Hedgehog Names: 160 Happy Names For Hedgehogs

Hedgehog Names

If you’ve just welcomed a pet hedgehog into your home, or have grown fond of your garden hedgehog, look no further than our list of 160 hedgehog names.

Gone are the days where the phrase ‘household pets’ only meant dogs, cats and bunny rabbits!

The modern day has seen the emergence of more exotic pets, such as pigs, geckos, and most importantly: hedgehogs!

Our names include:

  • Names meaning ‘hedgehog’ in different languages
  • Famous hedgehogs from film and literature
  • Adorable names to match how loveable hedgehogs are

Enjoy the naming process, have as much fun as possible, and we hope our list of names helps you to find the best name possible for your perfect pet hedgehog!

Names For Hedgehogs

Hedgehog Names

  1. Ainsley – an English name meaning ‘my own meadow’.
  2. Aldon – meaning ‘an old and wise friend’ in the English language.
  3. Alfred – from ‘The Mysteries of Alfred Hedgehog’, the French-Canadian cartoon based on woodland characters.
  4. Amara – a Greek name meaning ‘eternal’.
  5. Amari – an African name meaning ‘one with great strength’.
  6. Amulet – for a hedgehog who is your lucky charm!
  7. Arici – the Romanian word for ‘hedgehog’.
  8. Beck – a beautiful, natural name meaning ‘brook’.
  9. Bowser – after the dinosaur from the ‘Mario’ franchise, a great name for a hedgehog whose spikes resemble the back of a dinosaur!
  10. Bramble – for a sharp little pet.
  11. Bristle – perfect for a spiky and bristly pet!
  12. Button – an adorable name to suit a tiny, adorable hedgehog!
  13. Cleva – a stunning name meaning ‘one who abides near the hills and cliffs’.
  14. Coco – perfect for a beautiful brown hedgehog!
  15. Crawley – a great name to suit a slow-moving hedgehog!
  16. Cutie – a great name to sum up just how adorable a hedgehog’s face is!
  17. Dalek – for any Doctor Who fans!
  18. Dewclaw – after ‘Lindsfarme Dewclaw’ from Kevin and Kell.
  19. Disney – after ‘Walt Disney’, the American film producer who pioneered animations that have become famous worldwide!
  20. Domino – a great name for a hedgehog with white fur and dark spikes.
  21. Espinet – after the fictional, pink hedgehog from ‘Barrio Sésamo’, which was the Spanish version of ‘Sesame Street’.
  22. Giza – after the ancient Egyptian city, home to the famous three pyramids and the Sphinx.
  23. P. Sauce – a funny name for a brown hedgehog.
  24. Haagen-Dazs – perfect for ice-cream lovers!
  25. Haas – a German nickname for a fast runner, perfect for a hedgehog who moves fast!
  26. Hadrian – a Latin name meaning ‘dark’.
  27. Hadron – after the ‘Hadron Collider’.
  28. Hagar – a Hebrew name meaning ‘flight’.
  29. Haggis – perfect for a Scottish hedgehog.
  30. Hagrid – for a large and hairy hedgehog, after the giant from ‘Harry Potter’.
  31. Hairbrush – when you think of spiky objects, hairbrushes always come to mind!
  32. Hairy – a great name for a furry pet!
  33. Halcyon – a beautiful name meaning ‘kingfisher’.
  34. Halloumi – perfect for a squeaky hedgehog, just like this squeaky cheese!
  35. Hamburg – after the German city.
  36. Hamburger – a hilarious name, after the American fast-food.
  37. Hamilton – after Lewis Hamilton the famous Formula 1 driver, perfect for a speedy hedgehog!
  38. Hamlet – after the protagonist from Shakespeare’s play of the same name.
  39. Hampshire – after the state ‘New Hampshire’.
  40. Hampton – a name with Saxon origins, meaning ‘farm by a riverbend’.
  41. Hannah – a German name and the female version of ‘Hansel’.
  42. Hans – after ‘Hans My Hedgehog’, the fictional, fairy-tale hedgehog created by the Brothers Grimm.
  43. Hapless – a funny name for a hedgehog who always gets itself into trouble!
  44. Happy – for the most content hedgehog around!
  45. Hardy – a German name meaning ‘courageous’ and ‘bold’.
  46. Haribo – for a sweet hedgehog!
  47. Harley – a cute, English name meaning ‘hare meadow’.
  48. Harmony – for a hedgehog who lives with your family in perfect unity!
  49. Harold – a Norse name meaning ‘army commander’.
  50. Harold – an Old Norse name meaning ‘one with the power to command an army’.
  51. Harp – after the beautiful musical instrument.
  52. Harper – a unisex, English name meaning ‘minstrel’.
  53. Harpocrates – after the Egyptian God of silence and secrecy.
  54. Harriet – the feminine form of the name ‘Harry’, meaning ‘one who rules a household’.
  55. Harrison – an English name meaning ‘son of Harry’.
  56. Harvey – a French name meaning ‘one who is ready for battle’, a great name for a courageous hedgehog!
  57. Hash Brown – a funny name for cute hedgehog who always makes you laugh!
  58. Hasselhoff – the surname of ‘David Hasselhoff’, the American actor and singer.
  59. Havoc – for a hedgehog who always causes trouble!
  60. Hawaii – after the American state.
  61. Hawking – after the English scientist Stephen Hawking.
  62. Hazel – perfect for a hedgehog with lovely, brown skin!
  63. Heather – after the beautiful plant, that lives on barren land.
  64. Heaven – the perfect name for a well-behaved pet!
  65. Heavensbee – the surname of ‘Plutarch Heavensbee’, the Head Gamemaker from the ‘Hunger Games’ triology.
  66. Hedgehog – a simple, yet extremely suitable and funny name for a hedgehog!
  67. Hedgy – a cute nickname for the cutest of hedgehogs!
  68. Hegemony – perfect for a powerful pet!
  69. Heidi – an adorable German name meaning ‘cute’ and ‘noble’.
  70. Heinrich – a German name meaning ‘home’ and ‘power’.
  71. Heirloom – meaning something precious, passed down through families for generations.
  72. Helena – a Greek name meaning ‘light’, ‘bright’, and ‘one who shines’.
  73. Helios – after the young Greek God of the sun.
  74. Helium – for a high-pitched hedgehog!
  75. Helvetica – after the realist design and font.
  76. Hemingway – the surname of ‘Ernest Hemingway’, the American writer.
  77. Henrietta – a German name meaning ‘one who keeps the hearth’.
  78. Henry – a German name meaning ‘one who rules the house’.
  79. Hera – after the Greek Goddess of women, marriage, family and childbirth.
  80. Hercules – after the Roman hero and God.
  81. Hérisson – meaning ‘hedgehog’ in French.
  82. Hermione – after Harry’s sidekick from J. K. Rowling’s ‘Harry Potter’.
  83. Hero – a character from Shakespeare’s ‘Much Ado About Nothing’.
  84. Hesperus – after the son of the Goddess of dawn from Greek mythology.
  85. Heston – after famous TV chef ‘Heston Blumenthal’.
  86. Hewey – perfect if given to a hedgehog with siblings called ‘Dewey’ and ‘Louis’.
  87. Hiccup – one of our favorite hedgehog names, and an adorable name for a cute pet!
  88. Hillbilly – meaning ‘someone who is unsophisticated’, perfect for a carefree hedgehog!
  89. Hippo – perfect for a plump hedgehog!
  90. Hippocrates – after the renowned ancient Greek physical.
  91. Hislop – the surname of British journalist Ian Hislop.
  92. History – a unique but interesting name for a pet!
  93. Hogwarts – after the magical school from J. K. Rowling’s ‘Harry Potter’.
  94. Holly – prickly like a hedgehog’s spikes!
  95. Homer – after the protagonist from ‘The Simpsons’.
  96. Honda – a name inspired by the Japanese car company ‘Honda’.
  97. Honey – for a sweet little hedgehog.
  98. Hooch – after the alcoholic drink.
  99. Hoover – for a hedgehog who loves to munch its food quickly!
  100. Hope – an English name meaning ‘a wish that a desire will be fulfilled’.
  101. Hopper – for a hedgehog who loves to bounce!
  102. Hopscotch – after the children’s game involving hopping!
  103. Horatio – after the prince’s friend from Shakespeare’s ‘Hamlet’, a Latin name meaning ‘keeper of the hours’.
  104. Hotchpotch – meaning ‘a mixture of different things’.
  105. Howard – an English name meaning ‘noble watchman’.
  106. Hubert – meaning ‘one with a bright spirit’ in German.
  107. Huckleberry – a North American name for plants in the Ericaceae family.
  108. Hugh – an English name meaning ‘thoughtful’ and ‘wise’.
  109. Hugo – a variation of the name ‘Hugh’.
  110. Hula Hoop – for a hedgehog that is a tasty snack.
  111. Hulk – a great name for a huge hedgehog, and a funny, ironic name for tiny pet!
  112. Humdrum – a unique and quirky name.
  113. Humphrey – a Germanic name meaning ‘one who rules peacefully’.
  114. Humungous – a funny and ironic name for a cute and tiny hedgehog!
  115. Hungry – for a hedgehog who can’t stop eating!
  116. Hydrogen – after the chemical element.
  117. Hysteria – perfect for a crazy hedgehog!
  118. Hyundai – after the car manufacturers.
  119. Igel – a German name meaning ‘hedgehog’.
  120. Iriq – a unique name meaning ‘hedgehog’ in Albanian.
  121. Jalapeno – a great name for a fiery pet hedgehog!
  122. Jez – meaning ‘hedgehog’ in Serbian.
  123. Kirmak – a Tajik name meaning ‘hedgehog’.
  124. Kirpi – meaning ‘hedgehog’ in Kazakh.
  125. Mrs Tiggy-Winkle – after Beatrix’s Potter’s fictional hedgehog from her children’s book of the same name.
  126. Mulla – meaning ‘hedgehog’ in Telugu.
  127. Needles – a funny name for the spikiest of hedgehogs!
  128. Nia – an adorable name of Swahili and Welsh descent.
  129. Nibbles – a name to show off how cute your hedgehog is when they eat their food!
  130. Norman – after ‘Spiny Norman’, the imaginary hedgehog from the ‘Monty Python’ sketch entitled ‘Piranha Brothers’.
  131. Oreo – perfect for an animal with dark and light fur.
  132. Ourico – meaning ‘hedgehog’ in Portuguese.
  133. Ourizo – a Galician name meaning ‘hedgehog’.
  134. Peanut – the perfect name for a cute and tiny hedgehog!
  135. Piglet – this adorable animal is the perfect name for a tiny hedgehog!
  136. Pincushion – a cute name to show off your hedgehog’s unique spikes!
  137. Pip – a short and adorable name for a tiny hedgehog that loves to curl up into a ball!
  138. Porky – short for porcupine, a similar animal to a hedgehog.
  139. Prickles – for the spikiest hedgehog around!
  140. Punk – a punchy name for a crazy hedgehog!
  141. Pygmy Puff – after the furry and mythical creature from the ‘Harry Potter’ franchise, whose round and fluffy bodies resemble hedgehogs!
  142. Quill – this spiky, old-fashioned pen is a great name for the spikiest of animals!
  143. Riccio – an Italian name meaning ‘hedgehog’.
  144. Roly Poly – a hilarious name for a hedgehog who loves to roll around!
  145. Russell – after ‘Russell Ferguson’, the orange, green-eyed hedgehog from ‘Littlest Pet Shop’.
  146. Shadow – after ‘Shadow the Hedgehog’ from ‘Sonic the Hedgehog’.
  147. Sharpey – a funny name for a hedgehog with sharp and pointy spikes!
  148. Skipper – an adorable name for a hedgehog who loves to jump!
  149. Smiles – believe it or not, hedgehogs can smile!
  150. Sonic – the famous animated, video game hedgehog from ‘Sonic the Hedgehog’.
  151. Spiky – what could be a more apt name for a prickly hedgehog?.
  152. Squeak – an adorable name for a hedgehog who communicates via squeaks!
  153. Tansy – from Brian Jacques’ fantasy book ‘The Pearls of Lutra’.
  154. Thorn – for a hedgehog with thorny spikes!
  155. Titus – after ‘Titus Andronicus’, Shakespeare’s famous tragedy.
  156. Turbo – perfect for a hedgehog who runs at the speed of light!
  157. Urchin – due to the spiky resemblance between sea urchins and hedgehogs!
  158. Yona – a hedgehog from ‘Watership Down’.


Pet Hedgehog

We hope you’ve had a great time exploring our names and picking out your favorite ones… we definitely enjoyed putting this list of hedgehog names together!

Whether it was the adorable ‘Smiles’, the courageous ‘Hero’, or the hilarious ‘Humungous’ that caught your eye, we hope it suits your amazing, little hedgehog down to the ground.

If you didn’t quite find the name you were looking for, don’t give up here!

Keep searching our website for ideas, ask friends and family for suggestions, as you never know when the perfect name will appear!

Good luck with finding the best name possible for your fabulous hedgehog!

If you think we have missed any brilliant hedgehog names, please leave your suggestions in the comments section below.

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