Southern Boy Names – 65 Southern Names With Meanings for Boys

Southern Boy Names
You’ve found the place for choosing a boy’s name with Southern roots – there are many unique and rustic Southern boy names to choose from here. Let us help you with the best selection of names, including their origins and meanings.

Southern names are steeped in tradition. Passed down through family lines, paying tribute to those who came long before them; grandfathers and great-grandfathers with storied histories. Others have religious backgrounds, intrinsically tied to the strong faith of the South’s “Bible Belt.”

This list is full of solid names that will invoke a historic feeling while staying current.

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The A-Z of Popular and Timeless Southern Boy Names

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Here are some of the most popular Southern boys’ names. These are sure to be a great start to your search. For advice on the difficult task of choosing a baby name, check out these ten expert tips for how to best go about this process.

1. Abbott

This name has English and Scottish origins as well as French. In Old French, it means “priest.” In Aramaic, it comes from aba, which means father.

2. Austin

The Latin origin of the name means “full of dignity; majestic.” Also, it is the name of the lively city in Texas where the locals pride themselves on doing what they can to live up to their motto to “Keep Austin Weird.”

3. Avery

In French, the name means “one who rules with the wisdom of the elves.” A popular name in children’s literature, Avery was Fern’s brother in the famous book Charlotte’s Web.

4. Beau

Pronounced [bow]. This French name means “handsome man” or “manly.” You will find this a prevalent name for gentlemen in the South, especially those from families with long histories in many regions in the low country of South Carolina and Georgia.

5. Bentley

An Old English name, it is the combination of two words that form the meaning “bent grass in a woodland clearing.” This is a strong gender-neutral name.

6. Boone

In French, this classic name means “special” or “good.” This is also the name of a town in North Carolina and of a famous plantation in South Carolina. It is a quintessentially Southern boy name.

7. Chase

A French name that means “to hunt.” It was many times given as a nickname to exceptionally skilled huntsmen. It dates back to the Middle Ages.

8. Colton

This name is thought to be derived from an Olde English combination of words that translates to “coal town.” It is a heavily popular name in both England and Scotland.

9. Connor

This is a Gaelic name taken from the popular surname of O’Connor and in Scottish means “wise man.” It also holds the meaning of “lover of wolves” or “lover of hounds” in Irish.

10. Davis

Of Welsh origin, this name translates to “a son of David.” Originally a surname, it is now a popular first name. As a first name, it is said to mean “beloved.”

11. Dallas

Another name of a bustling city in Texas comes from the Scottish meaning “from the meadow dwelling.” An interesting name when thinking of the busy city it is now known best for.

12. Deacon

A name with Greek heritage meaning “a messenger or servant of God.” This name has a strong religious background, perfect for those looking for a unique boy’s name, centered around a strong faith.

13. Duke

This name originates from an Anglo-Saxon word that means “a ruler of men.” It was also used as a nickname for someone who gave himself airs or graces in the past.

14. Ellis

Of Hebrew origins, Ellis is said to mean “my God is Jehovah.” In Welsh, it is derived from Elisedd, which means “kindly” and “benevolent.” This is very popular among Southern boy names.

15. Emory

A masculine Southern boy’s name, it is of Old English and French origin. It means “home strength” and “herd leader.” If you are looking for a name with a solid energy, it is a good one.

16. Ewell

With roots in Old English, this name means “law-powerful” and “winter solstice.” It is an excellent choice if you would like a baby name for a boy born in the winter.

17. Finch

A sweet little bird and a lead character in the classic Southern novel, To Kill A Mockingbird. Of Anglo-Saxon origins from tribes of Great Britain, it is said to have an occupational origin denoting someone who caught and sold finches.

18. Franklin

Steeped in old history, this is a masculine English name meaning “free landowner.” It was given to those who owned land but were not of noble origin.

19. Gage

A name of French origin, it means “oath” or “pledge.” It dates back to the 14th century and signified a person in charge of checking weights or measures called an assayer. It also was a name given to mortgagees and money lenders.

20. Grady

This perfect Southern name means “the illustrious one” or “nobleman” in the Gaelic language. A name like this denotes the status and importance of the one bearing it.

21. Greer

A unique name of Latin origin that means “one who is watchful” or “guardian angel.” In Ireland, it is the shortened form of the surname McGregor. If you are looking for old Southern boy names, this is a great one.

22. Hank

This is traditionally a nickname for the name John. The medieval name means “beloved of the Lord.” In modern days, most know it as the shortened form of Henry or Harry.

23. Harper

A traditional Southern name that is gender-neutral, it means “one who plays the harp.” This name has origins in the English, Scottish and Irish languages.

24. Hollis

Of Anglo-Saxon origins, Hollis means “hero.” It is also a topographic name for someone in ancient times who lived where holly trees grew.

25. Houston

Another Texas city, this name is of English origins and means “the settlement belonging to Hugh.” In Scotland, this name also comes from those whose ancestors came from the Hebrides Islands, whose surname was Houston.

26. Hunter

An English name meaning simply “one who hunts.” It is a classic among Southern boy names but is now considered a gender-neutral name as well.

27. Jackson

Hebrew in origin and meaning quite literally “the son of Jack.” This is a common surname in American, Scottish, Irish, and English households. In England and Wales, it is consistently ranked in the top 25 most popular names.

28. Jed

Short for Jedediah, this Hebrew name means “the beloved of Jah.” Although a name with a strong religious background, many associate the name Jed with American Western movies!

29. Jefferson

Another name with simple origins, this Anglo-Saxon name means “the son of Jeffrey.” The name Jeffrey itself is a variant of Geoffrey, meaning “peaceful place.”

30. Jeremiah

This long-standing name comes from a Biblical background and means “the one whom God has exalted.” An ancient name, it is prevalent for those seeking Southern baby names with a Biblical or religious background.

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31. Jesse

Jesse was father of King David (remember Goliath?), so if you are looking for a Biblical name, this may the one for you. It has Latin origins, means “a gift from God,” is a consistently popular name, and is commonly used for girls too, although more commonly as Jessie than Jesse.

32. Kent

This primarily male name is of English origin and means “high or coastal land.” It was usually given as a surname to those from the county of the same name in England.

33. Kingston

A habitational name by origin, it means “King’s town” and originally meant any place that was a settlement of the king or a royal manor. Many were given this surname if they lived on lands owned by the royalty of the time.

34. Knox

A Scottish and Old English name that means “a round-topped hill.” This name dates back to the pre-7th century and has become increasingly popular as a boy’s name in recent years.

35. Lawson

An English and Scottish name in origin, this translates to those that were “the son of Lawrence.” It was a popular name in Medieval times.

36. Leon

A Spanish name, Leon traditionally comes from the Greek word liontári meaning “lion.” It is known to be given as a nickname in Spanish for those who are fierce or brave warriors.

37. Lyle

This is a Scottish name that means “an island.” It can be traced back to the 11th-century and was often given to those who lived on or near islands, including the Middle English Isle.

38. Mason

Based on French and Germanic influences, this name comes from stone workers. Its original French name is spelled a bit differently, as Masson. This firm name has historically been significant as stonemasonry was critical to the advancement of civilization.

39. Memphis

The home of blues music and great BBQs, Memphis is a classic Southern boy’s name. It is the Greek adaptation of the word Men-never, which means “enduring and beautiful.”

40. Montgomery

A famous city in Alabama, this English, Scottish, and Norman name is a habitational name from the Old French mont – “hill,” and the Germanic name composed of the words guma and ric which together mean “manpower.”

41. Nash

With Irish, English, Welsh, and Jewish origins, this name started as Ash and transitioned to the present-day name. Because of its original heritage, it means “at the ash tree.”

42. Noah

Famous for his arc building, this Biblical name is Hebrew in origin and means “rest” and “comfort.” It’s very oldest use comes from the Babylonian word nukhu.

42. Oakley

Of English origins, this name means “from the land of the oaks” or “clearing by the oak trees.” This is another name that, while traditionally male, is becoming increasingly gender-neutral.

44. Orson

A name also of Latin descent and meaning “bear cub.” One of the more unique Southern boys names with a meaning that not many would guess.

45. Otis

Most popularly made famous by American singer Otis Redding, this is a name of German descent. It means “wealthy,” “rich,” or “prosperous” and is said to derive from the names Ote and Ode.

46. Parker

A gender-neutral name, this was the name of those who were in the profession of gamekeepers in Medieval times. It is also derived from an old French surname for those who were “keepers of the park.”

47. Prescot

Hebrew in origin, this name means “the cottage of the priest.” It is Biblical, sometimes spelled Prescott, and has been around since the 7th century.

48. Presley

The first thing that may pop into your head is Southern-born rock ‘n’ roll legend Elvis, but this name actually means “the priest’s meadows” or “forest clearing.” It is said to come from both England and Scotland. If you are a fan of the king of rock ‘n’ roll, this name is perfect.

49. Quinn

A gender-neutral name, Quinn comes from Irish origin. It means “wise” or “counsel.” Although often used as a female name, it is becoming more popular and unique as a Southern boy’s name.

50. Rhet

A classic Southern gentleman’s name, this name means “one who advises.” It is said to have many origins but most prominently Dutch and English. Also sometimes spelled Rhett, it has increased in popularity due to a famous current country singer.

51. Raleigh

Pronounced ]rah-lee[ or ]raw-lee[ depending on your accent. This name borne by the city in North Carolina is of Anglo-Saxon origins. Raleigh was originally derived from the Old English ra lah, meaning “a meadow for deer.”

52. Rufus

Meaning “red-headed” in Latin, Rufus was a popular name for red-haired boys in Medieval times. Also a Biblical name, Rufus was the son of Simon of Cyrene.

53. Sawyer

An English name, it means “woodcutter” and comes from the surname for those who saw wood. It saw a rise in popularity in the early 2000s thanks to the character on the tv show Lost having the name.

54. Soren

This Scandinavian name dates back to the 4th-century and was Anglicized to its present form. It is derived from the original Latin word severus, which means “severe, strict, serious.”

55. Sterling

The name means “a little star” and is of English origin. The original word sterling is most likely to have come from the Middle English word steorra, which means “star.”

56. Tennessee

A classic name and also the state that invented the Blues, the name Tennessee comes from the Cherokee village of Tanasi. This name dates back as far as 1567!

57. Travis

A Southern boy’s name with solid roots, this English name means “at crossroads or crossings.” It was said to be a name given to toll collectors who stood by bridges or crossings.

58. Tyrell

Of French origin, this name means “to draw or pull.” The Old French word tirer means to draw – historically this name was given to family members who were stubborn or obstinate.

59. Vernon

This is perfect among Southern boy names, has Latin roots, and means “to be ever-youthful.” The meaning is derived from the Gaulish word vern, which is an Alder tree, said to be springlike, flourishing, and full of life.

60. Walker

A name of English origin meaning “a traveler.” It is also derived from the German profession of an officer whose duty was to inspect a specific area of a forest.

61. Waylon

The first name of the famous American singer-songwriter Waylon Jennings, this English name means “the land beside the road.” It has other roots as well, coming from the German name Wieland, which combines wela (skill) and land.

62. Wylie

Forget the cartoon coyote. This name has beautiful origins, meaning “well-watered fields and meadows” in English and, in the Scots language, it has the meaning of “resolute protection.”

63. Yates

A popular name for Southern boys, this name means “gatekeeper” in English. It is also a topographic name for someone who lived near the gates of a walled town.

64. Zachariah

This name has many variants and spellings, but they all hail from the Hebrew origin meaning “God remembers.” It is a good pick if you are looking for a name with history and pleasing nicknames like Zachary or Zach.

65. Zeke

Another name with strong Biblical roots, it comes from the Old Testament and is the shortened version of Ezekiel, who was an important prophet. Its Hebrew meaning is “God strengthens.”

More Unique Southern Boy Names & Origins

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Choosing Southern boy names is a big decision. There are countless Southern names out there and many origins to them as well. Another great resource is this compilation of the coolest boy names of 2021. It includes a list of Southern names and first and middle name combinations.

If you find a name you like you can delve deeper into its meaning and origin.

If you haven’t found a name or three that tickles your pickle, then we hope that at the very least this list got your brain thinking of other names. You can find many others, including a list of some of the best old-fashioned names for retro boys and even Southern dog names.

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