Russian Dog Names: 200 Russian Names & Meanings

Russian Dog Names

Are you the proud parent of a Russian dog breed and are looking for the perfect name for them? Are you bored of conventional dog names and want to discover cool Russian dog names?

To help you out, we have put together a list of 200 Russian dog names (and their meanings) to give you a helping hand when naming your new pet.

Our suggestions suit a whole range of dog breeds, from Siberian Huskies to Black Russian Terriers, and include names to suit every type of appearance and personality.

In addition to Russian dog names and their meanings, we’ve also included some examples of famous Russian writers and composers, to give you further inspiration when naming your new dog!

Enjoy exploring them below…

Samoyed - Russian Dog Breed

Russian Dog Names

  1. Alek – meaning ‘defender of mankind’
  2. Aleksi – meaning ‘helper of man’
  3. Alexei – meaning ‘defender’, perfect for a dog who always guards its territory
  4. Alina – meaning ‘beautiful’, a great name for a stunning female dog
  5. Alyosha – meaning ‘one who helps people’
  6. Anastasia – meaning ‘resurrection’
  7. Anatoly – meaning ‘sunrise’
  8. Andrei – meaning ‘manly’
  9. Angara – a Siberian river
  10. Annushka – meaning ‘gracious’ and ‘merciful’
  11. Ataman – referring to an important person and derived from the Cossack Chief, a great name, suited to a hard-working and skilled dog
  12. Bagryanka – meaning ‘crimson’
  13. Baikal – the name of a lake in Russia, located in South Siberia, famous for being the world’s deepest lake
  14. Barhat – meaning ‘velvet’
  15. Barynya – meaning ‘mistress’
  16. Baryshnya – meaning ‘young lady’
  17. Bimka – used as a first and second name
  18. Bolik – a Russian family name
  19. Bolshoi – meaning ‘big’, therefore a name suited to a large, formidable dog, for example, a Russian Caucasian Mountain Dog
  20. Boris – meaning ‘fighter’, great for a dog with a fierce drive and determination
  21. Boyarin – an aristocrat in medieval Russia
  22. Catherine – after ‘Catherine the Great’, who ruled Russia in the 1700s and gained many new territories for the country, making her one of Russia’s most renowned rulers
  23. Charodeika – meaning ‘charmer’
  24. Chekov – after the 19th century playwright ‘Anton Chekov’, who wrote ‘Three Sisters’ and ‘The Seagull’
  25. Chernouh – meaning ‘black eared’, the perfect name for a dog with black patches on its ears
  26. Dama – a feminine name meaning ‘lady’ or ‘dame’
  27. Danya – meaning ‘gift of God’
  28. Desna – a Russian river
  29. Diana – meaning ‘divine woman’
  30. Dima – meaning ‘earth mother’
  31. Dmitry – the Russian name for ‘follower of the Greek god Demeter’ and ‘earth lover’
  32. Domonika – meaning ‘born on Sunday’
  33. Don – a Russian river and the fifth-longest river in Europe
  34. Duma – after the Russian parliament
  35. Duscha – meaning ‘ghost’ and ‘divine spirit’
  36. Dusha – meaning ‘soul’
  37. Ekaterina – meaning ‘pure’
  38. Enisei – a Siberian river
  39. Esfir – meaning ‘star-like’
  40. Evgeni – meaning ‘of noble descent’
  41. Evgenia – meaning ‘noble’
  42. Faddey – meaning ‘gift given by God’
  43. Fayina – meaning ‘someone who loves nature and the outdoors, and likes to be free’, a brilliant name for a free-spirited dog who loves to play outside
  44. Fedor – meaning ‘powerful ruler of the people’
  45. Fedosia – meaning ‘God’s gift’
  46. Feliks – meaning ‘happy’
  47. Filya – meaning ‘clumsy’, a great name for an uncoordinated dog!
  48. Fyodor – meaning ‘God’s gift’
  49. Gagarin – the surname of ‘Yuri Gagarin’, the first man to travel into space
  50. Gala – meaning ‘woman of serenity’
  51. Galina – meaning ‘serene’ and ‘composed’
  52. Gavriila – meaning ‘God’s bravest woman’
  53. Gavrill – meaning ‘strength from God’
  54. Gavrilla – meaning ‘God is my strength’
  55. Gordyi – meaning ‘proud’
  56. Gorky – after the author and political activist
  57. Grafinya – meaning ‘countess’
  58. Grom – meaning ‘thunder’
  59. Igor – meaning ‘warrior’
  60. Irina – meaning ‘peace’, a great name for a calm and serene pet who loves to chill
  61. Irinushka – meaning ‘woman of peace’
  62. Iriska – meaning ‘toffee’, perfect for a dog with a golden coat of fur
  63. Irtysh – a lake in Siberia
  64. Ivana – meaning ‘gift from God’
  65. Ivana – the feminine version of Ivan
  66. Jelena – meaning ‘shining light’, a special name for a radiant dog
  67. Kaluga – a city in central Russia
  68. Kaluga – a city in Russia
  69. Kama – a Russian river
  70. Kapitan – meaning ‘captain’, the perfect name for a male Russian dog who possesses amazing leadership skills
  71. Kara – a sea
  72. Karina – meaning ‘chaste’ and ‘pure’
  73. Karol – a female name meaning ‘strong’
  74. Kazak – meaning ‘Cossack’, referring to someone that is skilled in military training, therefore the perfect name for a tough guard or hunting dog
  75. Kazbeck – a Casucasian mountain
  76. Kazimir – meaning ‘keeper or destroyer of peace’
  77. Kirill – meaning ‘lord’
  78. Kliment – meaning ‘full of mercy’
  79. Knyazhna – meaning ‘princess’
  80. Kodiak – meaning ‘an island’, the perfect name for a dog who loves to play at the beach!
  81. Konstantin – the Russian version of the name ‘Constantine’, after the renowned Christian saint
  82. Koshmarik – meaning ‘little nightmare’, perfect for a dog who hates obeying the rules!
  83. Kosmos – meaning ‘outer space’
  84. Kostya – meaning ‘steadfast’ and ‘constant’
  85. Krasa – meaning ‘beauty’, perfect for a stunning dog
  86. Kroha – meaning ‘little one’
  87. Kukla – meaning ‘doll’
  88. Kuzma – a unisex name meaning ‘harmonious universe’
  89. Lada – a goddess of spring and love, and meaning ‘beloved’
  90. Laika – meaning ‘barker’, perfect for a loud dog!
  91. Lapa – meaning ‘darling’
  92. Larisa – a sweet name meaning ‘cheerful’
  93. Laska – meaning ‘caress’
  94. Lena – after the famous Siberian river
  95. Lesya – meaning ‘protector of humanity’
  96. Lev – meaning ‘lion’
  97. Liliya – meaning ‘lily flower’
  98. Lizka – a Russian version of the English name ‘Elizabeth’, meaning ‘oath of God’
  99. Lubov – meaning ‘love’, this would make a fantastic name for lovable dog
  100. Lyutyi – meaning ‘fierce’
  101. Makar – meaning ‘blessed’
  102. Malchik – meaning ‘boy’, a great, unspecific name for any breed of male dog
  103. Malysh – meaning ‘little one’
  104. Mamsik – meaning ‘infant’
  105. Manya – meaning ‘rebellious woman’, perfect for a female dog who hates abiding by the rules!
  106. Masha – a name depicting a ‘rebellious woman’
  107. Masya – meaning ‘little one’
  108. Matrona – meaning ‘well-mannered’ and ‘sweet’
  109. Maxim – meaning ‘greatest’
  110. Mechta – meaning ‘dream’
  111. Metel – meaning ‘snowstorm’, the perfect name for a dog with a snowy-white coat of fur
  112. Mikhail – meaning ‘gift from God’
  113. Molniya – meaning ‘lightning’
  114. Muha – meaning ‘fly’
  115. Mushka – meaning ‘survivor’
  116. Neman – a Russian river
  117. Nikita – meaning ‘unconquerable’
  118. Nikolai – meaning ‘people’s triumph’
  119. Nina – meaning ‘grace’
  120. Nochka – meaning ‘night’, a great name for a dog with a dark coat of fur
  121. Ohotnik – meaning ‘hunter’
  122. Oleg – meaning ‘blessed’
  123. Omsk – a city on the Tran Siberian railroad
  124. Pasha – meaning ‘small’ and ‘humble’
  125. Pavel – meaning ‘small’ and ‘petite’
  126. Polina – meaning ‘petite’ or ‘tiny’, perfect for small breeds of dogs such as Pomeranians
  127. Polkan – a Russian centaur
  128. Pushka – meaning ‘outgoing’ and ‘loud’, and also ‘canon’ in its most literal sense, therefore it is the perfect name for a bold and feisty dog!
  129. Pusik – a Russian family name
  130. Pyotr – the first name of famous Russian composer ‘Pyotr Tchaikovsky’, who famously composed ‘Swan Lake’ and ‘The Nutcracker’. You could also call your Russian dog ‘Tchaikovsky’, however this might be quite a mouthful to say out loud!
  131. Rada – meaning ‘filled with care’
  132. Rahil – meaning ‘quiet’, perfect for a more petite and less confident dog
  133. Raisa – a name that describes an easy-going nature
  134. Rasputin – after the legendary figure ‘Grigory Rasputin’, who was believed to have possessed magical powers and influenced the ruling family
  135. Rebus – a puzzle
  136. Roksana – meaning ‘star of magnificence’
  137. Roza – a feminine name referring to a blossoming rose or sweet fragrance
  138. Rufina – meaning ‘a woman with red hair’, this name perfectly suits a red-haired female dog!
  139. Ruslan – meaning ‘lion man’, a name suited to a fierce dog with long, thick hair
  140. Ryzhik – meaning ‘ginger’
  141. Samara – a Russian city
  142. Sarik – meaning ‘little ball’
  143. Sasha – meaning ‘protector of humanity’
  144. Serafima – meaning ‘fiery one’, perfect for a passionate dog
  145. Sergei – meaning ‘Shepherd’
  146. Shalunya – meaning ‘playful girl’, perfect for a female dog who loves having fun!
  147. Shelma – meaning ‘scoundrel’, a great name for a naughty dog!
  148. Shumka – meaning ‘noisy’
  149. Siren – meaning ‘lilac’
  150. Snezhana – meaning ‘from the land of snow’, a great name for a Siberian Husky
  151. Solya – meaning ‘little sun’
  152. Stanislav – meaning ‘glory’
  153. Strela – meaning ‘arrow’
  154. Tatiana – meaning ‘unclear’
  155. Tigra – meaning ‘tiger’
  156. Timur – meaning ‘iron man’
  157. Tolstoy – after ‘Leo Tolstoy’, writer of ‘Anna Karenina’ and ‘War and Peace’
  158. Troika – a group of three
  159. Tsar – an emperor of Russia pre-1917
  160. Tsarina – a Russian queen
  161. Tsvetok – meaning ‘flower’
  162. Tsypa – meaning ‘chick’
  163. Tuman – meaning ‘fog’
  164. Tuzik – a popular dog name in Russia
  165. Ugryum – meaning ‘gloomy’, perfect for a dog with a dark, grey coat
  166. Ural – the name of the Russian mountains which stretch from north to south of the country
  167. Ursa – meaning ‘bear’
  168. Uslada – meaning ‘delight’
  169. Vadik – meaning ‘ruler’
  170. Vadim – meaning ‘someone who rules’, a great name for a dog who rules!
  171. Valdai – a lake in Russia, located in the middle of the Valdai Hills
  172. Valentina – meaning ‘strong’ and ‘sound’
  173. Valeriya – meaning ‘strong’, a great name for a powerful female dog
  174. Vasilisa – meaning ‘Queen’
  175. Velikan – meaning ‘giant’, a great name for a huge dog with long legs
  176. Venets – meaning ‘crown’
  177. Vera – meaning ‘faith’
  178. Vernyi – meaning ‘faithful’
  179. Verochka – meaning ‘truth’
  180. Vesna – meaning ‘spring’, a great name for a dog born during the months of spring!
  181. Viktor – meaning ‘conqueror’, like the English word ‘Victor’
  182. Vitaliya – meaning ‘full of life’, like the English word ‘vitality’
  183. Vityaz – meaning ‘knight’
  184. Vladimir – meaning ‘famous prince’
  185. Volna – meaning ‘wave’
  186. Volodya – meaning ‘ruler of the world’
  187. Volya – meaning ‘freewill’
  188. Vozhak – meaning ‘leader’
  189. Yagoza – meaning ‘fidget’
  190. Yaroslav – meaning ‘bright fame’ and ‘glory’
  191. Yuna – meaning ‘young’
  192. Yupik – an indigenous Siberian tribe that still keep Eskimo-type dogs
  193. Zarya – meaning ‘dawn’
  194. Zateika – meaning ‘playful girl’
  195. Zhar-Ptitsa – the firebird
  196. Zhritsa – meaning ‘priestess’
  197. Zhuzha – meaning ‘murmur’
  198. Zimushka – meaning ‘winter’
  199. Zlata – meaning ‘goldie’
  200. Zver – meaning ‘beast’


Russian Dog

We hope you’ve enjoyed exploring some beautiful Russian dog names, and that you have found the perfect one for your pet dog!

Whether it was a strong name like ‘Ruslan’, a sweet name like ‘Lesya’ or a famous name like ‘Vladimir’ that caught your eye… we hope it suits your dog down to the ground.

Enjoy naming your incredible dog, and have fun researching and getting to know them better.

Please leave any of your ideas for Russian dog names in the comments below, we’d love to hear them!

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