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Paw Patrol Names
PAW Patrol is still one of the most popular children’s shows around since it debuted in 2013. If your kids like animals, particularly cute dogs, then they are bound to love PAW Patrol!

Whether you’re here to keep up with your children’s interests or to find the best PAW Patrol dog names for a new addition to your family, we’re here with the names of all the PAW Patrol characters.

We’ve even ranked them in order of popularity, thanks to The Top Tens.

Full disclosure: one of my guilty pleasures is watching the show over my daughter’s shoulder while hanging the washing… and singing along to the songs, even the Pup Pup Boogie!

With that embarrassment out the way, and without further ado, let’s dive into the PAW Patrol character’s names. Ready, Set… Get Wet!

Ranked: Top 10 PAW Patrol Names

PAW Patrol

Character Bio
1. Chase The number 1 place goes to Chase, the German Shepherd police and traffic officer, and super-spy dog. After Ryder, he was the 1st member on the team and seems to be the most responsible of all the pups. “Chase is on the case!”
2. Marshall This Dalmation pup is arguably the most adorable – and clumsy! – member of the team. A versatile, fire-fighting pup with a hose and ladder to match. “Ready for a ruff-ruff rescue!”
3. Skye The original lady-pup! It’s a shame there was only one main female character so early on, but this Cockapoo’s high-flying bravery knows no bounds. “This pup’s gotta fly!”
4. Rocky The king of recycling! Rocky is a mixed-breed pup who is always on hand to represent team-green, with a chirpy quote like “Don’t lose it, reuse it!” to inspire the future planet-savers. Just don’t put him in water!
5. Zuma Water brave character this pup is! Seriously though, water is his domain, and with quotes like “Let’s dive in!” and “Ready, set, get wet!” you can see why.
6. Rubble Rubble is the rough and tough looking Bulldog who is really a big softy. He handles all things construction and excavation. “Rubble on the double!”
7. Everest Everest came in as the 2nd lady-pup in the team in Season 2 (a smart decision from the producers). She is a Husky who handles the snow and mountain related tasks.
8. Ryder Ryder is the team leader. He put the PAW Patrol together, designed all the gadgets, vehicles, and outfits, and he’s only 10 years old! “Whenever you’re in trouble, just yelp for help!”
9. Tracker Tracker is a Chihuahua with excellent hearing and a Jeep, who lives in the jungle with Carlos. He joins the team as the 8th member from the second-half of season 3. “I’m all ears!”
10. Mayor Humdinger Interestingly, the villainous Mayor of Foggy Bottom and boss of the Kit-tastrophe Crew is far more popular than the Mayor of Adventure bay. Go figure!

Less Popular Character’s Names

PAW Patrol Characters
There are many other characters in the popular children’s show, most of which made the list. The rest you’ll find in the next section!

For now, here are positions 11 to 42.

Character Bio
11. Chickaletta The purse-chicken of Mayor Goodway. She is always getting into messy situations, and is usually a side-quest for the pups.
12. Cap’n Turbot Captain Horation Turbot is the cousin of Francois, and the most frequent receiver of the PAW Patrol’s help. He is Adventure Bay’s marine and flops from one mishap to another.
13. Sweetie This cute, white Terrier is the Princess of Barkingburg’s pet. She comes into the Mission PAW sub-series as the main antagonist, attempting a coup d’état of Barkingburg.
14. Robo-Dog Designed by Ryder and made with Rocky’s help, Robo-Dog is basically a glorified driver but, to his credit, he can drive/pilot just about any vehicle. As long as his antenna isn’t damaged, in which case he runs riot!
15. Katie Katie is Adventure Bay’s vet and pet groomer who pampers the pups. Her cat’s name is Cali.
16. Arrby Sid’s pirate dog, Arrby, is a Dachshund and an excellent thief, but he gets on well with the PAW Patrol.
17. Alex Porter Alex is Mr. Porter’s grandson, is 5 years-old and always eager to help the PAW Patrol, although he usually ends up being rescued!
18. Francois As stereotypically French as you could design a character. Francois is an artist and zoologist, and loves nature-photography alongside his cousin Cap’n Turbot.
19. Rex Rex is the PAW Patrol’s dino-dog. He comes into the mix in season 7, where he can communicate with dinosaurs. He is also the first character with a disability!
20. Jake A chilled-out and responsible mountaineer. He lives with Everest and runs a ski resort, often getting involved in snowy mountain rescues.
21. Apollo the Super-Pup A super-hero in a program that the pups watch.
22. Daring Danny X 10-year old daredevil and stunt rider. Inspired by a stunt Ryder did in his ATV.
23. Mer Pups Apparently mythical, the dog-version of merpeople made an appearance in season 2 episode 13.
24. Tuck One of the Mighty-Twins and a member of the PAW Patrol from season 6, when the team first meet the villainess, Ladybird.
25. Ella The second-half of the Mighty-Twins.
26. Wally Naturally, there is a ‘Wally the walrus.’ He is often found around the waters of adventure bay, is looked out for by Cap’n Turbot and his barks are understood by Ryder!
27. Sylvia The Super Shepherd A minor character, appearing in the Adventure Bay Sheep Herding Competition against Chase as the last year’s winner.
28. Travis Traveling Travis is an explorer who has quite the reputation for going the wrong way and mistakenly identifying animals. He comes into the storyline from season 6.
29. Farmer Yumi A regular character and one of Adventure Bay’s farmers, growing apples, carrots and pumpkins, amongst other crops. She marries Farmer Al in season 2.
30. Cali Katie’s pet cat has a tendency to get into a sticky situation and then panic, making the PAW Patrol rescues that little bit more challenging.
31. Ace Sorensen She is the stunt pilot who flies the airplane Amelia, and is Skye’s role model.
32. Mayor Goodway Chickaletta’s owner and Mayor of Adventure Bay, although she really shouldn’t be, considering how little common sense she has and that a 10-year old boy (Ryder) basically makes her decisions for her! Still, she’s a good person.
33. Mr. Porter Adventure Bay’s restaurant ownder and Alex’s grandfather. According to Alex, he fixes things using duct tape a lot.
34. Copycat A cat that gets the ability to mimic the powers of others from the meteor in the Mighty Pups series.
35. Precious A kitten that gets stranded at sea on a toy boat, and subsequently rescued by… yep, the PAW Patrol! Her owner’s name isn’t known.
36. Walinda Wally’s mate and mother to their calves.
37. Princess of Barkingburg A good girl with the destiny of becoming Queen of Barkingburg. She is the owner of Sweetie, the mischievous pup who has her own plans for the crown.
38. Uncle Otis Mayor Goodway’s uncle and a gold prospector.
39. Moo Moo A fan-fiction character that made their way into the popularity rankings!
40. Ladybird An extremely vain villainess who steals shiny things with which to admire her reflection. She calls the stolen items her “reflection collection.”
41. Alaska Another fan-fiction character that made their way into the popularity rankings!
42. Julius Goodway Son of Gustavo Goodway, twin to Julia, and niece of Mayor Goodway.

Unranked Supporting Characters

Ryder PAW Patrol
These are generally characters with a small part to play that didn’t make the rankings, but are still a part of the show, so of course they’re worth mentioning!

Here are the unranked PAW Patrol character’s names!

  • Sid Swashbuckle – As far as Paw Patrol names go, it’s in our top 3! Sid is a pirate who is often stealing things with his pet dog Arrby.
  • Carlos  – Ryder’s pen-pal from the jungle and the companion of Tracker.
  • Wild Cat – He’s the Paw Patrol’s first feline member, and is a stunt motorcyclist!
  • Julia Goodway – Previously Justina Goodway, daughter of Gustavo Goodway, twin to Julius, and niece of Mayor Goodway.
  • The Cheetah – Cousin to Mayor Humdinger, she is a menace that delights in dastardly deeds.
  • Harold Humdinger – The Mayor’s villainous and tech-savvy nephew.
  • The Kitten Catastrophe Crew – Or the Kit-tastrophe Crew, they’re basically the Anti-Paw Patrol. Seven fiendish felines and two humans that do Mayor Humdinger’s bidding.
  • Mr. Wingnut – Owner of the Burger Stand Trailer and husband of Mrs. Wingnut, he has a couple of notable hobbies: inventing and yodeling!
  • Mindy Moo – A cow that lives with Farmers Yumi and Al.
  • Bessie and Edwena – Two of Farmer Al’s cows.
  • Liberty – A curious, lively, and fearless, long-haired Dachshund that looks up to the PAW Patrol.
  • Farmer Al – The owner and operator of Moo Juice Dairy Farm in Adventure Bay. He marries Farmer Yumi in season 2.
  • Emma and Corny – Two of Farmer Al’s pigs who love each other very much.

Dog Naming Guide

Hero Dog
Do you have a dog who is your own hero pup? Then it’s only fitting that you give them a name from another hero, like one of the PAW Patrol pups names!

Follow this dog naming advice and you can’t go wrong! How to choose a dog name:

  • A short name is better. One or two syllables is much easier for your dog to learn, and for you to say. Again. And again!
  • Choose a name that doesn’t sound similar to any of the commands you’re going to use, like “sit, stay, come,” etc.
  • Say it out loud many times in an instruction such as “Skye, dinner!” or “Come, Rocky!” before you settle on it. Imagine shouting it out loud in public.

If you follow those three steps, then you’re well on your way to choosing a perfect pup name!

The Takeaway

The PAW Patrol names in this list include all the characters and are mostly sorted into a rank by popularity.

We hope that you are now a bit more clued up on the characters, and the pups’ names, than you were before.

Now, go and impress your children with your newfound knowledge! Or better yet, by giving your family’s newcomer a dashing hero name!

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