125 Perfect Leopard Gecko Names: Exotic & Rare Ideas

Leopard Gecko Names

There are a huge number of exotic animals found throughout the world, but not many can be kept as pets.

The Leopard Gecko is an exception, as these magnificent and unique reptiles make brilliant pets, and stand out from all other scaled creatures due to their distinct pattern!

If you’ve had the good fortune to welcome home this pet, you will no doubt be searching for the best Leopard Gecko Names to properly integrate them into your family!

We have put together 125 of our favorites, ranging from unique and funky names with cool meanings, to names of famous dragons and dinosaurs, which we believe have very similar patterns and textures to the Leopard Gecko!

Enjoy exploring our list and learning some new names and their meanings…

List Of 125 Leopard Gecko Names

Leopard Gecko
We took inspiration from Indian and Afghan languages, as these are some of the countries where many of these Geckos originate!
  1. Afsoon – an exotic Afghan word meaning ‘charm’ or ‘spell’
  2. Ajax – one of the funkiest leopard gecko names!
  3. Aller – meaning ‘to go’ in French
  4. Allona – a Hebrew word meaning ‘strong as an oak’
  5. Aly – Arabic for ‘greatest’
  6. Amoli – an Indian name meaning ‘special one’
  7. Anat – a cute Hebrew word ‘to sing’
  8. Angel – an adorable choice for the most well-behaved Leopard Gecko!
  9. Anna – Native American for ‘mother’
  10. Apollo – Greek meaning ‘masculine beauty’
  11. Arezo – a cool Afghan title meaning a ‘wish’ or ‘desire’
  12. Arthur – a powerful choice for a strong-willed Leopard
  13. Ash – a short and sweet choice
  14. Asher – Hebrew meaning ‘one who is blessed and happy’
  15. Astrid – Danish meaning ‘beautiful goddess’
  16. Azoom – meaning ‘talented and wise one’
  17. Baby – after the Leopard from the film ‘Bringing Up Baby’
  18. Bagheera – the Leopard from Rudyard Kipling’s ‘The Jungle Book’
  19. Balerion – after the dragon ‘Balerion the Black Dread’
  20. Banther – after the fictional character from the ‘Dragon Prince’
  21. Beanie – an adorable leopard gecko name
  22. Bella – meaning ‘beautiful’ in Italian
  23. Belly – an adorable title if paired with another gecko called ‘Jelly’!
  24. Blizzard – the perfect choice for a crazy pet
  25. Blue – the name of the carnivorous dinosaur from ‘Jurassic World’!
  26. Bob – short for ‘Robert’
  27. Bronto – the terrifying fictional creature from ‘Dragon Age’
  28. Bumps – a great idea to show off the unique texture of this repitle
  29. Carina – Indian meaning ‘one who is a beloved friend’
  30. Carrot – a hilarious choice for an orange Gecko!
  31. Cera – French meaning ‘cherry’
  32. Chet – after the detective Gecko from the novel ‘The Chameleon Wore Chartreuse’
  33. Chomper – a funny choice for a gecko who loves to munch its food!
  34. Coconut – this exotic fruit makes for the best leopard gecko names
  35. Coffee – a great name for a reptile with brown-colored scales
  36. Cookie – after the sweet and tasty snack!
  37. Damsa – meaning ‘white silk’
  38. Darth – for a pet with dark spots, as ‘Darth’ means ‘dark’!
  39. DaVinci – the perfect leopard gecko name for an intelligent pet.
  40. Dee – for a tiny pet!
  41. Della – German meaning ‘bright’ and ‘noble’
  42. Delna – a strong name meaning ‘noble protector’!
  43. Delta – this unique choice is the fourth letter of the Greek alphabet
  44. Dino – after the resemblance between Leopard Geckos and Dinosaurs!
  45. Dominick – a unique spelling of ‘Dominic’
  46. Doris – this old-fashioned name makes funny leopard gecko names
  47. Dorothy – this name could be shortened to ‘Dot’
  48. Dotty – another, more playful, version of the name ‘Dot’
  49. Dread – after ‘Dread Dragon’ from the game ‘Yu-Gi-Oh’
  50. Drogon – the largest of Daenerys’ three dragons from the ‘Game of Thrones’
  51. Echo – a unique idea for a cool reptile!
  52. Ellen – a beautiful word meaning ‘light’
  53. Emmy – German for ‘universal’
  54. Faireh – ‘one who brings happiness’
  55. Firash – ‘ingenious one’
  56. Gaspar – after ‘Gaspar Le’Gecko’
  57. Geico – the ‘Geico Gecko’ from the ‘GEICO’ commercials
  58. Gex – from the online video game ‘Gex’
  59. Ginger – a great name for a Leopard Gecko with spots of orange in their scales
  60. Goosebumps – a funny ideas which reflects their bumpy texture
  61. Hatch – their babies hatch from eggs!
  62. Hesther – a beautiful Afghan word meaning ‘star’
  63. Hiya – Indian for ‘heart’ and ‘contentment’
  64. Hodari – after the blue gecko from the animated series ‘The Lion Guard’
  65. Hunoon – ‘compassionate and loving one’
  66. India – after the Asian country where many are found
  67. Iris – meaning ‘rainbow’ in Greek and ‘flower’ in Hebrew
  68. Jaah – ‘dignity’ and ‘grandeur’
  69. Jade – this precious gemstone makes a great idea for exotic pets!
  70. Jazzy – a quirky title for the craziest of Leopard Geckos!
  71. Jenna – English meaning ‘white wave’
  72. Jia – Chinese for ‘good’ and ‘beautiful’
  73. Jolene – an English word meaning ‘beautiful one’
  74. Kinaaz – ‘kingly pride’
  75. Kiwi – after the tasty and exotic fruit!
  76. Krisha – a mesmerizing Indian moniker
  77. Leo – a powerful choice meaning ‘lion’ in Latin
  78. Leon – meaning ‘Lion’ in French
  79. Lezlie – a quirkier spelling of ‘Leslie’
  80. Lia – ‘one who brings good news’
  81. Lila – an exotic choice meaning ‘from the island’
  82. Littlefoot – after the dinosaur from ‘The Land Before Time’
  83. Loc – meaning ‘spot’ in Romanian
  84. Lucia – a beautiful Latin word for ‘light’
  85. Lucy – the vernacular version of ‘Lucia’
  86. Makulo – a cool choice meaning ‘spot’ in Esperanto
  87. Maraxes – after another dragon from the ‘Game of Thrones’ franchise
  88. Marlow – a serene choice meaning ‘driftwood’
  89. Monty – a cuter version of ‘Montgomery’
  90. Moska – a vibrant word meaning ‘an expression of happiness’
  91. Nargis – the Persian version of ‘Narcissus’
  92. Nazy – the perfect name for a female Leopard Gecko!
  93. Nelly – the short version of ‘Eleanor’
  94. Ness – the nickname of the legendary ‘Loch Ness Monster’
  95. Nia – a short and punchy idea
  96. Nova – Latin meaning ‘new’
  97. Osha – one of the most beautiful Leopard Gecko names
  98. Paddy – short for the Irish ‘Patrick’
  99. Pavati – Indian title meaning ‘clear water’
  100. Pea – the most adorable choice
  101. Prince – a noble name
  102. Rainbow – a cheerful title for a colorful Gecko!
  103. Raptor – the short term for a type of dinosaur
  104. Rex – ‘King’ in Latin
  105. Rian – Irish for ‘small King’
  106. Robby – the perfect funny Leopard Gecko name if paired with another called ‘Bobby’!
  107. Rocco – the Italian version of ‘Rocky’
  108. Rocky – a popular choice and a nod to one of their habitats
  109. Rory – Irish for ‘red’
  110. Rouge – meaning ‘red’ in French
  111. Roxy – a short version of ‘Roxanne’
  112. Rozeta – a funky spelling of ‘Rosetta’
  113. Ruby – this red gem will suit a precious and exotic Leopard Gecko with red flecks in their scales
  114. Sai – meaning ‘divine’ in Hindi
  115. Saloni – a unique choice meaning ‘beautiful’
  116. Serra – Italian for ‘ridge’
  117. Smiley – a cute and funny title for a Gecko who seems to wear a smile on his face!
  118. Speedy – perfect for a speedy pet!
  119. Spike – a cool and popular Leopard Gecko name
  120. Spino – Latin for ‘thorn bush’
  121. Spots – what could be a more fitting?
  122. Stelle – a beautiful choice
  123. Stelmaria – the snow leopard from Philip Pullman’s ‘His Dark Materials’
  124. Stiggy – after the herbivorous dinosaur from ‘Jurassic Park’
  125. Sunny – the perfect name for a Gecko with luminous yellow scales!
  126. Sunset – a stunning name for a Leopard with the sunset colors in its scales!
  127. Tacka – ‘spot’ in Bosnian
  128. Tapla – meaning ‘spot’ in Finnish
  129. Terra – meaning ‘land’
  130. Tiger – a funny name for a Leopard Gecko!
  131. Toothless – after the dragon from ‘How To Train Your Dragon’
  132. Twinkle – an adorable choice
  133. Vhagar – after another dragon in ‘Game of Thrones’
  134. Vieta – the Lithuanian word for ‘spot’
  135. Vinnie – the children’s animated series ‘Littlest Pet Shop’
  136. Viserion – the three dragons from ‘Game of Thrones’
  137. Viti – meaning ‘light’
  138. Wahi – meaning ‘spot’ in Hawaiian
  139. Zian – a name of Indian origin
  140. Ziggy – a unique version of ‘Siegfried’
  141. Zilly – one of the funniest Leopard Gecko names
  142. Zippy – for a pet who loves to whiz around!


Good luck finding that perfect Leopard Gecko names.

Hopefully our list of Leopard Gecko names has provided you with some inspiration on your quest to find that perfect idea which showcases the incredible patterns, textures and personality of these reptiles.

Was it the cool ‘Rocco’, the unique ‘Jaah’ or the famous ‘Blue’ that caught your eye?

We’d love to know, so let us know in the comments below! Please also leave any suggestions for your favorites that were not included on this list.

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