Funny Animal Names: 120 Hilarious, Side-Splitting & Unbelievable Names

Funny Animal Names

Looking for a random assortment of hilarious, side-splitting, and unbelievable funny animal names?

You are in luck! No matter which pet keeps you company, we have a funny name for them.

From the typical furry friends (e.g. dogs and cats) to more unusual creatures (e.g hedgehogs, pigs, and even insects). this list leaves no animal without a title!

Practically all these monikers can be given to any animal of any gender, and they will definitely give you a chuckle whenever you say it.

From famous fictional characters to celebrity singers and a plateful of food names, you’ll be stuck for choice.

Funny Pig Swimming

Top 20 Funny Animal Names

Whatever pet you’ve chosen to keep by your side, we have funny animal names that will suit your soon-to-be best friend for life:

Funny Animal Names
Simba Sushi
Monkey Buttons
Bacon Marshmallow
Wonka Rumpelstiltskin
Peanut Big Mac
Scamp Toothpick
King Kong Waffles
Meatball Parmesan
Duke Babooshka
Rollo Snoopy

Animal Names

List Of 120 Funny Animal Names

  • Gizmo – a cute name for an animal that you may not understand, but still love anyway!
  • Coco – perfect for any animal that has a deep brown fur
  • Tibbles – this is a great choice for a fun and silly sidekick, but is probably not fitting for a ferocious beast!
  • Cupcake – this is a sweet title for a sweet animal
  • Sparky – great for an animal that never seems to run out of energy
  • Babooshka – name your furry friend after this famous Kate Bush song
  • Beyoncé – any animal with this moniker is destined to be a star!
  • Madonna – for a precious and pampered pet that might be the biggest diva you know
  • Snoopy – after the black and white, cartoon beagle from the comic strip Peanuts
  • Munchkin – great for a tiny, cute animal
  • Doodle – a cute choice that would suit any animal
  • Caspar – inspired by the famous friendly ghost, this option would be perfect for a stark white animal
  • Beans – the best word for a cute and funny pet
  • Olaf – inspired by the funny and extremely memorable snowman from Disney’s Frozen, this name would be perfect for a pet with snow-white fur, and is ever so adorably annoying!
  • Banshee – perfect for a very screechy animal
  • Achilles – the only weakness this animal has is their heels
  • Yoshi – our favorite character from the Mario game series
  • Scooby – after this famous mystery solving fictional dog
  • Casserole – name a furry friend that is treasured by all the family after a dish that is just as well-loved
  • Nugget – perfect for a tiny animal, such as a hamster or even a Chihuahua
  • Potato – for an animal that might be a bit rounder than others
  • Twinkie – after the delicious sweet treat, this would be perfect for an animal with golden fur
  • Banana – a funny name for your crazy furry friend!
  • Batman – our favorite vigilante. This animal stops criminals and looks cool at the same time! A funny animal name for any pet, but it becomes slightly less creative if you actually have a pet bat
  • Dobby – after our favorite character in the Harry Potter series, this pet just always wants to be helpful
  • Garlic – this animal has a certain whiff to them
  • Chewie – perfect for a big hairy furball like Star Wars’ Chewbacca
  • Goat – is this referring to the mountain goat, or the acronym Greatest Of All Time?
  • Tumble – for a sidekick that always seems to fall over
  • Pumpkin – a Halloween inspired choice that would be perfect for an orange or ginger animal
  • Picasso – you can’t get mad when this animal makes a mess!
  • Burrito – this animal loves to be wrapped up in blankets just like a burrito
  • Biscuit – this one really just takes the biscuit!
  • Tater – what can anyone love more than Tater Tots? A pet called Tater!
  • Elmo – one of the main characters in the children’s TV show Sesame Street, this moniker would be perfect for a big, red, fuzzy animal
  • Mayo – perfect for an all-white animal
  • Jinx – hopefully this furry friend’s name doesn’t come with any unfortunate bad luck
  • Goose – inspired by the ferocious but unassuming cat in Captain Marvel, and also the aquatic animal their inspiration came from, of course
  • Mojito – a refreshing and minty title
  • Peeves – the hilarious poltergeist in the Harry Potter books, written by JK Rowling
  • Churro – a delicious sweet treat for a charming and adorable pet
  • Noodle – perfect for an animal that has spaghetti limbs!
  • Bozo – this funny name might be for a furry friend that is slightly less intelligent than its peers
  • Almond – great for a ‘nutty’ animal!
  • Dolce – a beautiful word meaning ‘sweet’
  • Spike – it becomes even funnier if it’s the name you’re giving to your pet hedgehog
  • Cricket – this animal just can’t stop jumping and leaping!
  • Parmesan – for a sidekick that has a cheesy smile
  • Piglet – perfect for a small sausage dog, and is inspired by the charming pink character from the Winnie the Pooh series
  • Panda – perfect for a black and white animal
  • Buzz – inspired by two astronauts, Buzz Lightyear and Buzz Aldrin
  • Monster – if this pet starts misbehaving, maybe going on a rampage, destroying everything in its path, then you can’t really be surprised
  • Waffles – give this syrupy sweet word to a cute and cheerful animal
  • Bono – this is a title loved by us, and U2
  • Saltythe perfect choice for a saltwater fish
  • Gravy – perfect for an animal with brown fur, this choice goes great with steak pie!
  • Rocky – this name would be even better if you gave it to a Boxer pup
  • Rascal – for a mischievous and cheeky furry friend
  • Boo – for a pet that’s just too cute to be scary
  • Pancake – this would be the perfect name for a cute, wrinkly pug
  • Doc – perfect for a bunny rabbit… “what’s up doc!”
  • Hercules – for a heroic pet
  • Gromit – after the intelligent dog in Wallace and Gromit, we’d love if our pet pup could invent some kind of gadget for us
  • Bubbles – we’re not sure any sidekick loves bath time, except only goldfish maybe!
  • Fuse – for an animal that is always zany and energetic
  • Zombie – make sure your furry friend is alive and well, nobody wants to keep the undead around in their house…
  • Jabba – inspired by the extremely large and gluttonous creature in the Star Wars series
  • Queenie – we’re undoubtedly sure this animal descended from royalty
  • Chaplin – Charlie Chaplin was a famous silent film star. This would be great for a black and white animal
  • Toothpick – the perfect choice for any insect you might want to keep as a pet
  • Joker – hopefully there is nothing sinister about this animal… or Batman will be in touch
  • Ninja – this animal is so fast, your eyes can barely focus on them
  • Scabbers – Ron’s rat in the Harry Potter series, this is perfect for a pet that’s a little scruffy and unkempt
  • Khaleesi – the ‘mother of dragons’ from the Game of Thrones series, this would suit an elegant and beautiful cat that could resemble Daenerys Targaryen
  • Pizza – what better choice for your furry friend than a food loved dearly by everyone!
  • Whiskers – though they’re mostly associated with cats, this could also be a perfect name for dogs and rats
  • Big Mac – for an animal that’s always hungry
  • Bandit – this animal is an outlaw on the run from the sheriff… (or at least on the run from you when they know that it’s bath time)
  • Rumpelstiltskin – no one will be able to guess this animal’s name
  • Gatsby – this animal held the best parties of the roaring twenties. Inspired by The Great Gatsby, written by F Scott Fitzgerald
  • Smiley – a funny name for a cute animal! This pet will make you smile each and every day that you’re by each other’s side
  • Nippy – just hope that this animal doesn’t bite
  • Pixie – perfect for a cute, little female pet, such as a kitten or puppy
  • Marshmallow – perfect for a sidekick that has soft white fur, and might resemble a marshmallow
  • Buttons – some animals can really push your buttons, but we love them anyway
  • Diggory – from another favorite Harry Potter character, Cedric Diggory. This would be perfect for a dog, mostly because of their love for digging up your back yard
  • Happy Feet – this title is even better if you have a pet penguin, but that’s probably quite unlikely, so a black and white cat will do
  • Hobbit – perfect for a furry friend with really big, hairy feet
  • Buffalo – for a large and domineering animal
  • Fleabag – hopefully this pet isn’t actually riddled with anything
  • Sushi – perfect for a fish, but would also work for any animal
  • Ghost – inspired by Jon Snow’s direwolf in the Game of Thrones series
  • Billy the Kid – after the infamous outlaw from the American Wild West, this would be perfect for a baby goat
  • Doctor Who – inspired by the famous television series. The doctor has been played by many different actors over the years, and is essentially indestructible!
  • Brownie – perfect for any animal with a deep, brown, chocolatey fur
  • Rollo – the first trick you can teach this pet is ‘Rollo-ver’!
  • Ozzy – inspired by the lead singer of Black Sabbath, Ozzy Osbourne, this animal is crazy in all the best ways
  • Wiggle – perfect for an animal that loves to dance
  • Meatball – for a furry friend that’s plumper than others
  • Oreo – another great black and white animal name
  • Clumsy – for a pet that seems to always trip over their own feet
  • Freckle – perfect for a spotted animal, this would work for anything from a Dalmatian to a Ladybug
  • Duke – this funny name would be great for a grand dog of large stature
  • King Kong – for a huge and intimidating sidekick, or maybe a small and tiny one to be ironic
  • Tipple – just make sure your pet doesn’t actually drink any alcohol
  • Scamp – perfect for any rambunctious and misbehaving pet
  • Peanut – what’s more adorable than an animal called Peanut?!
  • Squirt – we imagine a sidekick called Squirt would probably be on the small side, and just a little bit mischievous
  • Punch – inspired by the famous puppet show, Punch and Judy
  • Spider-Man – perhaps less inventive if you were trying to give this to a tarantula, but incredibly self-aware to say the least
  • Wonka – inspired by the fictional Willy Wonka and his chocolate factory, written by Roald Dahl
  • Phantom – this animal was born to love the opera!
  • Cinderella – this furry friend shall go to the ball
  • Chip – perfect for a small and tiny pet, we’re imagining something like a Beagle puppy
  • Diva – this sidekick always makes demands, they’ve even rejected their food because it wasn’t the right temperature…
  • Hulk – this animal loves to smash things and, overall, just make a big mess
  • Bacon – a funny name for any animal, but maybe even more fitting for a little piggy
  • Monkey – being a ‘cheeky monkey’ isn’t reserved for just baboons and chimpanzees!
  • Simba – the main character in Disney’s The Lion King, perfect for an animal that is destined to be king
  • Bugly – this animal is either ugly or resembles a bug, possibly even both, but we still love them dearly


Dog and Cat Together

We hope you enjoyed this list of funny animal names!

There really are no limits when it comes to the different animals that can be kept as a pet.

In this day and age, you can pretty much have any pet that suits your fancy, with a number of crazy pets, from kangaroos, to racoons, and even a few Tigers… or bears as a pet.

Hopefully this list offers an abundance of titles that would suit any of these unconventional animals.

Let us know in the comments which your favorite was and also share any hilarious monikers we might not have thought of.

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  1. I have a cat named Pawzzy Pawsbourne and used to have a rabbit named Chlamydia (Clammy) because it sounded pretty.

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