Funny Cat Names: 150+ Purr-ticularly Hiss-terical Names

Funny Cat Names

Trying to think of some funny cat names? Like a funny, side-splitting cat name? Look no fur-ther!

We have some pretty cat-astrophic names for your furry feline friend, which are purr-fect if they are a goofball.

Here we have over 150 names that will make your sides ache from laughing – they’re hissterical!

If you couldn’t tell, we are purrticularly fond of a play-on-words, so expect some punny names you can give to a black kitten, a ginger tom, and even a hairless Sphynx cat!

We hope you enjoy these funny cat names, even if they are groan-worthy and fur-midable

Funny Male Cat Names

Funny Male Cat Names

If your tomcat is partial to a bit of tomfoolery, then why not give them a funny tomcat name to match their wacky behavior – especially if they have a farcical purr-sonality!

We love adding puns to the names of celebrities and historical figures to make the funniest male cat titles we have ever heard.

Other great name ideas come from famous fictional characters, particularly if they are the complete opposite of your cat – try telling us naming your baby kitten ‘King Kong’ won’t grant you some funny looks!

  1. Lucifurr – for if your cat can be a bit of a devil at times
  2. Cat Stevens
  3. Fur-lando Bloom
  4. Jude Paw
  5. Hiss-tian Bale
  6. Colin Furr-ell
  7. Furr-ell Williams – perfect for a ‘Happy’ cat!
  8. Catman – although your cat won’t get along with a ‘Robin’ any time soon
  9. Hisspector Gadget
  10. George Meowchael – famous for his song ‘Careless Whisker’
  11. Ferris Mew-ller
  12. Butch Catsidy
  13. Leonardo DiCatprio
  14. Catrick Swayze
  15. Luke Sky-paw-ker
  16. Freddie Purr-cury
  17. Hairy Potter
  18. Wolverine – hopefully your furball’s claws aren’t as sharp as his
  19. David Meowie
  20. Elvis Pawsley
  21. Chewbacca
  22. Picatso
  23. Captain A-mew-rica
  24. Paul McCatney
  25. The Purr-minator
  26. Meowty McFly
  27. Tyler Purr-den
  28. Cat Damon
  29. Muse – A band famous for their cover of ‘Feline Good’
  30. Chace Clawford

Witty Female Cat Names

Funny Female Cat Names

Does your female cat fancy herself to be a model, an actress, or a famous writer?

Maybe her purrs are so rhythmically beautiful they rank #1 on a top 40 music chart for weeks on end.

Perhaps her grace and elegance make you believe she was descended from royalty. Then why not give her a name to match?

Like funny male cat names, we love to draw inspiration from female actresses, singers, and historical figures.

There is no more fitting title for a cat than one that belonged to a queen.

  1. Meowly Cyrus – famous for her song ‘Cat be Tamed’!
  2. Katy Purry
  3. Kim Katdashian
  4. Tail-or Swift
  5. Fur-gie
  6. Cat Middleton
  7. Clawdia Winkleman
  8. Meowrilyn Monroe
  9. Catalie Portman
  10. Jennifurr Lawrence
  11. Meowdonna
  12. J K Meowling – we loved her book ‘Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Az-cat-ban’!
  13. Cleopawtra – Ancient Egyptians worshipped cats, similar to modern-day cat owners
  14. Pawdrey Hepburn
  15. Catlyn Jenner
  16. Puma Thurman
  17. Cindy Clawford
  18. Mewla Kunis
  19. Gwyneth Pawtrow
  20. Mewriah Carey – famous for her song ‘All I Want For Kit-mas is You’
  21. Amy Pawhler
  22. Gigi Clawdid
  23. Margaret Cat-tcher
  24. Cat-herine the Great
  25. Kit-ney Spears
  26. Emilia Claw-rke
  27. Reese Whiskerspoon

Funny Girl Cat Names

Girl Kitten

Does your kitty belong on the big screen? Or purr-haps the pages of a book?

If you are certain that your feline friend would be a box office star, or on the cover of a bestseller, then give your cat the name of a female fictional character and make yourself smile every time you call her name!

You could even match your cat’s name to her purrsonality – if she’s smarter than she looks then dress her in pink and call her something original; like Elle Woods!

Or, if she loves to explore then perhaps Lara Croft is a funny fitting title?

  1. Katniss Everdeen
  2. Hermione
  3. Daenerys – for if your cat prefers dragons over mice
  4. Princess Leia
  5. Lara Croft
  6. Black Widow
  7. Harley Quinn
  8. Dorothy
  9. Minnie
  10. Clarice Starling
  11. Buffy
  12. Elsa – perfect for a snowy white cat
  13. Luna Lovegood
  14. Peggy Carter
  15. Aurora
  16. Galadriel
  17. Elle Woods
  18. Cersei Lannister – perfect if your girl cat has a darker side
  19. Rapunzel – for if your cat has hair so long, someone could climb it!
  20. Rey
  21. Brienne
  22. Lady Macbeth
  23. Leslie Knope
  24. McGonagall
  25. Matilda
  26. Rachel Green
  27. Phoebe Buffay

Comical Boy Cat Names

Funny Grumpy Cat Face

Similar to funny girl cat names, you could summon a snicker by naming your tiny tomcat after some male fictional characters.

Whether you are a fan of Star Wars or Marvel, Lord of the Rings to classical literature, we have got you covered!

Give your cat a zany name to match their eccentric personality, we’re pawsitive your furry feline friend will stand out from the crowd with these punny names.

This list is great for if your cat wants to be the hero of the hour, so have him share a moniker with these purr-fect protagonists:

  1. Han Solo – perfect for if your furry friend is a loveable rascal
  2. Sherlock
  3. The Great Catsby – great for a cat with a lavish party lifestyle
  4. Thor
  5. Tony Stark
  6. Aragorn
  7. Muffin Man – perfect if your cat is pure-bread!
  8. Star-Lord
  9. Doctor Who – similar to your cat, he also has nine lives! (and more)
  10. Indiana Jones
  11. Captain Jack Sparrow
  12. Bruce Wayne
  13. Romeo – if you know a cat named Juliet then maybe he could whisker away!
  14. Deadpool
  15. Jim Halpert
  16. Chandler Bing
  17. John Wick
  18. Achilles
  19. Severus Snape
  20. Poe Dameron
  21. Jamie Lannister
  22. Peter Parker
  23. Oedipuss
  24. Kelloggs – famous for their Mice Crispies
  25. Gromit

Funny Black Cat Names

Black and White Cat Face

The superstition goes that black cats are unlucky, so why not give them one of our funny cat names and push your luck even further?

The best names are inspired by fictional characters who belong on the ‘dark side’, so then your black feline can show all the other cats who is the biggest lion of the pack.

There’s no way a cat called ‘Tibbles’ won’t fear your dark, inky furball called ‘Darth Vader’, even if it makes all the humans chuckle.

  1. Morticia Addams
  2. Darth Vader
  3. Voldemort
  4. Magneto
  5. Scar
  6. Loki – perfect for a trouble-making kitty!
  7. Sauron
  8. Palpatine
  9. Agent Smith – although you should start to worry if your cat starts to clone themselves like this famous character from The Matrix
  10. Godzilla
  11. Bane
  12. Bellatrix
  13. Moriarty
  14. Beetlejuice
  15. Dracula
  16. Pennywise
  17. Jack Black – not a villain, but a fitting name!
  18. Kylo Ren
  19. Hans Gruber
  20. Doctor Evil
  21. Joker
  22. Gollum
  23. Maleficent
  24. Hannibal
  25. Cruella de Vil
  26. Jabba
  27. Freddy Krueger
  28. Jaws – your cat may resemble a shark when it comes to bath time!
  29. Michael Myers
  30. Thanos
  31. Darth Maul
  32. Bateman
  33. Davy Jones
  34. Hal

Hilarious Orange Cat Names

Orange Tabby Cat

Why not name your orange cat after people with a similar color hair!

After all, if it worked for them, it’ll work for your gorgeous ginger furball.

Lots of Harry Potter-related words are perfect for orange cats, as Hermione’s cat, Crookshanks has orange hair, and so did her best friend Ron!

Or perhaps if your cat is a huge music fan, name them after your favorite ginger musician – ‘Shape of You’ singer Ed Sheeran is a great choice.

There are also so many actors and actresses who share the same head of hair as your cat – where do we start…

  1. Crookshanks
  2. Weasley
  3. Ed Sheeran
  4. Prince Harry
  5. Seth Green
  6. Ewan McGregor
  7. Molly Ringwald
  8. Benedict Cumberbatch
  9. Queen Elizabeth Tudor
  10. Emma Stone
  11. Amy Adams
  12. Eddie Redmayne
  13. Princess Ariel
  14. Florence Welch
  15. Haley Williams
  16. Domnhall Gleeson
  17. Sophie Turner
  18. Sansa Stark
  19. Karen Gillan
  20. Merida
  21. Kevin McKidd
  22. Jean Grey
  23. Jessica Chastain
  24. Rupert Grint
  25. Isla Fisher
  26. Alyson Hannigan
  27. Kim Possible
  28. Jayma Mays
  29. Christina Hendricks


We hoped you loved this list of funny cat names, and maybe some of these laughable labels are a pawssibility for your pet.

Even if you don’t use any of these for your new kitten, maybe they’ll come in useful as a joke you can tell your friends.

Leave us a comment telling us if any of these names made you giggle, or even if any of them were worth an eye-roll.

If you have any other funny names you’d like to tell us about then also leave that in a comment, especially any clawver puns you have!

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