ephemeral Village – Keyed up in spiritual prowess.
  3. Serendipity Hill – A place tied in with destiny.
  4. King’s Landing – A capital with a history!
  5. Euphoria Town – Where many meet to make merry.


How Do You Come Up with a Fantasy Town Name?

While your imagination may be creative as can be when thinking of a story, it may not be as ready with town names.

Still, you can apply a few rules to develop the perfect town name for your fantasy novel or gaming adventure. One of the most common things you can do is rely on old Middle English or Latin vocabulary. You can take words we no longer use but sound classic.

Add a suffix or prefix to those words or play word-smash: put two words together to create something new!

How Do You Name a Fictional City?

The best way to name a finctional city is by using a town or city name generator. It is the most straightforward and inspiring place to start.

Take inspiration from the places and things around you. For example, take a look at the street names you would otherwise pass up.

You can also go after real-life cities and towns – or even different countries.

Try to mold their names to create a fantasy place that fits your story. Avoid sounding too familiar with what already exists in the massive world of sci-fi, fantasy, and myth.

What is the Most Common Name for a City?

When it comes to stories set in the U.S., the most common name for a city is Washington. Talking about fantasy cities, we often see names such as Lucky Springs, Springfield, and Orlando.

Often, city names are not copyrighted or trademarked by default.

Some fictional writers may trademark special characters or places unique to their novels. This stops others from using them and benefitting from the associated brand awareness.

While it’s wise to protect your intellectual property, not all city names are trademarkable.

Statue Over River City


Town and city names are a great way to play with your audience’s imagination but can be a hassle to think up.

Use our city name generator to create your masterpiece and skip this long process.

You don’t have to rely on personal creativity to name every element of your story.

We understand that most of us are not George Lucas! It’s part of the reason we are here to help.

Picking a name from the town name generator in this post will make battling writer’s block easier. Now, you can focus on more critical aspects of your story!

In the same vein, have a look at all our name generators to ease this process for you.

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