Funny Dog Names: 110+ Names for Goofball Dogs

Funny Dog Names

Don’t give a dog a bad name, give them one of our funny dog names.

Choose a name for you dog that will make you smile and chuckle every time you call it.

So, we’ve worked like a dog to come up with this list of over one hundred funny names for you to choose from, some of them are barking mad!

Hopefully one of these side-splitting names will grab your attention, and it can be your dog’s furever name.

Tons of these names are also super unique, so not everybody and their dog will have heard it before!

We’ll cut to the chase and stop hounding you with puns and let you get reading:

Funny Bulldog Face

Top 10 Funny Dog Names

  1. Potato – this name is perfect for a really lazy dog that just loves to sleep all day – their full name can be Couch Potato.
  2. Dumbo – a great name for a Beagle or Basset Hound, because they’re all known for their big ears. You’ll have to see if this dog can do any circus tricks…
  3. Elvis – because your puppy ain’t nothin’ but a hound dog, just hopefully they aren’t crying all the time.
  4. Buckaroo – this funny name is great if your furry friend resembles a horse, or even just likes to jump around a lot.
  5. Peanut Butter – call your dog something they love and name them Peanut Butter.
  6. Meatball – even more hilarious if your dog is on the chunky side.
  7. Scooby – maybe your dog loves mysteries as much as this fictional detective dog.
  8. Groucho Barx – everyone’s favorite puppy comedian.
  9. Chocolate Chip – great for a dog who has dark brown spots.
  10. Lightning – perfect for a dog that is full of energy.

Funny Dog

Best Funny Dog Names

  1. Burrito – you can always wrap your tiny Chihuahua in a blanket and call them Burrito.
  2. Cupcake – because your pet dog is as sweet as sugar too… when they’re not chewing up your shoes.
  3. Mary Puppins – she will give any children a spoonful of sugar and make sure they behave.
  4. Bilbo Baggins – we’re sure your dog has big, hairy feet and ears too.
  5. Sir Barks-a-Lot – this dog is, obviously, silent!
  6. Stubbs – brilliant if your dog has quite short legs and hobbles around.
  7. Froggy – perhaps this dog’s large eyes inspires this name.
  8. Popcorn – this dog’s favorite past time is going to the movies.
  9. Dumpling – for a sweet and playful puppy who might be on the podgy side.
  10. Bigfoot – this dog must have huge hairy paws.
  11. Bark Wahlberg – maybe your pup is a movie star too?
  12. Bubbles – you can call your dog Bubbles, but it still won’t make them enjoy bath time.
  13. Croissant – perfect for a French Bulldog.
  14. Brussels Sprouts – loved by some, and not by others.
  15. Chandler – name your dog after this funny ‘Friends’ character.
  16. Paddington – put your puppy in a red hat and blue coat and they’ll instantly become Paddington Bear.
  17. Nugget – if you’ve got a golden dog!
  18. Mocha – perfect for a coffee-colored pup.
  19. William Shakespaw – this dog’s favorite play is Hamlet just because they can eat it.
  20. Cola – perfect for a dog who has dark brown/black fur.
  21. The Rock – if your dog is one large unit then name them after this famous celebrity.
  22. Gromit – name your dog after this famous fictional dog from Wallace and Gromit.
  23. Rufflestiltskin – he’ll always make you try to guess his name.

Funny Names

List Of 75 Funny Dog Names

  1. Diamond – because Diamonds are a girl’s best friend.
  2. Chewbacca – a funny name for a really hairy dog, like an English Sheepdog.
  3. Cleopatra – your puppy deserves to be treated like Egyptian royalty too.
  4. Julius Caesar – if another dog betrays him he can bark ‘Et tu Brute?.’
  5. Domino – because of all their dots and spots this name is perfect for a Dalmatian.
  6. Darth Vader – for if your dog wants to join the dark side.
  7. Winnie – perfect for a Cockerpoo who loves honey – Winnie the (Cocker) Pooh.
  8. Waffle – this dog loves syrup just a bit more than the next person.
  9. Mittens – perfect for a tiny puppy with tiny paws.
  10. Kissy – perfect for a dog who loves giving and receiving big, sloppy kisses.
  11. Woody – name your dog after this Toy Story character.
  12. Excalibur – the legendary sword of King Arthur.
  13. Fluffy – while we all love a fluffy dog, we don’t all love the shedding that sometimes comes with it.
  14. Amigo – perfect for a dog who you know is going to always be your best friend.
  15. Sailor – perfect for a salty sea-dog.
  16. Casanova – this dog is bound to attract all the ladies.
  17. Virginia Woof – take literary inspiration for your pup’s name.
  18. Bond – ‘Shaken, not stirred’ only applies to their dog treats, and not martinis.
  19. Bellatrix – we hope your pet dog isn’t as evil as this Harry Potter witch.
  20. Noodle – perfect for a long, skinny sausage dog.
  21. Toto – name your dog after the puppy from ‘The Wizard of Oz’.
  22. Calamity – great for a zany, energetic dog.
  23. Ron Swanson – name your dog after this funny character from ‘Parks and Recreation’.
  24. Penguin – neither this bird, or your dog can fly so they have that in common.
  25. Clifford – if your dog is huge and red then this is the name for them.
  26. Chicken – if your pup is a scaredy-dog, you should check out chicken names for them!
  27. Monkey – hopefully your own cheeky monkey won’t be swinging from any tree branches soon.
  28. Yeti – for a huge white fluffy furball.
  29. Tiny – it becomes even funnier if you give this name to a huge Great Dane.
  30. Lancelot – for a chivalrous dog.
  31. Pawtrick Stewart – have you seen his new movie X-Dogs: Days of Future Pawst?
  32. Picasso – although when this dog makes a mess you probably won’t call it art.
  33. Porkchop – the only karate move a dog can do is the porkchop.
  34. Goose – even if you have a dog named Goose, they will probably still avoid all water.
  35. T-Bone – if your dog’s favorite loin is T-Bone!
  36. Desperado – this dog is famous for the crimes he commits.
  37. Godzilla – perfect for a huge ferocious pup.
  38. Ballerina – for a dog who is still graceful even when chasing her own tail.
  39. Hairy Potter – for your magical furry friend.
  40. Goober – perfect for a silly dog who always makes you smile.
  41. Belly – this dog loves having their belly rubbed 24/7.
  42. Yoda – name your dog after this famous Star Wars character.
  43. Egghead – this dog is smarter than most – or maybe just had an interestingly shaped head!
  44. Dipper – even funnier if this is for a large dog breed – then they can be the Big Dipper.
  45. Sherlock Bones – the most brilliant dog detective.
  46. Blackbeard – we hope your dog isn’t as crazy as this famous pirate.
  47. Francis Bacon – hopefully your dog won’t catch wind that they’re the bacon, and then try to eat themselves.
  48. Jelly – this dog wiggles and jiggles all day long.
  49. Drogon – name a timid, tiny dog after this huge, fire-breathing ‘Game of Thrones’ dragon.
  50. Bark Obama – maybe your dog could be president one day too.
  51. Jabba the Mutt – although we hope that your puppy isn’t this big and slimy.
  52. Bruiser – perfect for a tiny, yappy Chihuahua who wants all the other dogs in the dog park to know who is the boss.
  53. Homer – name your dog after this comedic character from The Simpsons.
  54. Banquo – name your puppy after this famous ‘Macbeth’ character.
  55. Abracadabra – this dog is magical. He can pull a hare out of a hat and then chase it too.
  56. Snoop Dog – can your dog rap as well as the real Snoop Dogg?
  57. Schnitzel – great for a German sausage dog.
  58. Churchill – like the famous nodding dog.
  59. Tramp – from the popular Disney movie ‘Lady and the Tramp’.
  60. Cheerio – this dog is always positive and cheerful.
  61. Cheese – this dog has a huge, cheesy smile.
  62. Kevin – sometimes giving your dog a very human name is pretty hilarious.
  63. Dynamite – hopefully this dog isn’t as loud and explosive as it sounds.
  64. Dumpster – for if your dog eats absolutely everything.
  65. Chipmunk – perfect for a dog who has extremely chubby cheeks.
  66. Candy – a funny name for your dog if they are sweet.
  67. Miss Piggy – perfect for a female puppy that loves to eat a lot.
  68. Dave Growl – this musical pup has been in rock bands Nirvana and the Foo Fighters.
  69. Milkshake – this dog brings all the boys to the yard.
  70. Kermit – perhaps your pup resembles this fictional frog?
  71. Donut – hopefully your dog doesn’t have a hole in the middle.
  72. Banana – it might be hard to find a yellow dog!
  73. Macaroni – or Mac for short.
  74. Sniffer – a funny name for a dog who sniffs.
  75. Lemon – hopefully this dog is sweeter than they are sour.


We hope you enjoyed this list of un-fur-gettable funny dog names!

Maybe you know someone who would also find this list hilarious? Then make sure to share it with them. You can even tell them to your dog – they can sniff out a good name from anywhere.

Make sure to leave us a comment telling us your favorite funny dog name from this list and if any made tears stream down your cheeks from laughter.

If you have any other hilarious dog names that you have thought of then also let us know.

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