The 75 Best Funny Pet Names of 2021

Funny Pet Names

Choosing a name for your pet is never easy: some people settle for serious, meaningful ones, whereas others prefer lighter, more humorous ones.

If you are the latter, then look no further!

We have selected our top 75 funny pet names based on puns, famous people, food, nature, and other animals.

Most human titles have gradually lost their meaning as our language has evolved and we have moved on from symbolic naming.

So why not give your pet a funny name which will reflect their lovely personality?

Below is a collection of our favorites; who knows, you might just find the perfect moniker for your furry friend.

Punny Pet Names

Funny Dog Face

Let’s start with the classics.

A selection of the best pun names for your dog.

Whether you are a massive movie fan or prefer classic novels, you can turn almost any character into something more fitting for a pet – all you have to do is let your imagination run wild!

Taking words from popular culture and altering them to fit our cuddly friends might require some thought.

If you are too tired to think, or are looking for some inspiration, then our list of punny pet names will be ideal for you.

They will not only put a smile on your face but also help you choose the most fitting name for your companion…

Our Favorite

Pet Name Trophy Goes to Sherlock Bones

Sherlock Bones
a tribute to Conan Doyle’s famous detective. This choice would suit a quirky-looking Chihuahua

Here are a few other options that we handpicked for you:

  1. Chewbarka – after Han Solo’s legendary companion
  2. Andy Warhowl – aka Andy Warhol, one of the leading figures in the pop art movement
  3. Harry Pawter – perfect for a dog with unique markings on its forehead
  4. Spaniel Craig – probably only fitting for a Spaniel
  5. Winnie the Pooch – one for the cuddly, lovable giants
  6. Bark Obama – for a strong, authoritative dog
  7. Virginia Woof – after the famous British writer
  8. Kermit the Dog – a quirky name for a silly, funny furry friend
  9. Hairy Chewman – a double pun for the most daring of you
  10. Mary Puppins – aka the magical Mary Poppins

Funny Pet Names Based on Food

Horse Eating Food

You read that right! Some of the most popular titles for pets are based on various food items.

They comprise everything from sweet to savory items and imagine how adorable it would be if you gave your friend a food-themed name?

One of our favorites is Candy.

Sure, it may only be suitable for female dogs, but it is such a cute pet moniker that it would definitely suit a girly girl, regardless of her size. It would be even funnier if you adorned her with a small bow to complete the look.

Take a look at our list below:

  1. Custard – perfect for a beige colored pet of either gender
  2. Cupcake – for a cute, chubby female
  3. Pumpkin – the best choice for an orange cat
  4. Cherry – another female moniker suitable for any companion
  5. Cookie – for a sweet, lovable furry friend
  6. Kiwi – another unique food name idea
  7. Sugar – another choice for a sweet, loving dog
  8. Hash – aka hash brown
  9. Peanut – or you could use the longer version, Peanut Butter
  10. Kebab – a funny food title to suit any companion
  11. Muffin – perfect for a chubbier furry friend
  12. Bacon – for a more muscular dog
  13. Burger – the perfect name for a beefier cat
  14. Potato – a great moniker for a lazy, happy-go-lucky pet
  15. Baguette – the best funny food choice for a French breed, such as a French Bulldog

Funny Pet Names Based on Plants

Hilarious Dog

Another popular category of hilarious pet names is based on plants.

Floral choices are common not only among female but also male pets too. Depending on how you twist it, you could turn almost any plant into a hilarious moniker for your beloved friend.

By giving your pet a plant-inspired name, you draw on their connection to nature and their incessant love for the great outdoors.

A plant-based choice would be the perfect pick for those pups who love to run around in the fields chasing butterflies and splashing around in the lake.

We love the name Ginger – based on the widely used spice, this name would suit all pets with a pale or orange coat. It would also suit a furry companion with a “spicy” personality…

  1. Chestnut – perfect for a brown-coated male animal
  2. Azalea – a beautiful pink flowering shrub
  3. Poplar – based on a plant from the willow family
  4. Yasmine – a variation of jasmine
  5. Olive – a cute and funny pet name for a lovely female
  6. Clover – for a sweet cat of either gender
  7. Holly – another funny, girly choice
  8. Matcha – perfect for an Asian or specifically Japanese breed
  9. Beans – for a quirky, funny cat
  10. Chilli – another funny moniker for a feisty, strong-willed pet
  11. Leafy – a great title for an energetic pooch
  12. Maple – for a fiery-colored furry friend
  13. Willow – maybe this would suit a more mellow pet
  14. Pansy – the perfect moniker for a girly female
  15. Sage – a funny pet name that would suit a clever dog
  16. Cedar – for a large, powerful dog
  17. Chive – derived from chives
  18. Fern – the perfect choice to reflect your pet’s love of the outdoors
  19. Poppy – a popular plant inspired title

Funny Pet Names Based on Nature

Fish Swimming

As with plant-based names, funny nature-inspired choices are perfect for pets because they reflect their love for the outside world (especially if you have a dog).

These titles work well for all kinds of dogs, regardless of their breed, size, color, and gender. There is bound to be a fitting hilarious nature word for your furry friend down below.

We love the choice Rocky – it’s powerful and cute, strong and funny at the same time. It would fit any large or brown/grey-colored dog.

Rocky would also work well with a more mischievous pet, as it would reflect their energy and oscillating behavior patterns.

  1. Sunny – for a sweet and loving furry friend
  2. Acorn – a mischievous choice for mischievous animals
  3. Nutmeg – a funny word that would suit any kind of pet
  4. Everest – for a strong-willed dog
  5. Gaia (or Gaea) – a Greek Goddess that personifies the Earth
  6. Dew – a cute word which would suit a slender, elegant dog
  7. Aqua – the perfect unisex name
  8. Isla – the Spanish word for “island”
  9. Misty – a playful word that would suit an energetic pet
  10. Snowy – popular for a white-colored pet

Funny Pet Names

Shocked Cat Face

Animal-inspired names are some of the best monikers to give to your furry friend if you are after something more playful.

It is easy to play around with an animal’s name and come up with clever ideas: just use your pet’s traits and characteristics as a basis for choosing an animal that they remind you of.

For example, you could consider your pet’s size, fur markings, temperament, special abilities, and particular interests.

Our favorite animal-inspired name is Crab, which comes from William Shakespeare’s famous play The Two Gentlemen of Verona.

This unique choice has made its way into the literary canon and is considered by many to represent one of the most incredible unspoken roles in all of literature.

However, this name is nonetheless comical and would definitely draw a smile or two from your friends, take a look at some others below:

  1. Moose – a cute choice for a large pet
  2. Bear – a more serious title for a powerful breed
  3. Moo – a funny name that would suit a spotted dog
  4. Hippo – an adorable animal that’s perfect for a water-loving pet
  5. Bunny – perfect for an energetic pet
  6. Panda – another word that would suit an animal with spotted markings
  7. Volk – Russian for “wolf”
  8. Bee – perfect for a striped dog
  9. Shrimp – a silly idea for a dog that loves to swim
  10. Tiger – another name for a striped cat with a vibrant coat

Funny Mythical Names

Funny Lizard

There are plenty of mythical words that you could give your beloved furry friend.

Mythical pet names are often based on folkloric or fantastical occurrences, so you can express your love for a specific folktale or legend through your pet.

It is also a great way to imbue your pet with the qualities of your favorite mythical hero.

One of our favorite mythical names is Nessie (based on the Loch Ness monster), a mythical creature that is said to dwell in the waters of Loch Ness in Scotland.

The creature’s mythical status, and the secrecy surrounding its sightings, result in it being treated with fear.

Shortening this to Nessie makes this word a great choice for your pet.

We’ve chosen a few other mythical characters that you might like:

  1. Loki – the Norse God of mischief
  2. Kitsune – a mythical Japanese fox
  3. Nymph – can be used ironically on a quirky and clumsy pooch
  4. Pixie – a funny choice for a small pet
  5. Rusalka – a female water spirit in Slavic mythology
  6. Sprite – connotes small mythical creatures that are invisible to humans
  7. Kelpie – a Scottish shape-shifting water spirit
  8. Puck – a house sprite in English folklore
  9. Pygmy – a group of small people from Greek mythology
  10. Vila – supernatural beings in Slavic folklore
  11. Piper – from the Pied Piper of Hamelin legend

Funny Fantasy Pet Names

Mythical Pet

Following on from our mythical category, funny pet names based on fantasy can be another way for you to demonstrate your love for a certain film or novel.

There are lots of adorable monikers that you could choose from a variety of fantasy series.

They don’t even have to be the main characters, sometimes it is worth paying attention to the minor ones, as they might often be goofy.

We love the choice Padfoot, which is an homage to Sirius Black’s Animagus. The large shaggy dog represents a different side of Sirius that many fans have come to love.

Check out some of the best choices below:

  1. Frodo – from Lord of the Rings, perfect for a playful and cheery pup
  2. Bilbo – another funny Lord of the Rings reference
  3. Porg – this Star Wars reference makes for a cute choice
  4. Jabberwocky – Lewis Carroll’s famous creation
  5. Pascal – the adorable chameleon from Tangled
  6. Clank – the sentient robot from Ratchet and Clank
  7. Cloud – based on Cloud Strife from Final Fantasy
  8. Finn – after the main character of the Adventure Time
  9. Banjo – from the video game Banjo-Kazooie


Funny Pet Laughing

Finding a name for your pet can be daunting, which is why it is sometimes best to settle on something playful and light-hearted.

There are lots of different categories of monikers that you could use to make a hilarious title.

Whether you’re choosing a word based on your pet’s personality, temperament, breed, or unique characteristic, you could always settle on a humorous version that would always draw a smile or two from your friends and family.

That way, every time you call your pet, they will be greeted with laughter and positivity.

Which of these titles is your favorite? Can you think of any other funny pet names that we’ve missed? Comment below to let us know.

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