Playlist Names: 1600+ Name Ideas for Every Mood and Genre

Good Spotify Playlist Names Ideas
I just stumbled across my old music collection on a hard drive – so many throwbacks! But organizing and renaming is far more work than using music streaming services, with all the readymade playlists.

So, now that you can make a Spotify playlist in a matter of minutes and share it with the world, making it stand out from the crowd and appeal to the right target audience is more crucial than ever.

That’s where we come in with our hand-picked playlist names ideas, and just wait ’til you try out our playlist name generators!

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Not only do we give you over a thousand ideas, but we’ll also share 5 Pro Tips for finding, choosing, or inventing a unique and creative name for your playlist.

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5 Pro Tips for Naming Playlists Creatively

With so many options, and to avoid sounding generic, everyone should be asking “How do I choose a great playlist name?”

Just follow these 5 Pro Tips for Creative Playlist Names and you won’t go wrong!

  1. Specialize: Every successful playlist centers around a particular mood, style, or genre. Decide what your playlist revolves around, and your naming game will be more focused.

  3. Associate: What in this very diverse world do you, or others, associate with the mood/genre/style of music you are compiling?
    Have a think about and write down associated things like emotions, seasons, colors, artists, city/area, time of day, culture, food, etc. These words will create more possibilities either for recognizing the name when you see it or to find inspiration for making your own name.

  5. Keep it mood-specific: Is it a lighthearted playlist? Throw in some humor with a playful pun. Does it center around laid-back music? Pop in calming words like relax, slow, take-time, peaceful, and so on. People like to know what to expect, and creating an appropriate feeling with the name of the playlist wins half the battle of getting them to listen to it.

  7. Get looking: Use the name generator or take a look through the hand-selected lists either grouped by mood, or by genre.
    Write down any names (or copy and paste in notes/notepad) that stand out to you, even if they’re not the one. They may serve as inspiration when it comes to making the final decision.

  9. Have patience: Finding the perfect name may take a little while, but seeing as the name is one of the biggest hooks to attract listeners, it’s worth waiting for the right name.

Once you’ve finalized your playlist and packed it with perfect tunes, be sure to boost its initial popularity by sharing it with your friends, coworkers, family, random strangers in the street, and any social media groups which are musically inclined and allow self-promotion.

Okay, maybe not the random strangers.

Before you get to the playlist names grouped by mood, you can use The Ultimate Playlist Name Generator!

The Ultimate Playlist Name Generator

This name generator eliminates the need to wade through the lists. Just pick a category from Random, Spotify, Funny, Aesthetic or Creative, press the button, and find the perfect name!

For more specific name generators based on mood and genre, skip ahead.

ploum ploum
future r&b
tennessee nights
belly dumpers
i miss you </3


Alternatively, if you’re not finding what you’re looking for here, you can browse our favorites in the lists below, first arranged by mood, then arranged by genre.

Good Playlist Names

Our top 40 favorites across all genres and moods.

  • cold and frosty
  • mtv jams
  • ‘indie r&b’ primer
  • workout wonders
  • mouth wide shut
  • better naked
  • sugary euphoria
  • romanticizing life
  • loud for cloud
  • steampunk extropy
  • sounds of [insert place/idea]
  • back in the days
  • wine in hand, swinging shoes
  • mellow mornings
  • miscelánea
  • so chill
  • soft as silk
  • chaotic grooves
  • lowkey vibes
  • cosmic scoot
  • rhythmic measures
  • road trip sing-along songs
  • yee to my haw
  • mega hit crash
  • rebel with a cause
  • lover.
  • back to radio
  • street meat graffiti
  • smelly cat
  • psycho deh lick


Funny Playlist Names

Funny Monkey Playing Guitar
No monkeys were harmed in the making of this photo. I hope.
  • 404 not found
  • songs to play at funeral
  • idk what to call this playlist
  • where do i start, where do you end?
  • growing pains
  • could die for you
  • no-sense feel-good
  • songs about food
  • prince cheesburger
  • squeaky toys and naughty boys
  • find all anti’s here
  • madly in lust
  • naruto theme song playlist
  • rhythmic existentialism
  • braces with shining armor
  • listen with caution
  • songs with nothing but beat drops
  • the mirror says “blah”
  • songs that make great alarm tunes
  • i wake up with drool
  • bad breath blondes
  • magical pot e
  • smelly cat
  • neighbor awakening in c major
  • i love pizza
  • singles feeling heartbreak
  • bros and woes
  • fairytale divorce
  • nerds with beards
  • cereal killer favourites


Creative Playlist Names

Creative Playlist Names Splash Guitar

  • autumn afternoons
  • acoustics version
  • winter carrols
  • lowkey indie
  • the night we met
  • just a sadboi
  • the coming of age
  • tap tap rains
  • feelings and other stupid things
  • sounds like summer
  • songs that sound witchy
  • sonic sonnets
  • female rage
  • my muse
  • the moment i knew
  • leave, i’m sad
  • ethereal
  • fiesta de la tarde
  • songs i could dance to
  • tell me why


Aesthetic Playlist Names

  • missing you
  • shimmering light
  • back in the day
  • pop psychos music
  • dreadful season
  • keep moving
  • paranoiac music
  • normal notes
  • deja vu
  • straining for expression
  • waltz of the spring
  • don’t pray for easy life, pray for strength
  • songs that sound like static noise
  • fire and ashes
  • stumbling is not falling
  • life is a succession of lessons
  • feel stable
  • can’t talk rn, doing hot girl things
  • what it’s like to be the universe
  • the lazarus missions.
  • musical ideas
  • heaven doors
  • burn up lifeless habits
  • shorthand of emotion
  • a clear conscience
  • roots of the suffering
  • there is rhythm in emptiness
  • totally white thoughts
  • the real me is something else
  • take action towards your dreams.


Spotify Playlist Names

Spotify Names Playlist
Spotify playlists have become a big thing – anyone can make a playlist and share it with the world, so why not be that person.

Right now is your time to shine!

We’ve gone through thousands of playlist names and chosen the best names for Spotify playlists so that you don’t have to.


  • soul music that heals
  • cypher bass
  • poetry in motion
  • a chance with dance
  • break the beat
  • tuck fantastic
  • early 2000’s
  • songs that sound cold
  • alien allegro
  • bamboleo bootcamp
  • punters of party
  • shake dynamics
  • catch the rhythm
  • spin spirals
  • catch me by the club
  • folk songs
  • lana del ray of sunshine
  • funky by seven
  • wop fleck
  • rhythm romantics
  • sonic textures
  • wip hip skip
  • joji stop
  • wild shakers
  • hip electric
  • groove-ography
  • wine in hand, swinging shoes
  • three-step fusion
  • swag bounce
  • hip shaker sting


Cool Playlist Names

  • remember sleep?
  • ragtime rendezvous
  • drone samurais
  • tremulous drip
  • in my black dress
  • personal diary
  • rap music for kids
  • nostalgia and vibe
  • songs to slow dance
  • after the superhero
  • split after ten
  • crouch and cry
  • hookups after breakups
  • cyber precess
  • bronze odds
  • eminem spitting fire
  • cackle monotone
  • pop goes psycho
  • crash rhapsody
  • riotous lament
  • alternative hits
  • ego psychosis
  • high spirit songs
  • pixel cacophony
  • jump then fly
  • panic in twos
  • sulk in solace
  • spin my bones
  • what is love?
  • baby come back


Playlist Names By Mood

Music Decorates Time Quote
Mood is the number one guide for choosing a playlist, so it should be the number one guide for naming a playlist.

After all, music creates feelings whether by its style or the listeners associations, so when someone chooses a playlist to listen to, their decision is based either on how they feel or how they want to feel.

It’s all about them feels.

So, with that in mind, we’ve got The Best Mood Names for your Spotify playlist, or playlists on any streaming service!

For the genre-specific name generator, go to the next section or scroll past the mood lists below.

chill tunes
hearbreak ballads
mixed emotions
crying at the party
comfort music


Sad Playlist Names

Sad Cat Listening to Playlist
Nothing complements wallowing in sorrow like a sad playlist that’s 80% doom and gloom and 20% looking on the bright side.

So, show the world your best collection of deep-feels, and wrap it up with a mildly melancholy playlist name.

  • a hole in my heart
  • 3 am
  • mixed emotions
  • these tears
  • heartbreaker
  • crying in silience
  • the comfort playlist
  • hit me in the feelings
  • my lonely days
  • over the blues
  • echoes alone
  • fullofdespair
  • chill tunes
  • hearbreak ballads
  • sad hours
  • focus machine
  • befriend the loneliness
  • some more damage
  • bad day
  • in my feels
  • unspoken thoughts
  • art of feel-goodism
  • sad 2 c u go
  • it will rain
  • when it rains…
  • therapy session
  • drowning
  • i won’t give up on you
  • right in the feels
  • no lyrics, only music


Workout Playlist Names

Woman Running with Music
Motivate. Get up. Go. Go again. Don’t stop. Breathe deep. Repeat.

Pumping up a workout with a perfectly named playlist takes it from “I did well” to “I crushed it!”

We’ll give you the names, you just choose the workout playlist’s tunes and motivational speech edits.

  • eight two much
  • EDM Workout
  • wii left
  • less than u
  • freesome
  • better naked
  • exiling our oversized booties
  • go down
  • skinny bou’s
  • muffin top stoppers
  • no giveup
  • good bye lovehandles
  • no giveup
  • waisting away
  • sweating sveltes
  • skinny jeans team
  • no weigh
  • not larch by march
  • stronger than yesterday
  • heart monitors
  • coast busters
  • better, faster, stronger
  • hungary hanna
  • cell-u-light
  • deleteous
  • waist removal
  • waist away
  • net loss
  • muffin abductors
  • epic workout


Driving/Car Names

Road Trip Playlists
Sing-along songs and pop music are as good as it gets for driving unless you and your friends have another genre that revs your engine.

Help yourself to one of these playlist names for a road-trip!

  • get the whole car singing
  • no time like now
  • i’ll drive
  • car rides
  • adventures with ben
  • get in, we’re going shopping
  • what a trip
  • princess at sea
  • the great escape
  • in my element
  • white lines
  • oh, the places you’ll go!
  • carpool karaoke
  • rest assured
  • we like the cars, the cars that go boom
  • drivin n vibin
  • indie rock road trip
  • down by the sea
  • journey
  • get going
  • the great escape
  • road trip sing-along songs
  • rockin’ road trip
  • yomadic
  • leave your daily hell
  • adventures with ben
  • there’s no time like the present
  • roll the windows down
  • imagination sets sale
  • life’s a journey


Chill Names

Chill Music
Half a pound of take-it-easy tunes, half a pound of instrumental beats, mix smooth house and make it nice, and chill go the people.

And, of course, don’t forget to add a super chill playlist name to the mix.

  • phantasmagoria
  • afternoon chillout
  • wind down view
  • unwind sky
  • like that scene in a dream
  • in the clouds
  • chilled but not boring
  • lazy chill [insert genre]
  • heartsigh
  • planet acoustic
  • rainy days
  • lounge collection
  • dreamkillers
  • sweet dreams
  • slack acoustic
  • smooth tunes
  • chillhop
  • abstract pattern’
  • smooth lust
  • relaxing bumps
  • nostalgia
  • mellow mornings
  • cloud 9
  • less tense house
  • quiet affair
  • low-key moments
  • soul food
  • dream machine
  • smooth flow
  • angelic


Playlist Names By Genre

Many Genres to Choose
Maybe you’re aiming at a target audience that wants to explore a new genre, or perhaps those that are fixed on listening to rap for the next month.

Whatever the reason is for them being there, searching for playlists by genre is a big thing.

If your playlist is centered on a specific genre, or even a loose group of music styles, then the name of the playlist should reflect this. People generally like to know what they’re in for.

This is the last name generator on this page. Scroll on for the genre-specific lists of personal picks, and use these links to return to the catch-all generator, go or return to the mood-specific generator.

goon graff
chill pill panache
bling things
preparing to fly
fade muffle


Rap Playlist Names

  • bando chronicles
  • jig pumpin’
  • scratch essentials
  • odd mod culture
  • preparing to fly
  • hoe bait
  • jiggy dope
  • biscuit stomp
  • gheto paradise
  • goon graff
  • bling things
  • bizzle boom
  • burn living
  • feeling gangsta
  • sicko mode
  • chill pill panache
  • hood matters
  • brood talks
  • trip in heaven
  • smoke dooze
  • that’s a rap
  • fade muffle
  • drip trip
  • green bum
  • betcha bot
  • counting cookies
  • oops clan
  • drinks on me
  • dope songs
  • ghetto swag


Christmas Playlist Names

Santa Rocking His Playlist
We acknowledge that the world has its scrooges and grinches, but we’re not joining them. Not this year, not ever, because we love the excitement, food, family time, and most of all, the catchy Christmas jingles!

Help us keep the Christmas spirit alive with the Complete List of Names for Your Christmas Playlist.

  • a very vinyl christmas
  • your own christmas musical
  • acoustic guitar christmas
  • score to your yearly fights
  • solo piano christmas
  • family singalong christmas
  • christmas sirens
  • jingle butt rock
  • christmas at the castle
  • christmas in the ‘50s
  • christmas in the ‘70s
  • christmas as we knew it: ‘70s and ‘80s country christmas
  • today’s christmas voices
  • rock & roll christmas
  • ‘70s & ‘80s country christmas
  • all i want for christmas is pop!
  • modern country christmas hits
  • christmas cheers: fun & happy christmas hits
  • cold and frosty
  • christmas in the ‘60s
  • natty & nice: a reggae christmas
  • classic christmas
  • for shame: the worst christmas songs of all time
  • small ensemble christmas
  • glory, hallelujah!: christmas gospel
  • fake festive
  • christmas brass & bells
  • jazz christmas
  • alt-rock christmas
  • cocktails & clave: latin jazz christmas


R&B Playlist Names

  • keep on walking
  • prince at the roundhouse
  • my list
  • this ancient country
  • chill r&b
  • broken cowboy
  • devil’s crossroad
  • headaches & heartbreaks
  • supa soulful – rnb hits
  • graceful eccentrics: alternative r&b
  • still shining
  • life: the greatest adventure of all.
  • behind you every step!
  • late 2000s r&b and hip hop
  • made for love: new r&b
  • deep r&b and future soul
  • jam hot: 90’s
  • as autumn leaves turn
  • all day, every day
  • vibes
  • a quest for the crown
  • late night soul
  • look for fairies
  • a brief midnight encounter
  • fantastic man – a rollerskate collection
  • all time bops
  • nyc funk soul & beyond
  • tennessee nights
  • a time of wonder
  • jamming out to


Rock Playlist Names

Rock on Marshall Headphones

  • punk steam
  • rock bangers
  • indie bloom
  • trip ballads
  • louder than extreme
  • acid by the rocks
  • get your gat on
  • well! nu metal
  • yonder metalcore
  • wild rock summer anthems
  • new wave stomp
  • ’90s rock assault
  • power pop punk anthems
  • solid rock for summer
  • mistfit metal messiahs
  • chains of angel
  • power met hell
  • pop metal anthems
  • 90s joys
  • wicked rock shockers
  • slow rock gems
  • alternate ego
  • score deathcore
  • pop rock showstoppers
  • garage gamut
  • funk fiesta
  • smokin’ hot ’80s
  • in deep ’70s
  • the celebrated rock stars
  • soft rock symphony


Spanish Playlist Names

  • bossa: hot vibes served chilled
  • música
  • rock español
  • spanish trap
  • palabras, colores y musica
  • flamenco chill
  • work out latin
  • enjoyable latin music part ii
  • rock en tu idioma
  • lista de reproducción
  • 2012 top 50 best rock en espanol
  • ballare, ballare
  • salsa dura
  • canciones
  • cumbia
  • breaking bad
  • groovin’ cuban
  • sounds from spain
  • reggaeton swagg
  • enamorada
  • rolling stone: 200 best spanish pop rock songs
  • tú en las montañas y yo en el mar
  • mamacita
  • de todo un poco
  • playlist latina
  • electrolatino playlist
  • mambo top 100
  • ibiza chill spanish guitar music
  • romeo santos vol. 2
  • vamos


Country Playlist Names

Country Girl with Guitar

  • land for miles
  • that southern accent
  • livin’ the farm life
  • country singles
  • country tunes
  • venus
  • that kid was me
  • go back and rodeo it
  • storytellers of past
  • country taylor
  • hot country
  • yee haw
  • forgotten past
  • carefully crafted
  • grandma’s childhood chronicles
  • old country love
  • yee to my haw
  • romanticizing life
  • storytellers of the past
  • cowboy like me


Playlist FAQ

How do you rename a playlist on SoundCloud?

Can you edit playlist names on spotify?

What is the most creative way to formulate and name a Spotify playlist? See our 5 Pro Tips for Creative Naming.

The Takeaway

Playlists. Life wouldn’t be the same for millions of people without them, and a smartly chosen name is second only to the actual music inside it!

That’s why we are so glad you chose to use this, the best collection of playlist names around, as well as all of our playlist name generators.

So, did you make a playlist?

Once you’ve made it (so no one pinches your selection), let us know what name you went with, in the comments below.

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