Funny Fish Names: 70 Punny & Clever Names for Fish

Funny Fish Names

For all the comedy and punny opportunities fish give their owners, one of the best ways to name your fish is to give them one of our funny fish names that make you chuckle!

Fish can be funny creatures; they swim round and round their tanks all day (and never get bored) and they open and amusingly close their mouth.

They are easy pets to keep around, but they offer as much company as any other animal.

If you are stuck for inspiration, this list has 70 hilarious names for pet fish, from funny Betta fish names to punny Goldfish names – we have them all!

From celebrity fish names and fish-related dish puns to popular fishy animated characters, we have a funny name for every fish in the sea.

Let’s get started with our top 10!

Funny Fish Face

Top 10 Funny Fish Names

  1. Jaws – an infamous shark in the 1975 Steven Spielberg film of the same name, this fearsome creature terrorizes the residents of Amity Island, although we’re sure your little Betta fish probably won’t be as menacing.
  2. The Codfather – inspired by the mafia film The Godfather, starring Al Pacino and Marlon Brando. This funny fish name would be brilliant for a terrifying and authoritarian fish that isn’t afraid of a little dirty business.
  3. Pirate – if there’s any fearsome, treasure-hunting outlaw that sails the seven seas then it must be your pet fish!.
  4. Splash – the perfect name for a huge fish that makes a big splash in the water.
  5. Plankton – inspired by the antagonist in the SpongeBob SquarePants TV show. He owns the Krusty Krab’s rival restaurant, the Chum Bucket, and is always attempting to steal the secret formula for the Krabby Patty.
  6. James Pond – inspired by internationally famous fictional British secret agent, James Bond. If your fish tank is compromised, then James Pond is the only name for your pet fish.
  7. Sushi – a Japanese dish often consisting of raw fish, this name would be a funny addition to your fish tank, as long as it’s not tomorrow’s dinner….
  8. Tuna Turner – a play on the name Tina Turner, who is a famous American singer and songwriter. Her most well-known song is ‘What’s Love Got To Do With It’.
  9. Goldie – a very obvious name for a Goldfish, or any other metallic-golden colored aquatic creature! This fish shines brightly and can be seen swimming to the song ‘Gold’ by Spandau Ballet.

Funny Fish

Best Funny Fish Names

  1. Chips – the perfect pairing with fish obviously has to be chips! This dish is a British seaside favorite, however your fish doesn’t have to be fried and battered to have this name
  2. Swim Shady – there isn’t a name cooler and trendier than this Eminem inspired title. ‘Will the real Swim Shady please stand up’, or at least swim to the surface…
  3. Tangerine – a sweet and cheerful orange name for a vibrant, orange toned fish
  4. Kraken – a mythical sea creature with multiple legs that terrorises the ocean. This would make a funny, ironic name for a tiny, unassuming Goldfish
  5. Neptune – the Roman god of the sea, any fish with this name would rule the seas and the oceans, or at the very least, their fish tanks
  6. Blinky – the name of the mutated fish with three-eyes from The Simpsons, which was affected by the nuclear waste problem in Springfield
  7. Tank – a grisly name for a war-like, brave fish, or a self-aware moniker relating to a fish’s home – a fish tank!
  8. Alpha Betta – this Betta fish certainly knows their A B Cs! In fact, they must be the smartest fish in the fish bowl
  9. Jackson Pollock – a famous artist and a leading figure within the abstract expressionist movement
  10. Atlantis – a fictional underwater city, which could be the home of your pet fish
  11. Catfish – despite this being a great name for your fish, don’t introduce your aquatic pet to your kitty, we don’t think their meeting would go swimmingly…

Nemo Fish

List of 50 Funny Fish Names

  1. Nemo – this orange Clownfish from the Disney movie ‘Finding Nemo’ causes all sorts of trouble for his father and other sea creatures along the way
  2. Piranha – this dangerous, terrifying fish would make a hilarious namesake for an unassuming and harmless Goldfish!
  3. Carrie Fisher – inspired by the famous actress, who played Princess Leia in the original Star Wars series. This name would be perfect for a female fish that knows how to fight its way out of a bad situation
  4. Ariel – inspired by Disney’s ‘The Little Mermaid’, the name of this stunning redhead mermaid would be brilliant for a fiery orange pet
  5. Angel – inspired by the beautiful Angelfish, this fish name would be perfect for a well-behaving underwater creature that has the same majestic qualities as a celestial being
  6. Anchovy – a small fish that is often found with many others packed tightly into a tin. As food they are quite divisive, some people love them and some people detest them
  7. Speckle – perfect for a fish with multi-colored spots across their body
  8. Gilly – another cute fish name, relating to a fish’s gills which they use to breathe through
  9. Aquaman – perfect for a strong and aquatic creature, this underwater superhero had his movie in 2018, played by Jason Momoa
  10. Snapper – a fun fish name for a fish with a big mouth! Although it’s unlikely a Goldfish’s bite would be as dangerous as a Piranha’s!
  11. Wasabi – a Japanese spice that often comes powdered or in a paste form. Wasabi is usually green and so would be a great name for a fish of the same color
  12. Bubbles – a cute and silly name for a fun, adventure-loving fish you may have in your home
  13. Dory – a forgetful and lovable blue Tang in Disney’s ‘Finding Nemo’ and despite her short-term memory loss, is always eager to help. So loved, in fact, that she became the protaganist in the second movie!
  14. Bait – food that might be used by fishermen to lure in their potential catch
  15. Seagull – these cheeky birds frequent the beaches and the seaside peck at crumbs, steal chips and sometimes leave a ‘gift’ as they stand on your cars
  16. Salty – perfect for a saltwater fish!
  17. Guppy Goldberg – a play on ‘Whoopi Goldberg’, who is a famous American actress, and has managed to achieve EGOT status, meaning she has been awarded an Emmy, Grammy, Oscar, and Tony award
  18. Captain Birdseye – the advertising mascot used by the food brand Birds Eye, best known for making fish fingers
  19. Poisson – a simple name but it means ‘fish’ in French
  20. Harley Finn – inspired by the crazy Harley Quinn, an accomplice of the Joker and nemesis of Batman. She often sports an array of colors, mostly blue, red, and white, and so would be perfect for a fish of any of these colors
  21. Pumpkin – a cute and funny fish name for a vibrant, fiery orange fish
  22. Fishy McFishFace – inspired by Boaty McBoatFace, the name of a boat used for scientific research owned by Sir David Attenborough. The name of the boat was voted for by the public, who clearly have a good sense of humor
  23. Salmonella – a bacteria that can give you food poisoning if you eat raw meat or eggs but would be a funny name for a Salmon!
  24. Betta Midler – inspired by the American singer, actress, and comedian Bette Midler. Perfect for a Betta fish that loves to perform
  25. Fillet – inspired by McDonald’s ‘Fillet O’ Fish’ perhaps?!
  26. Krabs – inspired by the restaurant owner Mr. Krabs of the Krusty Krab, in the TV show SpongeBob SquarePants. He’s known for being stingy with his money and trying to make as much dollar as he can
  27. Sparrow – inspired by Captain Jack Sparrow, played by Johnny Depp in the ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ franchise. This cheeky pirate seeks fame, treasure, and women across the seven seas
  28. Wanda – from the comedy movie ‘A Fish Called Wanda’, although hopefully, this fish won’t bring you as much bad luck as that Wanda
  29. Flounder – this cute, tropical fish was always positive, high-spirited, and full of energy, which made him a great best friend to Ariel, and would be a brilliant name for any other lively and vibrant fish you may own
  30. Willy – inspired by the movie Free Willy about an orca whale that is separated from its family
  31. Ursula – the antagonist in Disney’s The Little Mermaid, who steals Ariel’s beautiful singing voice in exchange for a pair of legs, making her no longer a mermaid.
  32. Bermuda – a mystifying region of the North Atlantic Ocean where various ships and aircraft have seemed to go missing in
  33. Squidward – SpongeBob’s grumpy neighbor in the animated TV series SpongeBob SquarePants. He seemingly hates fun, plays the clarinet, and also works at the Krusty Krab alongside SpongeBob and Mr. Krabs
  34. Wiggles – a fun and silly name for a little fish that wiggles as it swims
  35. Pisces – the final sign in the Zodiac calendar, Pisces is a water sign that has the symbol of two fish. This would be even better if your ‘Pisces’ fish was born under the sign of Pisces!
  36. Marina – a pretty name for a girl fish that comes from ‘marine’, which relates to the sea and the ocean. A marina is a harbor for small pleasure boats, and so would be a great name for your pet fish
  37. Bruce – the bold and imposing great white shark in ‘Finding Nemo’, who doesn’t eat little fish like you would expect
  38. Shell – a perfect name for a fish that feels at home near sandy beaches and waves that wash up on the shore
  39. Caviar – an expensive delicacy that consists of fish eggs, it’s up to you whether this would be a funny fish name or slightly cruel
  40. Tsunami – this fish causes a huge splash in their pond! A tsunami is a huge tidal wave, and so would be a great name for a fish that likes to wreck a lot of havoc
  41. Seaweed – a perfect name for a murky green colored fish, they might even blend in with the seaweed in their surroundings
  42. Napoleon – inspired by Napoleon Bonaparte, a French military leader who became prominent during the French Revolution. This name would be perfect for a domineering fish who could command a naval fleet better than Napoleon!
  43. Mermaid – if your pet fish seems more human than fish at times then Mermaid would be a great name
  44. Coral – a pretty name for a pinky-orange colored fish, this could be inspired both by the color coral and the coral reef
  45. Cosmo – one of the magical fairies assigned to Timmy in the animated TV show Fairly Odd Parents. When disguising their fairy form, they would often turn into fish
  46. Rocky – a funny fish name inspired by the boxer portrayed by Sylvester Stallone, and would be perfect for a fish that loves to swim around the rocks in their tank
  47. Caspar – this spooky name would be perfect for a ghost-white fish, but don’t worry, this ghost-fish is as friendly as they come
  48. Sashimi – another Japanese dish that consists of raw fish and is perhaps for a more acquired taste…
  49. Nymph – a beautiful mythological creature that would be a perfect namesake for elegant female fish that shines in the water
  50. Mrs. Puff – the boating teacher in the animated series SpongeBob SquarePants. She gets angry with SpongeBob very easily because he isn’t great at passing his boating exam


We hope you enjoyed reading this list of funny fish names!

Let us know down in the comments if any of these monikers made your sides ache from laughing, and if any of them were your favorite.

From Disney heroes to villains, celebrities to delicious dishes, we have taken inspiration from many different places to come up with this list of over seventy fish names that hopefully tickle your funny bone.

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