120+ Kitten Names: Best, Cute, Unique & Adorable Names for Kittens

Kitten Names

If you hit the jackpot, and welcome an adorable kitten into your home, you’ll no doubt be looking for perfect Kitten names to christen them with!

So, we decided to save you a job, and find some of the best names for kittens possible to provide you with some inspiration when naming your new feline.

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From funny and adorable names to fierce and strong cat names, to suit all types and breeds of pussycats!

Whether you have a Siamese, a Bengal, or a British Shorthair, our names could be the perfect match your special pet!

Remember to enjoy finding the best name, and have fun being creative.


Good Kitten Names

Litter of Kittens

The best kitten names are often an accurate reflection of your individual pet, including their personality, breed, colors, origins, and size.

There is no blueprint for the perfect name.

It is just important to find one you connect with and think will suit your kitten in every way possible:

  • If your cat is playful and friendly, a funny name might suit them best!
  • If they are more chilled-out and relaxed, a more peaceful sounding name with a beautiful meaning might be the perfect match.

Use trial and error to find the best one and practise saying the names out-loud to see which suits your kittycat the best!

Our Favorite Name

Pet Name Trophy Goes to Rita

A cute, Greek name meaning ‘pearl’, and a great name for a precious young cat!

  1. Angel – perfect for a well-behaved pet
  2. Bubbles – an adorable name for a fun-loving feline!
  3. Buttercup – these beautiful yellow flowers make a great name for a pussycat!
  4. Candy – perfect for a sweet-natured kittycat
  5. Cinnamon – after the brown spice!
  6. Frankie – a great, unisex name
  7. Gizmo – a cool name, meaning ‘a gadget’
  8. Hermione – after Harry Potter’s clever sidekick
  9. Juno – the queen of the heavens from Roman mythology
  10. Kitkat – a funny and sweet name
  11. Maisie – a lovely, Scottish name meaning ‘pearl’
  12. Midnight – a great name for a black and white pet
  13. Oreo – perfect for a black and white kitten
  14. Penny – a cute name, short for ‘Penelope’
  15. Silver – a beautiful name for a cat with grey fur
  16. Skye – a beautiful and natural name
  17. Snowy – a great name for a beautiful, white pussycat
  18. Theo – a cute name, short for ‘Theodore’
  19. Twinkle – for a kittycat with twinkly eyes!
  20. Velvet – perfect for a kitten with soft, velvety fur

Cute Kitten Names

Cute Kitten Names

Finding a cute kitten name should be very easy, given how much inspiration you can get from just looking at one of these adorable animals!

We recommend choosing a short and sweet name to suit your beautiful kitten, such as ‘Bo’ or ‘Pip’, as these are often the cutest names!

Shortening long names, or using nicknames instead of full names, is often the best way to come up with the most adorable names possible!

Look for cute meanings behind the names, such as names that mean things associated with nature!

Our Favorite Name

Pet Name Trophy Goes to Poppy

A popular name for kittens due to its association with the beautiful and adorable flowers!

  1. Amber – after the beautiful, orange-colored jewel
  2. Bella – one of the world’s most popular names!
  3. Bernie – a cute, yet fierce name, meaning ‘one who is strong like a bear’
  4. Binky – an adorable name meaning ‘a baby’s dummy’
  5. Bo – a Chinese name meaning ‘precious’
  6. Coco – a French and Spanish pet name
  7. Cookie – a sweet name after the sweet snack!
  8. Lou – short for ‘Louise’
  9. Luna – an adorable, Latin name meaning ‘moon’
  10. Max – short for ‘Maximillian’, meaning ‘the greatest’
  11. Milo – a cute, English name meaning ‘soldier’
  12. Mimi – one of the cutest names ever, short for ‘Wilhelmina’
  13. Nala – after the adorable lion from Disney’s ‘The Lion King’
  14. Peanut – for a kitten that is as small as a peanut!
  15. Pip – a short and sweet name!
  16. Pixie – after the tiny, mythical creatures
  17. Simba – after the lion cub from ‘The Lion King’
  18. Star – these celestial bodies make adorable names for a pussycat!
  19. Teddy – for a cute and cuddly kittycat!
  20. Willow – a German name meaning ‘peaceful’

Female Kitten Names


The best female kitten names are often associated with beautiful aspects of nature, including objects and colors.

Therefore, taking inspiration from the world around you is a great starting point!

Often the most classic and traditional female names make the best names for cats (e.g. ‘Dolly’ and ‘Lily’).

Study your female pet closely, and note her personality, size and the colors of her fur, as her traits can all influence the type of name you give her.

Check out some more female names below:

Our Favorite Name

Pet Name Trophy Goes to Genevieve

a beautiful, French name meaning ‘white wave’, therefore perfectly suited to a kitten with shades of white in her fur!

  1. Blossom – a beautiful, English name after the flower petals that fall from trees
  2. Callie – a Greek name meaning ‘most beautiful’
  3. Cleo – a Greek name meaning ‘illustrious’
  4. Dolly – a sweet name, after the confectionary ‘Dolly Mixtures’
  5. Elsa – a name made famous by the protagonist from Disney’s ‘Frozen’
  6. Ginger – the perfect name for a tabby cat with orange fur
  7. Goldilocks – a great name for a pussycat with shiny fur!
  8. Gracie – a cute twist on the name ‘Grace’
  9. Honey – the perfect name for a sweet, little kittycat!
  10. Izzy – short for ‘Isabelle’!
  11. Kitty – what could be a more fitting name for a cute little kitten?!
  12. Lily – after the beautiful and popular English flower
  13. Lola – an adorable name, short for ‘Dolores’
  14. Lucy – a beautiful, Latin name meaning ‘light’
  15. Misty – a cute name for a mysterious kittycat!
  16. Olive – a lovely alternative to the name ‘Olivia’
  17. Princess – for a cat who rules your household
  18. Ruby – after the precious, red gemstone
  19. Venus – for an affectionate pussycat, after the Roman goddess of love
  20. Zoe – a short, adorable Greek name meaning ‘life’

Male Kitten Names

Tabby Kitten

Although kittens may appear to be some of the world’s most adorable pets, many have more feisty and fierce sides hidden underneath!

We have compiled a list of male names, some with adorable meanings behind them, and some with more fierce and powerful meanings.

Names associated with strong historical figures, including Roman gods, Greek heroes, and royals often suit these amazing pets, as their connotations of strength and bravery suit the personalities of many kittens!

Naming your tiny pet after a huge, heroic character can also be funny and ironic.

Our Favorite Name

Pet Name Trophy Goes to Melvin

perfect for a strong-willed and confident kitten, as this Celtic name means leader!

  1. Aldo – a German name meaning ‘old and wise’
  2. Amigo – the Spanish word for ‘friend’
  3. Charlie – an adorable name for the cutest pussycat!
  4. Dusty – an adorable name for a dust-colored kittycat
  5. Figaro – after the Spanish character from French plays of the eighteenth-century
  6. George – the name of Royals, medieval knights, and famous celebs like ‘George Clooney’!
  7. Hercules – after the Roman god
  8. Jasper – a Persian name meaning ‘treasurer’
  9. Leo – a Latin name meaning ‘Lion’
  10. Loki – a Norse name meaning ‘God of destruction’
  11. Lucky – perfect for a feline who is your lucky charm!
  12. Oliver – an English name meaning ‘one who is calm and peaceful’
  13. Oscar – an Irish name meaning ‘a friend of deer’
  14. Ozzy – short for names like ‘Oscar’, and the first name of singer ‘Ozzy Osborne’
  15. Prince – for a male kitten who rules the roost!
  16. Rex – a Latin name meaning ‘king’
  17. Romeo – the male protagonist from Shakespeare’s ‘Romeo and Juliet’
  18. Smokey – a popular name for males with dark-colored fur!
  19. Teddy – an adorable name, short for ‘Theodore’
  20. Tiger – after the largest animal in the cat family!

Unique Kitten Names

Best Kitten Names

If you want to move away from the classic and popular kitten names, and are looking for a more unique name to suit your quirky pet, we have got a great list for you!

The most unique names often come from different languages, such as Greek and French, as these sound beautiful and are rarely used by feline owners!

We recommend researching the meaning behind a unique name before you choose it, as meanings can be indicative of whether or not a certain name will suit a certain kittycat.

Our Favorite Name

Pet Name Trophy Goes to Olinda

a Spanish name meaning ‘one who guards the property’, a great and quirky name for a strong pussycat who loves to protect its home!

  1. Alegra – an Italian name meaning ‘upbeat’ and ‘vibrant’
  2. Amara – meaning ‘eternal’ in German
  3. Caterina – meaning ‘pure’ in Portuguese
  4. Cosimia – meaning ‘of the universe’ in the Greek language
  5. Edan – a Celtic name meaning ‘fiery’
  6. Evelina – a Celtic name meaning ‘light’
  7. Fleta – meaning ‘fast’ and ‘swift’
  8. Giana – a beautiful, Italian name meaning ‘God is gracious’
  9. Ingrid – a Scandinavian name meaning ‘stunning’ and ‘beautiful’
  10. Ivana – a Czech name meaning ‘God is gracious’
  11. Kali – an adorable, Greek name meaning ‘rosebud’
  12. Mariko – a Japanese name meaning ‘one who is true’
  13. Mina – meaning ‘strong protector’
  14. Orlena – a cute French name meaning ‘Gold’
  15. Quenby – meaning ‘feminine’ in Swedish
  16. Reza – a Persian name meaning ‘will’
  17. Salome – meaning ‘peaceful’ in the Hebrew language
  18. Tait – meaning ‘vibrant’ and ‘cheerful’
  19. Ulric – a strong, German name meaning ‘resolute’ and ‘determined’
  20. Valda – a Latin name meaning ‘courageous’

Black Kitten Names

Black Kitten

Black kittens make stunning and magnificent pets, with their shiny fur and mysterious nature.

It is therefore vital they are given a name to show off their majesty.

Finding a name for a black cat that stands out from the crowd might sound like a challenge, but names associated with the color black can be found everywhere… if you know what you are looking for!

We have found names meaning ‘black’ in other languages, names associated with black foods, and names associated with dark elements of nature!

Think of all the things you know associated with the color black, and you never know what might make a brilliant name for a black pussycat.

Our Favorite Name

Pet Name Trophy Goes to Leila

a beautiful name meaning ‘dark-haired beauty’.

  1. Black Widow – after the badass Marvel superhero
  2. Chocolate – perfect for a sweet and adorable black kitten
  3. Cierra – a name with Celtic origins, meaning ‘black’
  4. Coal – after the black, hard rock
  5. Diesel – a cool name for a jet-black feline
  6. Duana – an Irish name meaning ‘black’ and ‘dark’
  7. Dusk – after the darkest part of twilight
  8. Foncé – meaning ‘dark’ in French
  9. Inky – an adorable name for a pussycat as black as ink
  10. Liquorice – after the black and tasty sweets
  11. Nero – meaning ‘black’ in Italian
  12. Night – nothing is blacker than night!
  13. Ninja – ninjas are famous for their black clothing
  14. Noir – meaning ‘black’ in French
  15. Onyx – after the dark gemstone
  16. Pepper – this black seasoning makes a cute name for a kittycat
  17. Raven – after the black bird
  18. Schwarz – the German word for ‘black’
  19. Shadow – a mysterious name for a black kitten
  20. Sooty – a popular name!


That concludes our exploration of some of the world’s best kitten names, we hope you enjoyed all 120 of them!

We recommend that before you begin the naming process, you get to know your feline freind, finding out all their amazing qualities, which can inform the decision you make.

Whether you found the perfect name that suits you kittycat in every way, or you have been inspired to keep looking and researching, we hope you eventually find the right name for your beautiful pet.

Keep researching and being creative with naming ideas, and ask friends and family for help and inspiration if you get stuck!

If you have any more suggestions for great cat names, please leave them in the comments below.

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