Star Wars Dog Names: The Complete List Of All 29 Characters

Star Wars Dog Names

Looking for Star Wars inspired dog names? Don’t worry, we have you covered!

From “may the force be with you” to “Luke, I am your father” there are so many iconic moments and characters that have appeared in the Star Wars franchise.

So if you are a huge fan of the series and movie names for dogs then it is a great idea to choose from these Star Wars dog names for your furry friend.

We have male and female monikers which are great for all kinds of breeds, whether your pooch is part of the Rebel Alliance or the First Order, there is definitely a title for them.

Star Wars Dog Names Inspired By The Series

List Of Star Wars Names for Dogs
Obi-Wan Poe Dameron Jar Jar Binks
Luke Skywalker Qui-Gon Jinn Palpatine
Leia Organa Lando Calrissian C-3PO
Darth Vader Stormtrooper Mace Windu
Han Solo Padmé Hux
Yoda Boba Fett Darth Maul
Rey R2-D2 Jyn Erso
Finn Jabba the Hutt Snoke
Chewbacca Cassian Greedo
Kylo Ren BB-8

Star Wars Dog Names With Meanings

  • Obi-Wan – One of the most important characters in the entire Star Wars franchise. He is an incredibly powerful and intelligent Jedi master, and uses this to train Anakin Skywalker, but fails to save him from the dark side. Luckily, Obi-Wan has also trained Luke Skywalker, who carries on to defeat the evil Galactic Empire. This moniker would be perfect for a wise and noble puppy.
  • Luke Skywalker – if there is one character you might know from Star Wars, it should be Luke Skywalker! He is a central character in the entire franchise, and is the brother of Leia Organa and the child of Anakin and Padme. He goes from being trained by Jedi master Obi-Wan in episode IV, to helping train Rey in episode VII. This is a fantastic title for any canine that wants to be a hero.
  • Leia Organa – Leia is a fantastic Star Wars dog name for a strong, independent female puppy. Leia Organa is a leader of the Rebel Alliance, she has a big heart of gold and will always do what she believes is right. She also has a complicated family, as the daughter of Darth Vader, sister of Luke Skywalker, wife of Han Solo and mother of Kylo Ren, Leia really brings all the characters together!.
  • Darth Vader – possibly the most well-known and iconic character from the franchise, Darth Vader, formerly Anakin Skywalker, turned to the dark side and is the villain of episodes IV-VI. He kills his mentor, Obi-Wan Kenobi, and almost kills his son, Luke Skywalker. However, his redemption arc includes him saving his son and killing Emperor Palpatine. This would be a great name for a dog that doesn’t always follow the rules.
  • Han Solo – the coolest, most suave and sarcastic character in the entire universe, Han Solo, along with his co-pilot Chewbacca, flies aboard the Millennium Falcon. At first, he is reluctant about helping anyone other than himself, but eventually he comes to his senses and joins the Rebel Alliance. This is the perfect name for a charming dog that seems to attract all the ladies.
  • Yodaan incredibly wise and skilled Jedi master, who also helps to train Luke Skywalker. Yoda would be a fantastic title for an eccentric dog that always brightens the day with their cheerful and funny personality.
  • Rey – Rey initially starts the Star Wars series as a scavenger on planet Jakku, but within her time in the movies she is captured by Kylo Ren and she discovers she can use the force. Rey is an incredibly strong, powerful and independent female character, and so she deserves to share her name with a female canine that is equally strong-willed.
  • Finn – like Rey, Finn did not initially begin his Star Wars journey in the Resistance. We first meet Finn when he is a Stormtrooper for the First Order, however he breaks free from this and joins the Resistance, and is hell-bent on saving the universe. This title would be fantastic for a charismatic and friendly dog, that would do anything for their friends!.
  • Chewbacca – this is the perfect choice for a very hairy puppy! Chewbacca is a Wookiee, meaning he is incredibly fluffy and furry, and is also the best friend of Han Solo, along with his co-pilot aboard the Millennium Falcon. Chewie for short, is extremely loyal and a great friend to everyone, perfect for warm dog.
  • Kylo Ren – Kylo Ren, who is also known as Ben Solo, is the son of Leia Organa, but he succumbs to the dark side and ends up becoming the Supreme Leader of the First Order when he kills Snoke. He has a complicated relationship with Rey, kidnapping her initially, attempting to convince her to join the dark side, and almost being convinced by her to renounce the dark side. This name would be great for a furry friend that has a tough time deciding between wrong and right.
  • Poe Dameron – best known for his incredible skills as a pilot. He is good-looking and can charm the ladies, but the thing most important to him is the resistance. This moniker would be fantastic for a dog who has a big heart and is always set on doing the right thing.
  • Qui-Gon Jinn – a highly respected character in the Star Wars franchise. He is a Jedi master who trains Obi-Wan Kenobi himself. This would be perfect for a wise, intelligent and skilled puppy who is respected by all the others in their pack.
  • Lando Calrissian – most well-known for his friendship with Han Solo. Just like his friend, he is a suave, rebellious guy that won’t take no for an answer. He leads the Rebels against the Galactic Empire, showing that he also has a heart of gold! This name would be perfect for a dog that is incredibly cheeky, but can get away with anything because of their charm.
  • StormtrooperStormtroopers are an order of soldiers in the Star Wars series. They are characterised by their white and black helmets, uniforms and their lack of identity. The Stormtroopers are used by the Galactic Empire, and under the command of Palpatine and Vader. This would be great for a dog that is incredibly obedient, and loves to follow the rules.
  • Padmé – one of the central characters in episodes I-III. She is only a teenager when she becomes the Queen of Naboo. She falls in love with and marries Anakin Skywalker, giving birth to Luke Skywalker and Leia Organa, but dies shortly after. Padmé would be a great name for a strong-willed, beautiful dog that has powerful maternal instincts.
  • Boba Fett – one of the most famous Star Wars dog names and the character is known for being a bounty hunter. He is a sworn enemy of Han Solo and was hired by Darth Vader to capture the Millennium Falcon. This would be a great name for a determined strong and tough dog.
  • R2-D2 – possibly the most important droid in the entire Star Wars universe. R2 was constructed on Naboo but has travelled far and wide during the film’s timeline, appearing in all episodes of the franchise. Despite being a droid, R2-D2 has a huge personality and is loved by many different characters.
  • Jabba the Hutt – perhaps the ugliest characters in the Star Wars franchise. He looks like a huge slug, and employs bounty hunters for a living, until he is killed by Leia in episode VI. This isn’t the kindest name you could give to your dog, but it is a very funny one!.
  • Cassian – the main character in Rogue One and one of the leaders of the Rebel Alliance. With Cassian’s help, they are able to successfully steal the plans for the Death Star in order to destroy it. This name would be great for a dog that possesses excellent leadership qualities.
  • BB-8 – a small droid that belongs to Poe Dameron, and first appears in episode VII. BB-8 is fast, nimble, and most importantly, incredibly cute, so it would make a great namesake for an equally cute and nimble pooch who loves to help out their friends and save the day.
  • Jar Jar Binks – perhaps one of the funniest characters in the Star Wars franchise, Jar Jar appears in episodes I-III, alongside Qui-Gon Jinn. Known for being quite clumsy, he has beady eyes that protrude from the top of his head and gray-purple skin. This would be a hilarious name to give any breed, especially if they are as clumsy as Jar Jar!.
  • Palpatine – originally a senator of Naboo, he is most well known as Darth Sidious, an evil, dark lord. He convinced Anakin Skywalker to turn to the dark side of the force and become Darth Vader. This would be great for a mischievous and cunning canine that can often be a bad influence!.
  • C-3PO – C-3PO is another droid who appears in all the Star Wars episodes. He is best friends with R2-D2, however the latter is the more laid-back of the pair. C-3PO can often be quite anxious and uptight, however he is still loveable at heart, and would make a great namesake for an anxious, highly-strung pet.
  • Mace Windu – another incredibly skilled and powerful Jedi Master, who is also part of the Council in episodes I-III. He is a particularly amazing swordsman, so perhaps this would be a fantastic choice for a nimble pooch.
  • Hux – a General of the First Order under Supreme Leader Snoke. He is responsible for finding and chasing the Resistance in episode VIII.
  • Darth Maul – another bad egg that appears in multiple episodes in the Star Wars franchise. He was the apprentice of Darth Sidious but eventually turns against him and loses in a fight. He tries to defeat Obi-Wan Kenobi but fails and ends up collecting many other enemies throughout his time in the franchise. This is another name for a mischievous pooch that perhaps has a tough time making friends but an easy time making enemies!.
  • Jyn Erso – a prominent character in the spin-off story, Rogue One. She started out as a criminal, but changes her ways and joins the Rebel Alliance, helping them to steal the plans for the Death Star. This would make a great name for a female that is incredibly tough and head-strong.
  • Snoke – Supreme Leader Snoke is commander of the First Order, and appears in episode VII and VIII. This would be great for a dog that is a bad influence on others, and isn’t happy unless they get their own way.
  • Greedo – a bounty hunter employed by Jabba the Hutt but cannot beat Han Solo, and is killed by him in episode IV. This would be fun for a dog that lives up to the name Greedo, and is greedy for anything from food to love and affection!.


We hope you enjoyed this list of Star Wars dog names.

From Resistance Rebels to Supreme Leaders of the First Order, there are so many titles to choose from, and no dog will be left without one.

If you have a favorite from this list, then we would love to hear it.

Also, if you know of a Star Wars character that has not appeared here, or perhaps your dog has a Star Wars inspired name that is not mentioned, then make sure to tell us in a comment below.

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