Goth Names – 125+ Gothic Baby Names from Anastasia to Zephyr

Gothic NamesGoth names are dark, mysterious with a touch of romance, and give a hint of horror.

The gothic style covers many areas; architecture, paintings, music, literature, and fashion. Choosing a gothic name for a newborn is in vogue right now!

The names inspired by the gothic culture are pretty odd, shadowy, and gloomy and often have a mystic air of darkness around them, making them sophisticated and classic.

The 126 names mentioned in this blog are related to goth style, imagery, icons, and myths that are perfect for your baby boy or baby girl because they are uncanny, elegant, and attractive.

But first, let’s get to know a bit more about goths.

Goths and Their Characteristics

Gothic Girl in Halloween Dress

Classically, the term “Gothic” either refers to:

  • A middle-age style of architecture that became prevalent again in the 19-20th Centuries.
  • The extinct East-Germanic language.

Quite differently, although drawing inspiration from both, Goths are a subculture of people who have a self-proclaimed fascination with all things dark and mysterious. They often dress in black clothing, wear heavy makeup, have tattoos, and are seen sporting piercings on the face or body to add to their dark aesthetic.

They can also be spotted by their love for all things dark and morbid; anything from horror movies to Edgar Allan Poe poems.

Believe it or not, goths are generally more open-minded than most other subcultures, and they don’t judge anyone quickly. Many goths are shy and introverted, while some of them are extroverts.

They have a lot of characteristics that make them stand out from the rest of society. For example, they wear dark clothing and listen to heavy metal music.

Many people think that goths are depressed or suicidal, but this is not true! In fact, many goths enjoy their lives and find great joy in what they do.

Gothic Baby Names

Baby Goth Boots Over Cat
Goths are often seen as scary and frightening, but they are very friendly and kind-hearted people who love mythology, astronomy, and everything that’s supernatural.

Gothic names portray the same scary feelings. Here are some of the best goth names that would be ideal for your baby.

  1. Astaroth – an ideal name that refers to “the Grand Duke of hell.”
  2. Azrael – an Arabic name of the “angel of death.”
  3. Belial – a Hebrew origin gothic name for the “devil.”
  4. Chaos – means “total disorder,” or the Greek ideal of “total emptiness.”
  5. Draven – an American origin name that means “heavily built crow.”
  6. Giovanni – an Italian name for John which means “God is gracious.”
  7. Hades – a Greek mythology name of “the king of the underworld.”
  8. Hannibal – a Carthaginian truly badass gothic boy name that means “Baal is Gracious.”
  9. Hemlock – the name of the poison that famously killed Socrates.
  10. Lucifer – a Latin devil name that means “morning star.”
  11. Lux – a Latin name that means “light.”
  12. Moloch – is an excellent gothic name for a boy who refers to an ancient pagan god.
  13. Morte – a French origin gothic name meaning “death.”
  14. Necro – a Greek-origin gothic name that means “dead.”
  15. Vesper – a Latin goth name perfect for a baby boy. The meaning of the name is “evening star.”
  16. Zelda – a prime Nintendo name that has the meaning of “gray fighting maid.”


Gender Neutral Dark Names

The goths are exciting people with dark and gloomy personalities that are haunting yet cool. These people have a great sense of humor.

Black is the color most commonly associated with goths, and they prefer dark colors in apparel and themes. Their preference is evident from their names as well.

Here are some unique and dark goth names for you to choose for your baby boy or girl.

  1. Ash – short for Asher or Ashton. The name is taken from ash tree.
  2. Dusk – a beautiful name for a baby that means “sunset.”
  3. Gray or Grey – a perfect gothic dark name which is not a color, but a shade.
  4. Jasper – a Persian-origin gothic name that means “bringer of treasure.”
  5. Jet – a name that refers to a stone or mineral and means “jet black.”
  6. Keir – a Gaelic origin name that has the meaning of “dark-haired” or “dark-skinned.”
  7. Noir – a French-origin gothic name that means “black.”
  8. Nyx – a name taken from Greek mythology that means “night.”
  9. Onyx – a shiny black gem name ideal for goths.
  10. Ozul – a name taken from the Hebrew language that means “shadow.”
  11. Rain – a unique gothic name for your baby.
  12. Shadow – a perfect dark name that refers to a place where the sun doesn’t reach.
  13. Umbra or Ombra – a Latin origin name that means “shade” or “darkness.”
  14. Xanthe – a Greek origin name which means “golden or yellow.”


Edgy Girl Names

Dark Girls Moon Symbol
Goth girls have a strong sense of individualism – they love dark aesthetics, clothes, music, and art. they particularly appreciate the dark side of everything and strongly believe in freedom and personal goals.

Here are some edgy girl names for the goth in your baby.

  1. Bellatrix – is a Latin-origin gothic name that has the meaning of “female warrior.”
  2. Bowie – a Scottish-origin goth name that means “blond.”
  3. Circe – a Greek mythical name of the daughter of Helios. The name means “bird.”
  4. Gehenna – a creepy gothic name “a place in the Bible where the wicked go to suffer.”
  5. Gossamer – a strange gothic name which means “film of cobwebs.”
  6. Hecate – a Greek mythology name of a goddess associated with witchcraft and the underworld.
  7. Inclementia – a Latin originated name which means “cruelty.”
  8. Jezebel – a Hebrew origin dark name ideal for a baby girl which means “pure” and “virginal.”
  9. Kali – a Hindu goddess of doomsday and death.
  10. Kallma – is a Finnish god associated with “death and decay.”
  11. Lenore – is a German and Italian variation of Lenora that means “light.”
  12. Lilith – is a demon in Jewish mythology that means “night monster.”
  13. Morgana – a female version of Morgan. It comes from a Welsh origin, and it means “seas-circle.”
  14. Naenia – a Roman mythology goddess of funerals.
  15. Perdita – a Latin name which means “lost.”
  16. Pestilentia – a name of an infectious disease.
  17. Poison – a perfect gothic name that needs no introduction.
  18. Rowena – a Welsh origin gothic name which means “white spear.”
  19. Solanine – It is a type of poison found in nightshade.
  20. Tristezza – an Italian word meaning “sadness.” A perfectly gothic baby girl name.


Dark Names for Girls

Gothic girls have attractive and mysterious personalities. They are idealists and, deep down, are hard-core romantics. They love ancient, medieval, and modern things.

Dark names suit them more because they are creative, enigmatic, and intelligent. So I have listed some of those names for girls here.

  1. Acantha – a Greek gothic name that signifies “thorn” or “prickle.”
  2. Adrienne – a French name which means “the dark one” or “from the city Hadria.”
  3. Bronte – a Greek gothic name that means “thunder.”
  4. Crimson – a beautiful gothic name which is a color name that refers to “rich deep red.”
  5. Desdemona – a Greek gothic name taken from a play named Othello by Shakespeare. This name means “ill-starred.”
  6. Donahue – an Irish name that means “dark fighter.”
  7. Drusilla – is a tremendous Latin gothic name that means “fruitful.”
  8. Eris – a Greek mythology name that has the meaning of “strife.”
  9. Jinx – a Latin origin name that symbolizes “a charm or spell.”
  10. Lamya – an Arabic gothic name that has the meaning of “dark complexion.”
  11. Layla – an Arabic name that means “dark” or “night.”
  12. Lisha – means “darkness before midnight.” It is short for Alicia or Felicia.
  13. Midnight – an American origin gothic name which means 12 AM.
  14. Morrigan – an Irish gothic name that means “phantom queen.”
  15. Morwenna – a Welsh origin goth name which means “waves of the sea.”
  16. Narcissa – a Greek gothic name that means “daffodil.”
  17. Phaedra – a name from Greek mythology which means “bright.”
  18. Wednesday – a perfect gothic name taken from The Addams Family character.


Dark Names for Boys

Baby Boy in Dungarees Black and White
Gothic boys appreciate dark humor and are mostly introverts. They love mysterious things about nature, traditions, romanticism, and mythologies.

They are very conscious of their looks, names and make themselves look as perfect as they can. So, here are some dark names for boys you can choose from.

  1. Abraxas – a Persian and Egyptian mythology name which means “The great chief magistrate.”
  2. Andre – a Portuguese and French variation of the name Andrew which signifies “strong” and “manly.”
  3. Arch – short for Archibald, that signifies “bold and brave.”
  4. Blackwell – an English gothic name that means “dark stream.”
  5. Blade – a threatening and sharp gothic name ideal for a baby boy.
  6. Burton – an English gothic name that has the meaning of “fortified enclosure.”
  7. Cross – a perfect Christian gothic name refers to the penalty.
  8. Crow – is a bird name that is perfect for a gothic baby boy.
  9. Nicolo – is an Italian version of Nicholas that has the meaning of “people of victory.”
  10. Night – a mysterious gothic name that symbolizes “dark.”
  11. Saber – a French origin gothic name which means “sword.”
  12. Secret – a mystery-lidden gothic name for a baby boy.
  13. Tempesta famous Shakespearean play that means “stormy or “turbulent.”
  14. Thorn – is an ideal dark name for a boy that means “prickle.”
  15. Tudor – is a Welsh name for Theodore that means “God’s gift.”
  16. Wilde – an English dark name that means “wild.”


Goth Girl Names

A goth girl believes in freedom of every kind and respects others’ choices. They are very creative and have the best taste in clothes, makeup, and jewelry. They love drama, mystery, and spookiness.

  1. Althaia – a Greek gothic name that signifies “honesty.”
  2. Bela – a Czech name that means “white.”
  3. Daphne – is a Greek mythology name that refers to the nymph daughter of Peneus, a river god. This name means “bay tree” or “laurel tree.”
  4. Denis – a French and Greek name that refers to “god of Nysa.”
  5. Dream – an American origin name that means “joyous music.”
  6. Edwina – female version of Edwin, symbolizes “wealthy friend.”
  7. Melania – a Greek and Spanish version of Melanie, signifies “black.”
  8. Opaline – a Sanskrit origin name that means “jewel” or “gem.”
  9. Scarlet – a color name that is a perfect goth name for a girl.
  10. Sheridan – an Irish origin gothic name which means “searcher.”
  11. Siouxsie – a modern name invented for Susie which means “Lily.”
  12. Tanis – a Phoenician mythology name that means “daughter.”
  13. Tarot – a French name for fortune-telling cards that is a unique gothic name.
  14. Theda – a Greek name that implies a “divine gift.”
  15. Ursa – a short name of Ursula taken from Latin origin, which means “little female bear.”
  16. Vendetta – a pretty name with violent meaning ideal for a goth girl.


Gothic Boy Names

Mother and Child Beach Silhouette
Goths are naturally obsessed with the idea of death, and they are very dramatic and artistic. They don’t get scared quickly, and they are imaginative and intelligent.

They love Halloween because they can dress as their favorite evil gothic character. Here is the list of some unique goth names for boys that reflect their culture.

  1. Astrophel – a Greek name that means “star lover.”
  2. Cadell – a Welsh name meaning “battle.”
  3. Cadogan – a great gothic name that means “battle glory.”
  4. Cain / Kane – a Biblical name of the son of Adam and Eve.
  5. Eldritch – it means “sinister and ghostly.”
  6. Frey – the Norse god of fertility and prosperity.
  7. Jacopo – an Italian name that means “one who supplants.”
  8. Malachi – it means “my messenger.”
  9. Martela French name that has the meaning of “hammer.”
  10. Natrix – a name that signifies a “water snake.”
  11. Niall – a name that means “champion.”
  12. Nodin – name which means “wind.”
  13. Orpheus – a Greek mythological character.
  14. Zephyr – a Greek name that means “west wind.”


Gothic Girl Names

The gothic girls don’t wear all black clothes, but they go for anything they like. They are very peaceful, friendly, and open-minded.

Here are some of the unique goth names that will be ideal for a newborn baby girl.

  1. Amaris – a Hebrew name that has the meaning of “promised by God.”
  2. Anastasia – a Greek name that means “resurrection.”
  3. Autumn – a name that’s both beautiful and dark.
  4. Badriyah – an Arabic name that means “full moon.”
  5. Belinda – a beautiful and bright serpent.
  6. Bernia – it means “the angel in armor.”
  7. Danika – a Slavic name meaning “morning star.”
  8. Edana – a Gaelic name symbolizes “fire.”
  9. Ethelinda – a Greek name that means “noble serpent.”
  10. Storm – a famous wintry name popular in Sweden and Denmark which points toward trouble and devastation.
  11. Xenobia – a Syrian queen who conquered Egypt.
  12. Xylia – the name implies a “woodland dweller.”


The Takeaway

Mother Holding Baby's Hand
Goth names are shadowy and creepy, giving horror and mystery vibes. Almost all gothic names are inspired by gothic culture, history, nature, and mythology. They have an aura of distinctive elegance around them.

Goths have fascinating personalities, and they love gloominess and drama. So, all the names mentioned here also have a dramatic and murky touch, making them classy and attractive.

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