Golden Retriever Names: 101+ Best & Cute Names

Golden Retriever Names

Golden Retrievers are big, fluffy, and loveable. If you are lucky enough to own one of these majestic dogs, then you will be searching for Golden Retriever names.

These happy-go-lucky furballs are known for their beautiful golden coat that makes up half of their name.

Golden Retrievers are cheerful and can always bring a smile to anyone’s face, whether they are a die-hard dog lover or not.

So, we decided to produce a list of 101 Golden Retriever names for you to choose from: puppy names, boy names, girl names, and monikers inspired by the gorgeous fiery yellow-golden colors; we’ve got them all!

Golden Retriever Puppy Names

Golden Retriever Puppy Names

Did you know that Golden Retrievers used to be gun dogs?

They were bred to retrieve waterfowl during hunting, and so they earned the name ‘retrievers’.

More recently, they are being used as family pets, who are known for being happy, loyal, and caring.

Show these kind and warm-hearted dogs that you care for them, as much as they do for you, and give them a fantastic name, and you will have a loyal dog for life.

We have an abundance of cute, funny and sometimes silly names that would be perfect for your cheerful, jolly puppy.

Most of these names are yellow or golden-themed to match the beautiful warmth of your dog’s fur.

Our Favorite Name

Pet Name Trophy Goes to Buttercup

a pretty, bright yellow flower. It is commonly believed by children that holding this flower to your chin shows if you like butter, but unsurprisingly, this is not scientifically correct.

  1. Bee – another fuzzy, yellow animal
  2. Rumena – ‘yellow’ in Slovenian
  3. Prince – a cute name for a male Golden Retriever
  4. Popcorn – a yummy, butter-coated snack that is often eaten at a movie theatre. Perfect for an energetic and excitable pup
  5. Angel – great for a dog that is well-behaved and has the manners of an angel!
  6. Oscar – another word for the Academy Awards, so perfect for if your Golden retriever is the next Leonardo DiCaprio
  7. Geel – ‘yellow’ in Dutch
  8. Busy – inspired by a golden busy bee, this pup always has things to do!
  9. Macaroni – this cheese-covered snack is the same color as your Golden Retriever’s coat
  10. Soare – ‘sun’ in Romanian
  11. California – inspired by the California gold rush of 1848-1855
  12. Duchess – perfect for a female pup with a royal bloodline, or one that acts like they have
  13. Oro – ‘gold’ in Italian
  14. Nugget – some dogs are meant to have gold nuggets, and some are just meant to have chicken nuggets

Unique Golden Retriever Names

Happy Golden Retriever

These dogs first appeared in the mid-nineteenth century in Scotland, but to make them better at retrieving they were bred with the Water Spaniel.

This makes them pretty unique!

To honour their hunting heritage, we’ve included a few unique Scottish names that would make any pure-blooded Scotsman proud.

It is unlikely you’ll come across any other Golden Retriever with any of these distinctive names.

If that’s because no one else is weird enough to name their dog ‘Taxi’, then that’s up for you to decide! These names are weird, wacky and wonderful, and are perfect for any zany four-legged furball you may have.

Our Favorite Name

Pet Name Trophy Goes to Banana

name your golden pup after this bright yellow fruit.

  1. Taxi – the typical image of a taxi cab has a yellow and black exterior
  2. Erskine – a Scottish name meaning ‘high cliff’
  3. Kollane – ‘yellow’ in Estonian
  4. Midas – perfect for a pup with the golden touch; Midas was a famous figure in Greek mythology because everything he touched turned to gold
  5. Minion – these cute and annoying characters, popularised by the Despicable Me franchise, are bright yellow and wear blue dungarees
  6. Melyn – ‘yellow’ in Welsh
  7. Gregor – a Scottish name meaning ‘vigilant watchman’
  8. Cheesy – brilliant for a yellow-colored pup with a cheesy smile!
  9. Corn – a sweet, yellow vegetable that is grown on ‘ears’!
  10. Matahari – ‘sun’ in Indonesian
  11. Snitch – the golden snitch in the Harry Potter series is a crucial part of the wizarding sport ‘Quidditch’
  12. Ferguson – a Scottish name meaning ‘son of the brave’
  13. Omelette – a yummy, yellow breakfast food made primarily from eggs
  14. Goolu – ‘gold’ in Yoruba
  15. Goldfinger – the name of the 1964 James Bond film, starring Sean Connery
  16. Crayon – perfect if your dog resembles a bright yellow or metallic golden crayon
  17. Ailbert – a Scottish name that means ‘bright with nobility’
  18. Wyne – a name that means ‘friend’

Best Golden Retriever Names

Best Golden Retriever Names

These big, golden fluffballs are actually very talented.

Being a diligent retriever is something that other dogs just couldn’t do (we’re looking at you Chihuahuas).

Perhaps these talents come from their large mouths, which contributes to their happy faces and wide smiles.

The most tennis balls held in a dog’s mouth was won by a Golden Retriever named Augie, who held five tennis balls in his mouth at one time!

These are the best Golden Retriever names in honor of this loveable dog breed.

Our Favorite Name

Pet Name Trophy Goes to Simba

one of the main characters in Disney’s The Lion King. He is a golden lion that ‘just can’t wait to be king’!

  1. Goldie – a very obvious, but still incredibly cute name for a Golden Retriever. Goldie was also the name of the famous Golden Retriever who appeared on the British children’s TV show ‘Blue Peter’
  2. Sunny – a cute name for a golden pup
  3. Honey – this sweet, sticky, golden substance is collected by Honeybees, who also pollinate plants along their way
  4. Lemon – a bitter and sour fruit that can be tasty in the right quantities, is very bright yellow in color
  5. Yolk – the orangey-yellow inside of an egg, so perfect for a golden dog
  6. Duckie – a cute name that is inspired by adorable yellow ducks
  7. Jaune – ‘yellow’ in French
  8. Summer – the hottest season of the year, when the sun shines the most, and is the perfect name for a golden, sun-colored dog
  9. Chick – a baby chick is as yellow as it is cute!
  10. Solis – ‘sun’ in Latin
  11. Sandy – inspired by the beautiful golden sands of a sunny beach; this name is perfect for a dog who loves to paddle in the sea
  12. Flava – ‘yellow’ in Latin
  13. Amber – a golden-orange tree resin, and a very pretty girl’s name
  14. Bumble – a cute name that is inspired by a bumble bee
  15. Rusty – perfect for a Golden Retriever that has an orange tinge to their fur
  16. Ginto – ‘gold’ in Filipino

Good Golden Retriever Names

Golden Retriever Dog

Golden Retrievers are a dog breed loved by everyone. In fact, they are the third most popular breed in the USA.

That’s why it’s of the utmost importance that you give one of these pups the best Golden Retriever name imaginable.

We have a wide array of fantastic names for a Golden Retriever.

Any one of these names would make someone smile out of sheer delight. If you came across a gold furball named ‘Smiley’, try telling us you wouldn’t die from cuteness?!

Our Favorite Name

Pet Name Trophy Goes to Goldilocks

for a dog that is a fan of porridge and beds that are just right.

  1. Gizmo – a cute and eccentric name for a crazy pup
  2. Maximus – the protagonist in the 2000 movie Gladiator
  3. Solsken – ‘sunshine’ in Swedish
  4. Juno – she is the queen of all the gods in Roman mythology
  5. Buster – a great name for a male Golden Retriever
  6. Smiley – like the iconic yellow smiley faces, this name is perfect for a happy pup
  7. Sol – ‘sun’ in Catalan
  8. Sparky – perfect for a pup that is energetic, zany and loves to have fun
  9. Amarelo – ‘yellow’ in Galician
  10. SpongeBob – a wacky and weird, yellow sponge that lives in a pineapple under the sea in the TV show SpongeBob SquarePants
  11. Fetch – an obvious name for a dog that is known for retrieving things
  12. Goldeneye – a 1995 James Bond film starring Pierce Brosnan
  13. Bud – the famous Golden Retriever from the movie Air Bud
  14. Syrup – a sticky, golden substance that pairs perfectly with pancakes or waffles
  15. Daffodil – a pretty, bright yellow flower that often signals the start of spring
  16. Rawaya – ‘yellow’ in Hausa
  17. Citrus – a group of sour fruits that includes lemons, oranges and grapefruits

Cute Golden Retriever Names

Golden Retriever

Whilst we can often get side-tracked by a Golden Retriever’s cuteness, let’s not forget about all their special talents that make them one of the most loved dog breeds.

Holding 5 tennis balls is a feat, but we’re not sure how useful it is on a day-to-day basis.

However, aside from being gun dogs, Golden Retrievers are also well-loved by the police; they often appear in police units to detect drugs, because they have such an amazing sense of smell.

So not only are these dogs cute, they can solve crimes and bust criminals. Give these hard-working dogs a cute name to show them how much they are loved.

Our Favorite Name

Pet Name Trophy Goes to Sunshine

a warm, fiery name for a loving and adorable puppy.

  1. Sugar – a sweet name that would be perfect for a dog that is also delightful
  2. Sammy – a cute name that would work for either a girl or boy dog
  3. Canary – a deep yellow that has a mustard tinge
  4. Bandit – for if your Golden Retriever is prone to misbehaving
  5. Constellation – a group of stars and a name that would be perfect for a golden, angelic pup
  6. Ginger – a great name for a Golden Retriever with an orange-toned coat
  7. Soleil – ‘sun’ in French
  8. Precious – for a pup that you value and cherish dearly
  9. Grapefruit – a citrus fruit that has an orange outside, so would be perfect for a golden-orange tinged dog
  10. Duke – a fun and cute name for a male Golden Retriever
  11. Giallo – ‘yellow’ in Italian
  12. Scout – for a pup that loves adventure and exploration
  13. Fishy – a silly name that is inspired by another golden animal – the goldfish!
  14. Comet – the famous Golden Retriever that was in Full House
  15. Lola – for an energetic and loveable female pup
  16. Zlato – ‘gold’ in Croatian, Czech and Bosnian

Golden Retriever Dog Names

Golden Retriever Dog Names

Golden Retrievers have a lifespan of around 10-12 years.

This means that you should give them a name that you will still love in years to come.

Don’t pick a name that will be cringy or embarrassing after some time, but you also don’t want to pick a name that will become boring too easily.

Pick a timeless name that you will always cherish, and that will make you smile from the day you get your dog to its twelfth birthday.

Hopefully, this list of names should help you in picking something great for your Retriever.

Our Favorite Name

Pet Name Trophy Goes to Butter

a light yellow spread that is also often used in cooking.

  1. Dixie – a cute name for a diva female dog
  2. Zeus – for an independent and dominant Golden Retriever, inspired by the king of the gods in Greek mythology
  3. Isfar – ‘yellow’ in Maltese
  4. Star – this dog is destined to be famous!
  5. Belle – the protagonist of Disney’s Beauty and the Beast; she wears a gorgeous yellow-golden dress towards the end of the movie
  6. Saule – ‘sun’ in Latvian
  7. Mustard – a deep yellow condiment that pairs great with a hot dog!
  8. Goose – inspired by the famous story from Aespop’s fables ‘The Goose That Laid The Golden Eggs’
  9. Tiger – perfect for a brave and protective dog
  10. Winston – a cool and fun name for a male Golden Retriever
  11. Wasp – the more aggressive yellow-and-black insect when compared to the milder bee
  12. Sun – a cute and simple name that would compliment the warm golden fur of your retriever
  13. Gull – ‘gold’ in Icelandic
  14. Apricot – a delicious, sweet golden fruit that would match perfectly with your dog’s fur coat
  15. Charlie – a unisex name that would be great for any adventurous dog


We hoped you loved our list of over 100 Golden Retriever names almost as much as you love the dogs themselves.

Maybe you know someone who loves these beautiful, majestic golden dogs as much as us (and the rest of the world), then send them this list and you’ll hopefully make their day!

If you had a particular favorite name, then be sure to tell us in the comments, and also let us know any other Golden Retriever names you might know of in the comment section below.

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  1. All of these names are so cute, I loved Amber, Bumble, Simba, Banana, Nugget, Buttercup, Lola, Dixie, and Charlie.

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