One-Syllable Girl Names – 26 Pretty Single Syllable Names for Girls

One Syllable Girl NamesLooking for one-syllable girl names for your child can seem like a complicated task, despite the simplicity you’re searching for.

Apart from making sure the chosen name for your baby or even a pet is unique and lovely, considering one that is easy to pronounce is also very important.

New parents often learn the struggle of spelling out their baby’s long and uncommon name to every passerby who peeps into your baby walker to see such cuteness staring up at them.

I’m pretty sure you don’t want to have to spell out a long and complicated name every time anyone asks, “aww, such a cute baby, what’s her name?”

If you are looking for an adorable name for your baby girl, you’ll probably want something simple and short like a monosyllabic girl name with a strong root or origin.

The Smaller, the Cuter, Just Like the Owner: Why Shorter Names Are Better

Unique one-syllable names for girls are also a great way to balance out long last names and, if you think about it, short names for babies are just plain trendy without trying too hard!
develop their sense of identity with the names when they are short, easy to spell, easy to recognize, and easily pronounceable – did you know that people with shorter names earn more?

Now, you are excited about giving your girl child a name, right? Great! Here are 26 pretty, single-syllable girl names for your darling baby girl.

26 Pretty One-Syllable Girl Names to Choose From

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The name Trish is primarily a female name of English origin that means Noble. It is perfect for a family that fancies high-ranking girl names with one syllable.

Remarkably, every Trish is expected to have admirable and fine qualities; you cannot go wrong with this single-syllable name.



In English-speaking countries, the name Lou, if used as a one-syllable girl name means the same as Lucy, Louise, Louisa. It is of French origin meaning “renowned warrior.”



A variant of this name is Chris but don’t you just love the way it looks with a K? Especially now when kids’ names with K just have a nice ring to them. A splendid Christian name meaning “follower of Christ.”



Claire comes from a French word meaning “clear, bright, light-colored, or fair.” It is a French adjective which can also be a noun when the “e” at the end is left out; clair, meaning light, as in the phrase clair de lune – “light of the moon.”



Another sexy one-syllable girl’s middle name that starts with K. It is a Korean surname meaning “gold” and more popularly, the girl’s name Kim means “from the royal fortress meadow.”



A unique, yet, unisex female one-syllable name. Although it is more commonly used for boys, the nickname Sam is a common epithet for girls.

In recent times, it has been modified to include feminine variations which are: Samantha, Sami, and Samuella. Sam originates from a Hebrew word meaning “told by God.”



Eve is one of the few one-syllable girl names of biblical origin, and it’s a popular one. A great name for a feminine child. I mean, it literally means “mother of life!”

Eves are as beautiful as their name and a force to be reckoned with. It is derived from the Latin word Eva which means living. Eve certainly does give life and you can call them the life of the party.



Take a moment and just let these sounds roll out of your tongue as you pronounce them. Fay. Smooth right? It is an English baby name, the meaning of which is “confidence, trust, belief.”

It is also akin to magic or fairy because Fay is derived from the Gaelic word fae, for fairy folk so, if you’re a magic junkie, Fay is one name to seriously consider.


Baby Girl in Sheep Costume



A classic single syllable girl name for girls born in June. The name is of Latin origin and means “young.”

It is also said to be derived from the Roman goddess of special counsel or the protector, Juno, who was the patroness of marriage and the well-being of women.



In Latin baby names the meaning of the name Jo is “God is gracious.” It is the feminine form of John derived from the Latin, Johanna, Joanne, or Josephine.

It is the feminine version of Joseph, a variation of the Hebrew name Yosef, having the same meaning.



What’s more noble, feminine, and ladylike than bearing the diva-like name Queen itself? Choose this and you can legitimately say to your daughter “YAASSS QUEEN” every time she does amazingly!

The name Queen is primarily a female name of English origin that is the title for a female royal. Yep, Queen is one of the most popular one-syllable girl names that you would never regret choosing.



As the name implies, a happy child. It is of a Latin origin, meaning happiness. There is no going wrong with the name Joy.



The name Ayn is a girl’s name of Finnish origin meaning “grace.”

Ayn is a nonconformist name associated with controversial Russian-born writer and philosopher Ayn Rand, (born Alisa) author of The Fountainhead, who adopted the name when she moved to the US in 1926.



A perfect, popular name for girls having one syllable and, yes you guessed it, Belle is of French origin, meaning “beautiful.”

It can also be a shortened form of Anabelle or Isabelle. Belles exude love and care, famous because of the Disney Princess who turned a furry beast into a handsome prince through kindness.



For a tender-hearted baby. The name Love is primarily a gender-neutral name of English origin that means “full of love.”

The English surname comes from the French louve meaning a “female wolf.”



Pronounced may-eev or mayv

Maeve’s are charismatic; they have no problem making new friends.

The name Maeve is of Irish origin and was the name of a first-century Queen of Ireland. It is now used to refer to a determined and independent, born leader headed for success.



You got it, flower! One of the most captivating flowers that we’re all familiar with which symbolizes passion.

Giving your baby girl this one-syllable name means such a child is beautiful inside and out.

It was also derived from the Latin word rosa which is a woody perennial plant. Rose is also commonly used to refer to the beauty of the flower.


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Refreshingly simple, as a name Rain means “abundant blessings from Above.”

Does this unique one-syllable girl name sound like a good omen? Of course, it does! It’s short, sweet, and easy to pronounce.

Plus, everybody already knows the spelling of rain. Have fun not correcting your daughter’s teachers all the time.



It’s fun, it means pure, and it’s a popular one-syllable girl name of Greek origin.

Commonly used as a middle name, Kate is more archaic than most with deep-seated roots, but is still trendy enough to be a common occurrence today.



The fifth month of the calendar, the month of May was named after the Roman goddess Maia, who oversaw the growth of plants.

Maia was considered a nurturer and an earth goddess, which may explain the connection with this springtime month. She’ll be a lover of the earth, and a nurturer of nature, I guess!



A fierce, audacious single-syllable name for girls. I know it’s the name of a wild cat, but hold on, I’m not finished yet.

Originally Greek, the word is derived from lunx which means “brightness, light.”

The word refers to the luminescence of the cat’s eyes, whereas for your baby girl, it alludes to a reflective spirit that echoes and amplifies the light around her.



A precious jewel. Easy to see, this name means the bearer is precious and delicate to their parents.

A primarily feminine name associated with modesty and innocence, which is true, considering it’s a baby girl name.

The pearl is also the birthstone given to the month of June. So, you might consider it a monosyllabic middle name for your baby girl born in June.



As inferred by the name, when you hear it, what comes to your mind is a fair, delicate, and feminine young girl. Thanks, Disney!

The character Snow White somehow shows the exact meaning of the name… except that she had black hair. It must have been her character that was so pure.

Snow is a descriptive one-syllable girl name for someone with very pale skin or light blonde hair, unlike our favorite Disney princess.

As a side note, this name is a firm favorite when it comes to girl dog names, especially the Bichon Frise and poodle breeds.



From the small singing bird, Wrens are widely considered as the harbinger of spring and rebirth, and are charismatic, active birds that are attractive to the eyes and ears.

It is an English name for a girl regarded in Ireland as the “magician of the birds” and the Druids considered it a bird of prophecy. An early fable makes the lilting songbird to be known as the king of birds.



Dell is an English unisex given name, nickname, and surname. It means “small valley or glen” and comes from the Old English word del but can also mean something else whether it is German, English, or American.

The English name Dell stands for “noble” and, in Germany, it also means “bright.”



If you love the Spanish name Esperanza, then why not try Hope, an English feminine name taken directly from the Middle English hope, and ultimately from the Old English word hopian referring to “a positive expectation” or to “the theological virtue of hope.”


Rounding Off On 26 One-Syllable Girl Names

Single Syllable Girl Names
And there you have it, 26 girl names that are pretty skimpy on syllables but rich in charisma and style.

We hope we’ve made your quest of finding a simple name for your baby girl an easy one with our picks.

Oh, and did we mention that most of these work very well as middle names too?

Now that you’ve gone through our list of girl names with one syllable, we recommend you take a look at these other names for girls, inspired by the mythology of mermaids!

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