The A to Z Of 160 Terrific & Terrifying Tiger Names

Tiger Names

If you are looking for the perfect name to identify your favorite Tiger in the zoo, or even for a cuddly toy, then look no further than our list of over 160 Tiger names!

With their beautiful amber fur, unique stripes and prowess, we believe they are some of the world’s most beautiful and majestic animals.

Their unique stripe pattern sets them apart from all other animals found in the rain forest and savannah.

To make sure your pet has the best title possible, we’ve compiled all sorts of Tiger Names: the monikers of famous tigers, words beginning with T, and names with incredible meanings.

There is a choice which will suit every type of personality and breed, from Siberian to Caspian Tigers!

The 20 Best Male and Female Tiger Names

Male Names Female Names
Blaize Alegra
Dave Amber
Griffin Blanca
Hunter Clawdia
Kano Elektra
Kenji Ginger
King Indy
Razor Kiara
Tag Pawla
Thor Sunset

160 Names For A Tiger

  • Ade – ‘royal’ in Afrikaans, perfect for a noble, powerful cat
  • Aine – a Celtic word meaning ‘fire’ and ‘vibrancy’, reflecting the fiery colors of a Tiger’s fur
  • Airlia – meaning ‘ethereal’ in Greek
  • Alain – a Gaelic word for ‘bright’
  • Alegra – Italian meaning ‘cheerful’ and ‘vibrant’
  • Amber – a beautiful, orange gem stone
  • Asia – the home of these huge cats
  • Azeil – meaning ‘God is my strength’ in Hebrew which was often used during the middle ages
  • Babur – ‘tiger’ in Urdu
  • Battle Cat – a big, green cat from ‘Masters of the Universe’
  • Blanca – meaning ‘white’ in French, the perfect name for a white Tiger
  • Byakko – a cat from Japanese mythology
  • Camo – short for camouflage
  • Catrina – a great name for a Tigress
  • Ceart – meaning ‘roar’ in Gaelic which is the signature noise emitted by these animals
  • China – the home of many Siberians, who often live in more northern, and therefore colder, areas
  • Clawdia – a pun on ‘Claudia’
  • Cosimia – a unique and beautiful Greek word meaning ‘of the universe’
  • Cuddles – a funny choice, due to its lack of association with these typically fierce animals
  • Dave – a simple option that wouldn’t normally be paired with these animals, making it a funny choice
  • Dawon – a sacred Lion from Hindu mythology
  • Diarmid – a Gaelic word ‘free man’, a great choice for a Tiger who lives in the wild
  • Dungi – meaning ‘stripes’ in Romanian, reflecting their unique fur pattern
  • Edan – a Celtic word meaning ‘fire’
  • Elektra – Greek for evoking the fiery sun
  • Ethelbert – from the animation ‘Ethelbert the Tiger’
  • Freda – meaning ‘peaceful ruler’ in German
  • Geobaldi – from ‘Outlanders’
  • Ginger – a cute name for a cub with orange fur
  • Goliath – after the biblical giant, this is a great title to reflect the sheer size of a Tiger!
  • Griffin – meaning ‘powerful lord’, after the half lion, half eagle creature from mythology
  • Harimau – the Indonesian word for ‘Tiger’
  • Henith – a name of Indian origin, meaning ‘Tiger’
  • Hobbes – one of Bill Watterson’s two protagonists in his comic strip ‘Calvin and Hobbes’

Tiger Portrait

  • Hungry – from L. Frank Baum’s Ozma of Oz
  • Hunter – a cool name, perfectly suited to a Tigress who loves to hunt for prey!
  • Ignatius – Latin for ‘fiery’
  • Imani – an African word meaning ‘faith’
  • India – the home of a smaller species of Tiger
  • Indraa – an Indian name for a Tigress
  • Indy – a short version of ‘India’, for a cute cub from India!
  • Jiba – from the comic ‘Shinmai Fukei Kiruko-san’
  • Jungle – the home for many of these creatures
  • Jussuf – from ‘Gunter Eich’s ‘Der Tiger Jussuf’
  • Kaira – a Scandinavian word meaning ‘pure’
  • Kali – African meaning ‘energetic’
  • Kambuku – meaning ‘Tiger’ in Chichewa
  • Kano – meaning ‘masculine capability’ in Japanese, a unique Tiger name for males
  • Kaplan – Turkish for ‘Tiger’
  • Kaponoa Hawaiian name meaning ‘righteous one’
  • Kawan – a Korean name meaning ‘strong’ and ‘powerful’
  • Kehar – meaning ‘Tiger’ in Hindi
  • Kellen – meaning ‘powerful’ in Afrikaans
  • Kenji – a Japanese word meaning ‘wise’ and ‘powerful’
  • Kenway – an English word meaning ‘courageous warrior’
  • Kenzo – meaning ‘healthy’ and ‘powerful’
  • King – for an animal who is the King of the Jungle!
  • Kumal – from the 2004 film ‘Two Brothers’
  • Lancelot – one of the ‘Knights of the Round Table’ from Arthurian legend
  • Leif – of Norse origin, meaning ‘son’, and ‘descendant’
  • Long – after ‘Long the Tiger’ from the ‘Bloody Roar’ series
  • Macan – meaning ‘Tiger’ in Japanese
  • Makari – a Russian word meaning ‘blessed’
  • Maoz – meaning ‘strength’ and ‘power’ in Hebrew
  • Maynard – meaning ‘courageous’ and ‘strong’


  • Minus – Latin for ‘stripes’
  • Myanmar – a great Tiger name from this amazing country!
  • Nahal – from ‘Shimmer and Shine’
  • Nepal – the home of many species of Cubs
  • Nimer – meaning ‘Tiger’ in Arabic
  • Ninja – a fitting choice for a Tigress whose stripes allow her to camouflage
  • Nova – ‘new’ in Latin
  • Numair – a Muslim word meaning ‘cub’
  • Oniyuri – a Japanese name meaning ‘Tiger lily’
  • Osiris – after the Egyptian God who is born again each year
  • Parker – from Yann Martel’s ‘Life of Pi’
  • Pawla – a Tiger-y pun on the name ‘Paula’
  • Phoenix – a mythical bird, who rises from its own ashes, symbolises strength and renewal
  • Prince – for the noblest and most commanding of animals!
  • Puli – an Indian name meaning ‘Tiger’
  • Purrrrfect – a punny choice for a cat who can do no wrong!
  • Puss in Boots – after the cheeky Italian fictional cat, featured in the ‘Shrek’ films
  • Rajahfrom Disney’s ‘Aladdin’
  • Rayas – ‘stripes’ in Spanish
  • Razor – a great choice for a Tiger with razor-sharp teeth
  • Rugir – the verb ‘to roar’ in French
  • Ryker – Danish meaning ‘one whose strength is superior’
  • Sangha – also from the film ‘Two Brothers’

Two Tigers

  • Shadow – a mysterious choice, reflective of the dark markings on a Bengal cat’s fur
  • Shere Khan – from Rudyard Kipling’s ‘The Jungle Book’
  • Shiva – the Tigress from the TV show ‘The Walking Dead’
  • Snow White – perfect for a white cub with black stripes!
  • Snowy – a great choice for a beautiful, white Tiger
  • Striber – ‘stripes’ in Danish
  • Stripes – the perfect name for a Tiger
  • Strixxia funky moniker meaning ‘stripes’ in Maltese
  • Sud – the Thai word for ‘Tiger’
  • Sunset – a beautiful, natural phenomenon made up of the beautiful colors of a Tiger’s fur
  • Suri – a Persian word for ‘red rose’
  • Tabbart – German for ‘brilliant’
  • Tabby – short for ‘Tabitha’
  • Tadeo – Aramaic for ‘praise’
  • Tag – an Irish word meaning ‘handsome’
  • Taiga – a cold forest
  • Taika – meaning ‘Tiger’ in Maori, and also a Finnish word meaning ‘magic spell’
  • Taimi – a Finnish name meaning ‘young tree’, a great name for animal who lives amongst the trees of a jungle
  • Takio – meaning ‘strong like bamboo’
  • Takoda – a Native American name meaning ‘friend to everyone’, perfect for a loveable cub!
  • Tal – an English word for ‘tall’
  • Tala – a Persian choice meaning ‘gold’, brilliant for a Tigress with beautiful, gold-colored fur
  • Talayeh – a Persian title meaning ‘a ray of golden son’
  • Taleb – Arabic meaning ‘seeker’

Indian Tiger Face

  • Talise – Native American meaning ‘stunning waters’
  • Tamala – meaning ‘dark tree’ in Afrikaans
  • Tamara – a Hebrew word meaning ‘palm tree’, an exotic plant for an exotic animal like this!
  • Tana – Greek meaning ‘goddess of fire and of the stars’
  • Tanya – Russian for meaning ‘praiseworthy’
  • Taren – a fierce Welsh word meaning ‘thunder’
  • Tarzan – after the fictional character raised by apes, from the 1999 Disney film
  • Temple – Latin for ‘sanctuary’
  • Terrin – an English word meaning ‘earthman’
  • Thor – the Marvel superhero, son of Odin and heir to the throne of Asgard, played by Chris Hemsworth
  • Tiana – Greek for ‘Goddess’ meaning ‘victor’ in Swedish
  • Tier – meaning ‘Tiger’ in Afrikaans
  • Tiger Lily – these large, orange flowers with dark spots are perfect for a pet with similar markings!
  • Tiger Shroff – the Indian film actor, famous for his Hindi films
  • Tiger Woods – professional American golfer, perfect for any golfing fans!
  • Tigger – everyone’s favorite fictional cub from A. A. Milne’s ‘Winnie the Pooh’
  • Tigresa – ‘Tiger’ in Portuguese
  • Tigrio – Latin for ‘Tigress’
  • Tigris – meaning ‘cub’ in Hungarian
  • Tigru – meaning ‘Tiger’ in Romanian
  • Tinkerbell – a cute choice for a Tigress!
  • Tipu – a Hindi word which means ‘Tiger’
  • Tony – mascot of the cereal ‘Frosted Flakes’
  • Topaz – after the beautiful gemstone, perfect for a precious animal!
  • Tora – Japanese meaning ‘Tiger’
  • Torey – Swedish for ‘thunder bear’
  • Trap Shadow – from the video game ‘Skylanders: Swap Force’
  • Tristan – another of King Arthur’s ‘Knights of the Round Table’
  • Tuff Luck – from the video game ‘Skylanders: Trap Team’
  • Tweedleduma funny name for a twin Tiger, paired with another called ‘Tweedledee’
  • Tyga – after the American rapper and singer, this is a unique spelling of Tiger, perfect for a unique animal!
  • Tyger – the first name of English actor, musician and TV presenter ‘Tyger Drew-Honey’

Tiger in the Desert

  • Tygra – the warrior and second-in-command of the ‘Thundercats’
  • Valerio – derived from the English word ‘valor’
  • Vitaly – a Siberian Tiger from ‘Madagascar 3: Europe’s Most Wanted’
  • White Blaze – the ‘Ronin Warriors’ manga and anime series
  • White Tiger – from ‘The Justice Friends’
  • Xio – a unique and quirky title which is short for Xiomara
  • Yacoub – Greek meaning ‘one who is from the forest’
  • Yanamarie – Native American meaning ‘blossom’
  • Yasmin – Turkish for ‘Jasmine’
  • Yavin – meaning ‘small’ and ‘masculine’ in the Arabic language
  • Yepa – Hebrew for ‘one who is praised’
  • Ygeme – a unique title meaning ‘generous’
  • Yigal – the Ukrainian version of ‘Eve’, meaning ‘life’
  • Yoana – from Norse mythology
  • Yoseba – ‘dove’ in Hebrew, a great white Tiger name
  • Yura – Basque meaning ‘youthful’
  • Zahav – derived from the Hebrew word ‘Zahav’, meaning ‘gold’ and ‘gilded’
  • Zale – a Greek choice meaning ‘power of the sea’


After exploring all of our ideas, we hope you now have plenty of choices for your real, or toy, Tiger.

Although Tigers do not make the best pets, since they are the world’s largest wild cat, we believe that they deserve spectacular names to match their spectacular nature!

Whether it was the ferocious ‘Kenway’, the unique ‘Suri’ or the adorable ‘Kaira’ that caught your eye, we hope it suits your new friend perfectly.

If you think we have missed any great Tiger names, please leave them in the comments below.

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