Mermaid Names – 47 Baby Names Inspired by Mythical Merfolk

Mermaid Baby Names Merbaby in SeaIf you enjoy all things nautical or are a fan of the classic film The Little Mermaid, the lovely mermaid names we’ve gathered here are perfect for you.

Many parents draw inspiration for their child’s name from a wide range of sources, whether from around the world or a particular tradition. Of course, your baby name idea may be influenced by many things, not just the one.

If that’s the case, you may find the perfect name that combines the mermaids with another influence for your beautiful baby.

And these names aren’t just for pretty little girls; stories tell about their male counterparts, so we’ve found the best mermen names as well!

With decades of stories, great literature, and film adaptations worldwide, one thing is certain: there are some truly stunning merfolk names around.

Let’s look at some baby names influenced by mermaids, the sea, and everything in between.

A Bit About Mermaids

Aside from the popular Disney film, mermaids have long been associated with Europe, dating back to Greek mythology. In tales and folklore all around the world, fish-tailed sirens commonly appear, luring men from ships into the murky depths below.

With water covering most of our blue world, it’s no surprise that the oceans were once thought to harbor strange creatures such as serpents and mermaids.

Merfolk (mermaids and mermen) are the aquatic counterparts to half-human, half-animal fables that have captivated the human imagination for many millennia – the earliest Mermaids were painted on cave walls in the late Palaeolithic era (Stone Age), around 30,000 years ago, when humans had established a stronghold on the land and begun to sail the sea.

One of the most notable sightings was by Christopher Columbus, who wrote in his logbook that he had seen three mermaids but were not as lovely as they were depicted and had a man’s face.

This assessment is great for demonstrating the argument that purported mermaid sightings are frequently manatees, walruses, and other creatures.

Mermaid Girls Names

Beautiful Mermaid Baby Girl Blue Tail
These mermaid names are derived from terms related to the sea or any body of water. Some are homonyms of water and ocean-related nouns (sound similar), while others are synonyms (share meanings).


“Small Stream”

A little stream is referred to as a brook. You’ve probably heard the term babbling brook. They’re noted for being calm and peaceful, with soft running water sounds and frog croaks. Its meaning is “small stream,” as the name implies.




It also has a sea sound to it, pronounced [seh-see-lee-uh], sneakily concealing the word “seal!” The song Cecelia by Simon & Garfunkel popularised the name.

“Someone who is blind to their own attractiveness” is the meaning of the name – mermaids are noted for their beauty and lure sailors in with their melodies and appearances, although it’s not certain that they would know it.



“Port, Born on a Pier”

It’s an old English name for a girl. This is considered an ocean-themed name because Chel- is similar to “shell,” and, of course, it ends with –sea! It almost sounds like a seashell when the two syllables are reversed.

The name’s meanings are “port, born on a pier, chalk landing site,” with Kelsey being a charming and unique variation of the name.




Coral reefs are diverse and magnificent structures seen in the ocean made from invertebrates that live in the sea; many people are unaware that they are animals.

Coralia is a Greek word that means “like coral,” who was a dancing mermaid that appeared in an 18th-century drama. Two similar, pleasant names are Cora and Coraline.




Fairies, often known as fae or Fay, are lovely legendary creatures similar to mermaids. Water fairies have even been referred to as mermaids. The name has several meanings, including “magic,” “fairies,” and “confidence,” “trust,” and “believe.”



“Gem/ Precious Stone”

When it comes to mermaid costumes and accessories, diamonds are a popular choice. Mermaid fashion incorporates gemstones and small glittering face gems. Gemma is a lovely name that sounds like it belongs to a mermaid. Its meaning is “gemstone,” and it is of Latin origin. Gemma is a name that is similar to Gemini.




There are several reasons why this is a good mermaid name. A port is, first and foremost, a section of a body of water that is shallow enough to allow vessels to dock. Mermaids are said to approach close to human vessels and watch from afar.

Harbor is also an English name that means “Shelter.” Shelter signifies safety, and mermaids have been known to save humans from drowning, as seen in Disney’s The Little Mermaid. Harper is a variation for the name.



“Beautiful Lake”

Mermaids are believed to be beautiful animals, and any name ending in -lyn is lovely in our perspective. This name also includes a reference to another body of water. It’s an American name that translates to “beautiful lake.”




Livia is a Spanish and Latin girl’s name means blue, envious. We associate the ocean with life because it sounds like “living.” It’s teeming with life, and it makes me feel alive.

The ocean is also regarded as blue, and it is referred to as “deep blue sea” and “bottomless blue” in The Little Mermaid. This is a nickname for Olivia.




In several languages, “the moon” is referred to as Luna. The moon is associated with the sea because it controls the ocean’s tides. The moon’s gravitational pull causes tidal force. The name Luna, a variant of Deluna, has its origins in Italy.



“Of the Sea/ Sea Maiden.”

A marina is a term for a small boat harbor. This mermaid girl’s name includes the word marine, which alludes to anything related to the sea. The origin of this name is Latin, meaning “of the sea.”



“From the Ocean”

This one is easy to understand. There’s no need for an explanation. It is a French name that means “ocean.”



“Gems of Sea”

Pearls are shimmering pebble-like items made of calcium carbonates found in the water among mollusks. Mermaids wear pearl accessories in stories and as costumes – genuine pearls are quite valuable. It is an English name with no meaning other than a “pearl.”




It goes without stating that this name has something to do with water because it is a synonym for precipitation. From the Latin name Regina, the name Raina means “singing queen” (a variation); fitting because mermaids are famous for their beautiful songs.




This is a good ocean name because it contains the word “shell,” as in seashell. It is an English name that means “willow grove.”



“Mountain Range/ Power.”

It contains “sea,” even though it is spelled differently. A light blue paint color called high sierra is also available. Sierra is a Spanish word that means “mountain” and “power.” Another reason it works as a good mermaid name is that mermaids are thought to be powerful animals.



“Mermaid, Siren”

Siren is the Spanish word for mermaid. We think siren names are more seductive and sinister than mermaid names. There are numerous mermaid tales where mermaids do not lure and kill humans.




This name contains the word siren, a synonym for the Mermaid. The term is derived from the Latin serenus, which means “peaceful, quiet, and tranquil.” Its origins are French and English.


Disney Mermaid Names

These girl’s names have been popular in recent years, and we’ve made a list of the most well-known Disney mermaid names, with the underwater princess Ariel at the top of the list.

Looking at some of the following unique names available, we can see why parents and parents-to-be adore them.

The Little Mermaid Names

The Little Mermaid VHS Box Art
Image Credit: Tom Simpson | Flickr | Changes Made
(CC BY-NC 2.0)



“God’s Lion”

As King Triton’s youngest daughter, Ariel is the star of The Little Mermaid. She is a free spirit who, almost to her detriment, wants to be independent of her father and experience the human world. The name Ariel comes from the Hebrew language and means “God’s lion.”




Attina is King Triton’s firstborn daughter and Ariel’s sister. She feels responsible for her sisters, whom she sometimes perceives as unjust. The name means “full and powerful.” It’s also the name of a deity revered for her knowledge.




Alana is King Triton’s second-born daughter. She is best recognized for being concerned about her appearance and health. Her given name also means “beautiful” in Gaelic.




Adella is King Triton’s third daughter. She enjoys romance more than the majority of her sisters. Adella comes from the Old German word Adella, which means “noble.”




Aquata is a Disney mermaid named in The Little Mermaid. She is King Triton’s fourth daughter. She is well-known for her lack of decorum and unwillingness to share. “Water” is the meaning of the name.



“Best, Harvest”

Arista is King Triton’s fifth daughter, a fun-loving musician. In Latin, this mermaid name signifies “harvest.”




Triton’s sixth daughter, Andrina, is portrayed as the comic one. She enjoys making others laugh. Andrew’s female form is Andrea, which means “manly” and “strong.” Adaline, Adalyn, and Adele are other similar names.




This is King Triton’s deceased wife and mother of Ariel and her sisters, who died when Ariel was a child. She has the same red hair as Ariel and was a well-liked queen with a talent for singing and music.

The Greek goddess of wisdom and war is also known as Athena, the meaning of whose name is “praise.”



“Beautiful Song.”

Melody was Ariel’s daughter, who appeared in The Little Mermaid 2: Return to the Sea. She was shown as a headstrong free spirit who defied her parents, much like her mother. She, unlike Ariel, lived in the human world and aspired to be a mermaid!


Mako Mermaids Names



“Water Spirit”

The first season’s primary character was Nixie, and this can be a cute mermaid name for your baby. She enjoys being adventurous and has gotten herself into much trouble. She is the most fun-loving of the mermaid pals.

The name Nixie is of German origin and means “water sprite.”



“Little Wave”

The Mermaid Council sent Ondina to take Zac’s merman powers away, and she was initially hostile to humans, but she eventually softened.

She is also involved in a romantic connection with Erik, a merman, and is courageous, suspicious, and obstinate at times. Ondina is a name that means “small wave.”



“The Sea of Bitterness”

She was devoted to her best friend Ondina and determined to restore the pod, although she does not consider Zac a threat. She is eager to gain as much knowledge as she can about others.




Lyla was a fiery mermaid who was unstoppable whenever she set her mind to something. Zac, a merman, becomes a romantic interest for her. This Mermaid’s name comes from the Arabic language and means “night.”




Rita was the school principal where Mimmie, Sirena, and Lyla first attended. She also turns out to be a mermaid, and she takes them in and mentors them. The name is of Spanish origin and means “pearl.”


Merman Names for Baby Boys

Merman Baby Names
Merpeople are traditionally female. However, there are accounts of mermen as well. Mermaiding is a popular hobby that both men and women participate in.

Here are some suggestions for merman names: some of them have ocean-related meanings, while others simply sound amazing and powerful, as I envision mermen to be. Here are some names with a powerful ring appropriate for mermen.



“Happy, Blessed”

This is an English and Germanic name that means “happy and blessed” or “one who dwelt in an ash tree or grove.” The name Ash is a pleasing variant.




This merman name derives from “venerable” and “majestic.”

Augustus was a violent Roman emperor whose reign was marred by bloodshed. We know it most commonly today as the 8th month of the year.




The Caspian Sea is the world’s biggest inland body of water. It’s essentially a huge lake with salty water diluted by freshwater. It supports a diverse range of fish, birds, plankton, and a single mammal species, the Caspian seal.

Azerbaijan, Iran, Kazakhstan, Russia, and Turkmenistan all have coasted along the Caspian sea. The word Caspian comes from the English language and means Qazvin, Iran.




The name Cyrus is Persian in origin and means “sun.” Amongst other connetations are “young,” “nearsighted,” and “lord.”



“To Tame/ Subdue”

Damian refers to the people’s powerful man. It can also imply “to subjugate” or “to tame.” Those are all words that have something to do with mermen. Mermen names allude to powerful and magical creatures with the ability to subjugate an enemy by strength or magic.




Davy is a Hebrew mermen name that means “beloved” but, more to do with the naming theme we’ve got going here, Davy Jones’ Locker is a saying that refers to being shipwrecked and dying at the bottom of the sea alongside the sunken ship. Davy Jones himself was The Flying Dutchman’s captain and, according to legend, the ghost ship is condemned to sail the seas forever.



“A Gift of the Sea”

In French, the merfolk name Dorian means “gift of the sea” or “child of the sea.” Used in Dorian Gray’s The Picture of Dorian Gray, about a man whose self-portrait ages as he remains forever young.

This is significant because Merfolk are legendary creatures who may live considerably longer or age differently than humans. Mermaids, I suppose, can live for hundreds of years and still appear young.




Male ducks are referred to as drakes. In Greek, it also means “dragon” or “serpent.” Merfolk and dragons are similar in that they have long, scaly tails.



“Eternal Ruler”

Little Mermaid’s prince’s name, as well as the name of a merman from Mako Mermaids. It comes from the Old Norse language, which means “mighty/powerful/ruler.”



“Bean Grower”

This name is originated from Fabianus, which means “bean grower” in Latin. It reminds us of Jack and the Beanstalk, a myth about witches, giants, and magical beans, all of which are associated with mermaids.



“Fair/ White”

For obvious reasons, this name is associated with mermaids – ins are found on mermaids and fish. It’s a classic Irish name for boys that means “fair” or “white.”




Pronounced [hal-see-uhn], “calm” is the meaning of this name. In the mythology of Greece, it is also the name of a bird that was claimed to have calmed the sea and laid its eggs on a floating nest.



“Gift From the Lord”

Ian is a Scottish surname that means “Gift from Lord.” Ian is also a nickname for Ianthe, a Greek mythological sea nymph.



“Sea Friend”

The origins of this male Mermaid’s name can be traced back to Ireland, England, and Wales. It means “sea friend or handsome friend.” It’s an excellent merman name because Merfolk is thought to be lovely and comes from the water, making them natural sea companions.



“Sea Fortress”

The name Marlin comes from the English language. Marlin is a clownfish who is also Nemo’s father in Finding Nemo. Because he is frightened of losing his son, Marlin is too cautious with him.

When it comes to finding Nemo, he proves to be a brave and committed father. Dweller at the Famous Land, the name signifies.


Final Thoughts

Not everyone agrees on the definition of mermaids or their personalities. It would be fascinating to learn that mermaids do exist one day, but for now, we’ll have to rely on our imaginations while pretending to be them.

In any case, these lovely creatures are a fantastic source of enticing and appealing baby names, and we hope our list helps you to choose the good mermaid name for your little one.


What Are Baby Mermaids Called?

Because there is no unique word for a mermaid baby like dolphin babies (calve) or fish babies, mermaid infants are simply referred to as baby mermaids or babies (fry, fingerling). Because mermaids are half-human, it’s more natural to use the human word for baby.

If there existed a word for mermaid baby, it would be mercild, formed from the Old English mer (sea) and cild (baby) – merbaby is the Modern English equivalent.

Who is the Goddess of Mermaids?

Mermaids have been seen in every civilization and on every continent. Once, a goddess is thought to be the source of all mermaid myths repeated for thousands of years. Atargatis, the Assyrian goddess, was this goddess.

Atargatis was a goddess associated with the moon, feminine abilities, and water. She was adored in ancient Assyria and the Mediterranean 4000–3000 years ago.

Who was the First Mermaid?

The oldest mermaid legend is that of Atargatis, the Goddess of the moon, water, and femininity in Assyria who was worshipped 3000 to 4000 years ago.

Atargatis was represented as a mermaid, and her story is one of the oldest mermaid tales.

Are There Any Mermaids in Greek Mythology?

Sirens are frequently associated with mermaids in Greek mythology. Even though they share many qualities, they are currently considered two separate entities.

According to a popular Greek folktale, Alexander the Great’s sister, Thessalonike, died in 295 BC and was changed into a mermaid who resided in the Aegean sea.

Is Aphrodite a Mermaid?

Aphrodite is familiar with the Greek goddess of love, beauty, and sexuality. Atargatis, a Syrian goddess, was her name.

She wasn’t always a mermaid, but her beauty prevented her from totally transforming into a fish, so her upper half remained human while her bottom half transformed into a fish.

What Are Half Mermaids Called?

Merpeople are a fabled half-human, half-fish hybrid species. Males and females are referred to as mermaids and mermen, respectively, most prominently featured in The Little Mermaid and associated media.

Mermaids are half-fish, half-woman sea creatures who are usually harmless, whereas sirens are malevolent mermaids. Sirens vary depending on the interpretation, although they are usually represented as mermaids.

What Are Mermaids With Legs Called?

Sirenomelia, also known as mermaid syndrome, is a rare congenital malformation in which the legs merge, resembling a mermaid’s tail, hence the name.

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