French Bulldog Names: 100+ Funtastic Ideas For Frenchies

French Bulldog Names

French Bulldogs are renowned for their companionship and adorable nature, so anyone who owns this breed is a lucky owner.

If this happens to be you, and you are looking for perfect French Bulldog Names, then look no further than our list below.

Before you start looking for ideas, make sure you know your Frenchie puppy, including their size, color, personality and temperament!

We have compiled a whole host of ideas to suit your dog – from confident and extravagant, to more chilled out and quiet, to smaller and cuter pooches.

List of 100 French Bulldog Names

Cute French Bulldog Names

Some of the cutest French Bulldog names can be found within the French language as many of these words have beautiful meanings!

Names ending in ‘ie’ also make really choices names, such as ‘Chewie’ and ‘Fergie’, so try finding your favorite name, and adding ‘ie’ to end of it, to give it some extra cuteness….

Our Favorite Name

Pet Name Trophy Goes to Sophia

a beautiful Greek name meaning ‘wisdom’, which will suit a switched on, intelligent dog down to the ground!

Check out some more cute French Bulldog names below:

  1. Beau – ‘handsome’
  2. Belle – ‘beautiful’ and ‘fair’
  3. Bellus – ‘adorable’ in Latin
  4. Buddy – a great name for a bulldog who is also your best mate!
  5. Carina – meaning ‘cute’ in Italian
  6. Celeste – ‘heavenly’ in French
  7. Chewie – a cute name which reflects the hilarious way a bulldog chews its food!
  8. Felix – ‘happy’ in French
  9. Fergie – shortened version of ‘Fergus’
  10. Frenchie – a cute version of their name
  11. Mignonne – meaning ‘cute’ in French
  12. Milyy – ‘cute’ in Russian
  13. Noe – ‘rest’ in French
  14. Peanut – a sweet name for a pooch who is as small and cute as a peanut
  15. Sage – ‘one who is wise’
  16. Scrunchie – a perfectly adorable name for a bulldog with a scrunched-up face!
  17. Sopo – ‘cute’ in Finnish
  18. Teeny – perfect for the tiniest of pets!
  19. Theodore – an adorable choice which can be shortened to ‘Theo’
  20. Adele – German meaning ‘noble wolf’
  21. Alphonse – French for ‘ready for battle’
  22. Alrigo – an Italian name meaning ‘one who rules the estate’
  23. Antoine – ‘one who is priceless and beyond praise’
  24. Charlemagne – after ‘Charles the Great’
  25. Cordelia – meaning ‘warm-hearted’ and ‘friendly’ in Latin
  26. Florence – Latin meaning ‘blooming’
  27. Francis – Latin meaning ‘one who is free’
  28. Gregorie – ‘one who is vigilant’
  29. Hugo – meaning ‘wise’
  30. Leon – French meaning ‘lion’
  31. Lilo – a Hawaiian name ‘one who is generous’
  32. Marissa – a beautiful, elegant Latin word
  33. Maximillian – Latin for ‘one who is the greatest’
  34. Nike – after the Greek goddess of victory
  35. Picasso – the surname of famous Spanish artist ‘Pablo Picasso’
  36. Poppy – the Latin name of a beautiful flower
  37. Portia – after Shakespeare’s ‘The Marchant of Venice’
  38. Simone – a feminine version of ‘Simon’
  39. Sven – Scandinavian meaning ‘youth’
  40. Albinus – Latin for ‘white’ and ‘pure’
  41. Apollo – ‘one with the power to destroy’
  42. Barnabus – Spanish for ‘son of consolation’
  43. Boyd – Celtic for ‘blond’
  44. Dante – Italian for ‘enduring’
  45. Indiana – after the fictional professor of archaeology
  46. Jiro – Japanese for ‘second son’
  47. Kofi – a Ghanaian word for ‘one who was born on Friday’
  48. Meatball – the name of Adam Sandler’s pet Frenchie
  49. Merlin – after the sorcerer from Arthurian legend
  50. Moss – medieval version of ‘Moses’
  51. Rocco – ‘rest’ in Italian
  52. Rockefeller – Willow Smith’s pet Bulldog
  53. Rusty – a great name for a pet with red colored fur
  54. Spartacus – the name of American rapper Ice-T’s pet
  55. Winston – the name of Joe Jonas’ best buddy
  56. Winter – perfect for a dog with snowy-white fur
  57. Adela – ‘good humour’ in French
  58. Amor – Spanish for ‘love’
  59. Antoinette – the feminine version of ‘Anthony’
  60. Bianca – the perfect name for a French Bulldog with beautiful white fur
  61. Casta – ‘one who is pure’
  62. Chanel – famous fashion designer Gabrielle ‘Coco’ Chanel
  63. Daisy – a bright and cheery name
  64. Gudrun – ‘wise’ in Danish
  65. Juliet – Shakespeare’s play ‘Romeo and Juliet’
  66. June – an old-fashioned word meaning ‘young’
  67. Liana – ‘lily’
  68. Mabel – an English name meaning ‘loveable’
  69. Maisie – the old-fashioned name ‘Margaret’
  70. Minnie – a cute name for a tiny French bulldog
  71. Penelope – the Greek name of Odysseus’ loyal wife during the Trojan War
  72. Rene – ‘to rise again’ in Latin
  73. Roxy – short for ‘Roxanne’
  74. Sigrid – meaning ‘beautiful victory’ in Norse
  75. Vida – a French name meaning ‘victory’
  76. Dawn French – after the iconic British actress, whose surname fits with the breed
  77. Chew Barka – a pun on the character ‘Chewbacca’
  78. Prince of Barkness – a pun on the supernatural film ‘Prince of Darkness’
  79. Mary Puppins – the Disney movie ‘Mary Poppins’
  80. Rio Furdinand – a pun on soccer player ‘Rio Ferdinand’
  81. Harry Pawter – the famous boy wizard ‘Harry Potter’
  82. Jimmy Chew – fashion designer ‘Jimmy Choo’
  83. Noodles – food names are always funny
  84. Sir Waggington – a funny name for a commanding dog


We hope that, within our list of funny, cute and unique French Bulldog names, you have found the perfect one to suit every aspect of your Frenchie.

We believe they are some of the best and most popular and companion pets around, and therefore deserve amazing titles to showcase these fantastic qualities.

Don’t worry if you haven’t yet found the name you’re looking for – keep persevering by researching ideas and asking friends and family for help, as you never know who might come up with the perfect name!

If you have any more suggestions, please leave them in the comments below.

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