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Looking for the best Nord names for your Elder Scrolls character? Well, it’s a good thing that we have this ESO Nord name generator! From Skyrim to Elder Scrolls Online, we’ve got you covered!

It’s got over 20 million possible name combinations, so it’s jam-packed with unique names for your unique character.

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Just for you, we’ve also hand-selected our top 20 favorite names for each gender, plus you’ll find a list of more names further down!

To name your own character though, take a moment to think about what makes them who they are:

  • What kind of person are they? A ruthless killer? A battle-hardened veteran? A healing mage? A sneaky archer?
  • Are they good, evil, or neutral?
  • Will they help people, or use them to their own ends?
  • Do they have any quirks?

Obviously, all of these answers are totally personal to you, so once you’ve got these in your head, when you see the perfect name for your Nord it will jump out at you!

Read on for a quick background on Nords, or skip ahead to the name generator using the Contents below.

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Nords: A Human Race

Entering Sovngarde
Image Credit: Linda Rain 714 | Flickr | No Changes Made
(CC BY 2.0)

Nords are basically the Scandinavians of the Elder Scrolls universe. Think Vikings and you’re on the right track.

Fair-haired and tall, Nords are a tough, hardy, and warfaring race, being well balanced in all manners of combat.

They get their natural resistance to cold and frost from their heritage – Nords come from a cold and harsh climate, reputedly tracing their ancestry to Atmora from which they sailed to Tamriel.

The Nord’s skill tree leans toward a combatant character, with bonuses to blocking, light armor, and both one- and two-handed weapons.

Okay, brief history complete, now it’s time to find the perfect name for your Nord!

Our Favorite Nord Names

Female Nord Mountain Lake View
Image Credit: Vlad [T] | Flickr | No Changes Made
(CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)
Every name given by the name generator on this page is great, but there are definitely some better than others.

Here are our favorite 20 picks for both male and female Nord Names!

Female Male
1. Trigrid the Fearless 1. Storm Darkdawn
2. Hidar the Northerner 2. Ulran Ice-Fist
3. Jaedya the Vile 3. Sigar Snow-Mane
4. Shana Seven-Swords 4. Ulov Iceheart
5. Itnette Mojeldsen 5. Wiljar Knot-Beard
6. Ella Wind-Shifter 6. Bjord Sorensen
7. Risi Asgensen 7. Hjorvil Ironhand
8. Katilda Waterwalker 8. Alik Hariksen
9. Theoria Ice-Veins 9. Vigunn Soriksen
10. Thonlynn Oaken-Wand 10. Valdr Kjarsen
11. Betina Coldhand 11. Asbjorn Hairy-Legs
12. Erdi the Bare-Footed 12. Isdrid the Strange
13. Fjori the Friendly 13. Balfring Greycloak
14. Bette the Sword-Maiden 14. Fens Strong-Arm
15. Olda Soriksen 15. Hadring Highlander
16. Soki Magaudin 16. Bandor the Naughty
17. Ania Elfkiller 17. Hakon the Colossus
18. Amwyn Fireheart 18. Thongvor Kjarsen
19. Vigwenn Snow-Song 19. Bittrid Trollsbane
20. Fjoria Foxbite 20. Luthin the Wide

Skyrim Nord Name Generator

Fjotreir Crowheart
Falkyn the Strong
Emfrfnhild Ghost-Finger
Anisrida Banner-Back
Halbnferth Axe-Seeker


ESO Nord Name Generator

Hrefilief Thrice-Scourge
Tekria Anvil-Blood
Bjorhardt Ahlervondottir
Gonnig Troll-Maiden
Gerhyld Fanranersson


More Female Nord Names

Female Fair-Haired Nord
Image Credit: Vlad [T] | Flickr | Cropped
(CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)

We have hand-selected another 100 names for your hardy Lady of the North.

You will find every single one of these names in the generator, but good luck with that, because there are over 11.4 million names to get through!

Here are the 100 next best female Nord names:

  • Fresgil Harersen
  • Eirma Kjansen
  • Abelone Ingmansen
  • Ulle the Singer
  • Minette the Durzog Trainer
  • Tranya Wind-Shifter
  • Vunhilde Ingmarsen
  • Hedgirde Riverwind
  • Alwyn Fairsong
  • Krastir Hammerhurl
  • Storbarda the Yellow
  • Brimfja Mojaldsen
  • Adla Half-Troll
  • Gretsine Honey-Hand
  • Rigel Golden-Hilt
  • Maigarda Eraldsen
  • Linlyne Torbornsen
  • Hloelott the Unfaithful
  • Holsin the Unrestful
  • Bresa Jurgenssen
  • Gerda the Booming
  • Tridi Maulhand
  • Imwyn Torbersen
  • Una the Fair
  • Dalitra Harenssen
  • Helgi Banner-Torn
  • Temba Fog-Eye
  • Eyja Stone-Eye
  • Irghild Fork-Beard
  • Greca Wind-Eye
  • Grerid Thrice-Versed
  • Areca Cold-Eye
  • Sissel Greycloak
  • Agnenor Asgaldsen
  • Hrottgreda the Mumbling
  • Idgrod Wealdwalker Bearfang
  • Serana the Tiny
  • Bergljot the Lioness
  • Kara White-Wave
  • Angetha Drakesbane
  • Huki Oaken-Wand
  • Bringuna Jurgariksen
  • Fralia the Gifted
  • Hannir Ice-Mane
  • Nettanir Bjeldsen
  • Asda Ice-Veins
  • Himarit Ingmaldsen
  • Gulvera Farseer
  • Kelgerde Havilguss
  • Norra Halfmoon
  • Skjor Stonewalker
  • Roki War-Bear
  • Jofrior Mojariksen
  • Hola Worm-Heart
  • Roxwinne the Strong
  • Svargret Erersen
  • Ylsi Mojeldsen
  • Ottaesa Knot-Beard
  • Vaerarre Maiden-Loom
  • Morgina Songbird
  • Hjolfrodi One-Eye
  • Hilvira Alenssen
  • Songar the Scribe
  • Friga Stone-Singer
  • Veranir Fenrensen
  • Narana the New Guy
  • Hrosaa Noellaume
  • Asta Ironarm
  • Maveld Kjornsen
  • Brygelva the Wicked
  • Drodda Salt-Sage
  • Amandtea Fenrarnesen
  • Larula Ingmarkesen
  • Sigrid Black-Skeever
  • Thalwyn Cloud-Seeker
  • Gjailif Jurgarkesen
  • Hannura Gray-Sky
  • Ekkhi Erenssen
  • Jala Torbansen
  • Fjogryd the Smith
  • Tirora Harissen
  • Hakra Fenraldsen
  • Sas Star-Sung
  • Jardirr Ulrenssen
  • Bemfola the Harrier
  • Voddreid the Giant
  • Anaka Haransen
  • Edvilda Stonebeard
  • Anina Longhair
  • Halbora the Man
  • Jakidi Bigtoe
  • Leid the Howler
  • Brittgerd the Blade
  • Mawine the Willful
  • Ninetha the Brittle
  • Kirstne Sorornsen
  • Hrordis Ulrersen
  • Hyava Hammerfall
  • Robjorn the Heavy
  • Tilde Grey-Heart

More Male Names

Toki the Nord
Image Credit: Mike Prosser | Flickr | Cropped
(CC BY-SA 2.0)

Same as the list above, every one of these names will be found in the generator but with over 11.9 million, you’re better off looking at our hand-picked names.

Here are the 100 next best male Nord names:

  • Adalmor Crowheart
  • Addold Songbird
  • Alar of the Isles
  • Algot Asgansen
  • Anders Snowhunter
  • Angrenor the Warlock
  • Atald Lonely-Gale
  • Barro Oaken-Wand
  • Bedrir the Shy
  • Beirir Ulreldsen
  • Bel the Fat
  • Belknar the Intrepid
  • Bjorn Free-Winter
  • Bjorskir Trollsbane
  • Borvir Meadblood
  • Boward Two-Hammers
  • Broning Grey-Heart
  • Bronvid Soreldsen
  • Brurid Alissen
  • Dagimar Deepcrag
  • Dagrund the Southerner
  • Darynn Ulraldsen
  • Dengeir Knifeborn
  • Dorbin Hairy-Breeks
  • Drorunn Ulransen
  • Einarth the Wolf
  • Eris Elf-Speaker
  • Fenrarik Halfhand
  • Fenrarke Erornsen
  • Fenren the Cobbler
  • Fjorgeir the White
  • Frothar Darkhammer
  • Fultheim the Long-Watcher
  • Gakurek the Ratmaster
  • Ganord Coldtongue
  • Gar Wide-Arm
  • Garneld Wormfather
  • Gathotar the Ravager
  • Gestur of the River
  • Gjalrunn Bereouch
  • Hadkyr Lastblood
  • Hararke Bjariksen
  • Hjalfar of Windhelm
  • Hjognar the Bloody
  • Hjoldir Snowraven
  • Holstagg the Innocent
  • Honthjolf Erariksen
  • Hosgunn the Worm
  • Hreinn Flame-Hair
  • Hrollod Asgarnesen
  • Hrolvir of Icereach
  • Idaug Silver-Blood
  • Ingmeld the Wild
  • Irthak Riverrun
  • Jolfr Brandy-Mug
  • Jolgeir Pure-Spring
  • Jollring Magaudin
  • Jorck Ice-Storm
  • Jurgeld Ulrarnesen
  • Jurgorn Stormfist
  • Kjan Asgarsen
  • Kjorn Alarkesen
  • Kraval Jurgeldsen
  • Lenne Erensen
  • Logorvild the Slayer
  • Lokir Stormwall
  • Longald Jurgaldsen
  • Malsorr Ironkettle
  • Mickal No-Toes
  • Miraak Veer
  • Mojar the Brittle
  • Mojens the Strange
  • Msirae Horse-Crusher
  • Nedasilf the Vile
  • Neddrir Maiden-Loom
  • Oduvid Oaken-Heart
  • Orthjolf Wood-Hewer
  • Ramth Shadow-Cloak
  • Rikke Alarsen
  • Roliand the Strong-Arm
  • Roligmolf Bronze-Helm
  • Sifvid Asgissen
  • Skalferth the Harvester
  • Slodrig the Feeble
  • Snedbrir the Nightingale
  • Soreld the Portly
  • Talsgar Cold-Moon
  • Talsgryr Hararnesen
  • Thadgen Fenrensen
  • Thorbald Whitemane
  • Torbald Wintermist
  • Torbarke the Singer
  • Torbjorn Ulrersen
  • Torygg Wealdwalker
  • Valdur the Snow-Owl
  • Valeric Home-Wrecker
  • Vigrod the Curse-Bringer
  • Vulwulf Torbarsen
  • Wickam Ironfist
  • Woster Bjornsen

Other Elder Scrolls Name Generators

Well, we hope that you enjoyed using the Nord names generator and that you found the perfect name for your Elder Scrolls character!

What name did you go with in the end? We’d love to hear about your character and their name in the comments at the end!

At My Pet’s Name, we understand that variety is the spice of life, and so is building many characters of different races.

So, if you’re looking to name a character of another race, have a look at our other Elder Scrolls name generators!

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