Racehorse Names: 100 Famous & Magnificent Thoroughbred Names

Racehorse Names

Racehorse names are renowned for their uniqueness, ability to make people laugh and to be confused all at once.

Often the words are a mixture of the horse’s parents and something personal to the owner or the Stallion’s birthplace; so make sure you take your time when searching for a title.

Racehorses are beautiful animals, with a combination of gorgeous looks, incredible skill, powerful bodies, and inspirational resilience.

They, therefore, deserve a moniker that highlights all of these magnificent qualities.

Names for Racehorses can be no more than 18 characters, therefore we’ve compiled 100 names to fit this brief, including names from popular culture, famous phrases, and horse puns which will make any announcer chuckle.

We hope you really enjoy exploring our suggestions.

List Of 100 Racehorse Names

Best Names for Racehorses
1 Up DoReMiFaSoLaTiDo Lady Jane Gray RubyRubyRubyRuby
Allegro Enchantress Let’s Go! SaveTheBest‘TillLast
Amazing Grace Exterminator Looking Good Senorita
AnAppleADay Fast As Lightning Magic Mike ShimmyShimmyYa
Anything’s Possible Fifty Shades of Hay Mamma Mia Sniper’s Dream
Arrrrr Flame Thrower Maple Stirrup Snow White
AsGoodAsItGets Fly Me To The Moon Midnight Dream Speed of Light
Bangers n’ Mash Foxy Lady Mischief Speedy Gonzales
Best Bet FrostyJacks Morgan Le Fay Stormbreaker
Big Ben Ginger Snap My Heart’s Desire Super Horse
Black Bess Glamour Puss Mysterious Girl Super Star
Black Velvet Gold Digger No Fear Super Star
Braveheart Gold Dust Nuts Sweet Dreams
Bucking Bronco Great Gatsby Old Town Road Sweet Pea
Bullet Proof Hahahahahaha One Trick Pony Tempest
Caramel Wafer Head over Heels Perfect Harmony Thunder Bolt
ChaseYourDreams Hoof Hearted Pippi Longstocking Trigger
Chicken Dinner Horsing Around Prima Donna Triple Threat
Chico Time Hotshot Prince Caspian Trojan Horse
Cloud 9 Isn’t She Lovely Prince Charming Twist n’ Shout
Cotton Eyed Joe It’s A Long Story Quality Street WeAreTheChampions
Dancing Queen Iwinyougetnothing Queen Bee Wee Willie Winkie
Denman’s Call Jackpot Queen of Sheba Winsome
Destiny’s Child Jean Valjean Rainbow Fire World Class
Don’t You Stop King of Kings Razzle Dazzle Zero to Hero

Fast Racehorse

100 Famous Racehorse Names

  1. 1 Up – a great idea for a racehorse who loves to win and get a ‘1 Up’ on their opponents
  2. Allegro – meaning ‘something performed at a brisk speed’, making it a fitting choice for a speedy Stud
  3. Amazing Grace – after the beautiful song, this would suit a first-class Colt
  4. AnAppleADay – it’s well-known that horses love apples, so this well-known phrase makes a funny name!
  5. Anything’s Possible – a brilliant choice for a Gelding with big hopes and dreams!
  6. Arrrrr – after a Stallion who ran at Saratoga in 2008, this is hilarious for an announcer to read out!
  7. AsGoodAsItGets – this phrase makes a funny choice for a racehorse who always tries their hardest!
  8. Bangers n’ Mash – a random name for a racehorse, after the well-known British delicacy!
  9. Best Bet – if you think your racehorse is the winning stallion, then give it this confidence-boosting word!
  10. Big Ben – this London landmark makes a brilliant choice for a huge Stud with the longest legs around!
  11. Black Bess – after the dark horse from the classic novel
  12. Black Velvet – a beautiful choice for a Gelding with stunning black hair
  13. Braveheart – after the courageous 13th Century Scottish warrior ‘William Wallace’, making this name brilliant for the bravest racehorse around
  14. Bucking Bronco – if your racehorse often makes jerky movements, this is the perfect choice
  15. Bullet Proof – a powerful name for a powerful stallion with strong and courageous qualities
  16. Caramel Wafer – this sweet treat makes a brilliant name for the sweetest Thoroughbred
  17. ChaseYourDreams – an inspirational moniker for a Gelding who aims high
  18. Chicken Dinner – after the well-known phrase ‘winner-winner-chicken-dinner’
  19. Chico Time – after the hilarious song by X-factor contestant ‘Chico’
  20. Cloud 9 – a brilliant name for a racehorse who makes you feel like you’re on cloud 9
  21. Cotton Eyed Joe – after the song by Rednex, which will generate plenty of laughs
  22. Dancing Queen – this well-known ABBA song makes a unique and funky moniker for a crazy racehorse who loves a jig!
  23. Denman’s Call – after the great track announcer ‘Trevor Denman’
  24. Destiny’s Child – after the iconic girl group of the 1990s!
  25. Don’t You Stop – from the well-known nursery rhyme ‘Horsey horsey don’t you stop’
  26. DoReMiFaSoLaTiDo – a hilarious idea after the song from ‘The Sound of Music’
  27. Enchantress – a great word for a charming and beautiful female racehorse
  28. Exterminator – this name suits any racehorse who loves to exterminate its opponents on the racetrack!
  29. Fast As Lightning – naming your Stallion after this simile will perfectly reflect their speed
  30. Fifty Shades of Hay – a hilarious racehorse name and pun on the film ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’
  31. Flame Thrower – perfect for a fiery and passionate Thoroughbred!
  32. Fly Me To The Moon – after the classic, smooth-as-silk song by Frank Sinatra, this title is perfect for a Gelding with a beautiful coat!
  33. Foxy Lady – perfect for a female Stud who looks fabulous
  34. FrostyJacks – this classic cider makes a hilarious and quirky title
  35. Ginger Snap – a brilliant name for a pet with auburn tones in their coat
  36. Glamour Puss – this popular expression makes a brilliant choice for a racehorse who is a bit of a diva
  37. Gold Digger – perfect for a Stud who is always looking to win
  38. Gold Dust – this phrase is used to describe rare things, so if your Colt has unique and exceptional talents then it will suit this choice perfectly
  39. Great Gatsby – this fictional 1920s character from F. Scott Fitzgerald’s novel; a brilliant idea for a racehorse with lots of power
  40. Hahahahahaha – a commentator’s nightmare, but a great laugh!
  41. Head over Heels – if you are head over heels in love with your Gelding, this could be the perfect one!
  42. Hoof Hearted – try saying this word quickly for comedic effect
  43. Horsing Around – a perfect name for a racehorse who loves to have fun and play
  44. Hotshot – meaning ‘someone with exceptional talents’, making it a brilliant moniker for a Thoroughbred with many amazing qualities
  45. Isn’t She Lovely – after Stevie Wonder’s adorable song
  46. Iwinyougetnothing – a great idea for a smug horse and an equally smug rider!
  47. Jackpot – if you think you’ve hit the jackpot with your racehorse, give it this name to give it the credit it deserves
  48. Jean Valjean – after the hero of Victor Hugo’s novel ‘Les Misérables’
  49. King of Kings – perfect for a Stallion who deserves to be put on its pedestal!
  50. Lady Jane Gray – after the queen of England who only ruled for nine days, we hope your racehorse lasts a lot longer!
  51. Let’s Go! – a brilliant title to reflect the fast and powerful nature of Studs!
  52. Looking Good – for a Colt who always looks good and gets lots of attention
  53. Magic Mike – after the 2012 comedy film starring Channing Tatum and Alex Pettyfer
  54. Mamma Mia – this Italian exclamation makes a great Gelding name
  55. Maple Stirrup – a hilarious pun on the sweet sauce ‘maple syrup’
  56. Midnight Dream – a beautiful, poetic choice for a Stallion with a black coat as dark as midnight
  57. Mischief – a hilarious title for a cheeky Thoroughbred who loves to cause chaos!
  58. Morgan Le Fay – after the mysterious fairy enchantress from Arthurian legend
  59. My Heart’s Desire – if your Stallion is everything you want them to be and more, this is perfectly suited to them!
  60. Mysterious Girl – after Peter Andre’s famous song, a hilarious idea for a dark female horse
  61. No Fear – does your Stud show no fear in the face of obstacles? If so, then this sounds like the perfect one!
  62. Nuts – a short, simple and funny horse name for a crazy Colt with a great personality!
  63. Old Town Road – after the popular song by Billy Rae Cyrus and Lil’ Nas
  64. One Trick Pony – meaning ‘someone with a special feature or talent’
  65. Perfect Harmony – perfect for a well-behaved racehorse who gets on well with everyone and anyone
  66. Pippi Longstocking – a hilarious choice for a ginger horse with long hair!
  67. Prima Donna – if your Gelding is a diva, this is the perfect sassy choice for them
  68. Prince Caspian – after the fictional, daring and brave prince from C. S. Lewis’ novel
  69. Prince Charming – this fairy-tale prince makes a fabulous racehorse name!
  70. Quality Street – naming your Stallion after this iconic British chocolate brand is a great way to show them how they are just so sweet!
  71. Queen Bee – a powerful name for a female racehorse which will make her stand out from the crowd!
  72. Queen of Sheba – after the biblical Queen
  73. Rainbow Fire – two words which are perfectly suited to a vibrant, bubbly and passionate horse
  74. Razzle Dazzle – after the song from the musical ‘Chicago’
  75. RubyRubyRubyRuby – this name is a mouthful for an announcer
  76. SaveTheBest‘TillLast – if your racehorse is used to finishing last, this is a funny choice
  77. ShimmyShimmyYa – this funny, random name is a great name for a sassy Gelding who loves to dance!
  78. Sniper’s Dream – a great idea for a huge horse
  79. Snow White – perfect for a beautiful white racehorse
  80. Speed of Light – what better name for a racehorse than one which just exudes speed and pace
  81. Speedy Gonzales – after ‘The Fastest Mouse in all Mexico’
  82. Stormbreaker – after the enchanted axe used by Thor from the Marvel Cinematic Universe
  83. Super Horse – nothing shouts ‘winner’ like the name ‘Super Horse’
  84. Super Star – if your Stallion is the best around, give it this title to show off how great they are
  85. Sweet Dreams – if you often have sweet dreams about your dreamy horse, this is the perfect idea
  86. Sweet Pea – perfect for a racehorse with a loving nature
  87. Tempest – this stormy word is brilliant for a tempestuous horse!
  88. Thunder Bolt – a fabulous name for a racehorse who runs at the speed of light
  89. Trigger – perfect for a powerful Thoroughbred!
  90. Triple Threat – for a Stallion that has more than just one talent
  91. Trojan Horse – after the massive wooden horse from Greek mythology
  92. Twist n’ Shout – after the brilliant song by The Beatles, perfect for a Stallion who loves to move!
  93. WeAreTheChampions – after the renowned song by Queen
  94. Wee Willie Winkie – a hilarious racehorse name after the Scottish nursery rhyme beginning ‘Wee Willie Winkie runs through the town’
  95. Winsome – the first part of the phrase ‘you win some, you lose some’, which is an accurate description of horse racing!
  96. World Class – nothing shouts ‘winner’ quite like this confident moniker!
  97. Zero to Hero – after the song from the Disney film ‘Hercules’


We have come to the end of our run through of favorite racehorse names and we hope you have had a great time exploring all we had to offer!

From funny, to quirky, to popular, we included the lot in our list.

Hopefully there were a few that caught your eye and would suit your beautiful racehorse!

If you’re still looking for that special name to help your racehorse stand out from the crowd, keep persevering and placing random words next to each other to see if they work.

Thinking up crazy horse puns and looking for names that will bring out all the best qualities your horse has to offer is also very fun to do!

Good luck with finding a horse name, and with horse racing too.

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